Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4806, 20,000 Metres


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Yang Kai felt so scorchingly hot that it was as though he was burning.


Instinctively, he shook his head and plunged into the water as he headed to the depths of the ocean. The deeper he went, the colder he felt.


While he finally felt a sense of comfort, the ocean water started boiling wherever he went. In an instant, the area around him became a vacuum.


He had no idea what was going on with him, but he didn’t feel a sense of danger; instead, he was looking forward to what would soon happen, though he wasn’t sure what that would be.


Yang Kai soon realised what was going on. Following an excruciating pain, all the bones in his body started cracking loudly. His 10,000 metres figure, which was already colossal, was rapidly expanding at a speed that far exceeded his imagination.


He had obtained the Golden Divine Dragon Source when he was still in Tong Xuan Realm in the past. When he came across Zhu Qing in the Star Boundary, he was taught the Dragon Transformation Secret Art by her, which allowed him to tap into the power of his Dragon Vein and transform into a Half-Dragon.


Nevertheless, even after cultivating for many years, he could only transform into a 3,000 metre tall Half-Dragon.


If not for the opportunity in Ancestral Land where he obtained the Crystal Palace of the Dragon Clan and refined a lot of Ancestral Spirit Crystals and Spirit Fruits, it would have taken him thousands of years before he could become a Grand Dragon.


It took Dragon Clan members a painfully long time to grow. Not only the Dragon Clan though, but all Divine Spirits suffered from this problem. That was the reason the Divine Spirits were not willing to leave Ancestral Land. The Ancestral Strength in that place was extremely important to the Divine Spirits as it could greatly reduce the time they needed to mature and grow.


Yang Kai had already planned on heading to the Ancestral Land to cultivate in seclusion after ascending to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm so that he could further strengthen his Dragon Vein; however, that would only happen a long time from now.


He was only in the Sixth-Order currently, so he still had to make it to the Seventh-Order before he could even think of reaching the Eighth-Order.


Given his heritage, it wouldn’t take him a long time to make it to the Seventh-Order, but it would require a long, long time for him to ascend to the Eighth-Order. It could be several thousand years, or even 10,000 years.


With that said, it wasn’t the most pressing issue at hand. Although he could be considered a Pureblood Dragon after becoming a Grand Dragon, Yang Kai was still a Human, and he was most reliant on his Open Heaven Realm cultivation; therefore, he was determined to make it to the Eighth-Order, which was supposedly his limit.


Nevertheless, he had never expected that following a significant improvement in his Dragon Vein in the Ancestral Land, he would see another improvement so soon. Furthermore, this improvement was far more rapid, intense, and violent than the one he had experienced in the Crystal Palace in the Ancestral Land.


He could clearly feel that his Dragon Vein was becoming purer by the breath under the inducement of a strange force. As a result, his figure was expanding beyond his control.


The strength of a Dragon Clan member was manifested in their size. The bigger a Dragon Clan member was, the purer their bloodline was, and the more powerful they were.


His 10,000 metre figure became stagnant after he left the Ancestral Land, but now, in just half a day, it had expanded by several dozen metres.


One day later, it grew by another 1,000 metres.


Even his robust Grand Dragon body was unable to bear this kind of rapid improvement. His bones kept becoming dislocated and restructured while his skin started cracking. Golden Blood started streaming into the ocean, and even his Dragon Scales, which covered his entire figure, started shedding.


Wherever Yang Kai went, he would leave a golden stain in the ocean.


The beasts in the ocean seemed to have detected this metallic tang and soon swarmed over.


Faced with the allure of a Grand Dragon’s blood, these Sea Beasts with low sentience couldn’t resist it as they yearned to become stronger. They opened their mouths wide and absorbed the sea water that contained the golden Dragon Blood with reckless abandon.


Wherever it was, Dragon Blood was a treasure, for the blood contained the secrets behind the Dragon Clan’s power, which was the greatest in the world.


Many Secret Techniques and Spirit Pills required Dragon Blood to complete.


However, Pureblood Dragons were extremely rare, so it was difficult to find their blood. Hence, they could only replace it with the blood of Monster Beasts and spirit beasts that were Dragonkin. Naturally, this solution wasn’t very effective.


The blood that streamed out of Yang Kai’s body wasn’t just Pureblood Dragon’s blood; it was the Dragon Blood of a Golden Divine Dragon. There was no doubt that it was a rarity among rarities.


Just a bit of his blood contained a horrifying power.


Therefore, wherever Yang Kai went, a large number of fish and beasts lost their lives. The initially serene ocean was now filled with carcasses.


His Grand Dragon figure was still expanding while the Dragon Vein in his body was becoming purer. The speed of the purification even made Yang Kai feel a sense of unease.


However, when he became certain about the source of this sudden transformation, all the uneasiness vanished and was replaced by endless joy.


Half a month later, he stopped feeling like he was burning while his Dragon Vein finally calmed down.


On a certain island, Yang Kai remained in his Grand Dragon Form as his colossal figure lay on the beach, nearly occupying the entire island. Although he had benefited greatly from the transformation, he was well and truly knackered. Additionally, despite obtaining a greater power, he wasn’t used to it so he needed to get some rest to begin adjusting.


