Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4808, Chen Xiu


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Yang Kai had spent some 30 years in the Chaotic Dead Territory. During this period, roughly 100 years had passed in the Small Universe.


Presently, the flow of time in the Small Universe was four times faster than the outside world.


When Xu Yi ascended to the Saint Realm from the Transcendent Realm, the flow of time in Yang Kai’s Small Universe accelerated from two times to three times that of the outside world. Above the Saint Realm were the Saint King Realm, Origin Returning Realm, Origin King Realm, and so on.


When Xu Yi made it to the Saint King Realm and the Origin Returning Realm, the flow of time in the Small Universe didn’t change.


However, when he broke through to the Origin King Realm, the flow of time in Yang Kai’s Small Universe became four times faster.


Now, Xu Yi was already at the peak of the Origin King Realm. If Yang Kai hadn’t told him to suppress his cultivation, he would’ve made it to the Dao Source Realm already.


The growth of Xu Yi was neither slow nor fast. In just 100 years, he had grown from a mortal without any foundation to an Origin King Realm Master. The average person would have been proud of such an achievement, but Xu Yi was different. He was Yang Kai’s Third Disciple and was living in Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Furthermore, he had cultivated a Secret Art named the Great Nothingness Scripture that had been passed down from ancient times.


It wasn’t surprising that he had made such an achievement.


The reason Yang Kai told him to suppress his cultivation was that he wanted him to get prepared for ascending to the Open Heaven Realm.


It was just like how he wanted Zhao Ya to suppress her cultivation in the past. The Star Boundary was now a cradle to nurture future Open Heaven Realm Masters, and the lower one’s cultivation, the more benefits they could gain by cultivating there.


Although Xu Yi didn’t have a chance to start his Martial Dao in the Star Boundary from childhood, which would allow him to gain the greatest benefits from the World Tree, he would still achieve great things in life if he started cultivating in the Star Boundary as an Origin King cultivation.


Above the Origin King Realm were the Dao Source Realm and the Emperor Realm. Once he made it to the Dao Source Realm, he wouldn’t gain a lot of benefits by simply heading to the Star Boundary at this point.


Yang Kai planned on making him ascend to the Dao Source Realm in the Star Boundary. In that case, his potential might be fully cultivated, which would allow him to stand a chance to be on par with the growth rate of his Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister.


However, Xu Yi would have to suffer a little because of that.


Over the years, he had mainly relied on his dreams to cultivate; hence, whenever he cultivated, he would doze off, and he was now used to going to sleep every night. Since Yang Kai wanted him to suppress his cultivation and not achieve a breakthrough, it meant that he couldn’t sleep.


Initially, he would always feel sleepy and there were times when he almost slumbered off. Fortunately, Yang Kai managed to awaken him in time so that the latter didn’t have to bear the consequences of ascending to the Dao Source Realm.


Gradually, Xu Yi became used to fighting against sleepiness. When Yang Kai told him to take care of the golden carp, he really felt that this fish had come at the perfect time; after all, there was nothing else he could do since he was not allowed to sleep or cultivate.


Nevertheless, Xu Yi soon realised that the golden carp was simply too naughty. Every day, the fish would soak him in water, which caused him to constantly look disheveled and embarrassed.


The news that there was now a Sect Protecting Divine Beast spread like wildfire. Many disciples came over to see the Sea Beast, and when they saw the golden carp revealing itself, they would all exclaim in amazement.


The idea of a Sect Protecting Divine Beast came from Shang Guan Ji. Regardless of where the golden carp came from, it had to be given the title of Sect Protecting Divine Beast since it was brought to this place by the Ancestor.


Those who saw the golden carp before knew that this Sect Protecting Divine Beast was naughty and mischievous. The golden carp always seemed joyful when there were a lot of people around; therefore, the disciples didn’t mind getting splashed with water as they would always come to the lake to play with the fish, which actually saved Xu Yi a lot of trouble.


While Seven Stars Sect in the Small Universe was bustling with noise, Yang Kai travelled across the void round the clock and finally arrived at Yin-Yang Territory.


Although he had benefited greatly from the gift given to him by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan before his departure, a lot of uncertainties remained. He had no idea when the two forces hidden in his Dragon Bead would act up again, so he constantly had to keep an eye on them.


He was still reeling from the shock after the first experience. Although his Dragon Form and Dragon Vein would grow exponentially when the two forces exploded, it would also put him in a precarious situation.


Fortunately, despite not knowing when they would explode again, Yang Kai had determined that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon.


It wasn’t the first time Yang Kai visited Yin-Yang Territory.


However, he had tagged along Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui previously, while this time, he was on his own.


Just like Lang Ya Paradise, those from Yin-Yang Territory wouldn’t restrict anyone from entering or leaving this Great Territory; after all, there was a First-Class Star City in Yin-Yang Territory that was hustling and bustling with activity. If they imposed any restrictions, the popularity of the Star City would be affected.


The reason the Territory Gates of Yin-Yang Territory were cordoned off previously was that some of the Cave Heavens and Paradises had worked together to make things difficult for Yin-Yang Heaven since the Dao Theory Assembly was just around the corner.


Nevertheless, it was obviously different now.


The core area of Yin-Yang Territory was where the Headquarters of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven was located. Gazing at it from the void, one could see that the gigantic Spirit Province looked like two Yin-Yang fish with their heads and tails connected.


In the periphery of this Spirit Province that looked like Yin-Yang fish, there were other Spirit Provinces of different sizes. They were all considered part of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


With his previous experience in Lang Ya Paradise, Yang Kai was now familiar with how to enter the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Now, he was no longer a nobody as he had become a household name across the entire 3,000 Worlds.


