Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4799, You Are So Smart


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Now that the Black Ink Clan had reappeared, no one could be certain if they would come across them in the future. At the most critical moment, the suppressed Black Ink Strength might save Yang Kai’s life.


However, he had never expected that the Black Ink Strength would be destroyed by Big Brother Huang.


Certainly, Yang Kai knew how difficult it was to deal with the Black Ink Strength. Even High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters like Yu Xiang Die didn’t want to come close to the Black Ink Strength as they were worried that their Small Universes would be contaminated by it.


If a person was contaminated by the Black Ink Strength, they would not necessarily be turned into a Black Ink Disciple immediately. However, once that happened, a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master would have to cut off a small part of their Small Universe to resolve the crisis. Doing this would damage their heritage, so no one was willing to have to deal with such a situation.


Black Ink Insects were apparently the main reason cultivators were turned into Black Ink Disciples.


Yang Kai was speechless, thinking that Big Brother Huang should have discussed it with him before destroying the Black Ink Strength. However, faced with the young boy’s grim-looking face, he wouldn’t dare to say anything.


He had a feeling that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were somehow at odds with the Black Ink Strength; otherwise, the young boy wouldn’t have done such a thing.


Fortunately, he still had a Black Ink Insect. Although the Black Ink Strength in his Small Universe was all gone, the Black Ink Insect remained.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were not willing to explain anything to him. After the Black Ink Strength were gone, Big Sister Lan turned to look in a particular direction where the Humans lived, “There are so many people over there. Do you want us to take on Disciples from there?”


After pulling himself together, Yang Kai waved his hand, “Forget about taking on Disciples. It’s not that I want to underestimate you two, but although you’re powerful, I’m afraid that you know nothing about teaching Disciples. Any talented people would have their futures ruined by becoming your Disciples.”


Although Yang Kai’s words were blunt, the two of them didn’t refute him.


He then pointed in a different direction, “Look over there.”


As they turned their heads, the Small Stone Race that had gathered together in different groups came into their sight. The populations of these groups varied greatly. The large ones had more than 100,000 members while the small ones had only several hundred. They were scattered everywhere in the Small Universe and were all busy with their own work.


“What are those? They look strange,” Big Sister Lan asked curiously.


“They’re the Small Stone Race. They behave just like ants.”


“What are ants?” Big Sister Lan gazed at him.


Yang Kai realised that it would be hard to explain things to these two using examples from his life. After giving it a thought, he decided to briefly walk them through the behaviour of the Small Stone Race.


Big Brother Huang nodded, “What do you want us to do, then?”


A high-spirited Yang Kai replied, “It’s easy. You can select two equally matched Stone Kings and choose your own territories. Then, you’ll start nurturing them until the Small Stone Race members are strong enough to battle. After having a fight, it will determine who the winner will be.”


Upon hearing this, Big Brother Huang arched his brow as he fell into his thoughts.


On the other hand, Big Sister Lan said, “I see. This is what you mean by taking on Disciples.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Well, more or less. However, the Small Stone Race have low sentience, so you don’t have to take them as Disciples, nor do you need to teach them anything. You just have to nurture them.”


Big Sister Lan became startled for a moment before clapping her hands, “It’s a great idea. You’re so smart!”


A smiling Yang Kai replied, “Many thanks for the compliment.”


Seeing that her interest had been piqued, he breathed a sigh of relief.


It was wonderful that they were interested in it as he was most worried that they would dismiss the idea. In that case, he would have to consider encouraging them to take on some real Disciples from his Small Universe.


After giving it a thought, he realised these kids were even engrossed in a simple game of calling him Big or Little Brother previously, so nurturing Small Stone Race members to attack each other must be attractive to them as well.


The Small Stone Race innately behaved in this manner. Although their overall population had increased over the years in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, these different groups never stopped attacking one another. Otherwise, there would’ve been more Small Stone Race members in the Small Universe by now.


Yang Kai then turned to look at the young boy, “What do you say?”


Big Brother Huang nodded gently, “Good.”


An elated Yang Kai said, “It’s decided, then. You can choose your territories and Stone Kings now.”


Following that, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan set to work. There were a lot of Small Stone Race members in the Small Universe, along with many Stone Kings. Hence, it wasn’t difficult to choose two equally matched Stone Kings.


With Yang Kai’s assistance, it was also easy for them to select their territories. However, both Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were meticulous in every detail as they were worried that any slight imbalance might affect the outcome of their future battle.


Certainly, Yang Kai would offer them all the help that was needed.


Since the kids were bored with treating Yang Kai like a family member, it was hard for him to get his hands on the Yellow and Blue Crystals in the Chaotic Dead Territory; however, if he could let Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan nurture more Small Stone Race members, it would be a different kind of benefit for him.


After all, it took a massive amount of materials to nurture the Small Stone Race. In the past, Yang Kai had to personally scatter the materials for them, but now he didn’t have to worry about anything.


When Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were done selecting their territories, they picked a spot for their base and started drawing Yin and Yang Element materials to feed the Stone Kings.


Although Yang Kai was heartbroken to see so many precious materials disappear, he decided to put up with it as he thought of the potential benefits these Stone Kings would bring him.


