Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4819, Liar


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Like an eagle descending towards a rabbit, Luo An Guo came right at Yang Kai from above. His towering figure gave off immense pressure to his opponent. If a timid person was faced with such a violent attack, he would be scared out of his wits before even making a move. In that case, he wouldn’t be able to defeat him even if they were equally matched.


Nevertheless, Luo An Guo was surprised at the fact that Yang Kai remained calm and collected. Yang Kai leaped into the air and unsheathed his sword with his left hand as a glint flashed through his weapon.


As the two figures brushed past each other, they landed on the ground with a thud and grunted.


Luo An Guo widened his eyes and covered his neck with his hands. Blood could be seen spurting out through the gaps of his fingers. Disbelief was written all over his face.


In the past, he had hidden his true power on the stage, so he was unresigned after he was defeated by Yang Kai with a sword. Therefore, when he saw Yang Kai racing after him just now, he intended to show his true power to the other man.


Nevertheless, he never expected that this would be the outcome.


Just like what had happened on the stage, he was defeated by Yang Kai with a single slash once more. 


However, the attack was even quicker this time, and he was completely unable to ward it off.


The difference was that Yang Kai didn’t intend to kill him on the stage back then, but this time, he had sent him to Hell.


Luo An Guo still hadn’t figured out how Yang Kai managed to defeat him. It was supposedly impossible for Yang Kai to unsheathe his sword from that angle, and the timing at that moment was beyond a Human’s control. However, he really did it.


As a result, Luo An Guo’s blood was rapidly leaving him as he felt cold all over his body. He didn’t understand why Yang Kai wanted to be a private guard in the Meng Manor since the latter was such an expert in martial arts.


Regardless of how hard he tried, Luo An Guo was unable to stop his blood from spurting out as he gasped in pain. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t die so soon. He fell on one knee with a thud as he was engulfed in the fear and pain of death.


Yang Kai put his sword back into the sheath and shuffled forward without sparing him a glance.


However, after just taking a few steps forward, he staggered and almost fell to the ground.


He wasn’t sure about the level of Luo An Guo’s power according to the standards in this Samsara World, but he reckoned that the latter couldn’t be considered weak.


In comparison, his current cultivation was weaker than that of Luo An Guo. The battle on the stage some time ago had proven it.


A cultivator with Yang Kai’s current strength, born and bred in this place, would undoubtedly be defeated by a powerful cultivator like Luo An Guo.


Nonetheless, Yang Kai reincarnated into this world as a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so his skill and vision were far greater than the limits of this world. The chance that was impossible to grasp in Luo An Guo’s eyes could easily be captured by Yang Kai. That was why he could defeat the other party despite being weaker.


With that said, it wasn’t without a price to pay.


Three of Yang Kia’s ribs must have been broken after his chest was struck by Luo An Guo. He could even feel that his throat was filled with blood.


Yang Kai forcefully choked down the sweet liquid and stabilised himself before walking up to Luo An Guo’s horse.


The horse’s limbs were broken after it bore the impact of Luo An Guo leaping into the air. Presently, it was lying on the ground and wailing. The person in the cloth bag was still squirming on the horseback as she groaned and grunted.


Yang Kai opened the bag and revealed an alluring face that was covered in tears. The bumpy ride had caused her hair to become a mess and she must have cried for a long time as her eyes were all red, which could easily arouse a man’s sympathy.


Looking at this familiar face, Yang Kai smiled.


[I’ve finally found you, Senior Sister Qu!]


Her current identity was the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor.


The Eldest Young Lady was originally flustered and horrified, but upon seeing the man’s soothing smile, she instantly calmed down. She stared fixedly at Yang Kai while a sense of confusion flashed through her eyes.


She found the man before her eyes familiar, but she was sure she had never seen him before. This feeling made her doubtful.


Yang Kai took out the cloth from her mouth and drew a deep breath, “Don’t be afraid, Eldest Young Lady. I’m a private guard from the Meng Manor. I’m here to save you. The bandit who captured you is dead.”


It was only then that the Eldest Young Lady saw the corpse kneeling on the ground up ahead. The puddle of blood horrified her as the colour drained from her alluring face. She exclaimed and instinctively crashed into the oddly familiar guard’s arms.


Yang Kai grunted as blood leaked out of his mouth.


Some of his ribs were broken to begin with, and this impact exacerbated his injuries.


Upon hearing his groan, the Eldest Young Lady looked up and saw that her rescuer seemed to be in pain, so she asked caringly, “Are you hurt?”


“I’m fine.” Yang Kai helped her up, “We shouldn’t stay here any longer. We have to get back to the Meng Manor as quickly as possible.”


The Eldest Young Lady nodded repeatedly.


Yang Kai led her to his own horse and helped her get on. Just when they were preparing to leave though, he heard some noises coming from the distance.


Yang Kai turned his head and saw some dust rising in the air. There seemed to be some horses coming right at them.


Quickly making a decision, Yang Kai pointed in a particular direction and shouted, “Eldest Young Lady, ride in that direction. Don’t ever stop!”


The Eldest Young Lady looked down at him, “What about you?”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her, “I’ll get some rest before leaving.” Upon finishing his words, he unsheathed his sword and slapped the horse’s bottom with the back of the weapon.


The horse then neighed and galloped off with the Eldest Young Lady on its back.


Following that, Yang Kai turned around and took the sword with his right hand as he waited in silence.


Luo An Guo’s helpers from Hidden Treasure Peak had arrived. The dust rising in the distance was surely caused by those bandits.


