Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4815, Reincarnation


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There were countless ancient trees in the Samsara Pavilion. Every tree was covered with leaves, and each was so huge that it would take several people to hug it. A white fog flowed through the entire forest. While walking through it, one might think that he was lost in a dream.


Yang Kai sauntered through the forest in silence.


Millions of branches hung low from the ancient trees. Although there was no wind, they swayed gently as though they were welcoming the guests who visited this place.


Most of the trunks were fully sealed. Only some of the trunks had gaps in them, which looked like tree caves that could accommodate people.


There were two types of trees that corresponded to different genders. Other than the ancient trees with sealed trunks, some of the trees had gaps that were near the roots while some of the gaps were in the middle of the trunks.


All of the disciples who entered this place had to enter a tree cave and stay inside the tree of their choice. With the help of the forest’s mysterious power, they could enter the real Samsara Pavilion and go through reincarnations to train their hearts.


Previously, Yu Xiang Die had told Yang Kai about the things he had to take note of in the Samsara Pavilion.


Hence, he knew that the gaps that appeared in the middle of the trunks were for the female disciples while the tree caves near the roots were for the male disciples.


Although they appeared similar on the outside, they were starkly different inside. If one had selected the wrong tree cave, they were unable to enter the real Samsara Pavilion.


The difficulty of the Heart Barriers that the female disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven setup had something to do with the locations of the ancient trees. The further they went, the more difficult the Heart Barrier they would be able to set up.


Those who just wanted a Heart Barrier of three lives could just find an ancient tree in the periphery. They didn’t have to go further into the forest.


However, the Heart Barrier that Qu Hua Shang had established must be more than three lives, so Yang Kai reckoned that he should travel deeper.


For the male disciples, the locations of the ancient trees didn’t matter, but Yang Kai wanted to get closer to Qu Hua Shang, though he had no idea which ancient tree she was in.


One hour later, Yang Kai arrived at the depths of the forest where he was blocked by a certain ancient tree. There was a gap near the roots of the ancient tree that had formed a tree cave that could accommodate a person. The branches that hung low kept swaying back and forth. Just when Yang Kai was ready to go further, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to look at his own shoulder.


Above his shoulder, there was a curly branch that seemed to have turned into a petite hand and hooked his clothes at some point.


Yang Kai decided to stop moving forward; instead, he turned around and shuffled towards a nearby tree cave.


The Samsara Pavilion was a place where hearts were trained, and sincerity was of utmost importance. Yu Xiang Die had told him to let nature take its course, and he was ready to follow her advice.


Upon entering the tree cave, Yang Kai sat down with his legs crossed.


The tree cave was pretty big, so he didn’t feel cramped while sitting inside. After he emptied his mind for a bit, the tree cave suddenly started squirming and closing until he was fully covered by it.


From the outside, there didn’t seem to be any traces that suggested there was once a tree cave here.


Upon realising that his thoughts were running wild, Yang Kai quickly pulled himself together and stopped resisting.


There came a moment when his Soul seemed to have left his body as it passed through a colourful passage and reached for an unknown place.


Everything was going just like what Yu Xiang Die had described, so Yang Kai just waited patiently.


A moment seemed to have passed, but it also felt as if millions of years had gone by. Finally, a glimmer of light came into sight at the end of the colourful passageway.


The light rapidly expanded until Yang Kai could no longer see anything else.


In the meantime, he realised that his Soul finally landed on the ground, and he was equipped with a new body.


He could hear the sounds of weapons clanging with each other. The place was bustling with noise, and the people around him were clearly cheering.


Yang Kai looked around and realised that he was standing close to an arena. He was basically sandwiched among a group of people. On the stage, two figures were locked in an intense battle as they wielded their weapons.


After a moment of observation, Yang Kai realised that even though their techniques appeared sophisticated, they were really just flashy without much power.


With a frown, he examined himself and realised that there was a special power flowing through his meridians. This was not World Energy, though it was similar.


What he found unsatisfactory was that the power was far too weak, equivalent to maybe an Initial Element Realm Third Stage cultivator.


Before he could familiarise himself with the situation, the crowd was heard cheering again as there was a winner on the stage.


This didn’t seem to be a life-or-death battle. One person was obviously more powerful. While the loser cupped his fist and conceded defeat, the winner responded to him with respect. The atmosphere was harmonious.


This was the real Samsara Pavilion, which could also be called the Samsara World.


There were innumerable Samsara Worlds in the Samsara Pavilion. The Samsara World every person entered could be different. Only two people whose hearts were connected had a chance to enter the same Samsara World and go through reincarnations together.


From the looks of it, Yang Kai reckoned that the Martial Dao of the Samsara World he had entered was quite low, but that didn’t matter. The reason he was here was to look for Qu Hua Shang, unlike his previous experience in the Small Source World where he had to rise to become an overlord of that world.


Hence, the low Martial Dao wasn’t a big deal.


