Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4770, One of Your Own


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Gu Ling’er weakly asked, “Junior Brother, are you serious?”


Her appearance was so pitiful that any man who saw her would surely feel compassion for her; however, this matter was related to a set of Sixth-Order materials, so how could Yang Kai back down?


“Senior Sister, I don’t have much time. Somebody might come and investigate this place at any moment. If somebody were to come, then please don’t blame me for being forceful with you, Senior Sister!”


She stared at him with her pretty eyes, thinking that the man in front of her was quite unreasonable. [I’ve already said that I’ll buy a healing pill from him, so why does he still want to injure me!?]


“Haih!” Yang Kai sighed, “It looks like you’re somebody who cherishes your honour. If that’s the case, then please don’t blame this Yang for being cruel!”


Without wasting any more time, he surged the World Force and reached out a hand towards her.


His palm rapidly grew larger and larger in the field of her vision, instantly covering the entire sky. Although she instinctively struggled to resist, she was horrified to discover that her Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation was ridiculously weak in the face of Yang Kai’s strength. His palm that came slamming down towards her contained the aura of death, and she couldn’t help wondering whether he actually planned to kill her.


“Junior Brother, I’m one of your own!” She suddenly shouted at the top of her voice.


His hand stopped right above her head, and he stared at her with a deep scowl, “What do you mean?”


Not only was she drenched in cold sweat, but her complexion was also extremely pale. She took some time to calm her emotions before she finally looked at him and lowered her voice to a whisper, “Black Ink Eternal!”


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly at those words, and he asked, “Senior Brother Zong Yu Quan?”


She nodded, “Senior Brother Zong sent me a message earlier to inform me about this matter.”


“So, that’s how it is!” Yang Kai quickly understood the situation, and then the power in his hand surged slightly and landed on the top of her head.


Her delicate body flew backwards like a paper kite as a result. She slumped to the ground and looked at him in disbelief, blood trickling out the corners of her mouth, “Why!?”


[I’ve already mentioned that I’m one of his own, so why did he hit me!?]


He slowly walked over and said in a low voice, “Senior Sister, please don’t be mad. Everybody has been injured by me so far, and there are no exceptions. If you were to come out unscathed, then you might arouse suspicions! It works out well now! Here is a healing pill, Senior Sister!”


Gu Ling’er stared at him speechlessly. [Is there something wrong with this guy!? I’m a woman! So what if you make an exception!?]


In any case, he had not attacked her ruthlessly. His strike only gave her some light wounds that she would recover completely from after recuperating for a few days. Taking the healing pill from him, she swallowed the healing pill without another word. She couldn’t be bothered to say anything more to him.


“Senior Sister, you forgot something!” Yang Kai reached out his hand towards her. The meaning behind his gesture was glaringly obvious.


Gu Ling’er was tempted to stab him to death with her sword…


Resources worth a set of Sixth-Order materials were not hard for her to bring out though; therefore, she quickly gathered the necessary resources and handed them to him.


Yang Kai wore a big grin on his face, “Nobody will suspect anything now. By the way, Senior Sister, who else is on our side in Lang Ya Paradise?”


She glared at him, flames of fury erupting from her beautiful eyes!


“Hahaha!” He gave a dry laugh, “I won’t disturb you while you’re recovering from your wounds, Senior Sister!”


After saying that, he turned around and left.


Inside the Void, Yang Kai’s expression turned solemn.


This training, in which he was the ultimate goal, involved all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise. It was something that Li Yuan Wang organised seemingly on a whim. Although he had not interacted with Li Yuan Wang much, Yang Kai could roughly guess his intentions.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai never imagined that he would receive such an unexpected harvest!


He originally thought that Zong Yu Quan was an exception; after all, corrupting the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters with the Black Ink was not very worthwhile for the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Insects were so rare and precious that it was a given they would choose to corrupt the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters if possible.


The capability and role that people like Shi Zheng could play was much greater than that of Zong Yu Quan or Gu Ling’er. Be that as it may, it turned out that Zong Yu Quan was not the only one in Lang Ya Paradise. There was also Gu Ling’er, and maybe even more…


Just now, Gu Ling’er had been annoyed by Yang Kai’s actions and refused to answer his questions; however, her refusal to respond was already a response in and of itself. It meant that Zong Yu Quan and Gu Ling’er were not the only ones corrupted by the Black Ink among the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise! There were more of them out there! 


Yang Kai secretly rejoiced that he had been ruthless against the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters participating in the training to conserve time and strength.


Consequently, he was now known for his brutality. Gu Ling’er would not have automatically revealed herself otherwise. She had assumed that revealing her identity would make him more merciful towards her. Unbeknownst to her, he had another important task at hand and she overplayed her hand as a result.


Yang Kai had been wondering whether he should hold back against the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise, but it would not seem that he actually needed to do the opposite now!


Following the annihilation of the six-man team led by Gu Ling’er at Menacing Earth Spirit Province, everybody in Lang Ya Paradise felt a sense of danger. Yang Kai’s elusive movements left them feeling helpless while his immense strength left them in despair.


In the past, they used to hold great pride in the fact that they came from Lang Ya Paradise. They believed that all the other Open Heaven Realm Masters outside of Lang Ya Paradise were nothing special. Even the Sect Masters of the Second-Class great forces, who were also in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, were not put in their eyes.


However, Yang Kai’s arrival taught them that there were people beyond people. Looking back at their pride and arrogance, they couldn’t help feeling ridiculous. They had been frogs at the bottom of the well, staring up at the narrow sky and thinking how vast it was while knowing nothing.


