Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4805, Gift


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Yang Kai and the Ancestor had put a lot of shattered Spirit Provinces inside their Small Universes and were continuously consuming their own strength to suppress the World Force from these Spirit Provinces.


Otherwise, once the foreign World Force penetrated their Small Universes, impurities would be formed, and they would have to spend some effort to get rid of them.


This matter couldn’t be delayed, so they quickly fished out the shattered Spirit Provinces from their Small Universes.


Although the Ancestor had precise control over his power and had cut the Universe World into neat pieces, it was difficult to put these shattered Spirit Provinces back together in their original form.


Fortunately, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t demand them to do so, nor did Yang Kai intend to put these pieces together just the way they were.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan just needed a battlefield where they could fight freely, so they didn’t have any demands when it came to the venue.


Therefore, barely half a day later, an expansive territory that was made from Spirit Provinces of different sizes was completed.


In order to make it easier for them to battle with one another, Yang Kai had intentionally created a rectangular battlefield. In that case, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan could respectively occupy half of the territory and nurture their armies to fight with each other.


After the two of them took a stroll around, they were pleased with their new game board. At the very least, it was much bigger than the previous territory provided by Yang Kai. This kind of territory that was made from an entire Universe World could accommodate billions of lives, which was enough for them to keep on playing this game for many years to come.


The next moment, Yang Kai released the Small Stone Race members that they had been nurturing inside his Small Universe.


The Eighth-Order Ancestor was dumbfounded when he saw the several tens of millions of Small Stone Race members. Despite being an experienced person, he had never seen such living creatures before. He had no idea where Yang Kai had found them, so he speculated that these unique living creatures might belong to the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer.


It wasn’t easy to help these millions of soldiers settle down, so it took Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan a few days to organize them.


During this period of time, Yang Kai and the Eighth-Order Ancestor had been waiting patiently.


Yang Kai wanted to wait for Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to settle everything before leaving; after all, he had promised to help them with it. As for the Eighth-Order Ancestor, he wouldn’t dare to say anything in front of these formidable beings.


More than ten days later, all the soldiers had finally been settled in.


It was then Yang Kai bid Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan farewell.


Although they were a bit reluctant to part ways with their new Little Brother, they didn’t intend to make him stay. Before Yang Kai’s departure, Big Brother Huang suddenly said, “Thanks for what you’ve done for us during this period.”


Despite knowing that Yang Kai had gained a lot of benefits from them, they didn’t really care about those things. As far as they were concerned, it was thanks to Yang Kai’s own opportunity and capability that he had obtained those benefits. On the other hand, they had found a more peaceful and useful way to settle the dispute between them that had persisted for so many years upon his arrival.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Don’t mention it, Big Brother Huang. In fact, I should be the one thanking the two of you.”


Big Brother Huang shook his head, “It’s different.”


Big Sister Lan came over and beamed at him, “That’s right. Even though we would respectively lose or win the game, I’ve finally heard him call me Big Sister at the very least. I had never heard him call me that before your arrival.”


There was a haughty expression on Big Brother Huang’s face, “Have you never called me Big Brother?”


Big Sister Lan corrected him with a solemn expression, “You call me Big Sister more frequently, though.”


Instantly, Big Brother Huang felt humiliated and balled up his fists, “I have several dozen million soldiers with me now. I’ll definitely destroy you!”


“Bring it on! It’s not like I’m afraid of you. I have an army as well!” Big Sister Lan replied defiantly.


While they were engrossed in bickering with one another, the Ancestor was quivering like a quail in winter as he was worried that the two of them would suddenly come to blows.


If that happened, at this kind of range, he wouldn’t even know how he died.


He then turned to look at Yang Kai in the hope that the latter would persuade them to stop arguing, only to see him looking calm and collected. Admiration was written all over the Ancestor’s face at that instant.


Seeing that their argument was intensifying, Yang Kai had no choice but to stop them, “Good, stop arguing since there’s a battle ahead of you. I’ll take my leave now. Please take care of yourselves. I’ll visit you again when there’s a chance.”


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan shut their mouths at exactly the same time and turned to gaze at him. All of a sudden, they said simultaneously, ““Before you leave, we’ll give you a gift.””


Upon finishing their words, they raised their hands and pointed their fingers at Yang Kai.


No noise could be heard, nor was there any fluctuation of energy or any kind of anomaly at all.


Yang Kai didn’t feel or see anything.


On the other hand, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan stopped responding to him as they dashed towards the newly formed battlefield and directed their own armies to fight with each other. Their fighting spirits had been ignited following the argument as they were now eager to defeat the other party and make them surrender.


With a frown, Yang Kai examined himself, but he still couldn’t feel anything.


He then turned his head and asked, “Did you see anything, Ancestor?”


The Ancestor shook his head, “No.”


He had heard the two of them say that they were giving Yang Kai a gift, and he had also seen them pointing their fingers at Yang Kai, but there was nothing else.


“Do you feel that there’s anything different, Martial Nephew?” The Ancestor asked cautiously. Since the two of them had said they would give Yang Kai a gift, they certainly were not lying; however, the current situation was strange.


