Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4807, Golden Carp


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While Yang Kai’s Dragon Blood had caused countless Sea Beasts to lose their lives, there seemed to be a little survivor here.


The sea carp before his eyes had obviously consumed his Dragon Blood, but it was lucky enough to keep its life.


That was the reason Yang Kai could feel that their bloodlines were connected.


The aura of this sea carp wasn’t particularly powerful, so Yang Kai couldn’t figure out why it could survive after chugging down his Dragon Blood. Supposedly, there was no reason for such a weak living creature to survive, but the sea carp had achieved just that.


Yang Kai could only think that life was indeed full of mysteries. There were many seemingly impossible things in the world that had actually happened. It was exactly because of these things that shouldn’t have existed that brought about endless wonder and amazing changes to this expansive universe.


At this moment, the sea carp was holding a Dragon Scale the size of a dustpan in its mouth. The Dragon Scale radiated a golden glow and exuded a strong Dragon Clan aura.


Apparently, it was a Dragon Scale that fell off from Yang Kai’s figure.


Due to the expansion of his figure, a lot of Dragon Scales had fallen off.


After they stared at each other for a moment, Yang Kai closed his eyes. Although he was amazed by the survival of this small creature, it wasn’t worth too much of his attention.


The most pressing issue at hand for him was to familiarise himself with his increased strength; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to fully use his power when he was in a fight with his enemies.


The sea carp was initially an ordinary Sea Beast, but after consuming the golden Dragon Blood, it now had a faint Dragon Clan bloodline. Therefore, it could be considered a Dragonborn.


The Dragon Pressure from a 20,000 metres Grand Dragon should have a powerful suppression on the sea carp. Usually, a weak Dragonborn like the sea carp could only shiver and hang its head low in front of Yang Kai.


However, the little fish didn’t seem to be affected by this kind of bloodline suppression. Although it was afraid, its eyes were also filled with a sense of yearning.


The sea carp was supposed to have low sentience, but its emotions were now undulating in its heart.


When Yang Kai closed his eyes, the sea carp appeared to be disappointed. As its golden tail repeatedly tapped on the ocean, the sea carp caused the water to splash.


A moment later, it swam forward and crawled on the beach with difficulty before putting the huge Dragon Scale down in front of Yang Kai. Following that, it squirmed back into the ocean and leaped out of the water with joy before swimming towards the depths of the ocean.


When Yang Kai opened his eyes two months later, he saw that there were a lot of his own Dragon Scales in front of him while the sea carp was nowhere to be seen, causing him to wonder where it was.


Yang Kai tilted his head slightly and looked down at the Dragon Scales in silence.


While Dragon Blood was a treasure, Dragon Scales were equally valuable. When he was in Human form, Yang Kai could summon his Dragon Scales around his figure to protect himself.


Even just one piece of these fallen Dragon Scales could be used by a skillful Artifact Refiner to create a sturdy Artifact Armour of extraordinary quality.


There was an awkward expression on Yang Kai’s face when he realised that the things that he had literally shed from his body could well be the treasures in other people’s eyes.


There were about 1,000 Dragon Scales on the beach. It seemed the sea carp had patiently found them from the depths of the ocean and sent them to him.


Just then, a gurgling sound was heard as there seemed to be a ferocious beast in the ocean. The next instant, the sea water separated to the sides and revealed the sea carp’s figure.


When the sea carp previously appeared, it was only 10 metres long, but barely two months later, it had grown to be 100 metres in length. Moreover, the golden glow around it had become much more dazzling as its scales were starting to look less like fish scales and more like Dragon Scales.


There was no doubt that its aura had grown stronger as well. Even though the sea carp was still weak in Yang Kai’s eyes, it had actually experienced shocking growth in just two months’ time.


The sea carp’s eyes had become brighter and more intelligent as well.


Presently, there was a Dragon Scale in its mouth that it had found from the depths of the ocean. Since it had consumed Yang Kai’s Dragon Blood, it could easily locate those fallen Dragon Scales; otherwise, it couldn’t have found so many in just two months.


All the Dragon Scales that the sea carp had found from the ocean were sent to Yang Kai.


As their eyes met, the sea carp leaped into the air as though it was waiting for Yang Kai’s compliment. Then, it stared silently at him.


Faced with the gigantic and majestic Grand Dragon, the sea carp wasn’t frightened in the slightest. Instead, it was filled with joy.


Yang Kai extended his Dragon Claw and grabbed the sea carp alongside a large area of the ocean before pulling them closer to himself. After giving it a thought, he sent them into his Small Universe.


Since their fates were connected in a way, he decided to keep the sea carp.


As for the large amount of Dragon Scales on the ground, Yang Kai didn’t intend to give up on them. Although these things had fallen off from his body, they were all treasures. Sometime in the future, he could send them to Great Evolution Paradise and ask Grandmaster Ma Fan to make some Artifact Armours for him.


Although the sea carp had exerted itself to bring back the 1,000 or so Dragon Scales from the ocean over the past two months, a lot of them remained under the waves.


As a thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, all the Dragon Scales, which were scattered around the ocean, seemed to have been summoned as they leaped out of the ocean and turned into rays of light before coming to Yang Kai.


Strictly speaking, these Dragon Scales were left behind after his transformation, so he could easily summon them.


