Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4798, It’s Not a Good Thing


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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It had been a few years since Yang Kai entered the Chaotic Dead Territory alongside Giant Spirit God Ah Er, and he had obtained a crystal vein before, but that one was only several dozen metres long.


However, the one captured by Little Brother Huang and Little Sister Lan was several kilometres long, and it exuded energy fluctuations in the Seventh Order.


Yang Kai felt his heart pounding against his chest. While complimenting the Little Brother and Little Sister, he quickly put the crystal vein, which had been split into two, inside his Small Universe.


It was comprised of Seventh-Order Yin Element materials. Among all the materials of different Orders, the Seventh-Order ones had the most use for him.


Following such an experience, Yang Kai would give them a hint whenever a crystal vein came into his sight. The next moment, the crystal vein would appear right in front of him.


The massive rewards far exceeded his imagination.


The Proprietress had said in the past that the Chaotic Dead Territory was filled with Yin and Yang Element materials, but who could have thought that they were really so ample?


As time passed, Yang Kai would gain a lot of materials. He didn’t need to do anything else other than exhausting himself from all the talking.


With that said, it wasn’t a big deal for him as he could always wet his throat by consuming some spirit fruits. There were a lot of spirit fruits in the medicine garden in his Small Universe. These spirit fruits were no longer useful for him in terms of cultivation, but he could consume them to moisturise his throat.


He initially thought that these kind of shameless days could go on forever, and he was ready for a prolonged coaxing session with these two.


However, there came a day when Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan suddenly started arguing over a trivial matter. The cause of the argument was negligible, but they were used to bickering with each other and the slightest conflict could turn into a big fight.


With his forehead beaded with cold sweat, Yang Kai persuaded them to stop arguing as he was worried that they would really get into a fight. Nevertheless, neither of them bothered to respond to him.


Half a day later, they suddenly stopped talking at the same time.


Big Brother Huang said, “It’s boring.”


Big Sister Lan nodded, “It’s indeed boring.”


A weary Big Brother Huang said, “We should stop playing this game.”


Yang Kai put on a smile on the side, “Let’s stop fighting. We’re one family, so what’s the point of bickering with each other? Come on, it’s my turn to be the Big Brother today.”


Big Sister Lan shot him a glance, “Do you still want to be the Big Brother?”


Yang Kai became startled for a moment, “Yes, it’s my turn.”


Big Brother Huang snorted, “Aren’t you satisfied with having gained so many benefits after such a long time?”


There was an embarrassed smile on Yang Kai’s face as he thought that these young kids were not so dumb after all. They played along previously because they found the whole experience novel. Since the sense of novelty was gone now, it was expected that they found the game boring.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had amassed a lot of materials over the past few days as Yin and Yang  Element materials of different Orders had been stacked like two huge mountains in his Small Universe. They were sufficient for the cultivators in Void Land to use for tens of thousands of years, or perhaps even longer.


“What should we do now, then?” Yang Kai asked. Since they couldn’t keep playing the ‘game’, it wasn’t like they would just sit there and do nothing.


“We’re supposed to ask you this question instead.” Big Brother Huang looked dispassionately at him, “Tell us which one of us would be the Big Brother or Big Sister. If I’m pleased with your answer, you can leave this place with all the things you’ve obtained. However, if I’m not happy with your answer, I won’t kill you, but you have to leave all those things here and get out of my territory!”


There was no way Yang Kai would cough out the food he had already eaten, especially when what he had eaten was worth so much. His figure shook as he almost spurted out that the young boy was the Big Brother.


Fortunately, he caught himself in time as he finally recalled that Big Sister Lan was standing right in front of him too.


As expected, Big Sister Lan said, “I share the same sentiment.”


And so, it all went back to square one. Although they had previously become the Big Brother and Big Sister in the game, their Little Brother was Yang Kai. It was never determined who the Big Brother or Big Sister would be among the two of them. This was the point they had been arguing over since time immemorial, and it couldn’t be resolved with a silly little game.


Yang Kai furrowed his brows with a solemn expression.


This was a question that had no answer. Regardless of what he said, he would offend one of these two beings who he could not possibly afford to offend. Although his life wasn’t at stake now, the immense wealth he had obtained might be confiscated, which was why he had to give it a serious thought.


It wouldn’t have mattered if he had never acquired those treasures, but it would be heart-wrenching for him if he lost them now.


Half a day later, Yang Kai measured his words and asked, “Why are you asking me this question? Weren’t you in a fight before this? The winner will be the elder one, then.”


Big Brother Huang shook his head, “Neither of us will be the winner. Our powers are equally matched, so we can’t defeat each other.”


Yang Kai had the urge to ask them why they still started this massive fight that spanned across countless eons and destroyed innumerable Great Territories since they knew no one would be the winner.


Certainly, he wouldn’t dare to actually ask this question though as he was worried that they would get mad at him and slap him to death.


Presently, Yang Kai was in a deep dilemma. In this situation, if he couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer, all his gains would be snatched from him. This was an intolerable outcome for him.


[Is there a way that can satisfy both of them?]


Faced with the immense pressure, Yang Kai suddenly had an idea flash across his mind. Nevertheless, he wasn’t certain if this idea would work.


He looked up at the two of them and said, “Will you be happy if I have a way to make sure that one of you will eventually become the winner? By then, the winner will take all, and the loser can’t blame their loss on me.”


Big Sister Lan’s eyes brightened as she asked, “You have a way to make sure that one of us will eventually be the winner in our competition?”


