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Martial Peak – Chapter 4796, Who Is the Big Brother or Big Sister?


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Ten years after Yang Kai entered the Chaotic Dead Territory alongside Giant Spirit God Ah Er, he finally had a chance to witness the clash between the real Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer.


At that time, Ah Er was heading to his next destination while Yang Kai was looking for fishing targets. It was at that moment that Yang Kai caught a glimpse of a dazzling explosion of light.


When he turned his head, he saw that in the far depths of the void, there was a colossal yellow light that was as splendid as a rising Sun.


Across from the yellow light, there was an equally mighty blue light that was charging right at it.


In the next instant, the Universe itself seemed to tremble as chaos descended all around. The protective layer around Ah Er expanded by several dozen metres all at once.


The clash was practically silent, but the expansive yellow and blue lights that exploded out from it spanned across billions of kilometres like a torrential rain. The entire Chaotic Dead Territory seemed to be filled with these colours all of a sudden.


The dots of light soon turned into the unique living creatures that Yang Kai had seen before which then proceeded to tear into each other.


Witnessing this sight, Yang Kai realised that these strange creatures could be considered Soul Clones of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer.


The impact of this clash only subsided after ten or so days, and the encounter left Yang Kai’s heart in turmoil.


If he hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes, he would never have believed that such horrifying beings really existed.


He couldn’t even make out the true appearances of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, all he could see was the two devastating powers crashing into one another.


The fallout from such a clash could instantly annihilate an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Only a being as powerful as a Giant Spirit God could possibly withstand such an impact.


Since more Soul Clones were now fighting in the Chaotic Dead Territory, it was actually good news for Yang Kai. Perhaps he could gain more benefits now.


After one of the parties was defeated, Yellow or Blue Crystals would be left behind, and these were the treasures he could obtain.


When Giant Spirit God Ah Er was done with his meal, he fell into a deep sleep again.


While standing on his head, Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear in his hands and looked for new targets.


After a day of hard work, he finally managed to move a Blue Crystal half the size of a human from 600 metres away to somewhere close to him.


However, before he could capture it, he felt a strange energy fluctuation coming from a nearby spot. The next moment, the Blue Crystal the size of half a Human brushed past him.


Drenched in cold sweat, Yang Kai hurriedly turned his head.


What came into his sight sent a chill down his spine as he instantly clenched his Azure Dragon Spear tightly.


That was because he saw two young children, about ten years old, glaring at him from a nearby spot.


They were a young boy and a young girl. The young boy was clad in yellow clothes while the young girl was wearing a blue dress. What was odd was that their hair colours matched their clothes. Even their eyes were respectively yellow and blue.


Yang Kai was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master with strong perceptive powers. Even a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near him without alerting him, let alone cultivators in the same Order.


Nevertheless, he had no idea when these two kids appeared. If not for the anomaly just now, he wouldn’t have noticed them at all.


What puzzled him was that he couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations coming from these two. They were like ordinary children who had never cultivated before, but they were also like indiscernible phantoms.


The Chaotic Dead Territory was an extremely dangerous place where even an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t be able to ensure their own safety, so how was it possible for ordinary people to be in this place?


Moreover, the colours of the young kids’ clothes, hair, and eyes made Yang Kai feel alarmed.


These were no ordinary colours. All his pores uncontrollably tightened as he almost descended into panic; however, he slightly set his mind at ease since Ah Er was still sound asleep.


Although Giant Spirit Gods were gentle creatures, that didn’t mean they weren’t formidable beings. Since Ah Er hadn’t awakened, it meant that he hadn’t felt any hostility directed towards him, which was good news for Yang Kai.


Nevertheless, he soon became uncertain when he saw the young kids’ expressions.


The Blue Crystal from earlier that was retrieved by the yellow-clothed young boy was now lying beside him. While staring at Yang Kai, he snapped, “You’re a thief!”


The young girl clad in a blue dress also pointed and shouted, “You’re a thief!”


The young boy turned his head and frowned at the young girl, “Stop mimicking what I say.”


Displeased, the young girl refuted, “No one mimics what you say. That was what I wanted to say.”


The young boy stopped frowning as though he wasn’t in the mood to bicker with her and said, “Go somewhere else and say whatever you want. Don’t repeat after me.”


The young girl snorted. While glowering at Yang Kai, she vented all her anger on him by demanding, “Kill him!”


The young boy instantly refuted, “You can’t kill him!”


Furious, the young girl stared at the young boy and said through clenched teeth, “I said kill him!”


Not willing to back down, the young boy shook his head, “I said you can’t kill him!”


“You have to listen to me. I’m the Big Sister!” The young girl placed her hands akimbo and declared.


Still calm and collected, the young boy shook his head, “You’re wrong. You’re supposed to listen to me because I’m the Big Brother.”


“I’m the Big Sister, and you’re the Little Brother!”


“I’m the Big Brother, and you’re the Little Sister!”




The two children started arguing with one another as they were unable to make each other admit defeat. The young girl seemed to be ill-tempered while the young boy was much calmer. Regardless of how loud the young girl was, he would always flatly refute her.


