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Martial Peak – Chapter 4771, Why Did You Come Back

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This team of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters originally had seven people. It was just that Yang Kai had kidnapped two of them previously, so there were only five of them left. The leader was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master by the name Deng Chi. His cultivation was extraordinary and the heritage of his Small Universe was impressive.


When the five of them blasted out with their various Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, they quickly retreated at the same time, in hopes of escaping Yang Kai’s pursuit.


However, Yang Kai’s figure merely shifted from side to side before he swiftly escaped the barrage enveloping him. In the next moment, he charged towards them.


They immediately turned pale with shock.


Deng Chi gritted his teeth and roared, “Junior Brothers, go quickly! I will stop him!”


After saying that, boldly and without hesitation or looking back, he charged at Yang Kai.


He knew that he could not stop Yang Kai with his strength; after all, so many other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters who were stronger than him had been defeated by Yang Kai, how could he be an exception? Therefore, he did not hope to actually stop or defeat Yang Kai. He simply wanted to buy some time for the four people in his team. Only then would they have hope of fleeing this situation and preventing a complete annihilation of their team.


Deng Chi’s determination and resolve touched the others. One of them shouted in grief and indignation, “Senior Brother Deng!”


“Go!” Deng Chi yelled, “Don’t let my sacrifice go to waste!”


The person who spoke earlier had originally intended to turn around to help Deng Chi, but, when he heard what his Senior Brother said, he had no choice but to turn around and flee into the distance with the other three.


Meanwhile, Deng Chi stood proudly. He reached out to grab at something, summoning a long spear into his hand. Staring solemnly at Yang Kai who was approaching him quickly, he grinned savagely, “I split this mountain and chopped this tree, if you want to… Wait! I’m not done speaking! Take this!”


*Hong hong hong…* 


Deng Chi felt his vitality churning violently every time their World Forces collided, and his Small Universe shuddered unsteadily.


He had been immersed in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm for many years, so the heritage of his Small Universe was by no means weak. There were not many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise who could surpass him in terms of strength.


Prior to this, he had heard the messages from his identity token. Many of his Fellow Brothers had been captured, defeated, and eliminated by Yang Kai. In front of this person named Yang Kai, many of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise resembled nothing more than lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They were completely powerless to resist.


Therefore, he had been wondering whether Yang Kai was actually that strong. They were both Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters after all. No matter how powerful Yang Kai was, there had to be a limit, right?


He also considered what he should do if he ran into Yang Kai. It was impossible for him to flee as the other party was proficient in the Dao of Space. How could he escape when the other party could ignore the barriers of space? This was something that had been proven through the defeat and the blood of his countless Fellow Brothers who were eliminated previously.


Since he could not run, then he could only choose to fight! He might not be Yang Kai’s opponent, but it should be possible for him to cause a little trouble for Yang Kai if he went all out. At least, that was what he previously thought…


It was not until he actually encountered Yang Kai himself that Deng Chi realised one thing, he had been far too naive. The terrifying power of his opponent gave him the illusion that he was facing a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master instead of one in the Sixth-Order! Nevertheless, the energy fluctuations coming from the other party undoubtedly belonged to a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!


[How can a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master be this strong!?] Even after being struck to the ground by Yang Kai, Deng Chi could not understand what had just happened. He even began to doubt whether something had gone wrong during his cultivation in the past. [No wonder so many other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters who were stronger than me were defeated by him! No wonder even Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang is not his opponent! What Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could be this monster’s opponent!?]


“Senior Brother…” Yang Kai crouched in front of Deng Chi, “Can I ask you something?”


Deng Chi coughed up blood while looking at Yang Kai, “What is it?”


The two of them had just been fighting fiercely against each other, but they were now talking to each other calmly. Not to mention that Deng Chi was still coughing up blood. No matter how one looked at this situation, there was no denying that it was strange.


It had to be said that the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise had straightforward and righteous personalities. Despite being injured and defeated by Yang Kai, none of them held any real resentment against him. Most of them simply admired his strength.


Their strength was inferior to their enemy, so there was no point in being resentful. Although their journey of growth was a little crooked, their temperament was impressive. The defeat they suffered today would only fuel their motivation to get stronger so they could one day get back at him.


“I noticed many Senior Brothers and Sisters heading in a certain direction. What are they doing?” Yang Kai asked while handing a healing pill to Deng Chi.


Deng Chi glanced at the healing pill and stuffed it into his mouth. Chewing with a loud crunch, he swallowed and shook his head, “I can’t say!”


He had been defeated by Yang Kai and eliminated from the training. Nonetheless, he was not willing to reveal Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang’s plans. He, too, wanted to see Yang Kai being surrounded and captured by his Fellow Brothers. Then, they would drive Yang Kai to the depths of despair! Only then could he avenge this defeat!


While speaking, Deng Chi took out some items that were worth a set of Sixth-Order materials and handed them to Yang Kai.


From the start to the end, neither of them mentioned the healing pill or the materials. It was their first meeting, but their actions seemed to indicate a tacit agreement to keep silent about that matter.


Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang had already passed the word around. If they were defeated by Yang Kai, they should exchange money to avoid disaster. There was no need to struggle because their efforts would be pointless.


