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Martial Peak – Chapter 4775, In a Panic

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In front of a lake in a certain Spirit Province, Gu Pan rested her cheeks on her hands. There was a fishing rod in front of her, and the fish bait had been thrown into the water. Nevertheless, she didn’t even notice when the fish got caught on the hook. Her eyes were fixed blankly on the surface of the water, and she was clearly absent-minded.


When Yang Kai came to Lang Ya Paradise, he brought news of people corrupted by the Black Ink. She could not deny being extremely shocked at the time. There was no saying how many Fellow Brothers corrupted by the Black Ink were lurking in Lang Ya Paradise. Furthermore, there would likely be people whom she was familiar with among them. Once these people were identified, they were bound to suffer a tragic fate. She did not wish to see such a scene, but there was nothing she could do about it.


Suddenly, a strange aura appeared behind her. Although the aura only appeared briefly before disappearing in a flash, it gave her an extreme feeling of disgust. A sense of vigilance bloomed in her heart. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, she spun around and slammed her palm out. The World Force of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master surged violently.


However, she immediately showed a look of astonishment and quickly retracted most of her strength. Nevertheless, her palm still landed lightly upon Yang Kai, who had appeared behind her without warning. As if struck by lightning, his figure was blown backwards. He coughed up fresh blood in mid-air and crashed to the ground weakly.


Gu Pan turned pale in shock, “Senior Brother Yang!”


Having withdrawn most of her strength when she recognised him, the power of that attack should not have been capable of threatening him. That was why she couldn’t quite understand how she managed to injure him. Also… what was that repulsive aura earlier?


Yang Kai climbed to his feet and clutched at his chest with an agonised expression. He quickly said, “Junior Sister, you’re amazing indeed! This Senior Brother admits defeat!”


Gu Pan stiffened in surprise but quickly came back to her senses. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she protested, “Senior Brother, there’s no need for that!”


[Senior Brother Yang is clearly giving me an opportunity!]


In this training, the person who could defeat him would receive the opportunity to enter the Five Lights World. Yang Kai had deliberately made a trip here, allowed her to strike him, and admitted defeat so readily. The motive behind his actions could not be more evident.


Moreover, he looked as though he had been severely injured. It was obvious that he had forced himself to cough up blood. Gu Pan was certain that her palm strike could not have actually harmed him in any way. With his abilities, he could have resolved her attacks with ease.


“Junior Sister, you have great skills! This Senior Brother is impressed!” Yang Kai continued to spout nonsense without batting an eyelid.


Seeing how insistent he was acting, Gu Pan could only play along with him. Thus, she elegantly bowed, “You have my respects, Senior Brother!”


He nodded lightly.


In this training, Lang Ya Paradise had to win! This was something Yang Kai understood clearly. If he won in the end, Lang Ya Paradise would lose all face. He came here for the people corrupted by the Black Ink Clan, not to turn the entire place upside down. What’s more, he had gained quite a lot from this training, so he was quite satisfied.


Seeing as the person who defeated him could enter the Five Lights World for training, it would not be bad to give Gu Pan this opportunity.


“It’s about time for the training to end. Junior Sister, come with me to meet Sect Master Li,” Yang Kai said.


“Good!” Gu Pan nodded and continued seriously, “Senior Brother Yang, thank you!”


A few years after she advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, she received the opportunity to enter Lang Ya Paradise’s Small Source World for training. Unfortunately, even if she was a Core Disciple who advanced directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, she could not enter the Small Source World twice in such a short time. There were so many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise who were waiting for their turn after all. The Elders of the Sect could not favour her too much.


If she could enter the Small Source World again for training now, it would be greatly beneficial for her growth.



In the sky above Void Flower Spirit Province, everybody continued to wait quietly for something.


A short while later, two streams of light sped over from afar. Upon noticing the movement, the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise turned to look in that direction.


“That Bastard is back!”


“The person beside him… It’s Junior Sister Gu!”


