Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4773, Cannot Retreat Anymore


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Yang Kai travelled through the void and arrived calmly. Hundreds of gazes immediately turned towards him. Everywhere he passed, the crowd automatically split apart and opened a path for him. These bruised Open Heaven Realm Masters of Lang Ya Paradise might look like a mess, but they still gazed at him with admiration.


Throughout this training, Yang Kai acted alone. He fought all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise by himself. It didn’t matter what methods he used or whether the Sect Master’s orders had favoured him. For him to reach this point was enough to garner the respect of all those gathered here.


Yang Kai nodded lightly at the people around him. Passing through the crowd, he arrived directly at Void Flower Spirit Province.


Le Mang stood at the front with a solemn expression, giving off an air of dignity. Behind him stood four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters lined up.


His team could not be considered large. Including him, there were only five. Nevertheless, each one of them stood at the top of all the other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. They had been immersed in this Realm for many years, and for that reason, despite their small numbers, they could be considered the team with the highest combat capabilities in Lang Ya Paradise below the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.


The four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters watched Yang Kai intently. So much time had passed since the training began, but this was their first time seeing Yang Kai in person; hence, they could not help being extremely curious towards the young man who caused such a ruckus in Lang Ya Paradise.


When their eyes met, Le Mang lowered his head slightly, “My apologies, Junior Brother Yang!”


If possible, he did not wish to join forces with his Junior Brothers to face a lone opponent, but he knew that he was no match for Yang Kai by himself. This battle was related to Lang Ya Paradise’s face, so even if he was unwilling to use such methods, he had no choice.


“It’s fine!” Yang Kai smiled slightly.


“Start the Array!” Le Mang gestured with his hand.


As soon as the words left his mouth, the four people behind him swiftly used various hand seals at the same time. Numerous bursts of lights scattered in all directions. Following that, the entire Void Flower Spirit Province rumbled and shook as though the World itself was shaking.


In an instant, the space around the entire Spirit Province was sealed off. This place had been transformed into a cage!


From the outside, there were no obvious changes to Void Flower Spirit Province; not even the entry and exit to this place had been affected. Nonetheless, countless invisible barriers had undoubtedly been imposed upon the Void. As long as Yang Kai was within Void Flower Spirit Province, he could not perform his Instantaneous Movement.


There was no doubt that this battle would decide the outcome of this entire event.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise in the surroundings watched with great excitement, and their Divine Senses interweaved madly as they communicated with each other!


“Senior Brothers, what are the prospects for this battle? Do you think Senior Brother Le Mang and the others have any chances to win?”


“That Brat surnamed Yang might be immensely powerful, but his greatest support is his Space Secret Techniques. Now that Void Flower Spirit Province has been sealed off by the Grand Array, his wings have been clipped. Without the ability to move about freely, it will be difficult for him to fight against five opponents!”


“You’re right, Senior Brother! Lang Ya Paradise is sure to win this battle!”


“Haih… That’s nothing to be proud of. Even if we win this battle, we only did so by overwhelming our opponent with superior numbers. It’s not an honourable victory. This training has really taught me that there are always Heavens beyond the Heavens. After this, I will have to go back and cultivate hard in retreat.”




There was no doubt that the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise were not optimistic about Yang Kai’s prospects. His biggest reliance had been limited by the Grand Array. In spite of that, he had to face five opponents alone in battle. Not to mention, the five people led by Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang were veteran Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters with profound experience and cultivation. If they lost despite such a line-up, then it would be far too unreasonable.


While the others were conversing wildly among themselves, Yang Kai took a shallow breath and focused his gaze on Le Mang and the others, “Are you ready, Senior Brothers? If you’re ready, then I… will begin!”


His figure, which was enveloped in an indescribably terrifying aura slammed directly towards Le Mang and the others even before he finished his sentence. When he pushed his immense World Force, even the people watching from afar could sense the suffocating aura blowing towards them.


On the other hand, the expressions of the ones actually involved in the situation changed greatly. Le Mang and the others simultaneously scattered in all directions without hesitation! Yang Kai’s momentum, which came from winning hundreds of battles without suffering a single loss, was simply too horrifying. Faced with this pressure, even someone as strong as Le Mang couldn’t help feeling intimidated.


There was a thunderous rumble that sounded as though the world was about to collapse, and Void Flower Spirit Province shook violently. When the dust finally settled, the sounds of World Forces colliding with each other could be heard. Everybody scanned the scene anxiously with widened eyes.


In the midst of the thick dust cloud, figures could be seen weaving back and forth like fish swimming in the sea. A short while later, two figures soared into the sky. Everybody looked in that direction and immediately gasped in surprise.


Yang Kai had summoned a spear at some point in time and was raining down strikes like a waterfall, his World Force surging rampantly. Standing opposite Yang Kai was one of their Senior Brothers. This Senior Brother was pale-faced and retreating in a fluster. At the same time, he constantly defended against the thrust of the spear with the artifact in his hand. Every collision between their weapons was a confrontation between the power of their Small Universes.


Yang Kai’s murderous intent had practically materialized. Moreover, his attacks were so frenzied that everyone couldn’t help wondering whether he planned to kill their Senior Brother with his spear!


Under this wanton offensive, the Senior Brother did not dare to waver in the slightest. He was forced to retreat continuously by Yang Kai; thus, the figures of those two sliced through the sky like two streams of light.


Shocked and enraged, Le Mang and the others hurriedly gave chase. Their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques bombarded Yang Kai’s back before they even drew near.


However, Yang Kai turned a blind eye to their attacks.


