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Martial Peak – Chapter 4810, Cultivation Dissonance


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Yang Kai had learned just how influential a popular woman was to the Fellow Brothers of the same Sect while he was in Lang Ya Paradise.


Although Tao Ling Wan was bashful, she was strong and charming. It was expected that she was popular in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


He then persuaded her for a bit, but she never replied to him. Faced with his persuasion, she only kept shaking her head.


This was giving Yang Kai a headache as he had never expected that Chen Xiu would leave behind such a difficult problem.


After giving it a thought, he walked out of the room, “I’ll take a stroll. Please tend to your own business, Junior Sister.”


Without waiting for her response, he directly left.


Instead of doing her own things though, Tao Ling Wan followed him, keeping a distance of several dozen metres. It was as though she was a maid who was ready to serve him at any moment.


The situation had only exacerbated. If those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven saw it, they would definitely misunderstand him; hence, Yang Kai only walked around for a bit before returning to his room. Seeing that Tao Ling Wan stood obediently by the door again, he decided to just ignore her.


After closing the door, he started cultivating.


He could feel that he was just a step away from the Seventh-Order; in fact, if not for the 100 year promise with Qu Hua Shang, he would have started cultivating in seclusion in an attempt to break through to the Seventh-Order.


However, just by looking at the Proprietress’ situation, Yang Kai knew that he couldn’t make it to the Seventh-Order in a short time. It had been over 100 years since she started cultivating in seclusion, but she hadn’t managed to achieve an ascension yet.


Therefore, he decided to settle the issue in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven before attempting to break through to the Seventh-Order.


With that said, even though Yang Kai had rarely cultivated in retreat over the years, his heritage continued to grow due to the uniqueness of his Small Universe.


Furthermore, with the help of Xu Yi, who cultivated the Great Nothingness Scripture, the flow of time in his Small Universe was now four times faster than the outside world. As a result, the growth of his heritage had also accelerated.


Nevertheless, he had spent quite some effort to nurture more stalks of Profound Yin Bamboo, which required the consumption of the World Force in his Small Universe. If not for this, he would have reached the threshold of the Seventh-Order sooner.


For the next half a month, there was no news from Chen Xiu at all, which made Yang Kai feel doubtful.


Before Chen Xiu left, he had said that he would help gather some information for him. A long time had passed, so he had should have finished such a simple task; after all, he was the Inner Elder of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


Moreover, Qu Hua Shang was cultivating in seclusion, so it shouldn’t be hard to find out her whereabouts.


Hence, Yang Kai felt uneasy at the fact that Chen Xiu hadn’t shown up for a long time.


One day, when Yang Kai was cultivating, he suddenly heard someone groaning outside the room. The voice sounded suppressed and awkward.


At that, Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


Tao Ling Wan had been standing outside the room, so there was no doubt that it was this sheepish woman who made the noise. Over the past half a month, just like a piece of wood, she had never made a noise or moved one step. Yang Kai felt guilty for that, but there was nothing he could do since she wouldn’t listen to him.


At this moment, something seemed to have happened to her.


Yang Kai listened attentively, but he could no longer hear anything. Just when he was about to use his Divine Sense to check the situation, he suddenly heard a thud, as though something had fallen to the ground.


He quickly got up and dashed towards the door. Upon opening it, he saw Tao Ling Wan curling up on the ground and shivering. Cold air could be seen billowing from her body as it froze the walls and ground around her.


Besides that, the aura coming from her body was clearly unstable.


[She’s suffering from cultivation dissonance!] Yang Kai was flabbergasted.


He couldn’t figure out why this woman was suffering from cultivation dissonance all of a sudden. Recently, she had only been standing outside his room. Yang Kai had never detected her cultivating, so this shouldn’t have happened.


Furthermore, she was now a powerful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so why would such a thing even happen to her?


Could it be a hidden health concern she was left with when she just started out cultivating in the past?


Without any delay, Yang Kai crouched down and lifted her up. In an instant, he could feel that the woman was cold all over, as though he was carrying an ice block. On the other hand, her figure remained soft and supple, which gave off a contradictory feeling.


Upon feeling the man’s warmth, Tao Ling Wan, who was usually bashful, stuck closer to Yang Kai as though she was trying to merge with him in an attempt to seek his warmth.


Her actions made Yang Kai feel uneasy, so he quickly walked up to the bed and tried to set her down, but he was unable to do that because she had wrapped her arms around his neck and clung on to him like an octopus.


“Junior Sister Tao! Junior Sister Tao!” Yang Kai anxiously called out to her. It wasn’t certain whether Tao Ling Wan had heard him, but she opened her eyes and looked at him with a seductive gaze.


Yang Kai was most familiar with this kind of gaze, which suggested that this woman wanted to bed him. The enchantress Shan Qing Luo and the Charm Demon Yu Ru Meng would always seduce him in such a way.


He immediately realised that something was off.


Without any time to ponder on it, he apologised to her and pressed his palm against her forehead. The next moment, he activated the power of his Small Universe in an attempt to help restore the chaos in her body to order.


This was the most common way of assisting someone experiencing cultivation dissonance, and Yang Kai couldn’t think of anything else to do to help. Moreover, he wasn’t sure about what kind of Secret Art Tao Ling Wan had cultivated, so he was unable to give her the exact treatment she needed.