“Huh? Why does the Bastard look so pale? Moreover, his aura is so weak. He looks like he has been heavily injured. Was he beaten up by Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang?”


Le Mang had returned covered in bruises earlier, so it was obvious that he had been defeated by Yang Kai. Be that as it may, Yang Kai could not have gotten away unscathed after fighting with their Eldest Senior Brother. It would be understandable if he had suffered injuries against Le Mang.


Somebody’s eyes lit up, “Could it be that the Bastard was heavily injured after a tough battle against Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang, and then Junior Sister Gu took advantage of the circumstances to defeat him?”


Upon hearing those words, all their expressions became very animated. For a time, the image of Junior Sister Gu Pan teaching this heartless thief a painful lesson out of hatred born from love came to the minds of many people. They all felt that she had done a good job! Looking at Yang Kai’s pale complexion made their hearts feel so much better.


“Yang Kai greets Seniors!” Coming to stand in front of Li Yuan Wang and Gao Ting, Yang Kai bowed respectfully.


“Greetings, Honoured Master! Greetings, Martial Uncle Gao!” Gu Pan bowed.


Gao Ting looked at Gu Pan warmly.


Li Yuan Wang asked, “Who won and who lost?”


Yang Kai grinned and laughed, “This Junior lost to Junior Sister Gu!”


Li Yuan Wang lifted his hand and stroked his beard, looking at Yang Kai as though he was looking at a promising young man. Although he had already understood everything, Yang Kai’s actions made him very satisfied nevertheless.


Yang Kai had been causing so many troubles in Lang Ya Paradise during this period that many complaints had been flooding in as a result. If not because of his status, Li Yuan Wang would have been tempted to teach Yang Kai a lesson himself. Luckily, Yang Kai had enough tact to leave Lang Ya Paradise with a fig leaf. Their pride had not been ruined completely thanks to that.


After pondering in silence for some time, Li Yuan Wang announced loudly, “Lang Ya Paradise disciple Gu Pan has gone through many hardships and defeated Yang Kai. Therefore, I will reward her with the opportunity to enter the Five Lights World. The rest of the disciples should guard against arrogance and impatience. Work hard in your cultivation. When you enter the 3,000 Worlds in the future, you should remain proud but humble. Don’t disgrace the name Lang Ya Paradise.”


The Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise shouted in unison, “We will obey your orders, Sect Master!”


Gu Pan blushed slightly. [What hardships? I can’t believe Honoured Master! All I did was randomly strike out with my palm and Senior Brother Yang spat up blood all on his own! I’m sure Honoured Master knows this fact. I can’t believe he is lying through his teeth!]


“Good! This training ends here. Gu Pan, come with me!”


“Yes!” Gu Pan responded.


Li Yuan Wang and Gao Ting turned and left, but Li Yuan Wang suddenly gestured with his large hand before departing. Following the swirl of the wind and the clouds, an invisible light barrier covered the entire Void Flower Spirit Province like an upside-down bowl.


The light barrier flashed. It was obvious that it was a Sealing Type Array. Seeing as he was the Lang Ya Paradise Sect Master, it was only natural that Li Yuan Wang had the authority to activate all kinds of Arrays in the Sect.


Yang Kai’s expression immediately darkened as he shouted, “Senior, what is the meaning of this!?”


Li Yuan Wang pretended to have heard nothing. Walking out of Void Flower Spirit Province in a few quick steps, he transformed into a stream of light and left quickly.


In the beginning, the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise didn’t understand why the Sect Master had suddenly activated the Sealing Array on Void Flower Spirit Province; however, they quickly understood and turned to look at Yang Kai in unison.


Standing alone, in the middle of the crowd, Yang Kai felt cold sweat dripping from his forehead in droves.


Numerous figures slowly approached Yang Kai from all directions and soon surrounded him so tightly that not a single drop of water could slip through. All of those gazes contained malice, and there were as many as several hundreds of them! Some even cracked their knuckles eagerly.


