Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4792, Yellow and Blue


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It had been a long time since Yang Kai arrived in the 3,000 Worlds, so he was no longer a naive and ignorant boy.


There were thousands of Great Territories in the expansive universe, and every Great Territory could be seen as a sealed space. There were very thick barriers between the Great Territories to separate them.


With that said, there were loopholes in the barriers. Only by passing through the loopholes could a person go from a Great Territory to another.


The loopholes were the Territory Gates.


Yang Kai had no idea whether Territory Gates were made by ancient Great Experts or were naturally formed.


Countless years had passed, and all the known Great Territories were recorded in the Universe Charts, which offered great convenience to cultivators.


However, there were some unknown Great Territories where there were no loopholes in the barriers, or their loopholes were inconspicuous. An example was the New Great Territory that was near High Heaven Territory. If it weren’t for the battle between the top cultivators from Void Land and Zuo Quan Hui, the New Great Territory wouldn’t have been exposed and come into everyone’s sight.


In fact, the New Great Territory wasn’t a unique case. According to the records in the ancient books, a new Great Territory would be discovered in this expansive universe every few thousand or tens of thousands of years.


The discovery of a New Great Territory meant that there would be ample resources which had yet to be exploited; therefore, whenever the news was spread, it would attract a lot of great forces over.


If it weren’t for the World Tree in the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace wouldn’t have been able to monopolise the New Great Territory that was just beside High Heaven Territory. The Cave Heavens and Paradises wouldn’t have easily given up on it.


At this moment, the gigantic Giant Spirit God was standing in front of the Territory Gate. In comparison, the Territory Gate looked as small as a mouse hole.


Yang Kai was curious about how this Giant Spirit God would pass through this Territory Gate. Given the Giant Spirit God’s power, he could probably just force his way through it; however, if he did that, the Void Barrier would likely be shattered. When that happened, the two Great Territories would be adversely affected.


It wasn’t just about a portal breaking into pieces. It might cause an upheaval in both Great Territories.


Although the Giant Spirit Gods were reticent, they were obviously aware of this truth; therefore, under Yang Kai’s watch, the colossal creature’s power suddenly surged as his figure rapidly shrank.


The Giant Spirit God Ah Er eventually stopped when he was small enough to pass through the Territory Gate.


It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai realised the Giant Spirit Gods were capable of doing this. At such a size, it wasn’t hard for them to pass through a Territory Gate.


He suddenly recalled Bi Xi, who was also a colossal giant. The entire Void Land resided on his back. Bi Xi had previously said that if he wanted to move to another place, he had to shrink his true body in order to move past the Territory Gates.


This was also the method used by Giant Spirit God, Ah Er.


However, the entire Void Land was on Bi Xi’s back, so if he really shrank his true body, Void Land would cease to exist. That was the kind of loss Yang Kai would never be able to accept.


Void Land was the first foundation he had built since he arrived at the 3,000 Worlds. Void Star City, which was thriving, had a symbolic meaning, and it was also a great source of income.


After Ah Er became smaller, he directly plunged into the Territory Gate while Yang Kai was firmly standing on his shoulder.


They then moved past the Territory Gate and arrived at a different Great Territory. Following that, the Giant Spirit God’s figure expanded and returned to its original size.


It seemed that he felt most comfortable in this state.


Yang Kai had no idea where Ah Er was heading or what the latter was doing. After hesitating between following him and returning to High Heaven Territory for a while, he chose the former.


It wasn’t necessary for him to return to High Heaven Territory as Hua Qing Si generally handled everything for him. In comparison, he was more interested in this Giant Spirit God.


Yang Kai was wary of the Black Ink Clansman that was hiding in some unknown place. He had personally experienced how powerful the resurrected Will was, so he knew that the forces under his command could never resist it if it appeared before them.


Although the Cave Heavens and Paradises were now looking for the Black Ink Clan member and many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had streamed into the Shattered Heaven, no one could be certain whether they could find the enemy.


Yang Kai reckoned that they would eventually find them though. The fact that the Black Ink Clan member had exposed themselves meant that they could no longer bear to remain hidden in isolation and would certainly make a move again.


If Yang Kai could gain this Giant Spirit God as an ally, he wouldn’t have to worry if he came across the Black Ink Clansman again.


After tagging along with Ah Er for about a month, Yang Kai finally understood why people never caught sight of any Giant Spirit Gods even after such a long time.


That was because a Giant Spirit God was extremely fast!


Ah Er’s colossal figure could move at the speed of lightning across the void, so the average person might not notice him even if they brushed past him.


If it weren’t because Yang Kai was an expert in the Dao of Space, he wouldn’t have been able to chase after him even if he discovered him.


After passing through more than ten Great Territories, Yang Kai suddenly noticed a strange phenomenon.


Usually, it was unlikely for him to come across other cultivators in the void. After all, space was vast, and everyone had their own business to attend to. Unless it was a coincidence or an agreed meet-up, he usually wouldn’t bump into anyone.


However, when Yang Kai arrived at this latest Great Territory, he realised that many cultivators had come together in groups as they flew forward in his direction. There were also many flight-type artifacts of different styles, all of them glowing brightly as they sailed forth filled with people.


