Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4809, Tao Ling Wan


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The woman poured a cup of tea for Chen Xiu before elegantly walking up to Yang Kai.


In an instant, a pleasant fragrance tickled his nose.


“Please have some tea, Senior Brother,” the woman said in a small voice, which sounded as delightful as a silver bell. As she spoke, she took a quick glance at Yang Kai before lowering her gaze.


“Many thanks, Junior Sister.” Yang Kai nodded in response.


The woman started blushing and held the tray in her arms. Then, she strode towards Chen Xiu and stood obediently behind him.


Chen Xiu said with a smile, “She became my Disciple when she was a young child, and has never stepped out of the Sect before. She’s pretty bashful as she has rarely met outsiders. Please don’t laugh at her, Martial Nephew.”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied, “Junior Sister is beautiful and innocent. It’s rare to find anyone with such a temperament in this world.”


When the woman behind Chen Xiu heard his compliment, she hung her head even lower as her chin almost came into contact with her plump chest.


“What happened to you, Martial Nephew?” Chen Xiu didn’t seem to have the intention of talking about his Disciple as he quickly changed the topic.


There was a helpless smile on Yang Kai’s face as he replied, “It’s a long story. After I left Lang Ya Paradise, something happened and held me up for quite some time. Has Senior Sister Qu been released from her confinement, Martial Uncle?”


Chen Xiu nodded, “She was released almost ten years ago, and she had been waiting for you. Unfortunately…”


As he spoke, he shook his head as though he felt sorry for Qu Hua Shang.


A shocked Yang Kai asked, “Did anything happen to Senior Sister?”


Chen Xiu waved his hand, “Not really. It’s just that since you never showed up after she waited for a long time, she decided to cultivate in seclusion. She hasn’t exited even now.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai set his mind at ease. When he saw Chen Xiu’s expression just now, he thought that something had happened to Qu Hua Shang. Now that he knew she was fine, there was nothing he had to worry about.


“Martial Uncle, where is Martial Uncle Xu? What about Senior Brother Qing Kui and Senior Sister Su Ying Xue? Why don’t I see them?” Yang Kai was curious about this point. He was a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-in-Law on paper. As a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, Chen Xiu naturally had the right to receive him. However, this matter had something to do with Xu Ling Gong, so he should have been the one to show up.


Even if Xu Ling Gong wasn’t in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven at the moment, could Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue be busy as well?


Chen Xiu explained, “Senior Brother Xu and his Disciples were given an important task, so they left the Sect almost 100 years ago.”


Yang Kai was stunned, “100 years ago?”


It had been 100 years since Qu Hua Shang was confined, and Xu Ling Gong had left Yin-Yang Cave Heaven at around the same time. In other words, not long after the Dao Theory Assembly ended, Xu Ling Gong left the Sect with his two Disciples.


After making some calculations, Yang Kai reckoned that the incident happened after the matter regarding the World Tree in the Star Boundary was settled; after all, Xu Ling Gong was still in the Star Boundary at that time as he introduced the powerful cultivators from the Cave Heavens and Paradises to Yang Kai.


Then, he was also the one who helped persuade the higher-ups to let Yang Kai enter the Universe Temples to study the Universe Array.


Yang Kai had the urge to ask what kind of task Xu Ling Gong was given that the latter still hadn’t returned from after 100 years. However, as an outsider, it wasn’t his place to ask about such things. This task must be important and highly confidential; otherwise, they wouldn’t have asked a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Xu Ling Gong to do it. He had even brought his Disciples with him.


Yang Kai reckoned that if Qu Hua Shang hadn’t been confined, she would have been taken as well.


It was no wonder that he hadn’t seen Xu Ling Gong or any of his Disciples. Upon that realization, he set his mind at ease. Yang Kai was previously nervous as he thought that Xu Ling Gong was displeased with the fact that he hadn’t shown up on time. Perhaps the older man was hiding in the shadows somewhere, just waiting for a chance to hack at him with his sword.


“Martial Uncle, where is Senior Sister Qu now? I’d like to see her. Can you tell me?” Yang Kai asked politely.


Yang Kai found the issue to be thorny as Xu Ling Gong and his Disciples were not in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Other than Xu Ling Gong and his disciples, he basically knew no one else in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


With that said, the other issue he was worried about could be dealt with at a later time.


He was a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-in-Law, so he supposedly had to get married into the Sect. Nevertheless, he naturally wouldn’t agree to this. It wouldn’t have mattered if he were on his own; however, he was the leader of Void Land and High Heaven Pavilion. He was tangled up in many issues, so it was unrealistic for him to get married into Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


On the other hand, Qu Hua Shang was a Core Disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so there was no way they would let her go.


Initially, Yang Kai planned on having a discussion with Xu Ling Gong so that they could come up with a solution that was acceptable for both parties.


He had the intention to offer some compensation to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven since he had obtained immense rewards from the Chaotic Dead Territory. Just by taking out a small part of it he would be able to tempt the leaders of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to let Qu Hua Shang go.


However, since Xu Ling Gong wasn’t around, there was no one he could talk to about this issue. Having said that, this matter could be delayed for now.


Open Heaven Realm Masters enjoyed a very long life, so the matter between Qu Hua Shang and him didn’t have to be dealt with immediately.


Regardless, he had to meet Qu Hua Shang and find out what was on her mind. If she was willing to leave with him, he wouldn’t mind paying a hefty price for it. Nonetheless, if she wasn’t willing to do so, he wouldn’t force her.


