Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4802, No Longer Dangerous


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Big Brother Huang never forgot about the lesson he was taught during the first war. Moreover, due to the disadvantage caused by the previous defeat, he wasn’t in a rush to have a showdown with Big Sister Lan. Instead, he sent out his soldiers in small groups and harassed Big Sister Lan’s mighty army. She had never expected him to be so shameless, so she found it hard to deal with the situation for the time being.


After gaining some advantage, Big Brother Huang brought out all of his armies and defeated the other party in a decisive strike. This kind of outcome surprised Yang Kai, while it was unacceptable for Big Sister Lan.


With that said, regardless of how powerful these two were, they had a good quality; they were willing to admit defeat.


When Big Brother Huang lost the battle the first time around, he gritted his teeth and called her ‘Big Sister’ regardless of how unwilling he was.


It was the same case this time. Nevertheless, it was Big Sister Lan’s turn to call him ‘Big Brother’.


Both of them were haughty, which was expected as they were probably the most powerful beings in the 3,000 Worlds, so it wasn’t surprising that they were arrogant.


Hence, after achieving a clear victory, neither of them would destroy the other party entirely.


Just like how Big Sister Lan spared the lives of his Stone Kings and gave him time to restock and rearm, Big Brother Huang had done the same this time.


It wasn’t that they were sympathetic to the loser, but rather that they just wanted to let the other party know that they were indeed the stronger one, and the loser had to willingly call the winner Big Brother or Big Sister.


For the coming years, Yang Kai witnessed their rapid growth as military commanders.


There were no techniques to speak of during the first battle as they just brought out all their soldiers and had a showdown on an open field. They didn’t intend to direct their soldiers at all.


After respectively losing and winning one battle each though, they seemed to have learned their lessons as they could now skillfully mobilise their soldiers.


As time passed, Yang Kai witnessed all sorts of interesting sneak attacks, ambushes, luring enemies into traps, creating diversions, and luring the tiger from the mountain strategies.


Their mastery of military tactics and formations became increasingly profound as they would fight against one another with their wits every single moment. Yang Kai was awestruck by this.


When he suggested using Small Stone Race members to determine who the winner would be, he had never expected that things would come to such a point.


The entire territory Yang Kai had given them had completely turned into a battlefield.


Their Small Stone Race soldiers had expanded to several tens of millions from barely 1 million and they had spent innumerable materials because of that.


If those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises found out about it, they would surely curse them for being so wasteful.


Nevertheless, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan wouldn’t care about the Orders or amounts of those materials. In order to help their Small Stone Race members grow, they would even feed them with Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order materials!


As a result, the Stone Kings under their command were now quite different from normal ones. Not only were they much larger, but they could also produce more pebbles at a faster rate. The Small Stone Race members hatched from their pebbles were also much stronger from the start.


With their fight being never-ending, it had brought great benefits to Yang Kai.


As the Small Stone Race members were born and died in such incredible numbers, they continuously helped increase the heritage of his Small Universe. Therefore, even though Yang Kai had not cultivated at all recently, his strength had still continued to grow rapidly.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan never rewarded him with any Yellow and Blue Crystals again as they were simply engrossed in the fight of wits among themselves.


Yang Kai was someone who counted his blessings as he had already obtained immense rewards in the Chaotic Dead Territory. No one in history had ever accumulated mountains of Yin and Yang Element material in their Small Universe like what he had done.


Moreover, Yang Kai had been observing his surroundings recently.


When he barged into the Chaotic Dead Territory alongside Giant Spirit God Ah Er, the void was filled with Blue and Yellow Crystals and he could easily get his hands on them.


However, as time passed, he could barely see any Blue and Yellow Crystals floating about now.


Some of them were given to Yang Kai by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan and were now sitting in his Small Universe. Some of them were used to nurture the Small Stone Race members.


Perhaps there were some Yellow and Blue Crystals scattered around the Chaotic Dead Territory, but there wouldn’t be a lot of them.


Furthermore, Yang Kai’s arrival had changed the status quo in the Chaotic Dead Territory that had persisted for eons.


Before his arrival, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan never stopped fighting one another. Every time a massive clash took place, countless Soul Clones would be produced that then hacked each other to death. The fallout would spread across the entire Chaotic Dead Territory, which made it a very dangerous place.


Nevertheless, the two of them were now engrossed in nurturing their Small Stone Race members and the danger in the Chaotic Dead Territory slowly dissipated. The Soul Clones had all turned into Yellow and Blue Crystals of different Orders while the giant masses of coloured light stopped clashing with each other.


The Chaotic Dead Territory was no longer dangerous.


This was a fact Yang Kai had inadvertently discovered.


There had always been a protective layer around Giant Spirit God Ah Er since they entered the Chaotic Dead Territory. He would never dispel it even when he was eating or sleeping. It was thanks to this protective layer that Yang Kai had remained safe until now, but there came a day when the protective layer around Ah Er abruptly disappeared.


