Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4814, My Decision


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After Chen Xiu left in a huff, Tao Ling Wan followed him closely. Before that, she looked apologetically at Yang Kai, who put on a smile and waved his hand to motion for her not to mind it.


For the next half a month, Yu Xiang Die was nowhere to be seen.


It wasn’t until twenty days later that she appeared while looking fatigued. When she found Yang Kai, she said, “Everything is ready. I’ll bring you to the Samsara Pavilion with me in three days.”


“Many thanks for your help, Martial Aunt,” Yang Kai expressed his gratitude. Although he was a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-in-Law on paper, he wasn’t from the Sect after all. Since the Samsara Pavilion was the place where the disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven train their hearts, it must be a top-secret Restricted Area. Only their disciples would be allowed to enter.


It took Yu Xiang Die a long time to come back, so it was apparent that she had put in a lot of effort to persuade the Sect’s management to let Yang Kai enter the Samsara Pavilion.


“However, there’s one thing I have to make clear to you.” Yu Xiang Die stared solemnly at him, “Although the higher-ups have agreed to let you enter the Samsara Pavilion, they have a condition.”


Yang Kai replied, “Please go ahead, Martial Aunt.”


“It will all be fine if you’re able to bring Qu’er out and your engagement will still be valid. However, if you fail, you have to get married to Wan’er.”


“Was this Chen Xiu’s idea?” Yang Kai arched his brow.


Yu Xiang Die shook her head, “It’s the managers’ idea.”


Tao Ling Wan was most likely able to make it to the Seventh-Order, but Yang Kai was an indispensable part of that. There was no way those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would give up on Tao Ling Wan, so it was expected that they had come up with this condition.


“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded, “I won’t fail.”


“I’m glad that you’re confident.” Yu Xiang Die slightly set her mind at ease.


“There’s something I need to ask you about, though. What is the situation inside the Samsara Pavilion? Since Senior Sister Qu has set up a Heart Barrier and lost her memory, how should I find her? Would her appearance change?”


“No one can be certain whether her appearance has changed. You’ll only find out about the wonders of the Samsara Pavilion after entering it. As for how you’ll find Qu’er, you’ll meet each other if you’re fated to be together. If your destinies are not connected, you’ll not recognise her even if she’s right in front of you. There are no techniques you can use during the heart training session in the Samsara Pavilion. Sincerity is of utmost importance.”


Yang Kai fell into his thoughts. Although he could fully understand what she meant, sincerity was an elusive thing. It was too abstruse.


With that said, he and Qu Hua Shang had experienced life-and-death moments together before. In the past, they were hunted down in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and they both helped each other to survive. That was when they developed feelings for each other.


For the next three days, Yang Kai focused on cultivating in his own room as demanded by Yu Xiang Die.


Three days later, she brought him to the Samsara Pavilion.


Yang Kai initially thought that the Samsara Pavilion was somewhere like a Grand Hall or a Sealed World, but it wasn’t until he arrived at this place that he realised it was very different from his imagination.


It was a Spirit Province that was densely covered with huge trees. The World Energy that flowed through the entire Spirit Province like a fog was rich and ample.


Even from a bird’s-eye view, one was unable to make out what the Spirit Province looked like.


It was an important place in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so it was expected that there was an Open Heaven Realm Master who guarded this place. Moreover, the person was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. There was no doubt that this guard and Yu Xiang Die knew each other, and he was aware that she would bring Yang Kai to the Samsara Pavilion on this day. Therefore, after a bit of small talk with Yu Xiang Die, he allowed them to pass.


Upon entering the Spirit Province, they arrived at the edge of the dense forest. Yang Kai could instantly see a large-scale shopping district where many disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven moved around together.


Some of them were unwilling to part ways as they bid each other farewell with loving words. After that, the female disciples would steadfastly enter the forest and disappear while hoping that their partners would find them.


The male disciples would wait for a moment before entering the forest as well.


There were also some men and women who entered the forest on their own.


On the other hand, there was a loving couple who just stepped out of the forest. The woman’s smile was as sweet as honey while the man looked lovingly at her. It was as though she was the entire universe and there was no one else in the world in his eyes.


However, there were also some dejected men and women whose faces were covered in tears.


Looking at the young disciples who entered and left the forest, Yu Xiang Die sighed, “Many couples who think that their love for each other would never change are unable to pass the tests in the Samsara Pavilion, and they have to part ways as a result. This place is where the disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven look for their partners, but it’s also the source of suffering for many of us.”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “Martial Aunt, didn’t you say that a female disciple would fall into oblivion in the Samsara Pavilion if her Heart Barrier is not broken? Why do I see some female disciples leaving the forest while sobbing? I suppose their male partners didn’t manage to break their Heart Barriers.”


Yu Xiang Die explained, “A female disciple will indeed fall into oblivion if her Heart Barrier is not broken. However, if she has only set up a Heart Barrier of three lives for herself, she’ll still be able to retrieve her memory after three reincarnations even if the male disciple is useless. However, this wouldn’t happen if there are more than three incarnations. The more rounds of reincarnations there are in the Samsara Pavilion, the more difficult it would be for the female disciple to recognise herself.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Got it.”


“Go in now. There’s nothing you need to do. Just allow nature to take its course.”


“Yes,” Yang Kai replied and stepped forward and his figure was soon engulfed by the fog.


