Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4793, Chaotic Dead Territory


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Yang Kai’s pupils contracted to needle points as he watched the countless unique beings hacking each other to death.


All of a sudden, he came to realise what the two colours, yellow and blue, represented.


They were the Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer!


Rumour had it that when the world was born in ancient times, the first ray of light appeared, and that light split into two which gave rise to Yin and Yang. As time passed, this pure Yang became the Sun’s Burning Light while the Yin became the Moon’s Serene Glimmer.


They were the ancestors of all Divine Spirits, as well as the source of all living creatures.


The Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer were closely related to the Divine Spirits and the Ancestral Land. In fact, they had supposedly lived in Ancestral Land for a long time in the ancient past.


One day, these two powerful beings suddenly left. No one knew what had happened, but the battle between the Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer started then.


The battle had spanned across countless years, and it still hadn’t stopped up until now. Due to the fight between the two, innumerable Great Territories had been destroyed.


The Proprietress had said that wherever the Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer went, all lives would be destroyed. They lived in a true Chaotic Dead Territory. Even the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters wouldn’t dare to go anywhere near this place.


Initially, Yang Kai thought that the more than ten High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were guarding the Territory Gate because they had found the hiding place of the Black Ink Clansman, but it didn’t seem to be the case now.


No traces of the Black Ink Clan were found here. Instead, this place was filled with the pure yet violent Yin and Yang forces that were represented by yellow and blue lights. They tangled together and tried to rip each other to pieces.


Yang Kai couldn’t think of any other explanation. These were the forces of the Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer.


Upon that realization, he couldn’t help but gulp.


He had never thought about visiting Chaotic Dead Territory before. The Proprietress was right to say that no Humans should ever step into this place. Even a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be swiftly killed after barging in here.


It was only thanks to the Giant Spirit God that Yang Kai was still alive. Ah Er fended off all of the devastating forces around them, which was why he hadn’t been harmed.


It was only then he understood why all the cultivators in the neighbouring Great Territory had fled.


The battlefield between the Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer was expanding. Once the Territory Gate was affected, even the neighbouring Great Territory would be dragged into this eternal conflict. When that happened, the entire Great Territory would become a part of the Chaotic Dead Territory.


No one was willing to stay there and wait for death.


The Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer were a grave threat, so the Cave Heavens and Paradises must be paying close attention to the two. That was why more than ten High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were asked to watch over the place.


When Yang Kai snapped back from his dazed state, he realised that the battle between the two colours he had been observing had come to an end. The two colours represented the forces of Yin and Yang. Although their appearances were similar, their powers were not equally matched.


During the entanglement, the yellow creature that represented the Yang Element was defeated and shattered by the other party. Although it tried to condense into a new figure, it couldn’t achieve its goal.


All that was left behind was a crystal the size of a palm.


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened when he saw that.


Countless materials of different Elements and Orders had passed through his hands, so he was now an expert in identifying such resources. Without even the need to take a closer look, he was sure that this palm-sized Yellow Crystal was a very pure Yang Element material, and it was of a high Order.


He then looked around and realised that innumerable Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals of different sizes were floating about in the void.


He even saw a Yellow Crystal vein that spanned across several kilometres. It looked like a dead Flood Dragon that was drifting through space.


When he arrived at this place just now, he was overwhelmed by the violent forces and attracted to the battle between the two colours, so he hadn’t been paying attention to anything else. It wasn’t until this moment that he noticed these crystals.


At that moment, his breathing started becoming rapid.


All of a sudden, he recalled that when he desperately needed Yin and Yang Element materials back then, the Proprietress jokingly told him to come to the Chaotic Dead Territory, for it was the battlefield of the Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer. As the two forces clashed, countless Yin and Yang Element materials would be born.


These Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals of different sizes that were floating about randomly were all Yin and Yang Element materials. Regardless of their Orders, they must be very pure, for they were the condensation of the Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer’s power.


[H-How many are there?]


It was the first time Yang Kai realised what innumerable truly meant. Despite the fact that he was wealthy, as he owned two Star Cities and a whole New Great Territory, his blood was still boiling when he saw these ownerless materials.


It had to be noted that these were all Yin or Yang Element materials, which were the rarest materials in the entire 3,000 Worlds.


The reason the Cave Heavens and Paradises were willing to offer the opportunities to enter their Small Source Worlds in order to gain the right to use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace was that they wanted to create Yin and Yang Element materials of higher Orders. They had to get prepared for the disciples who were growing up in the Star Boundary who would soon need such resources.


Yang Kai shared the same sentiment when he told Bian Yu Qing to send a large amount of materials to Great Evolution Paradise.


However, if he could gather the materials in the Chaotic Dead Territory, he wouldn’t need the Good Fortune Divine Furnace anymore.


The Cave Heavens and Paradises must be aware of this as well, but they were unable to get their hands on these materials. Perhaps an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could hug the edge of the Chaotic Dead Territory to gather a few materials, but once they ventured further in, they would be unable to guarantee their safety. The mere fallout from the battle between the Burning Light and the Serene Glimmer could easily kill an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai extended his hand toward the newly formed Yellow Crystal that was close to him.