In any case, the used Blue and Yellow Crystals would eventually turn into the capital for Yang Kai’s own growth.


During this period of time, he took a glance at the place where he suppressed and sealed the Black Ink Strength previously. Nevertheless, he was now certain that all of it was cleaned up, with not even a trace left behind.


It was as though Big Brother Huang’s power was the nemesis of the Black Ink Strength.


This made Yang Kai feel melancholic. Back then, there were some Black Ink Disciples in Lang Ya Paradise, but they were all killed after being exposed. That was because those from Lang Ya Paradise believed that once a cultivator was corrupted with the Black Ink, there was no saving them. Black Ink Disciples were and forever would be enemies.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but think that if they were brought to this place, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan might be able to get rid of the Black Ink Strength in their bodies and help them return to their normal state.


Unfortunately, he could never carry out this kind of experiment.


Not just anyone could enter the Chaotic Dead Territory. If it weren’t because of Ah Er, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had the chance to enter this place either.


Although Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan seemed able to destroy the Black Ink Strength, Yang Kai could never have brought the Black Ink Disciples from Lang Ya Paradise to this place.


It took a long time for the Small Stone Race members to grow to be strong enough to battle, so Yang Kai reckoned that there wouldn’t be any conflicts between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan for the time being.


With that said, the clashes between the yellow and blue Soul Clones never stopped as they continued hacking each other to death.


Yang Kai even witnessed the colossal yellow and blue lights crashing into one another again, which made him feel doubtful.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were standing inside his Small Universe right now, so what were those giant lights in the distance he had seen? Which ones of them were their true bodies?


Giant Spirit God Ah Er remained sound asleep, as it would take him one to two years to awaken.


Since his Small Universe’s time was accelerated and had its own World Barrier, Yang Kai was practically staying inside a sealed space right now. It was impossible for him to get his hands on the Yellow and Blue Crystals like he had previously done.


Even though he had already obtained a massive amount of materials from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, he wouldn’t mind getting more. While cultivators in the outside world scrambled to get their hands on a single piece of Sixth-Order Yin or Yang Element material, such materials were literally everywhere in the Chaotic Dead Territory. There were even Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order ones just floating about. If possible, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t want to miss such a chance. Unfortunately, he was no longer able to collect those crystals.


As such, he had practically nothing to do.


Left with no other choice, he decided to spend some time comprehending the Great Nothingness Scripture while observing his Third Disciple’s cultivation process.


It was a good idea to let Xu Yi cultivate the Great Nothingness Scripture as the boy was now in the Third-Order Transcendent Realm, above which would be the Saint Realm.


Yang Kai would be there to observe Xu Yi every time he achieved a breakthrough, but he had yet to discover anything special.


When he was in front of the stone monument in Lang Ya Paradise previously, Yang Kai felt a hint of Time Principles fluctuating from one of the disciples there when they achieved an ascension.


However, this had never happened to Xu Yi. Yang Kai reckoned that it might have something to do with his weak cultivation. Perhaps he would only find something special when Xu Yi became more powerful.


After the Third-Order Transcendent Realm, Xu Yi would reach the Saint Realm.


This Realm was neither high or low. In some low-end Universe Worlds, the Saint Realm was already the peak of the Martial Dao. Yang Kai’s instincts were telling him though that when his Third Disciple made it to the next Great Realm, there would be some significant change.


With that said, he didn’t intend to help him grow in any way. He just let him cultivate at his own pace.


The Great Nothingness Scripture was a Secret Art that was passed down from ancient times, so there must be some secrets that had been lost to time and had yet to be uncovered. Although the Cave Heavens and Paradises had comprehended part of it, they were only able to make use of the Great Nothingness Scripture to create Small Source Worlds.


One year later, Yang Kai suddenly felt his Small Universe shaking. Upon sensing this, he realised that the Giant Spirit God Ah Er had awakened. The gigantic creature sat down with his legs crossed and spaced out for a few days. When he no longer felt cranky from his nap, he headed to the next destination.


The Small Universe was placed right above Ah Er’s head, and with the Giant Spirit God’s protection, it wouldn’t be harmed at all.


Although only a year had gone by in the outside world, two years had passed in Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


The Small Stone Race members that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had been nurturing were now looking strong.


In fact, they had already exchanged some probing moves, but those were just small fights. As soon as they lost some Small Stone Race members, they would stop the fight.


It wasn’t certain what special skill the two kids had, but the Small Stone Race members, whose sentience was low, would always obediently listen to their commands. However, after taking their background and identity into consideration, Yang Kai soon realised the reason behind it.


These two kids were the Ancestors of all Divine Spirits and could even be considered the origin of all living creatures. It wasn’t surprising that they had a special skill to control these Small Stone Race members.


And so the day came when the Small Stone Race members nurtured by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, respectively, would begin their epic battle.


Both of them were not stingy when it came to nurturing their Small Stone Race members. In any case, there were innumerable materials in the Chaotic Dead Territory, and they could easily draw as many of them over as they wanted in order to feed their army.


They each had one Stone King, initially, but after just two years, they each had 1 million soldiers under their command.


At this moment, the two armies had lined up at the border of their territories, both sides in different formations, but all of them looking fierce and imposing.




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