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Martial Peak – Chapter 4795, Seeking Wealth

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Yang Kai extended his hand and manipulated Space Principles to capture the Blue Crystal.


It was an Eighth-Order material!


The Blue Crystal the size of a head was an Eighth-Order material, which was much larger than any of the Yellow and Blue Crystals he had obtained previously.


A Blue Crystal of such a size was definitely worth a lot more than 2 billion Open Heaven Pills. It was at least several times more than that amount.


An elated Yang Kai marvelled at it for a moment before putting it inside his Small Universe.


His Small Universe was now divided into three territories. One of them was for the cultivators who came from Pear Flower Cave Heaven to live. This territory was slightly less than half of the entire Small Universe.


The second territory was for the Small Stone Race to live. Yang Kai had high hopes for these Small Stone Race members, so he had to give them the best environment to live in. This territory was also the largest as it was bigger than the living space of the human cultivators.


The last territory was the medicine garden, which was also the core region.


When Yang Kai built a medicine garden in the Small Sealed World in the past, he transplanted a lot of spirit plants there. During his ascension to the Open Heaven Realm, he refined and absorbed the Small Sealed World, which allowed it to merge with his Small Universe. The medicine garden was also transferred to this place.


Although this territory wasn’t big, it was the place where Yang Kai stored his most valuable treasures. The rewards he had obtained from selling healing pills in Lang Ya Paradise were all placed here as well.


The medicine garden was a Restricted Area for the cultivators and the Small Stone Race living in his Small Universe. Without his permission, no one could go anywhere near it.


Yang Kai’s confidence was boosted following his first fishing success. While standing on Ah Er’s head, he swept a glance over the surroundings with a pair of eagle-like eyes as he would never miss an opportunity.


Soon, he saw another Blue Crystal that was hovering in a spot that was several hundred metres away from him.


He decided to capture it using the same method.


There were times when he missed his targets; after all, it would be difficult to control the Azure Dragon Spear if it was extended too far away from him. In this kind of place, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation was completely useless. A special kind of finesse was required. Only by leveraging skill and strength could he slowly move materials closer to himself.


This required a lot of patience as well. The slightest impatience could make days of effort go down the drain.


Faced with a sky full of Yellow and Blue Crystals, no one would run out of patience though, and it was the same case for Yang Kai.


Gradually, he became more adept at his task and the number of targets he missed dropped significantly. Now, it only took him at most two days to move a target that was within a radius of 1,500 metres closer to himself.


If the target was more than 1,500 metres away, luck would play a big role in whether he succeeded or not.


However, since Ah Er was sound asleep and unmoving, there was nothing else Yang Kai could do other than wait patiently. Hence, it was up to the Heavens how many materials he could get his hands on. Sometimes, there wouldn’t be a single Blue or Yellow Crystal that passed by after he waited for half a month. Sometimes, several crystals would come over together. There was no regular pattern to speak of.


In this situation, Yang Kai would usually target the largest and most brilliant ones first, giving up on the others.


As time passed, Yang Kai reckoned that he had obtained more than 100 Yellow and Blue Crystals again. Just then, Ah Er suddenly stretched his back.


[This guy is finally awake!]


Since Yang Kai had been busy capturing Yellow and Blue Crystals, he didn’t bother keeping track of time; however, he estimated that Ah Er had been asleep for about two years.


Upon that realisation, he let out a huge sigh of relief.


He was most worried that this Giant Spirit God would remain asleep for 800 to 1,000 years. By comparison, two years was much more tolerable.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was looking forward to the Giant Spirit God’s next move.


In the Chaotic Dead Territory, the shattered Universe World consumed by Ah Er should not be the only one. There should be more such Universe Worlds. As long as Ah Er kept moving forward, Yang Kai would have a chance to obtain more Yellow and Blue Crystals.


Although he could get his hands on those crystals by waiting in place, it wasn’t nearly as efficient as capturing them while Ah Er was on the move.


However, unlike Yang Kai’s expectation, Ah Er didn’t immediately set off on his journey upon waking up. Instead, he sat down with his legs crossed in the void and seemed to space out. He remained unmoving, as though he had been bound to the spot.


Moreover, Yang Kai could clearly feel that Ah Er seemed to be sulky as his entire figure exuded a dangerous aura.


Seeing that, Yang Kai decided not to make any noise at all.


He wouldn’t even dare to move a muscle as he wasn’t certain why the usually gentle Giant Spirit God was in such a state. He even noticed several refined Yellow and Blue Crystal drifting past him, but he could only pretend that he hadn’t seen them.


More than ten days later, the dangerous aura surrounding Ah Er finally dissipated. The Giant Spirit God got to his feet and turned to look in a different direction before shuffling forward.


Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief while sporting an awkward expression.


He thought that this guy might feel cranky after waking up; otherwise, he couldn’t explain the transformation Ah Er had gone through.


Could a Giant Spirit God feel ill-tempered after waking from a nap? Yang Kai wasn’t certain about it.


With that said, he quickly pulled himself together since the Giant Spirit God had finally started moving. While standing on Ah Er’s head, he swept a glance over his surroundings.


It was just like the situation when he barged into the Chaotic Dead Territory alongside Ah Er for the first time. As innumerable Yellow and Blue Crystals brushed past him, he targeted the best-looking ones and extended his hand from time to time.