Yang Kai had to ensure that his hand remained within the protection range of the Giant Spirit God, or he would likely lose it, but this layer of protection also seemed to dampen his abilities severely.


Fortunately, the Yellow Crystal was only a few dozen metres away from him, so he could easily snatch it.


Upon obtaining the crystal, Yang Kai realised that it was a Sixth-Order Yang Element material.


He became startled as he initially thought that the Yellow Crystal would be of a higher Order, but it turned out to only be in the Sixth Order.


Both the Burning Light and the Serene Glimmer were at least in the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm; or more likely, there was no Order that could really define them.


Naturally, their powers wouldn’t be so weak.


Nevertheless, after giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that the living creatures of different colours must have experienced a prolonged battle which slowly wore down their strength, so it was only natural for this crystal’s Order to be degraded.


A Sixth-Order material was by no means worthless though, and could even be considered a strategic resource to the Cave Heavens and Paradises. They wouldn’t easily use it unless it was necessary.


It was just that Yang Kai’s expectations had been heightened as he was surrounded by the abundance of materials.


He then extended his hand one more time in an attempt to grab a Blue Crystal that was further away. This Blue Crystal was larger than the Yellow Crystal he had just obtained, and it looked more refined. He reckoned that it might be a Seventh-Order Blue Crystal.


While his Space Principles undulated though, the Blue Crystal remained unmoving.


Yang Kai became startled for a moment before he made another attempt, but he still couldn’t snatch it.


However, he wasn’t given another chance as Ah Er suddenly began charging forward in a particular direction at the speed of lightning.


Yang Kai quickly shifted his attention and looked in the direction Ah Er was heading. He stared intently at the front and targeted the Yellow and Blue Crystals he would soon come across.


He extended his hand from time to time to capture the Yellow and Blue Crystals of different sizes.


Within an hour, Yang Kai had obtained more than 100 materials. He didn’t even have time to look into the Orders of these materials, for any lack of concentration would result in missing another opportunity.


Giant Spirit God Ah Er naturally wouldn’t cooperate with him as he seemed to have his own goal for coming to this place. Regardless of how loudly Yang Kai shouted beside his ear, he never slowed down.


Yellow and Blue Crystals seemed to be everywhere in the Chaotic Dead Territory and all one had to do was reach out to catch them.


Nonetheless, Yang Kai was fully aware that it was all thanks to his Giant Spirit God companion. Without Ah Er’s protection, he wouldn’t have been in the mood to capture these materials as he would have already been vaporized by the never-ending explosions around him.


With that said, Yang Kai soon figured out some basic rules of this place. He would be able to easily capture the Yellow and Blue Crystals within a radius of 50 metres around him, but he would be powerless to do so for anything beyond that distance.


The entire Chaotic Dead Territory was filled with those destructive forces. Moreover, the protective layer around Ah Er would significantly weaken his abilities.


Yang Kai felt that it was such a shame, because he had seen some crystal veins on several occasions. The short ones were about several tens of metres while the long ones were more than a dozen kilometres in length. Nevertheless, he couldn’t get them as they were too far away from him. If he managed to obtain any of those crystal veins, it would mean that he would have immense wealth in his possession.


It was indeed a shame, but there was nothing he could do.


He reckoned that this was already a huge windfall for him, and since he had obtained so many rewards already, he should learn to feel content. It would do him no good to be greedy. Moreover, he only had one chance to tag along with Ah Er to pick up these treasures.


Soon, Yang Kai found out Ah Er’s purpose for visiting this place.


The Giant Spirit God had come all the way here for the dead Universe Worlds!


The Giant Spirit God Clan members were known to be powerful yet peaceful. Dead Universe Worlds were their only food. Moreover, they had a special skill that allowed them to catch a whiff of the auras of dying Universe Worlds.


It was because of this reason that Ah Da remained outside the Star Boundary in the past. He waited for a long time as he anticipated the Star Boundary to die, but in the end, Yang Kai managed to save the Universe World with a World Tree’s root.


Without any complaints, Ah Da left the place while still feeling hungry.


Yang Kai felt a bit guilty whenever he thought about this incident; after all, while he was venturing into the 3,000 Worlds, it was Ah Da who kept the Star Boundary safe, and it was even Ah Da who taught him how to save the Star Boundary.


Since the battlefield between the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer was expanding, this region had descended into chaos, and the Universe Worlds had begun collapsing. Ah Er caught a whiff of this dying aura, which was why he travelled across dozens of Great Territories to have his fill.


No one could figure out the original state of the shattered Universe World as half of it was already gone. Only shattered Spirit Provinces of different sizes were left while all the beings who once lived here were already dead.


Ah Er arrived at a shattered Spirit Province that was about a hundred kilometres wide. After grabbing the Spirit Province, he brought it to his mouth and began chomping on it.


There was an elated expression on his face as though he was wolfing down a piece of delicious meat, which was in contrast to his usually expressionless face.


Yang Kai didn’t even hear any sound of chewing as the large shattered Spirit Province was gulped down into the colossal figure’s stomach. The Giant Spirit God then extended his hand towards another shattered Spirit Province.


Yang Kai looked around and realised that there were no nearby materials that he could capture. Since he had time now, he decided to go through the rewards he had obtained so far.




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