Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4772, Awe-Inspiring Momentum


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The four of them attacked with such determination earlier because Yang Kai had a record of fighting in a one-against-four battle and completely annihilating the other party in the process. Logically speaking, he could have gone all out and disqualified all of them from the training just now. However, he had not done that. All he did was flee after capturing Junior Brother Ding!


One person’s eyes lit up, “Could it be that he is running out of strength!?”


Another person nodded in agreement after hearing those words, “There is such a possibility!”


Many days had gone by since the training began. So much time had passed, and Yang Kai had been constantly fighting alone. Even if he was very powerful and the heritage of his Small Universe heritage was incredibly impressive, it was only natural for his abilities to decline after enduring such a long period of consumption. It might be that he no longer had the ability to fight against four enemies at once!


“We must spread this information to the others!” The first person who spoke earlier looked excited.


All this time, they had felt extremely hopeless during this training. Although the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise had an advantage in numbers, Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, which allowed him to excel at both ambushing and escaping. Therefore, he would periodically strike out of nowhere and flee immediately as soon as he captured somebody. They were having a hard time guarding against his attacks as a result.


However, there was finally a glimmer of hope in their desperate situation. It turned out that he was not invincible! Even Yang Kai could not maintain his terrifying combat strength forever!


Everything was thanks to the Fellow Brothers who had been eliminated previously. This outcome was obtained in exchange for countless resources and their own blood. Fortunately, their sacrifice would not be in vain. Victory would eventually belong to Lang Ya Paradise!


This information was soon spread to every single surviving Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise, all of whom instantly became motivated!


There was nothing wrong with their conjecture per-say.


For an average Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to endure such an extended and high-intensity battle, even if they were facing a group of enemies who were significantly weaker than themselves, they were bound to expend great amounts of energy. As such, they would eventually be defeated after exhausting all their strength. It was true that they could recover some strength by refining Open Heaven Pills during this time, but how much could they truly recover? Besides, how could the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise give Yang Kai any time to recover from his fatigue?


However, Yang Kai was not ordinary and he was now fully realising the benefits of rearing living beings in his Small Universe.


The living beings that he relocated from Pear Flower Cave Heaven numbered in the tens of millions now and constantly provided him with a large amount of World Force that enhanced the heritage of his Small Universe.


Furthermore, there was a large number of the Small Stone Race in his Small Universe. The population of the Small Stone Race had multiplied rapidly. Under the premise of equal numbers, the benefits brought to Yang Kai by the Small Stone Race were ten times that of ordinary Humans!


The flow of time in his Small Universe was also different from the outside world. There was almost twice the difference between them. Although Yang Kai had been unable to find any time to rest during this past month or so, he did not show the slightest sign of fatigue even though he had been fighting tirelessly this whole time. On the contrary, he remained lively and high-spirited.


The rate of his consumption was simply incomparable to the growth of his Small Universe. At this rate, he could continue fighting in such a high-intensity battle until the end of time!


Of course, there was a reason why Yang Kai did not challenge all four opponents to annihilate Deng Chi’s team in one go and instead chose to capture them one by one. The reason was consideration for those corrupted by the Black Ink. Even if there was anybody corrupted by the Black Ink among the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise, they would not reveal anything to him with so many eyes watching.


Similar to the case of Gu Ling’er, it was only possible for him to discover some clues or uncover the identities of those who had been corrupted by the Black Ink if he remained alone with them.


In the following stick of incense’s worth of time, Deng Chi, who had been meditating on the spot to heal his wounds, watched helplessly as Yang Kai continuously went back and forth to capture his Junior Brothers one after another!


The Junior Brothers were on the verge of going crazy. If not for Li Yuan Wang’s orders, they could have fled to another Spirit Province to seek refuge. But, for some reason, the Sect Master had issued the order for them to return to their respective positions. No matter how they escaped, they could only escape within the confines of their respective Spirit Provinces.


They couldn’t even ask for reinforcements from the other teams like before. That was because those teams could not defy their orders and leave their Spirit Provinces to provide aid.


The Sect Master was clearly giving Yang Kai the opportunity to take them down one by one! Nobody knew the reason behind his actions. All they could guess was that the Sect Master was unhappy with their failure. Despite so many people being in a team, they could not defeat Yang Kai. It would be an even greater shame if they went so far as to request aid from the other teams.


With just one order from Li Yuan Wang, the situation had turned in favour of Yang Kai.


Meanwhile, as the only person who understood Li Yuan Wang’s intentions, Yang Kai was working hard to cooperate.


The flames of battle spread across the Spirit Provinces in Lang Ya Paradise. Everywhere Yang Kai went, the team of Open Heaven Realm Masters guarding that particular Spirit Province were obliterated. Every single person kidnapped by Yang Kai was beaten up badly, but not a single Open Heaven Realm Master in Lang Ya Paradise conceded defeat.


After Deng Chi’s team spread the message to the others, their resistance became more intense. Every single person, who was eliminated from the training, fought Yang Kai with all their strength to the point of exhaustion. Needless to say, these people suffered a harsher beating compared to those who were eliminated before.


Nevertheless, they were happy. That was because their elimination was not meaningless. Only by shaving off Yang Kai’s strength could they help their remaining Fellow Brothers obtain a greater chance for success.