Moreover, they never took a breather when bickering with one another as though this kind of argument had persisted for years. Both of them were obstinate and insistent.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was now dripping wet with cold sweat. Although he couldn’t feel any murderous intent coming from these two, he reckoned that it didn’t require any murderous intent for such beings to kill him.


To them, ending his life was the same as stepping on an ant, so what was the point of having murderous intent? No one would release murderous intent when they casually stepped on an ant.


This was an extremely awkward situation for Yang Kai.


Since he was in the depths of the Chaotic Dead Territory, he was unable to leave the Giant Spirit God’s protection. Once he did, he would be instantly killed. However, faced with such formidable beings that wanted to kill him, he was powerless to save himself.


He couldn’t possibly rely on Ah Er either. The Giant Spirit God was still sound asleep, so he apparently didn’t care about what was going on around him. Moreover, Yang Kai doubted whether even the Ah Er was a match for these two.


Presently, Yang Kai could only hope for the young boy to convince the young girl. Nevertheless, judging from their argument, he reckoned that it wasn’t easy for the young boy to do so.


Just when Yang Kai was at his wits’ end, the two children suddenly fell silent and turned to look at him at the same time.


The young boy said, “Why don’t you tell us who the Big Brother or the Little Sister would be?”


The young girl said, “Why don’t you tell us who the Big Sister or the Little Brother would be?”


Although they spoke at the same time, Yang Kai could clearly hear what they had said.


This was a question without an answer, or at least without an answer that would allow him to survive. Yang Kai furrowed his brow deeply, not knowing what would happen to him if he said anything wrong. Regardless of what his answer was, he would certainly offend one of these kids. It was impossible to come up with a reply that would please both parties.


After pondering on it for a moment, Yang Kai asked, “Who was the first one that was born? The person would be the Big Brother or Big Sister.”


The young kids exchanged glances and replied simultaneously, “We were born at the same time.”


“One of you must have been born first!” Yang Kai frowned.


“Nope.” The young kids shook their heads.


This was giving Yang Kai a headache. He suddenly recalled the legend that when the world was born in ancient times, the first light appeared. A long time later, the light split into two and became Yin and Yang.


Just when Yang Kai was pondering on how he could come up with an answer that would please both parties, the young girl said to the young boy in a small voice, “We’re so silly. We should’ve looked for someone and asked about it long ago.”


The young boy replied, “No one ever came here before over the years. He’s the first one.”


After giving it a thought, the young girl realised that he was right, “That’s true. He’s the first one.”


She then urged Yang Kai by saying, “Have you thought it through? Say it now!”


Yang Kai asked, “Will you spare my life after I tell you my answer?”


The young girl replied, “I won’t kill you if I’m pleased with your answer.”


Yang Kai turned to look at the young boy, who said dispassionately, “I’ll kill you if I’m displeased with your answer.”


[What the heck! They’re totally unreasonable!] It was the first time Yang Kai felt that children could be so deplorable and had the urge to kill them with his spear.


Moreover, he didn’t understand why it was worth arguing over this issue. Nevertheless, the two kids never stopped bickering over it.


An inconceivable idea suddenly sprang into Yang Kai’s mind, [Have they been fighting with each other all this time because of this exact argument!?] It would be laughable if that was the truth. The Chaotic Dead Territory encompassed many Great Territories that were originally vibrant and full of life, but were now all dead and desolate.


“Since you were born at the same time, neither of you would be the Big Brother or Big Sister then…”


The young boy shot him an impassive look, “I think you’re tired of living.”


Yang Kai quickly tried to save himself by saying, “However, if you insist on becoming the Big Brother or Big Sister, it’s not so difficult.”


The eyes of the young kids brightened, then the little girl asked, “How easy is it? Tell us about it.”


Yang Kai replied, “Why don’t you take turns? One day you’ll be the Big Brother, and the next day she’ll be the Big Sister. Isn’t it the best outcome for both of you?”


Upon hearing that, the young kids fell into their thoughts.


Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief. From the looks of it, even though they were irritable, they were pretty simple-minded. In that case, he might be able to keep fooling them.


Just when Yang Kai was lost in his thoughts, the young boy suddenly looked up, “Your solution is good. I’ll be the Big Brother today, then. Why didn’t we think of such a simple way?”


The young girl pursed her lips, “What makes you have the right to be the Big Brother first? I’ll be the Big Sister today.”


There was no expression on the young boy’s face as he turned his head, “Why must you insist on competing with me?”


The young girl snorted, “It’s you who insists on competing with me.”


A dumbfounded Yang Kai initially thought that the problem was solved, but a new problem popped up the next moment. [Are they deliberately making things difficult for me?]


Yang Kai had the urge to beat them up as he clenched his Azure Dragon Spear tighter, but he soon relaxed his grip while feeling dejected.


As expected, not long after, the kids then turned to look at him and asked, “Why don’t you tell us who the Big Brother or Big Sister would be today?”


Yang Kai had the urge to kill himself as he roared, “Why can’t both of you be the Big Brother and the Big Sister at the same time? What’s the point of arguing over this issue?”




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