Under the scorching Sun, his Dragon Scales radiated a golden glow that could dazzle the entire world.


20,000 metres!


After half a month of agony, his figure was now twice as large. His Dragon Form had gone from 10,000 metres to 20,000 metres.


When he was refining Ancestral Spirit Crystals and Spirit Fruits in the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace in the Ancestral Land, his Dragon Vein became purer by the day and Yang Kai had thought that such speed was already outrageously fast.


It wasn’t until this moment that he realised he was too naive. His cultivation during that period of time back then was incomparable to his current transformation.


No Grand Dragon in the world could double his size in half a month like Yang Kai had just gone through.


[So, this is the gift Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan gave me before I left!]


He had already figured it out the day after the transformation started. Previously, even though Yang Kai had thoroughly examined himself, he didn’t discover anything out of the ordinary, but that was because he had remained in his Human Form. It wasn’t until he transformed into a Dragon that the gift from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan manifested.


Presently, there were two amazing powers that were swirling about inside his Dragon Bead.


Only when a Dragon Bead developed in a Dragon Clan member’s body would he be considered a Grand Dragon.


Certainly, Yang Kai had a Dragon Bead as well. After he turned into a Dragon, the Dragon Bead naturally rested under his chin. Just like what a Monster Core was to a Monster Beast, the Dragon Bead was the condensation of a Dragon Clan member’s cultivation, so it was extremely powerful.


Yang Kai didn’t detect anything when Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan pointed their fingers at him back then, but their powers had somehow snuck into his Dragon Bead, just waiting to burst out.


The two of them were the ancestors of all Divine Spirits, so all Divine Spirits were like their children and grandchildren.


Hence, despite their nonchalance when they pointed their fingers at Yang Kai, they could easily stimulate the power of his Dragon Vein and rapidly purify his bloodline.


While thankful, Yang Kai also felt quite aggrieved.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan could have explained all this to him, but they acted mysterious instead. Yang Kai initially thought that they were just playing a prank on him, so it surprised him greatly when he realised that there was actually a gift.


This purification process thoroughly exhausted Yang Kai. It wasn’t that he was trying to resist it, but the speed of the purification was a grueling physical and mental test for him. Fortunately, the transformation didn’t take place when he was in battle.


If such a transformation in his Dragon Vein took place when he was in battle, he wouldn’t be able to keep fighting. Instead, he would be injured or even killed when his strength went out of control


It was truly an invaluable gift, but there were a lot of complaints to be had.


Presently, Yang Kai was both elated and worried. The mysterious forces from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan in his Dragon Bead had helped him purify his bloodline and caused his Grand Dragon form to go through exponential growth, but they hadn’t been exhausted yet and still remained hidden in his Dragon Bead.


Yang Kai wondered if they would be activated to give him another pleasant surprise when he was unsuspecting.


This move by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan was like a prank from two young kids. They were previously led by the nose by Yang Kai in the Chaotic Dead Territory, which was why they decided to give him a gift that also served as a punishment before his departure.


They wouldn’t care if Yang Kai would fall into danger because of that.


Realizing this, Yang Kai was speechless.


The powers from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan could help improve his bloodline, but the problem was that he was unable to control the process.


He had the urge to go back to the Chaotic Dead Territory and argue with the two of them.


However, considering the fact that he had gained such a massive benefit, he decided to give up on the idea. He could only think to himself that he had to be cautious in the future. If the powers in his Dragon Bead really exploded when he was in a fight with formidable enemies, he would end up in a horrible state.


There was no doubt that a Dragon Clan member had incredible restorative powers. Although all of Yang Kai’s skin had cracked during the purification process, his wounds were swiftly healed.


While feeling calm, Yang Kai silently sensed the increased power in his body.


When he became a Grand Dragon in the Ancestral Land, he already had the capital to fight with a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Now that his figure had grown to 20,000 metres, the average Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t be a match for him.


Nevertheless, his power now felt a little strange to him.


As a Human, he was still in the Sixth-Order. If he was faced with a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he might be able to go up against them, but he might not succeed in defeating such an opponent. He could hardly cross the huge gap between the Sixth-Order and the Seventh-Order.


However, if he transformed into a Grand Dragon, he could instantly become a match for even a Peak Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai figured he still couldn’t face an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even though he had no idea how powerful an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm truly was, he had a vague understanding.


As he was lost in though, Yang Kai suddenly heard some splashing sounds coming from nearby and opened his eyes to look out at the ocean.


There seemed to be a big fish swimming under the water. The next moment, the sea water separated to the sides and revealed a sea carp that radiated a faint golden glow. The carp was several dozen metres away from Yang Kai’s head and was staring up at him.


At that moment, Yang Kai’s expression turned awkward.


That was because he could feel that this sea carp had a bloodline that was related to him. It was as though this sea carp was his descendant.


Even though he was previously distracted by the purification of his Dragon Vein, Yang Kai was still aware of the changes that his Dragon Blood had caused to the surrounding ocean.


Those Sea Beasts that had coveted his Dragon Blood and consumed it, regardless of their sizes and strengths, were all dead by now. They were unable to bear the violent force within his pure Dragon Blood.




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