Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4800, Are You Not Willing to Admit Defeat?


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The habits and behaviour of the Small Stone Race members were similar to those of ants. Under the Stone Kings, there were guards that were responsible for keeping the territory safe. There were also soldiers that had to invade other territories. Nevertheless, most were just like worker ants.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan each had 1 million soldiers under their command. No Stone King could ever control so many soldiers.


Therefore, they didn’t only have one Stone King, respectively, now. When a group grew to a certain scale, more Stone Kings would be born as they brought parts of the clansmen to other places to build their own nests and reproduce.


Now, they each had more than ten Stone Kings as these 1 million soldiers were divided into more than ten formations, looking truly intimidating.


When Yang Kai arrived at the battlefield, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were shooting each other dismissive glances and exchanging taunts.


This had been their daily life since long ago as they would never stop fighting to become the elder sibling.


Upon Yang Kai’s arrival, they shifted their attention to him and stopped the war of words. A high-spirited Big Brother Huang said, “Take a look at my Small Stone Race. What do you think?”


Yang Kai looked in that direction and nodded gently, “Your army is truly intimidating, and I’m sure they will win almost any battle.”


Upon hearing that, Big Brother Huang appeared smug and looked provocatively at Big Sister Lan.


It was the first time they tried raising Small Stone Race members. Two years had passed, and they found it to be quite interesting, especially when the groups of Small Stone Race members became stronger and more populous by the day. They felt a sense of accomplishment from doing that.


Big Sister Lan came over and asked, “What about mine?”


Yang Kai turned to gaze at the other army and remarked, “Just like tigers, they look mighty and invincible.”


Big Sister Lan said smilingly, “I’ve spent a lot of effort on them. I’ll definitely be the winner this time.”


Big Brother Huang shot her a look of disdain, “I’ve spent more effort on my army than you. There’s no way you’ll win the battle.”


Big Sister Lan snorted, “Enough nonsense, bring it on! Let’s see who will win. If you lose, you have to call me Big Sister.”


A defiant Big Brother Huang refuted, “If you lose, you have to call me Big Brother.”


As their eyes met, there seemed to be a spark lighting up between them. Yang Kai quickly stepped away so that he wouldn’t be harmed.


They turned their heads at the same time and demanded, “You’ll be the judge of this battle!”


“Alright,” Yang Kai solemnly cupped his fist. He had already expected it when he suggested using Small Stone Race members to decide who the winner would be, so he wasn’t surprised when he was asked to be the judge.


“Are you ready?” Yang Kai asked.


Big Brother Huang sneered at his Sister, “Of course I’m ready.”


Big Sister Lan scoffed, “Bring it on!”


“Begin!” Yang Kai announced.


Instantly, like beasts that were released from their cages, the millions of soldiers marched forward from both sides across the plains. Although they had gathered together in formations before the war, there were not really any tactics to speak of when they started fighting.


This was a tangled melee between 2 million Small Stone Race members. The battlefield had descended into chaos as stony limbs were sent flying around in a merciless way.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t interfere in the war between the Small Stone Race members as they only watched it from the sides. To them, they had already put in their efforts over the past two years, so all they had to do now was wait for the outcome.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel heartbroken as he watched the Small Stone Race members getting slaughtered.


These Small Stone Race members were the capital for him to grow stronger, so he suffered an immense loss when so many of them were killed.


After giving it a thought though, he realised that these 2 million Small Stone Race members had brought a lot of benefits to his Small Universe when they were growing up already and he was unable to stop them from getting killed since it was a fight between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.


However, as more Small Stone Race members were killed, Yang Kai’s expression turned more and more pensive.


That was because he discovered that as a lot of Small Stone Race members were slaughtered, the heritage in his Small Universe actually increased a little. Initially, he thought that it was a misconception, but when 20% of the 2 million Small Stone Race had died, he could finally confirm that it wasn’t just his imagination. The heritage in his Small Universe really was increasing at an increased pace.


It was not a significant increase, only equivalent to a few months of cultivation, but the outcome surprised him greatly.


[What’s going on?]


The reproduction of the living beings in his Small Universe would continuously help increase his heritage. This kind of increase was slow and almost imperceptible. Nevertheless, over time, the increase would be significant.


If two people started out with the same heritages, the difference between them would be conspicuous 1,000 years later when one had living beings in their Small Universe and the other did not.


Yang Kai had always believed that it was an irrefutable fact that the more living beings there were in his Small Universe, the better it would be.


However, it now seemed that he had discovered a truth that he wasn’t aware of in the past.


Soon, a realization dawned upon him.


To be born, to grow old, to get sick, and to die were all parts of the cycle of life.


While the living could continuously bring benefits to his Small Universe, death could do the same the moment they passed away.


In the past, there had never been a time when so many living beings had died at the same time in his Small Universe; therefore, Yang Kai had never realised this point even though he had been raising Small Stone Race members in his body for years.


The fight between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had accidentally revealed this truth.


