Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4801, Three Times Faster


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“But! Before you can defeat me, you’ll still be my Little Brother. Do not forget about your identity!” Big Sister Lan reminded him by saying.


A humiliated Big Brother Huang replied, “I’ll never forget this day.”


After a moment of observation, Yang Kai placated the young boy by saying, “In war, it is normal to win or lose. Keep your chin up, Big Brother Huang. Just go back and continue nurturing your Small Stone Race members and stage a comeback.”


Big Brother Huang grunted and left. It seemed that he couldn’t wait to strengthen and develop his own Small Stone Race members.


Presently, he was only left with his ten Stone Kings and a small number of Elite Guards. It would be difficult for him to make his army stronger in a short time.


On the other hand, Big Sister Lan still had about 100,000 soldiers, which put her at a great advantage. She definitely had a better chance of winning the next battle.


“It’s all thanks to your idea!” Big Sister Lan looked smilingly at Yang Kai, “He’s finally willing to call me Big Sister after so many years. Tell me. What reward do you want?”


“You have a reward for me?” Yang Kai became energetic in an instant.


“Of cour… Nevermind, I know what you want even if you don’t say it.” Upon finishing her words, Big Sister Lan dashed out of the Small Universe. When she returned, she brought back literal mountains of Yellow and Blue Crystals and tossed them to Yang Kai.


Naturally, Yang Kai was ecstatic.


Initially, he thought that he would never have a chance to easily get these Yellow and Blue Crystals again, so it surprised him when Big Sister Lan gave so many to him all at once.


Yang Kai of course wouldn’t turn her down. After thanking her, he quickly sent these materials to the medicine garden.


After the epic war, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan stopped bickering with each other for quite some time. While Big Brother Huang worked hard to develop his own Small Stone Race members, Big Sister Lan was never complacent. Even though she was the winner this time, 90% of her Small Stone Race members were killed. Naturally, she had to quickly replenish her ranks.


If she was drowned in the ecstasy of this victory and never thought about improving herself, she would be the one calling him ‘Big Brother’ next time. This kind of outcome was simply intolerable for her.


Even though both of them were busy, Big Sister Lan would look for Big Brother Huang from time to time just to hear him calling her ‘Big Sister’. While she was satisfied every time, Big Brother Huang only became more furious and further strengthened his determination to get his revenge.


The enlightenment that dawned upon Yang Kai from the battle allowed him to have a better understanding of the Great Nothingness Scripture. He had a feeling that he was just one step away from grasping the core of the Secret Art, but he hadn’t been able to achieve that. That was because he still hadn’t figured out the relationship between Great Nothingness Scripture and the Dao of Time.


On this day, he suddenly detected something and looked in a particular direction.


Presently, Xu Yi was seated with his legs crossed on a boulder by a cliff. All his vitality surged as his True Qi roiled. Above his head were swirling dark clouds and deafening thunder could be heard.


He was showing signs of achieving a breakthrough!


Xu Yi was already in the Third-Order Transcendent Realm, and he would soon make it to the Saint Realm.


That was a very unique Realm. Yang Kai recalled that when he was in Tong Xuan Realm in the past, the highest Martial Dao was the Saint Realm. It wasn’t until he left the place and entered the Star Field that he came into contact with higher Realms.


He already had a feeling that there would be a strange phenomenon when his Third Disciple ascended to the Saint Realm; therefore, when he realised that Xu Yi was achieving a breakthrough, he immediately came over and observed him from up close.


In fact, Yang Kai was there every time Xu Yi achieved a breakthrough in the past, but he hadn’t discovered anything special so far.


However, this time was apparently different.


Before the ascension even happened, the Time Dao Essence in his Small Universe began reacting in a way as though it was trying to resonate with Xu Yi.


Yang Kai had the same feeling when his First Disciple Zhao Ye Bai achieved a breakthrough, but what resonated with him was the Space Dao Essence.


Meanwhile, he wasn’t worried about Xu Yi’s breakthrough. Although the progress of Xu Yi’s cultivation was rapid, he had spent a much longer time in his dreams than in reality due to his unique talent in the Dao of Time; therefore, his foundation was solid.


Certainly, he wouldn’t fall into danger by ascending to the Saint Realm.


When the World Baptism descended on Xu Yi’s head, he didn’t seem to notice at all. Instead of reacting to it, he hung his head low as though he had slumbered off.


It wasn’t until the force reached him that he looked up and stared into the void with a pair of eerie-looking eyes. There was a strange smile on his face.


Upon seeing that, Yang Kai frowned.


The World Baptism continuously streamed into Xu Yi as he opened up his body and accepted it. Soon, he was covered in wounds, but as he was faced with the trial, his aura rapidly increased and soon reached the peak of the Transcendent Realm.


The Great Nothingness Scripture was circulated to the fullest as it protected Xu Yi’s vital parts. At the same time, the Time Dao Essence in the Small Universe became increasingly active. Yang Kai could clearly feel that a lot of Time Dao Essence streamed into Xu Yi’s body and was consumed by him following the World Baptism.


Just an hour later, Xu Yi’s aura, which was already at the peak, reached the next stage, and with him as the centre, a pressure wave was seen spreading out.


He had made it to the Saint Realm!


At the same time, the flow of time in the Small Universe seemed to have been affected as the whole world halted for an instant before it began surging ahead again.


The fog in Yang Kai’s mind remained, as he still hadn’t figured out the relationship between the Great Nothingness Scripture and the Dao of Time, but he could clearly feel that the flow of time in his Small Universe had accelerated.