In the next moment, countless Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques accurately struck Yang Kai, causing Le Mang and the others to break out in cold sweat at the sight. This was not a life-or-death battle after all. They had always held back to a certain extent and prevented themselves from using their full strength as things would not end well if they accidentally killed Yang Kai.


Be that as it may, with the four of them working together, the power of their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques was not to be underestimated. If Yang Kai took those attacks head-on, he would most likely suffer a tragic fate.


[Why didn’t he dodge!? With his skills and abilities, he is perfectly capable of avoiding those attacks!] Nobody could understand his actions.


What happened next shocked all the onlookers to the core. Despite being hit by so many Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, Yang Kai seemed totally unaffected. He ignored all the movements coming from behind him and simply focused on attacking the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was constantly being forced backwards.


The clothes Yang Kai was wearing were his transformed Grand Dragon Scales, and the defensive properties of a Grand Dragon’s Dragon Scales were extraordinary. To a certain extent, his Dragon Scales were capable of blocking the attacks of even Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


During his previous battle against Shi Zheng, Yang Kai had used his Dragon Scale Armour to block some of Shi Zheng’s Divine Abilities. If he could even block the Divine Ability of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, then what need be said about the attacks of a few Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who were holding back? Yang Kai might not be able to withstand such a bombardment over a longer period, but it was not a problem for a short time.


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in front of Yang Kai was on the verge of tears. He did not know how he had provoked Yang Kai, but the other party had persistently targeted him from the beginning. Yang Kai’s ruthless posture left him reeling in discomfort. In the face of Yang Kai’s frenzied offensive, he only had the strength to parry while being steadily forced backwards!


Le Mang’s expression suddenly changed drastically and he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Junior Brother Feng, you can’t retreat any further!”


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master called Junior Brother Feng stiffened at those words, but before he could understand the situation, he saw Yang Kai grinning at him all of a sudden. Yang Kai’s large hand reached out towards him immediately after that, and under the fluctuations of Space Principles, the entire world spun dizzily!


Le Mang and the three others hurried over, but Yang Kai and Junior Brother Feng were no longer anywhere to be found. Only a slight fluctuation of Space Principles remained in place.


Le Mang was furious! Similarly, the Open Heaven Realm Masters watching in the surroundings were in an uproar!


Yang Kai’s sudden attack just now and his ruthless behaviour, as though he wanted to kill Junior Brother Feng, had left them extremely anxious. They were afraid that an accident might occur in this training; therefore, nobody noticed that the battlefield had been guided to the outside of Void Flower Spirit Province when Junior Brother Feng was forced to retreat by Yang Kai!


The Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array only covered Void Flower Spirit Province, so it was impossible for Yang Kai to perform Instantaneous Movement within its boundaries. However, those restrictions no longer took effect outside the Spirit Province. From the very beginning, Yang Kai’s plan was to control the battlefield on which they fought. That was the only method for him to defeat them one by one!


“What is he doing?” Somebody was puzzled.


Judging by Yang Kai’s fierce momentum and the strength he displayed just now, he stood a fighting chance in a five-against-one battle even if he did not escape. Although nobody could guess the outcome of the battle, it would be an unmistakably exciting and thrilling battle!


Be that as it may, he had fled. Just like he had done with the previous teams, he quickly escaped as soon as he captured Junior Brother Feng.


All the people who had been looking forward to the battle were absolutely devastated by the sight, feeling as though they were left hanging, half-satiated by the meal before them.


“That guy… Could it be that he is planning to coerce Junior Brother Feng into buying a healing pill and acted in that manner because it was inconvenient if other people were to disturb him?” Somebody guessed.


Many people had the same conjecture. That was because recently, Yang Kai had done the same even when only two people were left in a team. In any case, it was just a conjecture and they could not verify the truth, but the scene playing out in front of them made things clear that Yang Kai was planning exactly that.


“Just how greedy is that guy…” The Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise were speechless. [This is the last battle! Can’t he fight properly for once so that we feel better even if we lose? Why does he have to be so miserly?]


Having said that, a set of Sixth-Order materials was indeed valuable, so Yang Kai’s actions were understandable. If they had such an opportunity, it was possible that they would have made the same choice.


Le Mang remained frozen in place, his expression extremely ugly. Less than ten breaths later, a series of ripples appeared in the Void. It was not until that moment that he reacted as though waking up from a dream. His expression changed drastically and he yelled, “Fall back! Quickly!”


Having given chase earlier, they had unknowingly followed Yang Kai out of Void Flower Spirit Province. They only realised what a dangerous situation they were in at this moment. Unfortunately, it was too late. Yang Kai’s figure appeared out of nowhere. He glanced around and immediately became delighted, “Senior Brothers, were you waiting for me?”


While speaking, he waved his hand and Space Principles surged as his Near Distant Horizon Secret Technique spread out into the surroundings. All of a sudden, space seemed to stretch out infinitely.


Everybody felt as though they experienced a momentary illusion. Even though they clearly saw their four Senior Brothers led by Le Mang struggling to escape towards Void Flower Spirit Province, they seemed to freeze in place for some strange reason.


Yang Kai took a step forward and came to stand beside one of them. Grabbing that person, he quickly turned around and left!


Le Mang howled miserably, “Junior Brother Yun!”


Junior Brother Yun had also been captured!


It was not until the figures of Yang Kai and Junior Brother Yun vanished out of sight that the Space Principles calmed down again. Accordingly, Le Mang and the others regained their freedom. Those three did not dare to remain outside for a moment longer and quickly fled back into Void Flower Spirit Province with humiliated and disgraced expressions.




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