On the other hand, there was a look of disdain on Big Brother Huang’s face, “That’s impossible. You’re not powerful enough to affect the outcome of our fight.”


Yang Kai put on a meaningful and inscrutable smile as he replied, “Since your powers are equally matched, there certainly wouldn’t be a winner between the two of you, but what if the two of you fought in a different way?”


Big Sister Lan tilted her head and asked, “What do you mean by a different way?”


Big Brother Huang gazed vigilantly at him, “What are you up to?”


Yang Kai snapped, “Are you saying that I’m up to no good? I’ve exhausted myself just to come up with a way to resolve the conflict between you two. If you have any doubts, just pretend that I’ve said nothing! Keep on fighting and let’s see whether one of you will be the winner in the end.”


Seeing that Yang Kai appeared righteous, Big Brother Huang felt apologetic as he thought that he had gotten him wrong.


He then raised his hand and summoned a 300-metre-long Blue Crystal vein before tossing it at Yang Kai. After that, he looked away and fell silent.


Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he quickly stored the Blue Crystal vein inside his Small Universe. He then nodded at Big Brother Huang, “Please don’t blame me for being rude just now, Big Brother!”


Big Brother Huang grunted in a muffled voice.


Meanwhile, Big Sister Lan’s interest had been piqued, “What’s your solution? Tell us about it.”


“Alright, it’s like this,” Yang Kai explained, “Since your powers came from the same source, and there’s no way for either of you to defeat the other in battle, why don’t you have others fight on your behalf? In that case, it could prevent you two from having to fight directly, and the issue would be solved peacefully. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”


Worried that he hadn’t made himself clear, he decided to give them an example, “Similar situations have happened in the past. Sometimes, two top cultivators become arch-enemies, but despite countless battles between them, neither side manages to defeat the other. Realizing that the matter won’t be settled before their predestined time of death, they both understood that they would pass on with deep regrets as there still would be no winner. In the end, they decide to respectively take on a Disciple and nurture them with all their ability. When the Disciples grow up, they can have a final battle to settle the issue. One of the Masters will be the winner if their Disciple can defeat the other party’s.”


Big Sister Lan didn’t seem to get the key point as she asked, “You want to be our Disciple?”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “I don’t mind becoming your Disciple, but what can you teach me? The ways we cultivate are different; moreover, I’m the only Human here. Whose Disciple should I become? If I become your Disciple, Big Brother Huang will be displeased. If I become Big Brother Huang’s Disciple, you’ll be upset. By then, you two will get into an argument again.”


Big Sister Lan nodded her head, “Good, I’m glad you realised it.”


Big Brother Huang waved his hand, “Stop beating around the bush. Cut to the chase already.”


Yang Kai nodded and continued, “It was just an example. I didn’t mean to ask you to take on any Disciples. Please come into my Small Unive… Forget it. You can see it for yourselves.”


Yang Kai initially wanted to let them enter his Small Universe, but after giving it a thought, he realised that his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Small Universe certainly wouldn’t be capable of accommodating these two. Perhaps his Small Universe would explode as soon as they stepped into it.


Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to take such a risk, so he decided to manifest his Small Universe instead.


As the Small Universe spread out, it looked no different from a real Universe World. Regardless of how powerful Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were, Yang Kai wouldn’t be affected one bit this way.


A glint flashed through the eyes of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan as though it only took them an instant to understand everything about his Small Universe.


The next moment, their expressions changed as they stared fixedly at a particular spot. Their murderous intent seemed to have materialised as it streamed out of their bodies.


Yang Kai felt like he had fallen right into an ice cave as he had no idea how he offended the two of them. Faced with such murderous intent, he had lost the strength to even lift a finger.


It had to be noted that this place was his Small Universe, and he could rule over everything here; outsiders shouldn’t be able to exert their full strength in this place, but Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s murderous intent alone was enough to render him immoble.


“Where did you get this from?” Big Brother Huang suddenly turned to look at Yang Kai and asked as his yellow eyes radiated a strange glow. There was something as dark as ink that was squirming like a living creature in his hand.


It was the Black Ink Strength!


Quite a bit of Black Ink Strengths had been suppressed and sealed inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe; it had allowed him to successfully deceive Yuan Du from Lang Ya Paradise and gain the latter’s trust in the past.


Big Brother Huang’s reaction surprised Yang Kai as he replied, “I inadvertently obtained this thing a while back. Do you recognise it?”


He supposed it wasn’t surprising that Big Brother Huang could recognise this thing. The Black Ink Clan had existed for a very long time, their history possibly tracing back to before the birth of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Both Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had similarly existed since the dawn of time.


Perhaps they had even come into contact with the Black Ink Clan in the past.


“It’s not a good thing. Don’t keep it here,” Big Brother Huang said solemnly without directly answering Yang Kai’s question. The next instant, he clenched his fist as the squirming Black Ink Strength dissolved into nothingness.


Following that, he waved his hand as Yang Kai could feel an invisible force sweeping across his Small Universe. The place where the Black Ink Strength had been suppressed and sealed was instantly purified.


All the Black Ink Strength vanished like a puff of smoke.


Seeing this, Yang Kai was absolutely flabbergasted. 


There was a World Spring in his Small Universe, so he wasn’t afraid of the Black Ink Strength at all. Since it had been suppressed and sealed, it couldn’t do him any harm. In fact, when he came across a Black Ink Clan member or Black Ink Disciples, he could use it to cover up his identity.




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