Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4813, Difficult Challenge


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Yu Xiang Die breathed a sigh of relief, “Good. Those from the Sect told me to ask you about it. Since that’s what you think, you’ve given me an answer, and I have a reply to them. Although Brother Xu is not around, I won’t allow anyone to bully Qu’er as I had watched her grow up.”


An idea suddenly flashed through Yang Kai’s mind as he examined Yu Xiang Die. She had said that she had cultivated Heartfelt Dao, and she had gone through the same experience as Tao Ling Wan.


Now, she was already in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. In other words, her crisis was resolved when she suffered from cultivation dissonance in the past, which allowed her to break free from her chains. That was why her Small Universe had materialised, and she had ascended to the Seventh-Order.


So, who was the partner she had selected back then? Involuntarily, the image of Xu Ling Gong sprang into Yang Kai’s mind.


After Xu Ling Gong left the Star Boundary in the past, Yu Xiang Die came over to be stationed there, and she had taken good care of Yang Kai. Now, she seemed concerned about Qu Hua Shang.


The average Martial Aunt wouldn’t have gone to such lengths. It seemed to suggest that Yu Xiang Die was very close to Xu Ling Gong and his Disciples.


While Yang Kai was amazed by the revelation, he asked, “What do you plan on doing, Martial Aunt?”


Yu Xiang Die shook her head, “It’s about what you have to do, not what I plan on doing.”


A humble Yang Kai asked, “Please enlighten me, Martial Aunt.”


Yu Xiang Die replied, “The place where Qu’er is cultivating in seclusion is special. It’s a place in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven where a cultivator’s heart is trained. It’s called the Samsara Pavilion. Those who enter it will experience a number of reincarnations, but remain unaware of it. Only when one finds her true love would she be able to break through the fog and retrieve her true heart.”


Yang Kai frowned as he didn’t understand.


Yu Xiang Die went on to say, “The Samsara Pavilion is where many female disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would select their life partners. Any female disciple who enters the Samsara Pavilion will temporarily lose her memory. She will only remember the things in her current life after the reincarnation. During the rounds of reincarnation, she will come across many people and events while her heart is tempered. The male disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven wouldn’t lose their memories after initially entering. If two people are destined to be together, they will find each other in the Samsara Pavilion. Those from the Sect insisted on getting Feng Cheng Si to be Qu’er’s partner. She’s on her own and powerless to resist it, and she couldn’t dodge the problem with the usual way of cultivating in seclusion. The Samsara Pavilion was the only place she could go. If no one pulls her out of it, she will fall into oblivion for her entire life.” When she finished her words, Yu Xiang Die appeared to be melancholic.


The outsiders thought that the female disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven were loose women who would just bed any man, but they had no idea that these women were actually the most loyal partners of all. That was because almost every female disciple who had found a partner had to go through the tests of the Samsara Pavilion. Only by not giving up on each other through several reincarnations would they remain together forever. 


Since time immemorial, there had been countless female disciples who had fallen into oblivion in the Samsara Pavilion because they couldn’t find their partners inside. Yu Xiang Die had a Senior Sister who was just like her real Mother or Elder Sister; however, she had not appeared since entering the Samsara Pavilion.


It was certain that this Senior Sister wasn’t dead but she was still going through rounds of reincarnation in the Samsara Pavilion and would never see the outside world again in her lifetime.


“Has Feng Cheng Si gone to that place?” A glint flashed through Yang Kai’s eyes. It wasn’t hard to figure out. Since those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven wanted these Core Disciples to get together, Feng Cheng Si would definitely be the next to enter the Samsara Pavilion after Qu Hua Shang. If he could pull her out of the Samsara Pavilion, that would be the outcome those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven wanted to see.


“Good,” Yu Xiang Die nodded, “He entered the place not long after Qu’er started cultivating in seclusion.”


“That means he’s been inside for a few years already!” Yang Kai let out a sigh, thinking that he was too late to join the race.


Yu Xiang Die raised her hand to motion for him to calm down, “Even though he entered the Samsara Pavilion a few years earlier, it’s not really an advantage. Only with a sincere heart would one find their partner in the Samsara Pavilion. You are the one who occupies Qu’er’s heart, so that’s your biggest advantage. Feng Cheng Si is no match for you in this regard. Moreover… I suppose the Heart Barrier that Qu’er set when she entered the Samsara Pavilion wouldn’t be easy to break. Feng Cheng Si wouldn’t achieve his goal in a short time.”


“Heart Barrier?” Yang Kai asked doubtfully.


Yu Xiang Die explained, “Every female disciple who wishes to enter the Samsara Pavilion to wait for her partner will set a Heart Barrier before she loses her memory. Only by breaking this Heart Barrier can a male disciple bring back her memory and take her out of the Samsara Pavilion. The lowest level of a Heart Barrier is three lives while the highest is nine lives.”


Upon hearing her explanation, Yang Kai asked, “In other words, I have to find her through a minimum of three reincarnations to a maximum of nine reincarnations and win her heart in order to break her Heart Barrier. Am I right?”


“Exactly.” Yu Xiang Die nodded, “Qu’er has temporarily lost her memory after entering the Samsara Pavilion. Others might take advantage of it if the Heart Barrier is too easy.”


Yang Kai nodded, “What level of Heart Barrier do you think Senior Sister Qu has set for herself, Martial Aunt?”