They were looking forward to the time when somebody could eventually stand up and defeat Yang Kai and victory would then belong to Lang Ya Paradise! Be that as it may, with the passage of time, this anticipation slowly turned into despair once more.


Although the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were eliminated could no longer communicate any information to the Fellow Brothers who were still participating in the training, they were allowed to continue communicating with each other in general.


At this moment, many of the Open Heaven Realm Masters who had been eliminated were chatting endlessly through their identity tokens.


“We received exact information! Senior Sister Zhou’s team was targeted by that Bastard an hour ago!”


“How is the situation?”


“Four people have been eliminated so far! Only Senior Sister Zhou and Junior Brother Jia are left in the team!”


“I hope Senior Sister Zhou and Junior Brother Jia achieve success! Kill that bastard surnamed Yang!”


“Ahem… I’ve also been eliminated… Greetings, Senior Brothers!” Junior Brother Jia informed via message.


Everybody fell silent. A short while later, somebody responded with another message, “Senior Sister Zhou is in trouble!”


Senior Sister Zhou had been defeated by Yang Kai once before. That incident had taken place before the training began, so everybody knew that she was no match for him. Now that he had so many wins under his belt, Yang Kai was at the peak of his momentum, so how could she be his opponent?


As soon as that message came out, another message was delivered from another source, “Senior Sister Zhou has also been eliminated!”


“How fast! What is wrong with that Bastard!? Why does it feel as though his strength is inexhaustible!? Could it be that our Fellow Brothers lied to us!?”


“Senior Sister Zhou? Are you there, Senior Sister Zhou?”


“Get lost! Don’t bother me! I don’t want to talk!”


“Okay, okay. Please focus on your recovery, Senior Sister Zhou. This Junior Brother apologises for disturbing you.”




At the same time, on the Spirit Province that Senior Sister Zhou’s team was overseeing, Yang Kai stood next to the dispirited Senior Sister Zhou and stared into the distance.


There were traces of fresh blood at the corners of Senior Sister Zhou’s mouth. She coughed lightly and studied the man next to her with a complicated gaze.


Compared to the last time she was defeated, there was not much difference in his strength. Nonetheless, she could clearly feel that there was an additional aura lingering around him. It was the aura of invincibility. Even though it could neither be seen nor touched, she could feel it clearly. This aura was something he gradually accumulated after winning against hundreds of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise. It was as brilliant as the Great Sun and as dazzling as the Stars. Moreover, she couldn’t shake off the illusion that he could even win against a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in his current condition.


There were many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise, so there was no lack of talent. That was especially true for the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who ranked at the top. Who among them was not a dazzling genius in the outside world? However, they instantly became bleak and dull when compared to the man in front of her.


[I’ve never met such a man before…]


“There aren’t many left, right?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.


Nevertheless, Senior Sister Zhou understood his question. She pondered in silence for a moment before she responded, “Only Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang’s team is left. If you can defeat them, then this training will end.”


He nodded lightly, “Le Mang is pretty good.”


Having exchanged blows with Le Mang before, Yang Kai knew that the strength of this person known as the Eldest Senior Brother among the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise was quite extraordinary.


Senior Sister Zhou couldn’t help rolling her eyes at his reply. Only someone like Yang Kai could comment on Senior Brother Le Mang’s strength so casually, but there was nothing she could refute either.


“Can you fight seriously for once? Stop using such nefarious means!” She snapped in annoyance.


Yang Kai burst out laughing, “Your teams range from five to eight people. With so many people in the same Order gathering together in one place, how am I supposed to fight them all at once? Besides, I am using my abilities to capture those people. How can you claim that I am using nefarious means?”


Senior Sister Zhou flushed slightly in embarrassment because there was nothing she could refute in his statement. To a certain extent, it could be said that he obtained every victory through serious means. There was no trickery or underhanded means to his actions. That was something she herself had experienced before.


Nonetheless, she was reluctant to accept her loss because she had been defeated before she could even bring out her full strength! Failure to bring out her full strength in time was equivalent to having no chance to exert her strength at all. The battle had ended too quickly! In other words, the gap in their strengths was too vast. She had no choice but to admit the truth even if she was not willing to accept her defeat.


“Good! It’s time for this training to end! Senior Sister, please focus on your recovery! I’ll be leaving now!” After saying that, Yang Kai stepped forward and his figure rapidly faded out of sight.


Senior Sister Zhou turned to look in the direction of Void Flower Spirit Province where Senior Brother Le Mang’s team was stationed. Nobody could say for certain whether this battle would allow Lang Ya Paradise to narrowly retain its pride or whether Yang Kai would have the last laugh.


Messages began to fly rapidly between the identity tokens of the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise.


“Quick! Quick! Yang Kai is heading towards Void Flower Spirit Province! This is the last battle! Let’s go and watch! We have to cheer for Eldest Senior Brother!”


“Senior Brother Le Mang will win! Lang Ya Paradise will win!”




Following the fluctuations of the World Force, numerous streams of light took to the skies and sped towards Void Flower Spirit Province in unison. Many had been and still were recuperating from their injuries, but seeing as this was the last battle, they could not bring themselves to miss out on the show and quickly began moving.


By the time Yang Kai arrived at Void Flower Spirit Province, hundreds of Open Heaven Realm Masters had already gathered above it. Most of these Open Heaven Realm Masters were wounded. The bloody bruises on their faces had yet to subside, causing them to look extremely menacing.




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