He was only doing all he could to help her, but it was up to the Heavens to decide whether she would recover. From the looks of it, she hadn’t completely lost her mind as she was seemingly trying to deal with the danger that came with cultivation dissonance.


Surprisingly, the treatment was working.


Yang Kai could feel that the power of his Small Universe could be perfectly absorbed by Tao Ling Wan, without a hint of conflict at all.


This revelation astounded him.


It had to be noted that the Dao every Open Heaven Realm Master was good at was different, so the powers of their Small Universes were never the same. He and Tao Ling Wan had cultivated Secret Arts that were not connected in any way, and they grew up in vastly different environments. Supposedly, even if there were no conflicts between the powers of their Small Universes, they wouldn’t have been perfectly matched.


Nevertheless, such a thing had actually happened.


Tao Ling Wan’s Small Universe had accepted his power without any repulsion. As time passed, she stopped shivering as her body regained some warmth.


It wasn’t until half a day later that Yang Kai retracted his hand.


At this moment, Tao Ling Wan was seated in front of him while breathing stably. Her face was slightly red, and her long eyelashes fluttered.


There was no doubt that she was fully conscious. Previously, she would start blushing just by taking a glance at Yang Kai, but after what she had done following the cultivation dissonance, it seemed she didn’t even have the nerve to open her eyes.


She could feel Yang Kai examining her, so she started trembling again as her face turned as red as blood.


After measuring his words, Yang Kai said, “If you feel any discomfort, you can tell me about it. If everything is well now, you don’t have to say anything.”


Tao Ling Wan remained silent.


Upon getting her hint, Yang Kai nodded, “In that case, you can get some rest here, and I’ll go to another room. Just call out to me if there’s anything you need help with.”


There was a room just beside this one. Previously, Yang Kai told her to stay in that room and stop standing outside his door, but she refused.


Now, Yang Kai had to stay in that room.


However, before he could make a move, he felt two powerful auras approaching from the distance. Upon sensing who they were, he became elated.


That was because he knew both of them. One of them was Chen Xiu, who hadn’t shown up for half a month now. It wasn’t surprising that he was coming, but the other one was Yu Xiang Die.


After Xu Ling Gong and his two older Disciples left the Star Boundary, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven sent Yu Xiang Die to be stationed in the Star Boundary. Yang Kai had frequently come into contact with her, and they had previously worked on the Lang Ya Paradise issue together.


It could be said that Yu Xiang Die had taken good care of him.


Yang Kai had never expected that she was in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven as he thought that she was still in the Star Boundary.


While he was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly heard Chen Xiu say, “What are you doing, Junior Sister? Why did you come here without informing me? If you had told me earlier, I could have prepared a welcome party for you.”


Yu Xiang Die snorted, “Do you think I have no idea what you’re up to? Where’s Yang Kai? Brat, get out here now!”


Yang Kai, who was initially joyful, shrank his neck upon hearing that. He had no idea how he offended Yu Xiang Die that she suddenly became so aggressive towards him.


Certainly, he didn’t dare to be negligent. Chen Xiu didn’t seem like a reliable person. Other than telling a Sixth-Order female disciple to serve Yang Kai, he hadn’t even come back with any information after half a month. Since Yu Xiang Die was here, Yang Kai naturally had to see her.


Before Yang Kai could even respond though, Yu Xiang Die scanned the Spirit Peak with her Divine Sense and instantly found him. The next moment, a figure abruptly appeared in front of his room.


“Martial Aunt Yu,” Yang Kai saluted her.


When he was in the Star Boundary, he was the Great Emperor of the Universe World who was in control of the World Tree, thus allowing him to be on an equal footing with the envoys from the Cave Heavens and Paradises. However, in this place, he was just a Junior.


Yu Xiang Die nodded firmly, but when she caught a glimpse of Tao Ling Wan, who was seated cross-legged on the bed, her expressions changed drastically and she questioned, “W-What did the two of you do?”


An embarrassed Yang Kai quickly explained, “Don’t get us wrong, Martial Aunt Yu. Just now, Junior Sister Tao suddenly suffered from cultivation dissonance for some reason, so I just assisted her. Whatever it was, I was fortunately able to be of some use to Junior Sister Tao. We didn’t do anything else.”


Upon hearing that, Yu Xiang Die’s jaw dropped for a time before letting out an exasperated sigh, “What a disaster!”


Her expression seemed to suggest that Yang Kai had done something terribly wrong, which made his heart skip a beat, “What are you trying to say, Martial Aunt? We really didn’t do anything.”


Just then, Chen Xiu finally arrived. While standing outside the room, he took a glance inside and put on a smile, as though everything was going according to his plan.


Yu Xiang Die turned and glared at him, “Are you happy now?”


Chen Xiu shook his head, “What are you talking about, Junior Sister? I don’t understand.”


Yu Xiang Die delivered a swift kick, but the well-prepared Chen Xiu easily dodged it.


“What are you doing, Junior Sister?” Chen Xiu asked in shock.


Yu Xiang Die said through clenched teeth, “Despicable!”


Upon finishing her words, she ignored Chen Xiu entirely and glowered at Yang Kai before shouting, “Come with me!”




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