By the time Ah Er arrived at the next dead Universe World, Yang Kai had already obtained another 100 or so Yellow and Blue Crystals.


A tacit agreement seemed to be formed between the odd pair. While Ah Er sat down with his legs crossed and at his meal, Yang Kai summoned the Azure Dragon Spear and looked for targets. The two of them minded their own business, not bothering one another.


In fact, Yang Kai doubted Ah Er even remembered that he was standing on his head.


Soon, the shattered Universe World was wolfed down by Ah Er, who fell asleep once more. Other than sleeping and eating, there was nothing else this guy would do.


Hence, a bored Yang Kai started waiting for the crystals to pass by again.


After the previous experience, he knew that Ah Er would awaken in a few years, so there was nothing he had to worry about. He just hoped that he would get more rewards during this period.


Just like he thought, it might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get into the Chaotic Dead Territory alongside a Giant Spirit God. If he didn’t seize this chance, he would regret it after he left the place.


Although the process of waiting and capturing the crystals was dull, Yang Kai was still fervent.


Half a year later, he finally obtained his biggest reward yet.


A Yellow Crystal vein that was several dozen metres long was coming right at him. He didn’t even need to spend much effort to catch the vein and stuff it into his Small Universe.


There was no doubt that it was a huge pleasant surprise.


After examining it, Yang Kai realised that the entire Yellow Crystal Vein was in the Seventh Order and had a huge, pure, reserve of energy.


This one Crystal Vein was worth more than all the crystals he had previously acquired combined.


After years of observation, Yang Kai finally realised the reason the Yellow and Blue Crystals came in different sizes in the Chaotic Dead Territory.


It was all related to the strange yellow and blue creatures that tried to kill one another as they too came in different sizes. Although their powers were equally matched, one of the parties would always be defeated following a prolonged fight.


The defeated ones would turn into Yellow or Blue Crystals. After the larger living creatures were killed, bigger Yellow or Blue Crystals would naturally be left behind, and vice versa.


Luck was an elusive thing. Although Yang Kai hoped to easily get another crystal vein, his wish was never granted.


In the Chaotic Dead Territory, a several-dozen-metre-long crystal vein was by no means the largest. Yang Kai had even seen a crystal vein that was over a dozen kilometres long. He thought that if he could keep such a crystal vein inside his Small Universe, it would surely be a magnificent sight.


Even if it was just a Fifth-Order or Sixth-Order material, the value of a crystal vein that was over a dozen kilometres long was simply incalculable.


Over a year later, Ah Er awakened again.


It was then Yang Kai confirmed that the Giant Spirit God would become sulky after waking up. Just like the previous time, Ah Er remained morose on the same spot for a few days. His dangerous aura seemed able to destroy everything in the world.


Nevertheless, he never actually destroyed anything. After his crankiness subsided, Ah Er moved on to the next dead Universe World.


Over the following years, Ah Er travelled across the Chaotic Dead Territory. As a Giant Spirit God Clan member, he was born with the innate ability to sniff out dead or dying Universe Worlds. Therefore, he could accurately find those shattered Universe Worlds and consume them.


After a Universe World became shattered, what was left behind came in different sizes; therefore, Ah Er wouldn’t always fall asleep after he was done with his meal. If the portion was too small, he would look for the next target before dozing off.


Yang Kai was determined to harvest more wealth while tagging along with Ah Er and had soon lost track of time altogether. He could only make a judgement by observing the changes in his Small Universe.


Over ten years had passed in his Small Universe, and during this period, his Third Disciple Xu Yi had gone through a massive transformation.


His aptitude was weak as he was found to be C- during the Disciple Recruitment of Seven Stars Sect a decade ago. Given his aptitude, he supposedly didn’t have a right to become a disciple of Seven Stars Sect.


In the eyes of the top cultivators in the Void Continent, a cultivator with such an aptitude would never achieve anything great in life even if he had a good teacher and ample resources.


However, Xu Yi’s growth far surpassed his aptitude.


It only took Xu Yi ten years to become a Transcendent Realm cultivator from an ordinary mortal. This kind of progress was actually on par with that of Zhao Ya.


Nevertheless, the reason Zhao Ya progressed at such a slow rate in the past was that Yang Kai had deliberately suppressed her cultivation. If she was allowed to cultivate freely, her speed would’ve been much greater.


Xu Yi’s aptitude was clearly weaker than Zhao Ya’s. In fact, in this expansive universe, Yang Kai had never seen a cultivator who was on par with Zhao Ya when it came to cultivation speed. Even though there were many disciples in Void Land and High Heaven Palace, Zhao Ya was still the brightest.


However, compared to his C- aptitude, Xu Yi’s growth was simply unbelievable.


Just like Yang Kai had observed previously, Xu Yi was indeed a cultivator with C- aptitude as his progress was painfully slow during the daytime. However, once he fell asleep at night, he seemed to become an entirely different person.


Given his Transcendent Realm cultivation, he supposedly didn’t need to sleep. Nonetheless, just like an ordinary mortal who had never cultivated, when darkness descended, Xu Yi would lie down on the bed and easily slumber off.


This was a special talent as well as his cultivation method.


All the Elders in Seven Stars Sect admired their Ancestor even more after taking notice of this.


A disciple with such a weak aptitude could still achieve excellent results following Yang Kai’s guidance. He had practically achieved the impossible, so Shang Guan Ji and the others reckoned that they were no match for the Ancestor when it came to vision.



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