His face twitching violently, Yang Kai glanced at his surroundings with bright eyes and forced out a dry laugh, “Senior Brothers, Senior Sisters, victory and defeat is a common thing in life. Revenge will only breed revenge, when will there ever be an end!?”


The current Void Flower Spirit Province had truly turned into a cage. Without destroying the Sealing Array, it was impossible for Yang Kai to even think of escaping. His Instantaneous Movement was completely useless under the power of the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Grand Array


Faced with the aggressive looks of hundreds of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise, Yang Kai panicked!


Senior Sister Zhou glared at him and gritted her teeth, “You Bastard, I bet you never imagined that you’d experience such a day! You were so happy to beat us up earlier! Now you’ll know what it feels like when the tables turn on you!”


Yang Kai protested with an ashen face, “Senior Sister, you must have misunderstood me. It was only because of the training before that this Junior Brother had no choice but to act so ruthlessly. It was not my intention!”


“Was selling your healing pills by force also something you had no control over!?” Somebody questioned.


“Uh… Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, it’s okay if you want to understand it in that way!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.


“Don’t waste time talking nonsense with him! We can talk after we give him a beating!” Somebody shouted furiously.


During this period of time, the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise had been nursing a grudge in their hearts. So many Fellow Brothers and Fellow Sisters had suffered at the hands of Yang Kai after all. However, he was as slippery as an eel and nobody could do anything to him. Thanks to the Sect Master’s help though, he was now trapped like a turtle hiding in his shell. What else was there to hesitate about?


“Senior Brothers, Junior Brothers, Senior Sisters, and Junior Sisters! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!” Somebody roared.


Immediately after that, a large number of people instantly swarmed towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai struggled to retaliate only to realise that his efforts were useless. Thus, he could only cover his head, “Not the face!”


Curling up his body, he silently endured the storm of attacks raining down on him.


“Move aside! Move aside! Let me kick him too!”


“This punch is for Junior Sister Gu Ling’er! How can you be willing to attack a person as gentle as Junior Sister Gu Ling’er!? This is driving me crazy!”


“Which Bastard just touched my butt!? You even dared to touch a man like me!?”


“Ah! Senior Brother, I apologise! I touched the wrong person!”


“Huh? Who were you planning to touch!?”


“…I wasn’t trying to touch anybody!”


“There’s another Senior Brother here who is trying to take advantage of the situation to get handsy! Senior Sisters, Junior Sisters, beat him up too!”


“Don’t hit my face! My face is important!”




It was a sea of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Yang Kai himself didn’t know how many punches and kicks he suffered. It just felt as though his entire being was about to fall apart.


When the people in the inner ring got tired, they would be replaced by people from the outer ring. It was truly a scramble as an endless stream of people fought for their turn. For a time, the scene was extremely tragic!


After a whole incense stick’s worth of time, Senior Sister Zhou finally gave a commanding shout, “Enough! That’s enough! Stop hitting him! He’ll break if we hit him anymore! That will only break Junior Sister Gu Pan’s heart!”


She was quite a prestigious figure in the Sect; therefore, the chaotic scene finally became contained once she spoke up.


Yang Kai’s clothes were in tatters, and his entire body was covered in footprints. There was no describing just how dishevelled he looked. It was fortunate that he had protected his face in time, so he was not too embarrassed to meet others.


At this moment, he lay spread-eagle on the ground with an expression that looked like he was lucky to have survived.


Senior Sister Zhou came to stand in front of him and looked down at him from above. She snorted softly, “Luckily, you have enough conscience in you to hand the opportunity to Junior Sister Gu at the end!”


They were not fools. In the end, Yang Kai defeated Le Mang only to be defeated by Gu Pan. It was easy to figure out the real situation as long as anybody had some brains. It was obvious that he had given the opportunity to train in the Five Lights World to Gu Pan…



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