Yu Xiang Die replied, “Three lives would be too easy as others might take advantage of her while nine lives would be too difficult. To be honest with you, the Samsara Pavilion has been in existence for countless eons, but no disciples from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven have ever broken a Heart Barrier of nine lives before. That’s because the more rounds of reincarnation there are, the more difficult it becomes to obtain the other party’s acknowledgement and win her heart. Qu’er is waiting for you, but she doesn’t intend to make things difficult for you; hence, the Heart Barrier she has chosen wouldn’t be too easy or difficult. As for how many lives you must experience, you’ll only find out after you find her.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai grinned and revealed his white teeth, “That’s a pretty difficult challenge.”


Yu Xiang Die snorted, “I hope you’ll still be confident when the time comes. I’ll tell you this, if you can’t bring Qu’er out of there, you should just stay inside forever.”


Yang Kai bowed his head, “Don’t worry, Martial Aunt. I’ll bring Senior Sister Qu out of the Samsara Pavilion safely. However… as an outsider, do I have a right to enter the Samsara Pavilion? I’m afraid Chen Xiu wouldn’t agree to it.”


Yu Xiang Die scoffed, “I’ll handle it. That shameless old fart has used such a dirty trick. I’ll let him know what it means to go for wool but come back shorn.”


Upon finishing her words, she suddenly appeared dejected, “It’s just that Wan’er will have to suffer.”


Yang Kai remained silent as he felt helpless about this point as well. He had been dragged into an improvised plot while he was unsuspecting. Regardless of what the outcome would be, Tao Ling Wan would be hurt.


Yu Xiang Die soon left as she had to get prepared to help Yang Kai enter the Samsara Pavilion.


Not long after she was gone, Chen Xiu arrived with Tao Ling Wan. Upon seeing Yang Kai, he sported a smile and took a seat, “Nephew, it’s thanks to you that my Disciple wasn’t harmed during cultivation dissonance. I initially wanted to thank you, but Junior Sister Yu brought you away in a rush. The only reason we’ve come all the way here this time is that Wan’er wants to personally express her gratitude. I’m sure you’re aware that she’s pretty timid, so I have to come with her.”


Previously, he called Yang Kai ‘Martial Nephew’, but it was ‘Nephew’ now. It seemed that he now regarded the young man to be his family member.


Yang Kai remained calm as he nodded, “Don’t mention it, Martial Uncle. It was the least I could do.”


Chen Xiu waved his hand, “It might be the least you could do, but you have saved Wan’er’s life. Wan’er, you should express your gratitude to your Senior Brother now.”


After taking a step forward, Tao Ling Wan saluted Yang Kai in an elegant manner and said in a hushed voice, “Many thanks for lending me a hand, Senior Brother Yang.”


Strictly speaking, Tao Ling Wan was older than Yang Kai, and she had started cultivating much earlier. She was supposed to be his Senior Sister, but Chen Xiu told her to call him Senior Brother, so his intention was pretty conspicuous.


Yang Kai gazed at her and replied gently, “You don’t have to be overly polite with me, Junior Sister Wan’er.”


He then turned his head and stared at Chen Xiu, “Martial Uncle, to be honest with you, I’m preparing to enter the Samsara Pavilion to look for Senior Sister Qu.”


Upon hearing that, Tao Ling Wan shook a little while the smile on Chen Xiu’s face froze. A moment later, he nodded, “It seems that Junior Sister Yu has told you everything.”


“Yes,” Yang Kai didn’t deny it.


Chen Xiu grunted and ran his fingers through his beard. After giving it a thought, he said, “Nephew, this King didn’t mean any harm by doing this. I had no other choice, so I hope you’ll forgive me.”


Tao Ling Wan was supposed to be the one to decide whether she would forgive Chen Xiu, not Yang Kai; hence, he didn’t respond to him.


“However, Wan’er’s future now hinges on you. I don’t object to you looking for Martial Niece Qu, but what about Wan’er? Are you going to abandon her?”


Yang Kai replied, “There’s a solution to every problem in the world.” He then turned to Tao Ling Wan and spoke gently, “Junior Sister, we didn’t know each other in the past as we just met half a month ago, and you know nothing about me. Are you resigned to being tied to me forever just because of the Secret Art’s influence?”


Faced with his question, Tao Ling Wan hung her head low. A while later, she replied in a small voice, “I’ll obey my Master.”


Yang Kai felt sorry for her as he shook her head, “Junior Sister, you’re an adult who is in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so you’re supposed to have your own opinions. To put it bluntly, there will come a day when Martial Uncle Chen passes away. If you only listen to him all the time, what will you do when that day comes? Will you be unable to keep on living?”


Chen Xiu was infuriated upon hearing that. Although he was old, he still had many years to live as a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Yang Kai was practically cursing him and hoping he would die sooner.


[This brat is so resentful of me, but he just doesn’t show it on his face!] Chen Xiu thought.


Yang Kai then turned to look at Chen Xiu, “Martial Uncle, you’ve raised your Disciple wrongly, and you’ll suffer a setback because of it sooner or later.”


Faced with a Junior’s criticism, an embarrassed Chen Xiu flicked his sleeve and rose from the chair, “I don’t agree with what you’ve said, Martial Nephew. I do everything with a clear conscience.”


From his point of view, if Yang Kai could just follow along with his plan, not only would Yin-Yang Cave Heaven be saved from the embarrassing situation, but he could also find a suitable partner for his Disciple. Therefore, there wasn’t a hint of guilt in his tone when he said that.




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