This realization was like a bright Moon that cast away the fog that had been bothering him for days. All of a sudden, he thought of the Great Nothingness Scripture.


There were many descriptions of life and death in the Great Nothingness Scripture. Even though Yang Kai had studied these sections, he didn’t really pay any attention to it as it only seemed like common sense. Now, he had a feeling that there was something deeper that was within his grasp.


Perhaps the complete cycle of life and death was the biggest secret that was hidden in the Great Nothingness Scripture.


Although he couldn’t wait to find a quiet place to comprehend the Great Nothingness Scripture again, he couldn’t leave now as the war hadn’t ended.


The tangled warfare between 2 million soldiers persisted for half a month, with 80% of them dying in the process.


As the war unfolded, Big Brother Huang’s expression became increasingly gloomy. That was because his army was now clearly on the losing side. The subtle difference was not conspicuous in the beginning, but as the war dragged on, his disadvantage snowballed into something obvious.


When the war ended, his army was completely wiped out, leaving only the Stone Kings in their nest and a group of Elite Guards. On the other hand, Big Sister Lan still had about 100,000 soldiers under her command.


Big Brother Huang was in a state of utter grief as disbelief was written all over his face and he kept muttering under his breath, “How could this be? How could this be?”


Meanwhile, Big Sister Lan leaped into the air as though she was a child who had just obtained the greatest treasure. She clapped her hands and said with a smile, “I won!”


She then turned to look at Yang Kai with a hopeful gaze.


As the judge of the battle, Yang Kai naturally had to fulfil his responsibility. He pointed at the young girl and announced, “Big Sister Lan is the winner of this battle!”


Although the outcome was right in front of their eyes, it wasn’t until Yang Kai announced it that the war really ended.


A smug Big Sister Lan placed her hands behind her back and sauntered towards her Brother.


Presently, a devastated Big Brother Huang knelt on the ground and looked at the shattered stones on the battlefield with a pair of listless eyes. Unresignment, fury, and humiliation were written all over his face.


Yang Kai was extremely nervous as he was worried that this guy would do something crazy out of shame. It had to be noted that they were now in his Small Universe, so once Big Brother Huang’s power burst forth, his Small Universe wouldn’t be able to bear it and would be destroyed in the blink of an eye.


A speechless Yang Kai thought that Big Brother Huang’s reaction was over the top as it was just a game, but after pondering on it for a moment, he realised that it wasn’t just a battle between two armies. This was about the argument between them that had been going on since the dawn of time itself.


That was the crux of the problem that shattered Big Brother Huang’s psychological defence.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel sorry for the young boy as he silently looked away.


Big Sister Lan looked condescendingly at her Brother with a smug expression as ecstasy was written all over her face. When she realised that there was no reaction from her Brother though, who still appeared dejected, she couldn’t help but land a gentle kick on him and urge him by saying, “Hurry up. My patience is limited.”


In an instant, Big Brother Huang’s face became as red as blood. He repeatedly parted his lips, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything.


“Are you unwilling to admit defeat?” Big Sister Lan gave him a look of disdain.


“What are you talking about?” Big Brother Huang stood straight up with fury as he clenched his fists to summon his courage. Only after a long silence did he call out with great difficulty, “Big Sister…”


His voice was almost indiscernible.


Big Sister Lan deliberately moved her head closer to him, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you.”


A flushing Big Brother Huang roared, “Big Sister!”


A stunned Big Sister Lan took a few steps away and patted her chest, “Why did you shout at me?”


Hot steam seemed to be billowing from Big Brother Huang’s nostrils as he glared at his Sister. It was as though there was irreconcilable enmity between them as he snarled, “Are you happy now?”


There was a bright smile on Big Sister Lan’s face as she nodded repeatedly, “Of course I’m happy. You’ve finally acknowledged that I’m the Big Sister after so long!”


It was the first time in her life to hear her Brother calling her ‘Big Sister’. Although Yang Kai had called her that many times, she still felt that something was lacking. It was different from the present situation.


She had never been as satisfied as when she heard her Brother say ‘Big Sister’ for the first time. This was a kind of satisfaction that Yang Kai could never give her.


“I will not concede defeat!” Big Brother Huang balled up his fists and said grimly.


Big Sister Lan stopped smiling and gazed at him with a frown, “What do you mean? Are you going back on your word?”


“I want to have another battle with you!” Big Brother Huang said through clenched teeth.


Big Sister Lan batted her eyes, “You have no more Small Stone Race members. How are you going to fight with me again?”


“I still have the Stone Kings. I will rise again!”


“Ha ha ha!” Big Sister Lan scoffed mercilessly, “You only have your Stone Kings, but I still have 100,000 soldiers. As soon as I give the order, your Stone Kings will be killed as well!”


Big Brother Huang’s face turned a shade redder, but there was nothing he could do.


Just then, Big Sister Lan said, “As your Big Sister, I will be generous and give you a chance. Go back and nurture a new army. When you’re ready, I’ll teach you another lesson.”




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