Yang Kai asked in a friendly manner, “Senior Brother, if you tell me, I will give you a 20% discount. What do you say?”


Deng Chi’s expression twisted, “This Deng is not such a materialistic person. Don’t even think of trying to bribe information out of me.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Senior Brother, your character is noble indeed! This Junior Brother admires you!”


Deng Chi grinned and wanted to laugh, but the movements pulled at his wound. Thus, he just smiled with great difficulty, “I’m a Lang Ya Paradise disciple after all!”


While laughing, he suddenly burst into tears. He looked behind Yang Kai and lost his cool, “Why did you return!? Ahhh! Just why did you have to come back!?”


The four people in his team who escaped earlier had turned back and returned!


All four of them had expressions of helplessness on their faces.


The Junior Brother who wanted to turn back to help Deng Chi earlier answered sadly, “We didn’t want to come back either. It’s just that the Sect Master issued an order saying that we are already ganging up on Yang Kai by forming teams. If all of us were to gather together and even set up a Grand Array in advance, it would be a total disgrace even if we won. After such a shameless action, he would be too embarrassed to show his face again. That was why he issued the order for us to return to our positions and stop using such underhanded methods. He wants us to defeat Junior Brother Yang with our own strength!”


Deng Chi was stunned, “The Sect Master issued such an order?”


He quickly checked his identity token. While he was speaking to Yang Kai earlier, a message had indeed entered his identity token, it was just that he had no time to check it. When he glanced at the contents, what his Junior Brother said turned out to be true!


Thus, he raised his head speechlessly to stare at Yang Kai. [Is Lang Ya Paradise’s Sect Master your Father or something!? Why does he favour you so much!?]


It was not easy for Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang to arrange that Grand Array and even come up with such an infallible solution. Unfortunately, just as the light of victory was about to shine on them, an order from the Sect Master instantly obscured it with a dense fog!


[Defeat Yang Kai with our own strength… If we had the strength to do that, Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang would not have done this in the first place!]


Regardless, Deng Chi had to admit that the Sect Master was not wrong. So many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise had been eliminated by Yang Kai, so if the remaining people could not turn this situation around through fair means, then there was no meaning to this training. Relying on the remaining Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to lie in wait to defeat a single person was certainly a meaningless victory.


“Your intentions are sinister indeed!” Yang Kai suddenly spoke up from the side.


He had not known the reason why so many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were gathering in one place. Although he had a vague guess, he had not dared to confirm his speculations. After listening to the conversation between Deng Chi and the others though, how could he remain ignorant?


It was obvious that somebody had set up a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array somewhere and gathered all the remaining Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise there. If Yang Kai wanted to gain any benefits, then he would have to walk into the trap himself. At that time, he would no longer have the support of the Dao of Space. No matter how powerful he was, what could he do against them?


Deng Chi laughed in embarrassment, “We had no choice…”


“Thank goodness Senior Li is righteous!” Yang Kai cupped his fist in the direction of the Main Spirit Province and bowed in a gratifying manner.


Deng Chi took the opportunity to signal his four companions!


In the next moment, World Force surged. The four of them took action and summoned their respective artifacts. Using the light of their Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities as a cover, they charged towards Yang Kai!


Now that they had met their greatest enemy, their only option was to fight to the end!


When the light subsided and the energy fluctuations died down, they looked over only to see that the spot where Yang Kai originally stood was empty. He had vanished at some point in time without their realising.


“Junior Brother Ding has been captured!” Somebody exclaimed in shock.


The other two looked around and saw that Junior Brother Ding was indeed nowhere to be found. They originally had four members left, but only three remained at this moment.


Deng Chi sighed, “Junior Brother Ding has been eliminated!”


Nothing good would come from being captured by Yang Kai. It simply meant that they would be beaten up, forced to buy a healing pill, and disqualified from participating in the training. Everybody suffered the same fate. Even the delicate Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters were no exception.


When Deng Chi and the others heard that even Junior Sister Gu Ling’er had been injured by Yang Kai, they could barely believe their ears. How could Yang Kai call himself a man!? How could he hit somebody like Junior Sister Gu Ling’er!? Did he not have the slightest sense of chivalry towards women!?


On the other hand, the Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters had maintained a fairly enthusiastic mentality before the incident where Gu Ling’er was injured by Yang Kai. They believed that they would have an advantage as women. Even if they fell into Yang Kai’s clutches, they would not suffer too badly. In the worst case, they could simply exchange money to avoid disaster.


It was not until the incident with Gu Ling’er that they began to lose confidence. How could they bear to hold their heads high in society again if their beautiful faces were beaten black and blue by Yang Kai? What consoled them was that Yang Kai never aimed for the face whenever he fought against a woman, even though he regarded both men and women as equals and did not hold back in his attacks. Thanks to that, none of them lost their beauty despite being beaten up. It was a stroke of fortune among all the misfortune.


However, at this moment, there was something that confused and puzzled Deng Chi and the others.


Out of the three people who had yet to be eliminated, the slightly older one asked, “Didn’t they say Yang Kai can easily fight against three or four enemies on his own? If that’s the case, then why did he run?”



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