Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4769, Are You Still Human


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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The morale in the team was low. Gu Ling’er and her two comrades rushed towards the nearest Spirit Province as fast as they could. Only three people remained in her team, so it was impossible for them to be Yang Kai’s opponents. It was urgent that they sought protection from another team.


She had already sent a message to the Senior Brother who was leading the team at the nearby Spirit Province. That Senior Brother was also leading his team here in a hurry to meet up with them, lest Gu Ling’er and her comrades suffered a tragic accident before they arrived.


“Why is that bastard targeting us so persistently!?” A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the team with the surname Sun looked distraught.


Ever since Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang issued the order to change their strategy, their team was the first to encounter Yang Kai and lose their members. In less than half a day, the members of their team had gone missing one by one.


The rest of the teams had also lost some members, but the situation of those teams was by no means as serious as their situation. Yang Kai had targeted them over and over again, causing their original team of six to dwindle down to three. The situation was becoming increasingly terrible. There was a high possibility that they would be the first team to be wiped out completely since they changed their strategy!


“Did we offend him in some manner?” The other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master suddenly raised the question.


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surnamed Sun wailed, “I didn’t offend him! Did you offend him!?”


“I didn’t either!”


Both of them turned to look at Gu Ling’er at the same time. If nobody had offended Yang Kai, then the biggest possible reason could only be Junior Sister Gu Ling’er. That bastard surnamed Yang was a notorious sexual predator after all! It was bad enough that he abandoned Junior Sister Gu Pan after thoughtless sleeping with her, but could it be that he was now interested in Junior Sister Gu Ling’er as well? 


As soon as that thought crossed their minds, both Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were filled with infinite anger!


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surnamed Sun quickly said, “Junior Sister Gu, if that Bastard appears again, you must escape quickly. Junior Brother Qian and I will do our best to hold him back! You must not fall into his evil clutches!”


Junior Sister Gu Ling’er was such a kind and gentle woman. They did not dare to imagine the consequences if she were to fall into that deviant’s hands.


Gu Ling’er’s voice was gentle as she shook her head, “How can I let my two Senior Brothers take such a risk? We are a team, so we should advance and retreat together!”


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surnamed Sun was extremely touched, and the corners of his eyes became moist. Just as he was about to speak, the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surnamed Qian suddenly shouted, “He’s here!”


Ripples spread across the void once more. That was the sign of Space Principles being manipulated. Besides, Yang Kai’s previous appearances had always been accompanied by these movements.


Sure enough, Yang Kai abruptly appeared a moment later and blocked their path. Looking at the three people in front of him, he grinned from ear to ear.


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surnamed Sun gritted his teeth. Taking a sudden step forward, he stood in front of Gu Ling’er protectively and shouted, “Run, Junior Sister Gu!”


At the same time, he charged towards Yang Kai boldly and without hesitation or looking back. Then… there was nothing else…


Looking at the spot where Yang Kai and the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surnamed Sun had vanished together, the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surnamed Qian anxiously said, “Junior Sister Gu, let’s go quickly! We can’t let Senior Brother Sun’s sacrifice be in vain!”


Knowing that she had no way to avenge Senior Brother Sun, Gu Ling’er could only nod in agreement, “Good!”


However, Yang Kai reappeared less than ten breaths later and took Senior Brother Qian away with him.


At this point, Gu Ling’er was the only survivor of her team. She gritted her teeth. Shouldering the hope and future of her fallen teammates, she rushed towards the nearest Spirit Province with all the speed she could muster.


In the distance, many streams of light entered her field of vision. It was the Senior Brothers from the nearby Spirit Province who had rushed over to meet her; thus, she couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief at the sight.


The Senior Brother in the lead who was coming from the front had clearly noticed her and enthusiastically called out, “Junior Sister Gu, come quickly!”


Gu Ling’er nodded.


At that moment though, a sudden anomaly occurred. The Void in front of her suddenly collapsed, and a pitch-black hole formed out of nowhere. The black hole was connected to an unknown location and the insides were filled with nihility, causing one to feel dread at the sight.


Gu Ling’er’s expression immediately changed. She rapidly came to a halt and just barely managed to stop before the anomaly. Unfortunately, before she could breathe a sigh of relief, a large hand emerged from the black hole and dragged her into it. All that was left behind was her startled scream!


“Junior Sister Gu!” Senior Brother Dui, who came to meet Gu Ling’er, roared with grief and indignation. He rushed forward in a few steps, but she was no longer anywhere to be found. Even the black hole that appeared out of nowhere had disappeared.


All those who remained felt a little lost seeing this result! On the other hand, Senior Brother Dui’s expression was extremely ugly.


After he received the message from Gu Ling’er, he immediately rushed out to meet her. He never imagined that Yang Kai’s efficiency would be so high as to defeat the remaining three people in Gu Ling’er’s team in such a short time. At the end, he even watched as Gu Ling’er was captured right in front of his eyes.


“Send a message…” Senior Brother Dui looked extremely solemn, “The team led by Junior Sister Gu has been completely wiped out! Menacing Earth Spirit Province has fallen!”


Somebody in the team quickly sent out the message.


The identity tokens that had been flashing incessantly suddenly fell silent. A short while later, the energy in the identity tokens carried by all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters fluctuated violently and urgently as messages streamed into the identity tokens quickly.


“Avenge Junior Sister Gu!”


“If we fail to capture Yang Kai, this Wu will never call himself Human again!”