He was certain that Qu Hua Shang was also in this Samsara World. As for where to look for her, he was clueless.


Certainly, he wasn’t interested in the battles on the stage. The most pressing issue at hand for him was to find out more about this world and look for Qu Hua Shang.


Just when he turned around and was ready to leave, an old man with a goatee appeared on the stage with a piece of yellow silk cloth. After sweeping a glance over the people around the stage, he announced, “The next fight. Yang Kai versus Luo An Guo!”


Yang Kai turned to look at the stage and arched his brow.


A burly figure emerged from the crowd and walked up the stage in a few steps. His heavy build caused the stage to shake a little. The man, who looked like a bear, swept a condescending glance over the crowd and ripped his top apart, which revealed his hairy chest. He then demanded provokingly, “Where’s Yang Kai? Come out so I can destroy you!”


Yang Kai put on a smile, thinking that this was what Yu Xiang Die meant by allowing nature to take its course.


The way a cultivator was trained in the Samsara Pavilion was similar to that of the Small Source World. After he entered this Samsara World, he was given a new identity, it was just that his name was never changed as he was still ‘Yang Kai’.


Just now, he had no idea where to look for clues that would help him find Qu Hua Shang. Now, it seemed that the fight on the stage might help him with it.


He turned around and ambled towards the stage.


The crowd took the initiative to separate to the sides.


When he reached the stage that was around waist height, he pressed his hands against it and leaped up. Seeing that, the crowd broke into laughter.


Everyone who went on stage would do their best to show off their prowess. The different skills and movements would elicit applause from the crowd. It was the first time they saw someone clumsily climb up onto the stage like what Yang Kai had done.


On the stage, Luo An Guo gaped at the frail Yang Kai, whose limbs seemed as thin as twigs, and put on a grin, “Are you Yang Kai?”


Yang Kai placed his left hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist. He had just discovered that there was a sword hanging there. It was then he realised that he was supposed to be a swordsman in this Samsara World.


As such, he decided to play along. Even though he had never cultivated the Sword Dao before, with his vast experiences and high cultivation, he could just use any weapon fairly well.


With his left hand on the sword, he put on a gentle smile and nodded, “Yes.”


A ferocious glint flashed through Luo An Guo’s eyes as he bellowed, “I’ll destroy you with just one move!”


The moment he started speaking, his burly figure dashed forward. By the time he finished his last word, his huge fist was already coming right at Yang Kai’s face.


It was the first time Yang Kai arrived in this Samsara World, so he knew nothing about this place. He had the intention to find out the difference between his own Martial Dao and the other man’s, so he didn’t attempt to dodge the attack.


To the onlookers, he seemed to be stunned and rooted to the spot.


Following a loud boom, the entire stage shook a little.


Luo An Guo’s devastating attack didn’t destroy his opponent though. Faced with the fist that could kill a tiger, Yang Kai rapidly extended his fist and directly met the attack.


As a result, Yang Kai couldn’t help but stagger backward until he reached the edge of the stage. He quickly stomped his foot on the ground to stabilize himself. Upon impact, cracks started appearing on the wooden floor around his foot.


On the other hand, Luo An Guo only staggered backwards for a bit before he managed to stabilize himself. He then gazed at Yang Kai with surprise.


In the meantime, the onlookers broke out into a clamour. Those who laughed at Yang Kai earlier were staring at him in shock.


The two people on the stage were starkly different when it came to their builds. The onlookers initially thought that the winner would be revealed with just one move, and the loser might even lose his life. Unexpectedly though, Yang Kai, who appeared thin and frail, managed to fend off Luo An Guo’s attack. Although he appeared a bit discomforted, he had still managed to succeed.


To the onlookers, only when two opponents were equally matched would the fight be interesting. It was boring to watch a battle where one could easily defeat the other party. Seeing that Yang Kai was defiant, they immediately cheered for him to keep him motivated.


Luo An Guo frowned as he was embarrassed at the fact that he was unable to smash Yang Kai with only one move just like what he had boasted. He then snorted, “You’re indeed something, brat. You’ve successfully fended off my attack once. Let’s see whether you’ll be able to ward off my second and third attacks!”


The next moment, he dashed towards Yang Kai with his feet thudding on the ground.


After the exchange of moves, Yang Kai had a better understanding of his own strength. There wasn’t a huge gap between his power and Luo An Guo’s. The only difference was that his physical strength was weaker than the other party’s, which was why he suffered a setback just now.


At that instant, he was torn between laughter and tears. Over the years, he had never suffered a setback when it came to his raw physical strength. It was a new experience for him in this Samsara World.


He was already on the edge of the stage, so if he kept moving backwards, he would fall off. Therefore, faced with Luo An Guo’s strike, he bolted forward and met him head on.


With his left hand on the hilt, he unsheathed the sword as a glint flashed through the weapon and dazzled the onlookers. After the two figures brushed past each other, Yang Kai slowly sheathed his sword.




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