It wasn’t until that moment that Yang Kai realised the Chaotic Dead Territory had undergone a stunning transformation.


His feelings were complicated upon that realization.


It was just an idea that flashed through his head as he was searching for a way to save himself, so he hadn’t expected it to solve the epic battle that had been ongoing between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan since time immemorial. Seeing the fight between them had turned into something more peaceful, he actually felt a great sense of accomplishment.


Although he felt sorry for the Small Stone Race members, they were born to attack each other. Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had only magnified this characteristic.


Since the Chaotic Dead Territory was no longer dangerous, Yang Kai felt that it was time for him to leave.


The reason he hadn’t left earlier was that he was unable to do so. Without Ah Er’s protection, he wouldn’t be able to move around freely in the void that was filled with murderous intent.


He was supposed to look for Qu Hua Shang after her 100 years of confinement were up, but that time had passed as he had been held up in the Chaotic Dead Territory for about thirty or forty years. He couldn’t wait to head to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven now.


After he won first place in Dao Theory Assembly and became a Son-in-Law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, he was supposed to marry Qu Hua Shang.


Yang Kai thus found a chance to bid farewell to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.


Both of them were shocked upon hearing that.


“Are you leaving?” Big Sister Lan batted her eyes and gazed at him.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “It was an accident that I came into this place. I’m more than satisfied to have come across the two of you as you’ve taken good care of me; however, I cannot stay here forever, so it’s time for me to leave.”


He was genuinely grateful to the two of them. Without them, he wouldn’t have gained so many benefits. It was expected that he was saddened to have to leave them after spending so many years with them.


On the other hand, it seemed Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were fine with his leaving, and she only nodded upon hearing that.


Just then, Big Brother Huang said, “You can leave, but our territories will have to stay here.”


Yang Kai instantly sported a dark expression as his face twitched, “What do you mean?”


Big Brother Huang drew a circle with his hand, “These territories!” He directly included thirty percent of Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


Yang Kai coughed and replied, “No. It’s my Small Universe. I’ll die if I leave behind such a large area.”


Certainly, he wouldn’t die because of that, but his strength would plunge by cutting off such a large area of his Small Universe and his foundation would be crippled, meaning he would lose any hope of achieving another breakthrough in his life.


“Come up with a solution, then. Don’t affect our fight.”


“That’s easy.” Yang Kai was well prepared. Since he had decided to leave, he naturally wouldn’t run away with no backup plan. They wouldn’t agree to it, either.


Small Stone Race members just needed a simple environment to live. He just had to look for a new place for them to develop.


Fortunately, the Chaotic Dead Territory was full of shattered Universe Worlds. He just had to look for a larger shattered Spirit Province so that they could continue the fight freely.


After Yang Kai brought his idea up, Big Brother Huang spread his palms, “There’s none left.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai widened his eyes.


Big Brother Huang stomped his foot, “There were some in the past, but they were all eaten by this guy.”


He was talking about Ah Er.


At that, Yang Kai was speechless.


After Big Brother Huang stomped his foot on the ground, Ah Er, who had been sound asleep, suddenly awakened. This time, he didn’t appear to be sulky as he just charged forward into the distance.


Judging from the direction he was heading, his destination was the Territory Gate.


Since all the shattered Universe Worlds in the Chaotic Dead Territory were consumed by Ah Er, there was no reason for him to stay.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t intend to stop him from leaving.


It wasn’t the first time Giant Spirit God Clan members visited their territory. Whenever their fight affected a new Great Territory, which resulted in numerous Universe Worlds getting destroyed, Giant Spirit Gods would get wind of it and arrive at this place. After they were done with wolfing down all the shattered Universe Worlds, they would leave.


The two of them were already used to it.


A few days later, the Territory Gate came into sight. Just like how Ah Er entered this place back then, he growled as his body shrank rapidly. The next moment, he plunged into the Territory Gate and disappeared.


On the other hand, Yang Kai’s Small Universe remained in place.


His Small Universe was placed on Ah Er’s head, so it had been moving alongside him; however, even though Ah Er was now gone, Yang Kai was left behind.


He couldn’t detect Big Brother Huang or Big Sister Lan making any moves, but he knew that it had something to do with them.


At that moment, he was heartbroken at the fact that Ah Er abandoned him just like that.


Meanwhile, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan directly ignored his depression. To them, they just needed Yang Kai’s Small Universe to serve as their battlefield. As for Yang Kai himself, he didn’t matter to them.


Yang Kai felt his head aching as he watched the two in his Small Universe.


There was no way he could leave this place before solving this problem. With that said, he reckoned that it wasn’t so hard to solve this problem after all.


As he darted his gaze around, an idea soon came into his mind.


“Good, Big Brother Huang, Big Sister Lan. I’ll look for a new battlefield that’s much bigger and expansive than the current one so that you’ll be able to fight more freely. What do you think?”


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan exchanged glances before nodding gently, “Go ahead, then.”


Yang Kai said, “I have to leave this place for a short while. This place doesn’t have the things you need.”




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