“He is crazy! How can he bring himself to harm somebody as gentle as Junior Sister Gu!? That bastard surnamed Yang isn’t Human!”


“Has anybody seen him!? I’m going to fight him to the death!”




Gu Ling’er was not only popular among the lower disciples, but also the Open Heaven Realm Masters. In fact, her popularity among the Open Heaven Realm Masters might even be higher; after all, the lower disciples rarely had the chance to meet her due to the difference in status. In comparison, the Open Heaven Realm Masters were different. As long as she was not in retreat for cultivation, she would often interact with them.


The Spirit Province where she lived regularly had Fellow Brothers hanging around eagerly just to catch a glimpse of her face. Some would also pretend to pass by and greet her along the way. They were satisfied just to see her smiling back at them.


Sect Master Li Yuan Wang once tried to find a Dao Partner for her within the Sect, but his efforts failed to come to fruition. There was a rumour that she wanted to focus on her cultivation and ascend to the peak of the Martial Dao, so she had not given much consideration to her future partner. That rumour gave many Fellow Brothers in the Sect great despair and hope all at once.


And now, this woman, who was regarded by many Senior Brothers as somebody to protect with their lives, had been taken away by an outsider like Yang Kai. Not to mention, it was the same Bastard who had previously abandoned Junior Sister Gu Pan after thoughtlessly deflowering her. How could they feel at ease with such a disaster looming over them?


Many of the Fellow Brothers were about to go crazy. They anxiously searched for Yang Kai’s whereabouts, lest an unwanted accident occur when Yang Kai and Gu Ling’er were alone together. However, Yang Kai’s location was a mystery. He was so elusive that there were no clues no matter how hard they searched.


On top of a small Spirit Province, Yang Kai quietly stood in front of Gu Ling’er, who had a wary expression on her face. Meanwhile, his brow was furrowed tightly together with a very troubled look.


Gu Ling’er was also observing him at this moment. Although the entire Lang Ya Paradise had been thrown into chaos thanks to the trouble Yang Kai caused, it was actually her first time meeting him in person.


At first glance, there was nothing special about him. His appearance was extraordinary and his aura was impressive; nevertheless, there was no lack of Open Heaven Realm Masters with similar appearances and auras. There was nothing about him that made him stand out of the crowd. He did not look like somebody who could defeat so many Fellow Brothers so easily.


Unlike the descriptions provided by her Fellow Brothers, Yang Kai looked conflicted. It seemed as though he was making a difficult decision. Despite observing her for some time, he said nothing. In the end, Gu Ling’er spoke first, “I’m older than you, and I’ve cultivated for longer than you. Can I call you Junior Brother?”


Her voice was as soft and gentle as water, which greatly aroused the protective instincts of a man.


“En! That’s no problem!” Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively. Strictly speaking, all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise were his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters. The only exception was the newly-advanced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Gu Pan.


“What are you planning to do to me, Junior Brother?” She tilted her head to the side, looking pure and innocent. When she smiled, her eyes formed crescents on her face. She did not look scared in the slightest. On the contrary, she smiled and asked, “Are you going to sell your healing pill to me? I heard that all the Fellow Brothers who were defeated by you had to buy a healing pill from you.”


Yang Kai nodded, “The healing pill will definitely be sold…”


“Then, I’ll buy one.” She blinked her large eyes at him, “It costs one set of Sixth-Order materials, right?”


He laughed, “You sure know the market well.”


She pursed her lips and replied, “So many Fellow Brothers have bought healing pills already, it’s only natural that the news has spread. If you don’t want people to know about something, then you have to do it yourself. Isn’t that right, Junior Brother Yang?”


His eyebrows furrowed together slightly, “Are you trying to hint at something, Senior Sister?”


She shook her head, “Nope, I was just saying.” After a pause, she continued, “Junior Brother, I’ll buy a healing pill from you. I’m no match for you anyway, so I might as well withdraw from the training.”


Who could have imagined that Yang Kai would shake his head?


She was puzzled, “What do you mean, Junior Brother?”


[Is he planning to let me off easy?] That was not impossible. She knew what kind of impression she had on men; therefore, it made sense if he turned a blind eye to her for that reason.


Just as she was about to thank him, she heard him speak, “You are not injured, Senior Sister, so you don’t need a healing pill.”


[He plans to let me off after all…] She smiled brightly. Although she knew that her charm was not always a useful or even wanted trait, it could be considered a good thing if she could save on a set of Sixth-Order materials because of it.


However, Yang Kai clenched his fist so hard that his knuckles cracked, “Why don’t I hit you first, Senior Sister, then you will need a healing pill!”


Gu Ling’er was absolutely speechless. [Are you still Human!? You’re a Demon, aren’t you!?]


“Are you joking, Junior Brother?” The smile on her face stiffened.


Yang Kai shook his head and approached her with a serious expression, “This Junior Brother has always been fair in business. Come, come! Bear with me, Senior Sister. I promise not to hit your face!”


Her complexion immediately turned deathly pale, and she staggered backwards weakly.


All of a sudden, he froze and looked extremely conflicted, “But, it’s not good to hit a woman… Haih! I’m such a kind-hearted man who is afraid of harming the innocent after all!”


He raised his head to the sky and sighed with a sorrowful expression.


Gu Ling’er breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Junior Brother, there’s no need to blame yourself. I’ll just buy the healing pill.”


He suddenly looked at her, “Senior Sister, why don’t you do it yourself? I fear that I might use too much strength if I raise my hand against you. It would be bad if I failed to control my strength properly and accidentally injure you seriously.”




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