Half a day later, another seven-man team was wiped out. What happened to them was similar to what happened to Gu Ling’er’s team. Yang Kai would grab one person and leave immediately every time he showed up. By the time they reacted, he had already disappeared; therefore, great hatred and grievances grew in their hearts!


To this day, out of all the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise who participated in the training, almost 200 of them had been defeated by Yang Kai. The remaining people were filled with apprehension and terror. Their Divine Senses swept out across their surroundings at all times, out of fear that Yang Kai would appear out of nowhere to abduct them.


They knew that Yang Kai relied on the mysteriousness of the Dao of Space, so as long as they could limit this ability, it would be easy to overpower him with so many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise.


As the Eldest Senior Brother, Le Mang shouldered the heavy responsibility of avenging his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters who were eliminated from the training and redeeming Lang Ya Paradise’s reputation.


He was the one who had been presiding over the coordination of the teams previously; thus, he had always paid attention to the changes that took place during the training. For some reason, he had been silent for the past few days though. Nobody but his teammates knew what he was doing.


One day, everybody suddenly received a message from Le Mang, “Everybody, please head towards Void Flower Spirit Province. I worked with many Junior Brothers to set up a Grand Array there. If Yang Kai dares to show up, we can form a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking cage and he will not be able to leave unscathed!”


“Senior Brother Le Mang is amazing!”


“This is great! We can finally teach that Bastard a lesson!”


“Quick! Quick! Let’s gather at Void Flower Spirit Province! Don’t linger outside for too long, lest you give him a chance to attack!”


Before this training began, many Fellow Brothers had tried to pick a fight with Yang Kai. At that time, they also used Heaven Sealing Earth Locking methods to stop his movements, but those Arrays or Secret Technique had been activated in a hurry, so the seal was not strong and the barrier was easily destroyed by Yang Kai as a result.


Having learned from that experience, Le Mang specifically gathered several Junior Brothers who were proficient in the Dao of Spirit Arrays to jointly arrange a Grand Array. The Spirit Array that was completed recently was enough to turn Yang Kai into a turtle that was hiding in its shell.


He did not know how long the Grand Array could trap Yang Kai once activated, but even so, just three breaths would be enough. A three-breath delay was enough for all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise to surround Yang Kai.


If everybody gathered at Void Flower Spirit Province, then Yang Kai was certain to head there despite knowing that it was a trap. This was the simplest method to carry out an offence by defending!


Needless to say, Le Mang had already considered the possibility that Yang Kai would not appear. The main goal of this training was to capture Yang Kai, so if he did not show up, then there would be no game to play. Unfortunately, the current situation was so dire that Le Mang had no other option but to put his hope in this gamble. 


In an instant, the Open Heaven Realm Masters wandering in the sky above the many Spirit Provinces throughout Lang Ya Paradise began rushing towards Void Flower Spirit Province. They summoned their comrades along the way, so it was a very lively scene.


Yang Kai, who was hiding in the dark, could not help frowning at this scene. He could vaguely sense that some sort of conspiracy was waiting for him.


Over the past few days, he had eliminated another 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters from Lang Ya Paradise. A rough count indicated that nearly 300 Open Heaven Realm Masters had been eliminated during this training already. Aside from the several dozen Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters at the beginning, the rest were Sixth-Order!


The strength of Lang Ya Paradise’s heritage was evident from this fact alone.


Void Land could also be considered to have a mighty army with the finest arms, with not many Second-Class great forces capable of comparing to them in the entire 3,000 Worlds.


Nevertheless, the difference was practically night and day when compared to Lang Ya Paradise! Just in terms of the number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters alone, Lang Ya Paradise had over 10 times more than Void Land!


That was not hard to understand though as Open Heaven Realm Masters were generally long-lived. As long as they could advance directly into the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, they could slowly take their time to grow until they reached the Sixth-Order.


Lang Ya Paradise had an extremely long inheritance, so after so many generations of disciples, it was only natural to have countless Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Be that as it may, that was only a narrow glimpse of the overall situation. If this was the case for Lang Ya Paradise, then how could the other Cave Heavens and Paradises be inferior? It was not until this moment that Yang Kai fully understood the horrifying heritage of these behemoths.


After the incident with Gu Ling’er, Yang Kai became more and more ruthless in his attacks against the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters whom he captured. Almost everybody was beaten up so badly that they coughed up blood; hence, the number of complaints grew proportionally.


Yang Kai was secretly glad that nobody said the words ‘Black Ink Eternal’ to him again, aside from Gu Ling’er. Although he could not completely rule out that there were more people corrupted by the Black Ink hidden among those who were eliminated from the training, the possibility was not high.


It was certain that the people in Lang Ya Paradise who were corrupted by the Black Ink were in contact with each other. Seeing as Zong Yu Quan had sent a message to Gu Ling’er, he was bound to have sent the same message to the others corrupted by the Black Ink. That was why there was no doubt that those corrupted by the Black Ink already considered Yang Kai to be one of their companions.


Under the threat of being severely injured, if they were truly corrupted by the Black Ink, they would definitely reveal their identities in hopes of escaping their fate.


At this moment, however, when Yang Kai saw so many people gathering in a certain direction, he couldn’t shake off an ominous feeling. If so many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise gathered together, he might not get the chance to attack.


[I have to find out what they’re doing.] As soon as that thought crossed Yang Kai’s mind, he resolutely made a move to intercept a team of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master nearby.


Upon noticing movement nearby, the team of five turned to look in his direction and were shocked, “Yang Kai!”


Despite their surprise, they did not wait around for their defeat. They reacted almost simultaneously and hurriedly drew out the power of their Small Universe. Countless Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities immediately blasted towards Yang Kai.




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