Yang Kai shook his head as he didn’t detect any difference in his body.


After pondering on it for a moment, the Ancestor said, “Their powers are inscrutable. Perhaps we’re too weak to discover it. I’m sure the benefits of this gift will manifest in the years to come.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Perhaps you’re right.”


After taking another glance at the newly formed territory, Yang Kai left the place with the Ancestor. The armies behind them had already started clashing with each other.


In front of the Territory Gate, the Ancestor asked with an amiable expression, “Where are you going, Martial Nephew?”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied, “I have to head to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.”


Upon hearing that, the Ancestor instantly realised his intention. Yang Kai had won first place in the Dao Theory Assembly, after which Qu Hua Shang had been confined for 100 years. After some calculations, the Ancestor realised that those 100 years had passed some time ago. Yang Kai had been held up in the Chaotic Dead Territory, so he wasn’t able to head to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven on time. Now that he could leave though, he naturally had to hurry over.


“I hope you’ll have a smooth journey then, Martial Nephew.” The Ancestor put on a gentle smile.


Yang Kai saluted him and cupped his fist, “Until we meet again.”


The Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters sported conflicted expressions as they watched Yang Kai leave. They had seen how the Ancestor was treating Yang Kai in such an amicable manner, which was something unprecedented. Although they were in the Seventh-Order, which was one Order above Yang Kai, they had never received such a treatment from the Ancestor before.


It was inconceivable that an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would treat a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master so cordially.


With that said, Yang Kai was obviously no ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master as he was able to enter and leave the Chaotic Dead Territory freely.


“Ancestor… is the Chaotic Dead Territory really safe now?” One of the Masters asked.


After measuring his words, the Ancestor replied, “The status quo has changed, but as long as those two beings exist, it will never really be considered safe.”


All of them nodded in agreement. Although Yang Kai said he had found a new game for the two of them to occupy their time, no one knew how long their passion for the game would last. Perhaps they would lose interest a few years later. By then, another round of devastating fights would happen and destruction would reign once more.


Hence, they had to stay in this place and continue monitoring the situation.


In the void, Yang Kai fished out a Universe Chart to identify his current location. He then charted a route that led to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


After making some calculations, he realised that it would only take him two months to pass through more than ten Great Territories and arrive at Yin-Yang Territory given his current speed.


Most people couldn’t be as swift as he was and it would take the average Sixth-Order Master half a year to reach Yin-Yang Cave Heaven from this position. However, as an expert in the Dao of Space, Yang Kai could enjoy this kind of convenience.


Qu Hua Shang was supposed to have come out of the confinement by now. Yang Kai felt guilty that he hadn’t managed to meet up with her on time as they had agreed.


It was an accident that he came across the Giant Spirit God and was subsequently brought into the Chaotic Dead Territory. Before that, he had no idea that Ah Er was heading to the Chaotic Dead Territory, and he had never expected that he wouldn’t be able to come out until so many years later.


He wondered if Xu Ling Gong would kill him when he arrived at Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


A sense of fear overwhelmed him when he recalled the way Xu Ling Gong held a sword menacingly in his hand.


He decided that he would directly give Xu Ling Gong an expensive bridegroom’s gift in order to appease him. He had obtained a lot of valuable items from the Chaotic Dead Territory, so he was sure that Xu Ling Gong would be pleased.


On his way to his destination, Yang Kai examined himself again. Before his departure, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan said that they were giving him a gift, but they only pointed at him in silence, which befuddled him.


After another thorough examination, he still hadn’t discovered anything.


[Could the two of them have been messing with me? Given their temperaments, it’s not impossible…]


After all, he had already obtained a lot of benefits from the Chaotic Dead Territory, so there was no reason for Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to give him an additional gift.


Upon that realisation, Yang Kai couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


However, some time after he decided to stop examining himself, there came a moment when he felt that something was off while he was heading to his destination.


The Dragon Vein in his body suddenly started throbbing for no apparent reason. Following that, it became scorching hot just like boiling water.


In an instant, Yang Kai became as red as a cooked shrimp while smoke could be seen billowing from his figure.


His Dragon Vein didn’t stopped rumbling from that point on while a violent force could be felt expanding internally. Yang Kai had a feeling that he would soon be unable to suppress it any longer.


Realising that he was in trouble, he quickly looked around and soon spotted a medium-sized Universe World before plunging into it.


Given his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, he could easily break through the World Barrier of this Universe World and pass through the clouds. A moment later, an ocean came into his sight.


Spotting a huge island in the middle of the ocean, Yang Kai landed on it like a meteorite, forming a deep crater in the ground.


He had used his last bit of power to come all the way here, so he was no longer able to suppress the roiling force in his body.


Therefore, as soon as he landed on the ground, cracking sounds could be heard coming from all over his figure.


The next moment, Yang Kai’s body started expanding rapidly. He uncontrollably let out a resounding Dragon Roar as his petite figure turned into a 10,000 metres long Grand Dragon.


Dragon Transformation!


This time, he wasn’t the one who took the initiative to transform into a Dragon; instead, he had no choice but to turn into a Grand Dragon following the unrest of the Dragon Vein in his body.




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