He then dispelled his Dragon Form and turned back into a Human. As he looked in a particular direction, he leaped into the air.


100 kilometres away in that direction, several figures saluted him and watched him leave respectfully.


They were the Great Emperors of this Universe World.


In fact, they had already detected it when Yang Kai broke through the barrier of this Universe World and arrived at this place; after all, they were the Great Emperors acknowledged by the Heavenly Way of this World, so they were fully aware of everything that was going on in it.


However, Yang Kai’s Dragon Pressure was far too intimidating; therefore, even though these Great Emperors had noticed the arrival of a powerful cultivator, they didn’t dare to disturb him. They could only watch over him from a distance.


Over the past two months, these Great Emperors had been on pins and needles; after all, they didn’t know whether Yang Kai was an ill-intentioned person who wanted to harm this Universe World.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai appeared in his Dragon Form and lay on the beach that they realised he was a legendary Dragon Clan member. At that moment, they were overwhelmed by a sense of admiration.


Wherever they were, Dragons were a symbol of the most powerful beings. This Universe World was no exception.


The Great Emperors could also finally set their minds at ease.


After all, they had never heard of Dragon Clan members committing acts of evil or slaughter without provocation, so they could stop worrying. On the other hand, it was their greatest honour to personally see a Dragon Clan member.


When Yang Kai left, they saluted him as it was a form of respect for a more powerful being.


In the meantime, a loud boom sent a shockwave across Seven Stars Sect in Yang Kai’s Small Universe. No one knew what had happened in the Sect as they just felt the ground shaking.


Sect Master Shang Guan Ji and the other Elders quickly came over to find out what was going on, and it didn’t take long before they were dumbfounded by the sight before them.


That was because there was initially a huge and beautiful mountain valley in the Sect, but now, it had turned into a lake.


The lake was filled with clear water that reflected the blue sky.


A doubtful Shang Guan Ji asked the other Elders, “Has there always been such a lake in our Sect?”


All of them shook their heads with Guan Qian Xing replying, “This should be Serene Light Valley. I visited this place yesterday. Why did it suddenly become a lake?”


It was inconceivable that a mountain valley had turned into a lake, and if not for the tremor just now, they wouldn’t have noticed anything at all.


With that said, they were certain that the loud boom had something to do with this transformation.


After giving it a thought, Shang Guan Ji hypothesized, “Perhaps it’s the Ancestor’s doing…”


No one knew how powerful the Ancestor truly was, not just the other great forces in the Void Continent, but even the people in Seven Stars Sect.


These people had tried to probe Xu Yi regarding this matter, but even this Legacy Disciple knew little about it. Yang Kai had never showcased his true power in front of Xu Yi, and even if he did, Xu Yi wouldn’t be able to comprehend it given his current vision.


If Shang Guan Ji were to describe the Ancestor’s power, the only word that came into his mind was ‘inscrutable’.


Everything could be explained if this was really the Ancestor’s doing; however, they still had to find out whether that was indeed the case.


Just when Shang Guan Ji was preparing to head to the Ancestor’s residence, a gigantic shadow suddenly appeared in the middle of the lake. The next moment, a dangerous aura swept out.


“Watch out!” Shang Guan Ji cried out in panic. He was now in the First-Order Emperor Realm, and other than the Ancestor, he was the only Emperor Realm Master in Seven Stars Sect. Therefore, he was the first one to detect the aura.


Before the group even came to their senses, a large golden carp suddenly leaped out of the lake. Under the brilliant Sun, the golden carp radiated a golden glow so bright that these people were almost unable to keep their eyes open.


All of them couldn’t help but narrow their gazes.




The next instant, the golden carp sprayed out a mouthful of water at all of them.


With a solemn expression, Shang Guan Ji activated his Emperor Qi and blocked off the water. Soon after though, he realised that the water sprayed out from the golden carp’s mouth wasn’t harmful at all. It was as though the Sea Beast was just playing a prank on them.


Certainly, the golden carp was puzzled by his action. After falling back into the lake, it stared at them for a moment before it became elated. As it flapped its tail, it took in a lot of water and leaped into the air before spraying it at Shang Guan Ji and the others again.


Shang Guan Ji raised his hand again, but this time, he could feel a bit of power from the water sprayed out of the golden carp’s mouth.


As he kept blocking the water, the golden carp increasingly exerted more force until he was unable to fend off the water.


In that instant, the leaders of Seven Stars Sect were all soaked in water, causing them to appear quite embarrassed.


Shang Guan Ji put on a helpless smile, thinking that it must be the Ancestor who placed the golden carp and lake here; otherwise, he couldn’t think of any other possible explanations.


He could clearly feel that this golden carp was significantly more powerful than him. The only reason he had persevered for such a long time just now was that the other party was teasing him.


When Xu Yi came over in a rush and saw Shang Guan Ji and the others in such a state, he was naturally shocked.


As though Xu Yi was their saviour, Shang Guan Ji hurriedly asked, “Martial Nephew, what’s going on with this fish and lake? Has the Ancestor said anything?”


Xu Yi quickly saluted all of them and replied, “Honoured Master was the one who placed the fish and lake here. He told me to take good care of it.”


Upon hearing that, all of them breathed a sigh of relief. Even though they had speculated that it was the Ancestor’s doing, it wasn’t until Xu Yi confirmed it that they could be certain.




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