Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4797, Good Little Brother and Little Sister


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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The young girl gazed dazedly at Yang Kai as she was dumbstruck by his abrupt fury.


On the other hand, the young boy stroked his chin and fell into his thoughts for a moment before he looked up at Yang Kai, “You be the Little Brother, then.”


At that, Yang Kai was speechless.


“Little Brother!” The young girl called out with ecstasy as her dream of becoming the Big Sister was finally realised. Although the target wasn’t quite up to her expectations, it was acceptable.


Hence, Yang Kai became their Little Brother.


That was an outcome he had never expected, but he had no choice but to accept it. Judging from the way the young kids looked fervently at him, it was as though he would be directly killed and sent to the Yellow Springs if he dared to say no.


He felt like a mountain had been pressed against him.


It felt awkward to be the Little Brother to these young kids who looked like they were ten years old; however, when thinking about these ‘kids’ real age and status, Yang Kai reasoned he was actually the one taking advantage of them, not the other way round.


“Little Brother!” The young girl called out to him again with pleasure as she stared at him with a pair of blue eyes.


Yang Kai could read her intention through her eyes, but he pretended to see nothing as his head jerked to the side.


The young girl took a step forward and called out again, “Little Brother!”


Just like the wind in winter, her voice became significantly colder.


Yang Kai instantly felt all his bodily hair standing on end as his brow twitched. While scratching his face, he called out bashfully, “Big Sister…”


He felt his face burning as he kept telling himself that a man had to be flexible in every situation. He could always make a comeback as long as he was alive. Compared to his own life, calling her ‘Big Sister’ was no big deal. Moreover, he was at an advantage here.


Instantly, the young girl put on a bright smile. Yang Kai didn’t see her move at all, but she appeared in front of him the next moment and extended her hand to pat his head, “You’re my good Little Brother!”


The veins on Yang Kai’s forehead bobbed as he almost failed to contain his murderous intent.


Right then, the young boy coughed on the side.


Yang Kai was a worldly person who knew how to adapt to the situation. Since he already did it for the first time, it wasn’t so hard to do it for the second time. He cupped his fist at the young boy and called out solemnly, “Big Brother.”


Acting like he was more mature, the young boy nodded as he was pleased with Yang Kai’s action.


In fact, Yang Kai was curious about their names. Since they were considered ‘one family’ now, he decided to ask them about it.


Nevertheless, the young kids exchanged glances and shook their heads. They never had a name since their birth. The Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer were what others called them, not their real names.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai said, “Why don’t I give you names? It’ll be easier for us to call each other this way.”


The young kids exchanged glances as if they were fine with it.


After pondering on it for a while, Yang Kai came up with a few names, but they were displeased with all of them. Nevertheless, they were fond of the words yellow and blue.


Hence, one of the young kids became Big Brother Huang to Yang Kai while the other was his Big Sister Lan.


Since time immemorial, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had always had the dream to become the Big Brother and Big Sister. They kept arguing over it and got into intense battles because of it. It wasn’t until Yang Kai barged into their territory alongside Giant Spirit God Ah Er that their wish was granted.


Despite that, they had no idea what they should do after becoming the Big Brother and Big Sister.


Yang Kai promptly gave them a hint by saying, “As Big Brother and Big Sister, you’re supposed to take good care of your Little Brother.”


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan nodded at the same time. Acting like an adult, Big Sister Lan said, “I’ll definitely take good care of you. Come to me if anyone bullies you in the future. I’ll stand up for you.”


Yang Kai felt like crying tears of joy at that moment. While bearing the humiliation, he accidentally found two incredibly formidable backers.


Of course, he wouldn’t be able to make use of such backers. Everything would be destroyed wherever they went, so who would have the guts to make them stand up for him? Moreover, no one would believe him even if he told everyone that he had these two kids as his backers.


After a cough, Yang Kai said, “I’ve always been the one who bullies others, not the other way round. Big Brother Huang, the thing beside you… It was hard for me to get it. Could you please return it to me? No Big Brother would snatch stuff from his Little Brother. Big Brother and Big Sister are supposed to take care of their Little Brother.”


Yang Kai hadn’t managed to catch the Blue Crystal the size of half a Human as it was retrieved by Big Brother Huang.


Upon hearing that, Big Brother Huang took a glance at the Blue Crystal, “You want this?”


“Yes.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.


“You can have it, then,” Big Brother Huang directly tossed the Blue Crystal at Yang Kai.


A pleased Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Many thanks, Big Brother Huang!”


Following that, he quickly put the Blue Crystal inside his Small Universe.


A smug Big Brother Huang looked provocatively at Big Sister Lan, who naturally became furious. She crooked her finger as a Yellow Crystal of a similar size came over from some unknown place. After throwing it at Yang Kai, she said, “This is for you.”


Yang Kai’s eyes were as bright as the Sun while he hurriedly put the crystal into his Small Universe. Gazing at the young girl, he sincerely expressed his gratitude, “Many thanks, Big Sister Lan.”


It was indeed a big pleasant surprise.


Big Brother Huang snorted and raised his hand as a new Blue Crystal appeared. He then pushed it towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai widened his mouth as he was overwhelmed by the sudden happiness which descended upon him. With that said, his movements were not sluggish as he promptly stored the Blue Crystal, “Many thanks, Big Brother Huang.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the young girl pushed another piece of Yellow Crystal towards him.