Yu Xiang Die stayed on the same spot for a while before deciding to leave; however, as soon as she turned around, she saw two people walking towards her.


She frowned and looked doubtfully at them, “What are you doing in the Samsara Pavilion, Senior Brother Chen?”


These two were none other than Chen Xiu and Tao Ling Wan. While Chen Xiu was walking at the front, Tao Ling Wan followed closely behind.


Chen Xiu shot her a dispassionate glance and replied, “What else can we do here?”


Yu Xiang Die took a glance at Tao Ling Wan, who was behind him, and instantly realised what was going on. Her expression changed drastically as she snapped, “Are you out of your mind!? Do you not care about her life or death just because you want to let your other Disciple get all the benefits? Are you even Human!?”


There was an impassive expression on Chen Xiu’s face as he was unfazed by her accusation. He simply turned to Tao Ling Wan and said, “Go in now. Be careful.”


Tao Ling Wan nodded and stepped forward. All of a sudden, she turned around and fell on her knees before gently pressing her forehead against the ground three times in front of Chen Xiu.


After she got to her feet in silence though, Yu Xiang Die blocked her way and persuaded her by saying, “Wan’er, don’t be so foolish. Just tell me if anyone has forced you to do this. I’ll stand up for you.”


Tao Ling Wan hung her head low and shook her head.


“Listen to me. Go back with me, and we’ll have a talk,” Yu Xiang Die said and extended her hand.


Nevertheless, Tao Ling Wan dodged it and replied in a hushed voice, “Please let me go in, Martial Aunt.”


“No!” Yu Xiang Die directly rejected her, “Even if the Ancestors were here to persuade me, I’ll not let you enter the Samsara Pavilion. That’s not a place you should go!”


She then glowered at Chen Xiu, “You’re really a good Master to her, aren’t you? What has Wan’er done to be unlucky enough to become your Disciple?”


Chen Xiu stared calmly at her without any intention to refute her.


Just when Yu Xiang Die wanted to speak further, Tao Ling Wan suddenly looked up and gazed at her, “Please don’t blame my Master, Martial Aunt. This is my decision.”


Yu Xiang Die sneered, “I’m fully aware of your temperament. There’s no way this is your decision. It’s obvious that this old fart has forced you to enter the Samsara Pavilion to achieve his goal.”


Faced with her fierce accusation, Chen Xiu never explained anything and just looked down.


Tao Ling Wan spoke in a firmer tone, “Martial Aunt, this is the first decision I’ve made for myself after all these years. Please don’t make things difficult for me.”


Yu Xiang Die frowned as she darted her gaze between Tao Ling Wan and Chen Xiu. At that moment, she doubted herself.


Furthermore, she had never seen Tao Ling Wan speaking in such a loud voice with a determined gaze before.


She stared fixedly at Chen Xiu in an attempt to find the answer, but he only nodded in silence.


At that instant, Yu Xiang Die was in a dilemma. It took one a lot of courage to decide to enter the Samsara Pavilion. She initially thought that it was Chen Xiu’s order, but it didn’t seem to be the case now.


After giving it a thought, she said, “Wan’er, why do you want to enter the Samsara Pavilion? Yang Boy is looking for Qu’er. Even if you go in, you might not be able to come out again. In that case, you’ll be trapped inside forever.”


Tao Ling Wan spoke in a small voice again, “I’ll be careful.”


“No!” Yu Xiang Die shook her head, “It’s not like you’ll be safe just by being careful. I can’t let you go in. If you enter that place, you’ll end up in a horrible state.”


“Even if I can’t go in today, I’ll do it tomorrow. Even if I can’t go in tomorrow, I’ll do it the day after tomorrow, unless you can stay here forever.” Tao Ling Wan looked into her eyes without the intention to back down.


Yu Xiang Die was lost for words. Every disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had the right to enter the Samsara Pavilion. It wasn’t like she could stay here forever to block her path. She wasn’t supposed to stop her from entering the place to begin with.


If she was doubtful just now, she was now 100% certain that Chen Xiu hadn’t forced Tao Ling Wan into this. It was indeed her own decision to enter the Samsara Pavilion.


While she was in a dazed state, Tao Ling Wan suddenly dashed forward. When Yu Xiang Die came to her senses, she quickly extended her hand.


Chen Xiu instantly appeared in front of her and pushed out his palm. Both of them were sent flying away for several dozen metres.


Yu Xiang Die glowered at him, “Do you want her to die?”


Chen Xiu replied in a grim voice, “She wants to go in to find her own answer. Do you think I didn’t intend to stop her? None of you actually know what she’s like. Once she has made a decision, no one can change her mind. I took her on as a Disciple when she was just a baby and raised her all by myself. She may be my Disciple, but she’s also like a Daughter to me!”


Yu Xiang Die was rendered speechless.


She now recalled that Chen Xiu had indeed always treated Tao Ling Wan like a precious treasure. If not for him overly doting on her, she wouldn’t have grown up to be such a timid and inexperienced person despite being a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Certainly, such a Master who loved his Disciple so much wouldn’t sacrifice her one day for the sake of another Disciple.


“Yang Kai is a talented young man who is a good match for Wan’er. She’s an adult now, and it’s impossible for me to stay by her side forever. Over the years, I found quite a few potential partners for her, but none of them were to my liking. Yang Kai is not bad. It will be perfect if Wan’er can marry him. However, it seems that I’ve done something wrong.”




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