Perhaps they had agreed to meet up in a particular place, but since Luo An Guo hadn’t shown up after a long time, they decided to look for him.


More than 100 horses came into Yang Kai’s sight as he licked the blood around his mouth while feeling excited and high-spirited.


In this place, he couldn’t rely on Space Principles or his powerful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation. All he had was the powers given to him in this Samsara World and his own experiences.


Despite his profound skill, it was impossible for him to deal with more than 100 people in his current condition. Although he supposedly didn’t have a chance to survive, it had ignited his fighting spirit and fierce nature.


What would happen if he was killed in this Samsara World? Yu Xiang Die never told him about it.


However, Yang Kai knew that he must not die. Before the Heart Barrier of Senior Sister Qu was broken, she wouldn’t be able to move into the next reincarnation.


Just then, Yang Kai heard the sound of a horse galloping towards him from behind. With a frown, he turned around and saw that the Eldest Young Lady had returned.


Her beautiful face was pale as she was terrified to see that more than 100 horses were coming at them. Despite that, she still summoned her courage and didn’t hesitate to come back.


The Eldest Young Lady apparently had some excellent riding skills as she accurately stopped the horse in front of Yang Kai. With a furious expression, she snapped, “Liar!”


This was giving Yang Kai a headache as he asked, “Why did you come back?”


“I-I don’t know…” the Eldest Young Lady stammered. She had no idea why she decided to come back just now, but she instinctively turned around when she heard the noises from behind.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth and took the reins before leaping onto the horse. He said beside her ear, “Hold on tight!” He then turned the horse around and rushed towards White Jade City.


It was unrealistic to tell the Eldest Young Lady to leave on her own now, for the other party had seen her already. If they separated to chase after her, she would be in a perilous situation.


In that case, Yang Kai reckoned that he had to take matters into his own hands and protect her personally.


On the horse, the Eldest Young Lady hung her head low while blushing.


She had never come into such close contact with a man before. The bumpy ride caused her back to rub against the man’s chest from time to time. The panting she heard from the man made her feel flustered while she felt as if there were butterflies in her stomach.


More than 100 horses arrived at the place where Luo An Guo was killed soon after. Someone examined the figure that was kneeling on the ground, and upon confirming that Luo An Guo was dead, all of them were agitated as they chased after Yang Kai and the Eldest Young Lady.


The reason Yang Kai was able to catch up to Luo An Guo earlier was that his horse could run faster. After all, Luo An Guo had a heavy build, and he had to bring the Eldest Young Lady with him. On the other hand, Yang Kai was on his own.


That was the reason he could reach Luo An Guo.


Nevertheless, it was the opposite now. While Yang Kai had to bring the Eldest Young Lady to safety on a single horse, more than 100 bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak riding down on them.


The distance between them was shortening while the sounds of hooves thudding on the ground became louder.


The Eldest Young Lady was no longer in the mood to let her thoughts run wild. For a moment, a sense of anxiety flashed through her face; however, she seemed to recall something all of a sudden as she soon calmed herself down.


Right then, the sound of something breaking through the air was heard. The distance between both parties was short enough, so an expert in archery among the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak shot an arrow at Yang Kai. However, he missed his target as the arrow landed on a spot that was ten metres away from the left of Yang Kai.


More arrows came from behind as the sounds of breaking through the air were continuously heard.


Most of the arrows were not threatening at all, and for the ones that posed a risk, Yang Kai turned his head and accurately slashed across them.


Behind him, a person with a hooked nose at the front of those bandits was dumbfounded by this sight, for he had never expected Yang Kai to be so strong and skillful. It was only then that he realised it wasn’t just bad luck that Luo An Guo was killed.


Yang Kai was apparently an expert in martial arts given his dexterity and eyesight.


The hooked nosed man had his interest piqued as he didn’t know that there was such a powerful cultivator in the Meng Manor. Since Luo An Guo was dead, the losses could be made up for if they could make Yang Kai join them.


The prerequisite was that they had to capture him alive.


As the gap shortened, more arrows were seen flying. Although Yang Kai had tried his best to ward them off, his defence wasn’t impenetrable.


An arrow jabbed right into the horse’s thigh and almost caused it to collapse, but a nimble Yang Kai quickly tightened the reins and used his force to help the horse stabilize.


It was obvious that they were unable to flee.


They couldn’t run as fast as the other party to begin with, and the fact that the horse was injured exacerbated the situation.


Nevertheless, it would still take them four to five hours before they could return to White Jade City.


Yang Kai initially hoped that those from the Meng Manor or City Lord’s Mansion could send some people to help so that the two of them could stand a chance to survive, but they were still nowhere to be seen.


Left with no choice, Yang Kai could only save himself and the Eldest Young Lady. He went through the route he had taken to reach this place in his mind in an attempt to find a useful place.


The sounds of breaking through the air were heard again. Although Yang Kai warded off some of the arrows, one of them still jabbed into the horse’s stomach.


The horse that had helped Yang Kai flee for the entire night collapsed to the ground after running for another kilometre.


The Eldest Young Lady, who was seated at the front, exclaimed while Yang Kai promptly wrapped his arm around her waist and stomped his feet on the horseback. They leaped into the air and then stably landed on the ground.


“Wrap your arms around me!” Yang Kai ordered.


A flustered Eldest Young Lady nodded and quickly draped her arms around the young man’s neck to stabilize herself.


While holding his sword with one hand, Yang Kai placed his other hand on the Eldest Young Lady’s body to support her weight before rushing forward in a particular direction with all the speed he could muster.




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