Furthermore, he was a Son-in-Law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. This identity alone warranted a serious treatment from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


Yang Kai headed straight to the Star City and found the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was in charge of the Void Dock. After telling the person his name, he revealed his intention and asked him to send a message to Xu Ling Gong or Qu Hua Shang.


Certainly, the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master knew who Yang Kai was. The reason the Dao Theory Assembly was held in the past was to look for a Husband for Qu Hua Shang. The incident sparked a commotion in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


Qu Hua Shang was a Core Disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven and her aptitude and beauty were among the top in the world. Some of the disciples in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven who were a match for her wanted to marry her. Unfortunately, she had violated the rule which stated that all the Cave Heavens and Paradises had to stay united. Faced with external pressure, those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had no choice but to give an explanation.


The Dao Theory Assembly was the result.


It could be said that the popularity of Qu Hua Shang in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven was on par with, if not greater than that of Gu Ling’er in Lang Ya Paradise. After all, Qu Hua Shang was a Core Disciple while Gu Ling’er was not; there was a difference between their statuses.


Initially, the Dao Theory Assembly was a plot devised by those Cave Heavens and Paradises. They were ready to let their Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters get married into Yin-Yang Cave Heaven and become a partner of the Core Disciple.


However, a guy named Yang Kai came out of nowhere and forced the Cave Heavens and Paradises to change their strategy, which saved the reputation of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


Eventually, Yang Kai defeated all other competitors and won first place, which was shocking for everyone.


After the event, he became a household name across the 3,000 Worlds.


The series of changes that took place during the Dao Theory Assembly caught everyone off guard, especially when the Core Disciple of Thousand Crane Disciple, Zhao Xing, was killed. The consequence of it was that his Honoured Master, Zuo Quan Hui partnered with Heavenly Sword Union to launch a war against Void Land.


On the other hand, many of the disciples from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven were grateful to Yang Kai for what he had done during the Dao Theory Assembly. If he hadn’t interfered, Qu Hua Shang would have been forced to marry a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from one of those great forces.


It would be an intolerable outcome for everyone in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


In comparison, Yang Kai didn’t come from one of the Cave Heavens and Paradises, nor did he have a powerful background. Furthermore, he only made it to the Fifth-Order when he ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, so his future was dimmer compared to Qu Hua Shang’s. It could be said that he was not an equal match for Qu Hua Shang; however, since he had killed Zhao Xing, it didn’t seem unacceptable to let him become a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-in-Law.


Cultivators always respected the strong.


After the Dao Theory Assembly, Qu Hua Shang had to be confined for 100 years as punishment for her actions.


Now that 100 years had passed, Qu Hua Shang had stepped out of confinement. Nevertheless, Yang Kai still hadn’t shown up at this point. Instead, they heard a lot of strange news from the outside world.


Therefore, when the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, who was in charge of the Star City’s Void Dock, saw Yang Kai, he was surprised and doubtful.


After confirming Yang Kai’s identity, he didn’t make things difficult for him as he told him to get some rest in a room and hurriedly sent a message to the Sect.


Certainly, Yang Kai had seen the surprise and doubt in that person’s eyes. He had a feeling that his visit to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven this time wouldn’t be smooth sailing as he had imagined.


With that said, he was here to meet up with Qu Hua Shang following the 100-year promise. With Xu Ling Gong around, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything as the latter would just solve any problems that were thrown at him.


He had come into contact with quite a number of High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, including some of the Eighth-Order Ancestors; hence, the mystery and pressure surrounding the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters wouldn’t affect Yang Kai anymore.


Those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven reacted quickly. One hour after Yang Kai sat down, an elderly man, who was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, personally came over.


Upon opening the door, the elderly man looked smilingly at Yang Kai and nodded, “It’s said that the next generation will always be better than the previous one. It’s when I see young people like you that I realise I’m old.”


Yang Kai quickly saluted him, “Greetings, Martial Uncle. You’re still very strong.”


He was puzzled. Initially, he thought that either Qing Kui or Su Ying Xue would meet him and bring him to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven; however, none of them came to this place. Instead, there was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master that he didn’t know.


Without reading too much into it, Yang Kai asked, “May I ask your name, Senior?”


The elderly man replied with a smile, “My name is Chen Xiu.”


“So it is Martial Uncle Chen.” Yang Kai saluted him again.


“This is not a suitable place to have a talk. Come to the Sect with me.”




With Chen Xiu leading the way, it was easy for them to enter Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. When Yang Kai visited this place previously, he was told to stay on a certain Spirit Peak. He had also been to Qu Hua Shang’s residence, so he still remembered the route.


However, Chen Xiu didn’t intend to lead him to see Qu Hua Shang or Xu Ling Gong. Instead, he was heading to an unfamiliar Spirit Peak.


Yang Kai looked around with a calm expression.


Apparently, this Spirit Peak was where Chen Xiu cultivated. Upon arriving at the Spirit Peak, they entered a Grand Hall and each took a seat. Soon, an alluring and demure woman entered the hall. With her head hung low, she appeared to be quite bashful. The bit of redness on her cheeks was as beautiful as sunset.


What surprised Yang Kai was that the woman exuded a powerful aura which suggested that she was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Although her face was alluring, her eyes were as pure as spring water. Her clear eyes reflected everything that she could see. Charm and innocence perfectly integrated into her being, giving her a fascinating attraction.




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