In the past, the flow of time in his Small Universe was two times faster than the outside world, but now, it was three times faster.


This transformation astounded Yang Kai. 


It had to be noted that his mastery of the Dao of Time remained in the sixth level, Exceeding the Ordinary to Reach the Extraordinary. This was a kind of categorisation he had invented and it was only thanks to this level of comprehension that the flow of time in his Small Universe had accelerated prior to this.


Why did he gain such a reward after Xu Yi achieved a breakthrough in his Small Universe?


Was it because of Xu Yi himself? Or was it because of the Great Nothingness Scripture? Could both reasons be valid?


Xu Yi was talented in the Dao of Time, and he had cultivated the Great Nothingness Scripture. Moreover, he had achieved an ascension in Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Perhaps this plethora of reasons brought about unexpected changes.


However, Yang Kai felt uneasy.


The reason he selected Xu Yi to cultivate the Great Nothingness Scripture was that he wanted to fully comprehend the Secret Art so that his mastery of the Dao of Time would improve.


But now, while he had benefited, he hadn’t really learned anything new, which was simply incomprehensible.


When he checked on his Small Universe and confirmed that there was nothing wrong, Yang Kai became even more doubtful.


Meanwhile, Xu Yi had awakened as he looked dazedly at his own hands. Although he had experienced a lot of hardship while achieving this breakthrough, his body had been fortified by Yang Kai. Additionally, he had already ascended to the next Great Realm; therefore, he was fine as his wounds had mostly healed already.


“Do you feel any discomfort?” Yang Kai appeared before him and asked.


Upon hearing that, Xu Yi quickly got to his feet and saluted him, “Greetings, Honoured Master.” He still appeared doubtful, “Did I break through?”


Yang Kai nodded, “You’re in the Saint Realm now.”


Xu Yi scratched his head, “I didn’t even realise it. For some reason, I was overwhelmed by sleepiness and dozed off just now. Many thanks for protecting me, Honoured Master.”


He thought that the reason he successfully achieved an ascension was that Yang Kai had been standing guard beside him; otherwise, he would’ve lost his life since he was asleep just now.


Yang Kai stared fixedly at him and gave it a thought before saying, “Since you’ve made it to the next Great Realm, continue strengthening your foundation. You must not become arrogant just because you’re more powerful now.”


“Yes,” Xu Yi replied respectfully, “Disciple will cultivate hard and never forget your teachings.”


When he looked up, Yang Kai was already nowhere in sight.


Xu Yi was very respectful of his Honoured Master. If Yang Kai hadn’t taken him on as a Disciple during the Disciple Recruitment, he wouldn’t have achieved anything great in life given his aptitude. Nevertheless, following Yang Kai’s teachings, he made it to the Saint Realm after just a couple of decades.


He believed that it was just the beginning as he still had a brighter future ahead of him.


Upon receiving Yang Kai’s order, he quickly began consolidating his new cultivation.


In fact, it was easy for him to cultivate, as he just had to fall asleep. His aptitude remained terrible when he cultivated while he was awake.


Over the years, Xu Yi had gotten used to cultivating in his dreams; therefore, he had learned how to slumber off at will.


Presently, Yang Kai was thoroughly examining his Small Universe.


The fact that Xu Yi had brought such a benefit to him by achieving a breakthrough in his Small Universe puzzled him greatly. He would never be at ease before finding out the reason.


Unfortunately, he still hadn’t found a clue after several days of searching.


With that said, it had been established that the flow of time in his Small Universe was now three times faster than the outside world.


Yang Kai decided to ask Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan about it, but they had no idea what he was talking about.


To them, their innate abilities were the most powerful in the world and already transcended all other Secret Arts or Techniques. There wasn’t a need for them to learn anything else.


Left with no other choice, Yang Kai could only give up on investigating.


As a matter of fact, he wasn’t particularly talented in the Dao of Time. The reason he had such achievements was thanks to all the opportunities in the past.


He was most talented in the Dao of Space, which had reached the eighth level of comprehension, Summiting the Peak. He wouldn’t dare to say that no one would surpass him in the future, but rarely had anyone reached this level since time immemorial.


The most talented person in the Dao of Time that Yang Kai knew of was the deceased Flowing Time Great Emperor from the Star Boundary.


If Flowing Time Great Emperor were still alive, he might have been able to fully comprehend the Great Nothingness Scripture given his talent in the Dao of Time.


Yang Kai could only lament that such a gifted person passed away too soon. Flowing Time Great Emperor died for the Star Boundary, and if he hadn’t single-handedly injured Great Demon God all those years ago, the latter would have devoured and destroyed the Star Boundary long before Yang Kai was born.


Fortunately, there were two Disciples who had obtained his inheritance.


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were equally talented in the Dao of Time. While Yang Xiao had followed the Dragon Clan members to the Ancestral Land and wouldn’t come back so soon, Yang Xue remained in High Heaven Palace. Yang Kai decided that when he returned to High Heaven Palace, he would ask Yang Xue to comprehend the Great Nothingness Scripture.


Meanwhile, Giant Spirit God Ah Er still did nothing else but eat, sleep, head to his next destination, and repeat.


Every time he dozed off, it would take him a few years to awaken.


On the other hand, the fight between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan remained intense in the Small Universe. Following his first defeat, Big Brother Huang had learned his lesson as he now tried harder to nurture his Small Stone Race members. He didn’t care how many materials it would cost him to do that.


Certainly, Yang Kai was pleased with what these two were doing.




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