The speed at which they were moving was rapid and many of the people aboard appeared flustered, as though they were trying to flee from a calamity.


People who could travel across the void were cultivators who had the right to shake off the restrictions of their Universe Worlds at the very least. Even the weakest ones had condensed their own Dao Seals.


Yang Kai saw a lot of such cultivators here.


There was something off about this situation though. Usually, even if a cultivator had condensed his or her own Dao Seal, they wouldn’t travel across the void as he pleased. After all, Space Beasts were everywhere, so it was dangerous for a cultivator to move around recklessly. No one could be certain whether they would fall into danger or get killed at any moment.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai could see that these people seemed to be forced to leave their homelands and head to a different place.


He grew curious about this. If it weren’t because he was worried that he would lose the Giant Spirit God, he would’ve caught someone and asked him what was going on.


Half a day later, Giant Spirit God Ah Er brought him to the Territory Gate of this Great Territory.


In front of the Territory Gate stood more than ten people who stared fixedly at the portal. All of them seemed to be awaiting a formidable enemy. Furthermore, every one of them exuded an aura that was as deep as the ocean. The grey-haired old man among them was the most powerful.


Yang Kai’s brow twitched when he saw that.


All of these people were obviously High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. In other words, they were top cultivators from the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


The grey-haired old man in the middle of them was even an Ancestor who was in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Yang Kai wondered which Cave Heaven or Paradise the old man was from.


More than ten Seventh-Order and an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had gathered together in this place. It was apparent that something major had happened.


The first thought that came into Yang Kai’s mind was that they had found the Black Ink Clansman. Otherwise, these top cultivators wouldn’t have gathered together here. Only the Black Ink Clan could cause these Cave Heavens and Paradises to put their guards up.


At that moment, the emotions in Yang Kai’s heart undulated.


It was no wonder that all the cultivators in this Great Territory were fleeing, for the Black Ink Clansman had an eerie power. The Cave Heavens and Paradises apparently didn’t want the innocent people to be affected, nor would they want to give the Black Ink Clan members a chance to corrupt others and spread their influence. That was why they told all the cultivators in this Great Territory to move to another place.


Meanwhile, Ah Er’s arrival caught the attention of many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. One of them even turned his head and yelled, “Giant Spirit God!” 


It wasn’t until this moment that the others saw the gigantic creature that was coming at them.


Ah Er directly arrived at the Territory Gate as his figure shrank and charged forward.




The Eighth-Order Ancestor’s expression changed as he shouted. At the same time, he waved his hand and swept a gentle force across the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were forced to separate to the sides in front of the Territory Gate. The next instant, Ah Er dashed into the Territory Gate.


The Eighth-Order Ancestor frowned and looked at the Territory Gate. Just now, he thought that he had seen something.


“Was someone standing on the Giant Spirit God’s shoulder?” A woman in an imperial dress looked doubtfully at the others.


Earlier, she caught a glimpse of a figure standing on the Giant Spirit God’s shoulder, but before she could make out what the person looked like, the Giant Spirit God had disappeared.


Someone nodded to show that he had seen the figure as well, “Just who was that? He is too reckless!”


“Regardless of who he is, he won’t stand a chance to survive after entering that place.”


“What a shame!”


They soon stopped talking. Under the Eighth-Order Ancestor’s leadership, they stared vigilantly at the Territory Gate, carefully observing any changes that occurred.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had the urge to curse.


When he saw those High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters just now, he had the intention to jump off the Giant Spirit God and ask them what was going on; however, Ah Er had already passed through the Territory Gate without giving him a chance to react.


As soon as Yang Kai entered this Great Territory, he knew that he was in a perilous situation.


That was because this place was filled with a rampaging murderous intent and the air of danger! Although Yang Kai was standing on the Giant Spirit God’s shoulder, he still felt terrified.


Looking up, he saw that the void around him was filled with only two colours.


One of them was yellow, and the other was blue.


The entire void seemed to be painted by these two colours as they entangled and crashed with one another. The violent forces churned and swirled, smashing space to pieces whenever they clashed.


Without even needing to examine them, Yang Kai could clearly tell that these masses of coloured light contained horrifying powers that could easily destroy worlds.


Upon closer inspection, he could see that the colours had actually taken on various forms. Some had dragon heads, while others had phoenix tails. Some had Qilin horns, Kun fins, Turtle feet, and so on and so forth.


All the characteristics of the Divine Spirits could be found in these creatures, making them look mightier than any ordinary Divine Spirit.


Both parties looked the same, but their colours were different.


The void was filled with these weird creatures of different shapes and sizes as they crashed into and attempted to hack each other to death. Every time they exchanged moves, space would tremble and warp. The fallout from the attacks were unbearable even for High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Fortunately, a layer of milky white glow was formed around the Giant Spirit God to serve as a protective barrier to ward off these shockwaves.


Ripples could be seen as the fallout came into contact with the white glow.


At that moment, Yang Kai found himself in a dilemma.


Right now, he could not stray away from Ah Er, for without the Giant Spirit God’s protection, he reckoned that he would lose his life in under three breaths in this place.


The shockwaves produced from the clashes between the two different coloured lights were too horrifying. There was no way he could fend them off. He had never seen such purely devastating powers before.


[Just what are they?]




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