Upon hearing this question though, Chen Xiu appeared hesitant, “There has not been any news about Martial Niece Qu since she started cultivating in seclusion, so it won’t be easy to see her. I’m sure you’re aware that a cultivator is most wary of external disturbance when he or she is cultivating in retreat. If that happens at a critical moment, they will suffer from cultivation dissonance. Or worse, lose their life.”


Yang Kai nodded as he was fully aware of this truth; thus, he cupped his fist and said, “Please tell me where she is, Martial Uncle. I’ll not disturb her as I’ll just wait outside. There will come a day when she steps out of it.”


After pondering on it with a frown, Chen Xiu nodded, “Good. Before Senior Brother Xu left, he told me to help handle the matter between you two. Since you’re here, there’s no way I’ll sit back and do nothing. I can gather some information on your behalf, but you mustn’t be overly anxious about it. Martial Niece Qu is now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it’s normal that she might spend decades in seclusion. During this period of time, you can just stay here. I’ll come to you if there’s any news.”


“Many thanks, Martial Uncle.” Yang Kai expressed his gratitude.


All of a sudden, Chen Xiu grabbed the Elder Token on his waist and probe it in silence for a while before rising from the chair, “Something has happened in the Sect. I have to take my leave now.”


He then turned to his Disciple, “Wan’er, you have to take good care of your Senior Brother Yang.”


The woman replied respectfully, “Yes.”


Following that, Chen Xiu flashed an apologetic smile at Yang Kai, “Martial Nephew, please wait here for a few days. I’ll inform you if there’s any news.”


Upon finishing his words, he strode out of the hall.


Presently, only Yang Kai and the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master named Wan’er were left in the Grand Hall. Just now, she had been hiding behind Chen Xiu. When Chen Xiu spoke to Yang Kai, she was too bashful to even lift her head.


The situation exacerbated since only the two of them were left now. Her face was as red as blood while she clenched the tray in her arms as though she was trying to seek a sense of security.


Yang Kai looked up at her and happened to see her stealing a glance at him. As their eyes met, the woman quickly looked away as though she was a frightened little animal. She appeared to be on pins and needles.


There was a helpless smile on Yang Kai’s face when he saw her behaving like this. If she wasn’t pretending, she must be very naïve and innocent. However, Yang Kai couldn’t see any traces of pretence, so he reckoned that the woman was indeed just sheepish.


“You are Junior Sister Wan’er, right?” Yang Kai asked in a gentle voice as he was worried that he would shock her if he spoke any louder.


With her head hung low, the woman nodded and replied in a small voice, “Tao Ling Wan…”


Yang Kai reckoned that it was her name; thus, he got up and said, “Please get me a room to stay, Junior Sister.”


Tao Ling Wan seemed to be in a dazed state and she didn’t seem to hear him. It wasn’t until Yang Kai repeated his words that she anxiously walked out of the hall, “P-Please come with me, Senior Brother.”


After a nod, Yang Kai followed her in a relaxed manner as he kept a distance of ten steps behind her.


The pleasant scent coming from the woman was like countless gentle hands that were tickling his heart.


Soon, they arrived at a room. Tao Ling Wan’s head remained low as she pushed the door open and stepped aside, “How do you find this room, Senior Brother?”


Yang Kai didn’t have any demands when it came to the room he had to stay in as he was just waiting for news from Chen Xiu, so he nodded, “Many thanks, Junior Sister.”


Upon entering the room, he realised that the place was small and there were barely any decorations. He then closed the door and took a seat.


He was surprised by the information he had heard from Chen Xiu on this day. It had been 100 years since Xu Ling Gong and his Disciples left Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. He wondered what kind of task they were assigned.


On the other hand, Qu Hua Shang started cultivating in seclusion several years ago. Was she furious at the fact that Yang Kai didn’t show up on time? He felt somewhat apprehensive. Although it was because he had been held up in the Chaotic Dead Territory, that was ultimately his own fault.


If not for his curiosity, he wouldn’t have followed the Giant Spirit God and barged into the Chaotic Dead Territory. He could have just returned to High Heaven Territory after leaving Lang Ya Paradise. In that case, he would have ample time to head to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


He reckoned that he had to sincerely apologise to Qu Hua Shang when they met again.


Fortunately, Qu Hua Shang wasn’t a small-minded woman, so he believed that she would understand after he explained everything to her.


While he was lost in his thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly furrowed his brow.


After rising from the chair, he opened the door and looked out, “Why are you still here, Junior Sister?”


Just now, he could sense that Tao Ling Wan never moved away from the door. Even the tray was still firmly held in her arms.


“Is there anything you need to tell me?” Yang Kai asked with concern.


Tao Ling Wan quickly shook her head, “Nothing. It’s just that Honoured Master has told me to take good care of you.”


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “There’s no need for that. Just do your own things. I’m fine with being alone.”


With her head hung low, Tao Ling Wan said in a small voice, “It’s an order from Honoured Master.”


Yang Kai didn’t know what to say. After giving it a thought, he said, “Junior Sister, why don’t you get some rest first? I’ll call out to you if I need anything.”


Tao Ling Wan didn’t say anything, nor did she take any action.


It seemed that Yang Kai was unable to reason with her. He had no idea whether Chen Xiu had told her anything or it was just her nature.


However, it wasn’t like he could let her keep standing outside the room. She wasn’t a maidservant but a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


If the others from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven saw that Tao Ling Wan was standing outside his room as though she was ready to serve him, they would definitely chastise him.




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