“Many thanks, Big Sister Lan!”


“Many thanks, Big Brother Huang!”



Yang Kai was exhausted from all the talking, but he was never tired of doing it. Just a few words of gratitude could be traded for a refined Yellow or Blue Crystal, so he didn’t mind doing it at all. If possible, he could thank them for eternity.


It was the first time he found these two kids so adorable.


He was initially embarrassed when he was forced to be the Little Brother, but as more and more Yellow and Blue Crystals came into his hands, the shame he felt had vanished into thin air. He could now shamelessly call them Big Brother and Big Sister, and he became increasingly sincere while doing it.


He wouldn’t even mind calling them Grandpa and Grandma as he was given such immense rewards, to say nothing of the fact that he was only required to call them Big Brother and Big Sister. In fact, given their age and seniority, he was actually taking advantage of them.


Yang Kai had no idea how many good things he had obtained, but they surpassed the total amount of what he acquired over the past 10 years in just half a day.


In the core area of his Small Universe, Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals were stacked like two mountains, ranging from the Fifth-Order to the Eighth-Order.


This kind of wealth could be considered colossal. No Cave Heaven or Paradise could put forward such a large amount of treasure.


Just when Yang Kai was engrossed in thanking them, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan suddenly stopped as they glared at each other.


Yang Kai scratched his face and asked cautiously, “Why did you stop all of a sudden?”


As he spoke, he quickly fished out a spirit fruit from his Space Ring to quench his thirst. His throat was all dried up after he kept thanking them for so long. He had to get prepared for the next round.


“Time’s up,” Big Brother Huang said.


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai gazed at him in puzzlement.


Big Brother Huang went on to say, “You said that we’d be Big Brother and Big Sister for one day. Time’s up.”


[One day has passed…] Yang Kai felt that time went by too quickly.


Big Sister Lan turned to look at Yang Kai, “What do you say today?”


Yang Kai pursed his lips and asked probingly, “Why don’t we keep doing it? I’m fine with being the Little Brother. You can still be the Big Brother and Big Sister.”


Big Brother Huang shook his head, “That won’t be interesting.”


[Why wouldn’t it be interesting? It’s very interesting!]


Despite the fury in Yang Kai’s heart, he wouldn’t dare to object out loud. These children were just like irritable cats, so they had to be placated.


As he darted his gaze around, he said cautiously, “Since you find it boring to be Big Brother and Big Sister, why don’t you be Little Brother and Little Sister? I’ll be the Big Brother today.”


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan gazed at him at the same time.


A diffident Yang Kai said, “Well, if you’re not happy with it, just pretend that I’ve never said it.”


All of a sudden, Big Brother Huang nodded, “We can give it a try.”


Big Sister Lan agreed with it as well.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded as he had never expected that his random idea would be feasible. After giving it a thought, he realised that these young kids had never been Big Brother and Big Sister since time immemorial. In the same way, they had never been Little Brother and Little Sister as well. Perhaps they just found the idea novel.


“Big Brother!” Little Brother Huang called out. He found it unfamiliar to call someone in such a way, so he knitted his brows.


On the other hand, Little Sister Lan was more straightforward, “Big Brother!”


Yang Kai suddenly felt that he had taken up a huge responsibility as he sat down with a serious expression and acted like a mature Big Brother. As he gazed at the young kids, he said solemnly, “As Little Brother and Little Sister, you have to treat your Big Brother well.”


Little Brother Huang said doubtfully, “That was not what you said yesterday.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “What happened yesterday is different from what’s going on today. You were Big Brother and Big Sister yesterday, but you’re Little Brother and Little Sister today. Don’t you agree?”


Little Brother Huang fell into his thoughts as he felt that there was something off about it, but he couldn’t quite figure it out.


Meanwhile, Little Sister Lan got his hint as she drew a Yellow Crystal and pushed it towards Yang Kai before looking smilingly at him.


“That’s very kind of you, Little Sister Lan. You’re the best Little Sister in the world,” Yang Kai stored the Yellow Crystal and gently patted her head.


It took Yang Kai only one day to grasp how to fan the flames and sow discord between the two.


As expected, Little Brother Huang wouldn’t want to appear inferior as he pushed a Blue Crystal towards Yang Kai.


There was an amiable smile on Yang Kai’s face as he said, “You’re the best Little Brother in the world, Little Brother Huang!”


He also patted the young boy’s head. Little Brother Huang found it awkward, but he suppressed his urge to dodge the touch.


Although the situation was different from the day before, the outcome was the same.


More and more Yellow and Blue Crystals were presented to Yang Kai, who was more than happy to keep all of them.


The two mountains of materials in his Small Universe became increasingly higher.


He had to be bossed around since he was the Little Brother the day before. Now that he was the Big Brother, he decided to come up with a demand.


As he stored the Blue Crystal sent to him by Little Brother Huang, he looked fervently at a mineral lode that was hundreds of kilometres away. In a hopeful tone, he said, “That thing is very beautiful. I’ll be satisfied if I can get that.”


Little Brother Huang and Little Sister Lan turned their heads and extended their hands at the same time. The next moment, the mineral lode split into two and landed in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai could barely contain his excitement, “You’re my good Little Brother and Little Sister!”


Silavin: I don’t know why… I feel uneasy while reading this. 




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