Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4820, Bloody Battle


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The Eldest Young Lady’s vision shook. As she looked over the shoulder of this young private guard, she could see more than 100 horses chasing after them. The faces of the horsemen were hideous and gave off a horrifying feeling.


Nevertheless, she had never been calmer than at this moment.


The scene and the feeling were somehow familiar to her, as though she had experienced it before.


However, she had always lived in the Meng Manor, and she had never stepped out of White Jade City before. When had she ever experienced getting hunted down while she was protected by a man?


Did it happen in a dream? Was it an experience from her previous life?


She was supposed to feel uncomfortable in such close contact with a man she didn’t know, but at this moment she was drowned in happiness as she exerted more force with her arms around the young private guard’s neck. It was as though she was trying to merge into his body.


She knew that this man wouldn’t abandon her even if he had to lose his life.


When she saw more than ten arrows coming right at them, she exclaimed, “Watch out!”


Then, her eyes were dazzled by the glint from a sword. Yang Kai didn’t whirl around as the Eldest Young Lady was in front of him. If he turned around, she would be struck by the arrows. Instead, he accurately slashed across the arrows without turning at all, as though there were eyes on the back of his head.


Most of the arrows were warded off, but one of them pierced right into his shoulder.


The Eldest Young Lady stared fixedly at that arrow, which was about the length of an arm. While it was deep in the man’s flesh, not much blood had streamed out. Nevertheless, she felt her chest tightening at the sight of it.


She reckoned that the young private guard must be in pain, but he never even grunted.


More arrows were coming at them while Yang Kai zigzagged to dodge them. The gap between both parties was shortening rapidly, and it was expected that they would be surrounded by their enemies in no time. 


All of a sudden, Yang Kai turned left and rushed forward as there was a col over there. Perhaps he could make use of the terrain.


Soon, he dashed past the col with the Eldest Young Lady in his arms. It was a lucky day for him as he soon saw that there was a cave at the bottom of a mountain wall.


The cave wasn’t big as it could accommodate one person.


Yang Kai rushed over and put the Eldest Young Lady down, “Get inside, now!”


The Eldest Young Lady nodded and climbed into the cave on all fours and tried her best to curl up inside it.


When she looked up, she saw the young private guard standing in front of her like a mountain that could fend off all storms.


“What’s your name?” She asked.


“Yang Kai!” He raised his hand to grab the arrow stuck in his shoulder and snapped the shaft off, leaving the tip inside his flesh. He then turned his head and flashed a smile at her, “My name is Yang Kai.”


The Eldest Young Lady repeated it as though she was trying to imprint the name in the deepest part of her mind. She extended her hand to adjust her messy hair and put on a charming smile, “My name is Meng Ru.”


Yang Kai nodded his head, “A beautiful name!”


The sounds of hooves stepping on the ground were heard as more than 100 horses arrived at this place. The man with a hooked nose raised his hand, after which all of the horses stopped in their tracks. These bandits then stared fixedly at Yang Kai.


As their eyes met, the man with a hooked nose could barely contain his admiration for Yang Kai as he sized him up, “Brat, did you kill Luo An Guo?”


Yang Kai replied grimly, “Yes.”


With a gloomy expression, the man with a hooked nose said, “Luo An Guo was the Second Manager of Hidden Treasure Peak. You’ve formed a grudge with us by killing him.”


“He shouldn’t have kidnapped the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor then,” Yang Kai shook his head, “Anyone who dares to harm her must die.”


The man with a hooked nose sneered, “You’re indeed loyal, but you’re also extremely foolish. Luo An Guo was weaker than you, so he only had himself to blame for getting killed. However, he was still the Second Manager of Hidden Treasure Peak. Since you have killed him, I have to avenge his death as the Head Manager.”


“How are you going to do that?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.


The man with a hooked nose grinned, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. How do you think I’m going to avenge his death?”


Yang Kai replied impassively, “If you want my life, you’re welcome to try to take it. Let’s see if you’re capable of doing that.”


The man with a hooked nose scoffed, “Compared to your life, I’m more interested in you. Why don’t you give the woman behind you to us as a gesture of sincerity and follow me back to the mountain? Our grudges will be resolved then.”


Yang Kai frowned and lowered his gaze. After giving it a thought, he replied, “I can follow you back to the mountain, but I can’t pass the Eldest Young Lady to you. Let her go back to White Jade City, and I will agree to your demand.”


The man with a hooked nose shook his head, “No. We have spent a lot of effort to get her. Many of our Brothers were killed, including the Second Manager. It was so hard for us to get this woman out of the Meng Manor, so how could we let her go? Don’t worry. After you follow me back to the mountain, this woman will belong to you.”


Yang Kai said steadfastly, “I only have one request. The Eldest Young Lady must safely return to White Jade City!”


The expression of the man with a hooked nose darkened. He had paid Yang Kai due respect and expressed his willingness to let him join Hidden Treasure Peak, but the other party rudely turned him down.


“I’ll go to the mountain!” The voice of the Eldest Young Lady Meng Ru was suddenly heard coming from behind.


“Don’t speak nonsense!” Yang Kai snapped.


“En,” Meng Ru obediently shrunk back into the hole.


“It seems that there’s no room for discussion, then.” The hooked nosed man found it to be a pity as he waved his hand and ordered, “Kill!”


Upon realising that he was unable to make Yang Kai join them, he immediately ordered his death. There was no doubt that he was a decisive person.


More than ten archers were already well prepared as they pulled the bows taut. The next moment, a dozen or so arrows came at Yang Kai from different angles.


However, everyone soon became dumbfounded.


That was because Yang Kai wielded his sword and easily fended off all of the arrows. He didn’t even seem to have moved as he stood in front of the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor like a wooden stake.


The man with a hooked nose was stunned. 


He knew that Yang Kai was an expert in martial arts since the latter could kill Luo An Guo. Yang Kai’s performance during their pursuit also confirmed his speculation.


Nevertheless, it wasn’t until this moment that the Head Manager realised that he had still underestimated Yang Kai.


If he were faced with the same situation, he could have warded off those arrows as well, but he could never have done it so effortlessly. It was also impossible for him not to move a single step.


These archers were flushing as they felt embarrassed. Before the Head Manager even gave the order, they started shooting arrows at Yang Kai again.


Just like before, Yang Kai easily fended off all the attacks.


The archers became furious. Instead of shooting arrows at the same time, they did it intermittently so that they could find a chance to impale him.


An incense stick later, these archers helplessly lowered their bows as their faces were all red. The mockery from their companions made them hang their heads low.


There were more than ten archers, but after twenty rounds of shooting at Yang Kai, the man still wasn’t harmed one bit. On the other hand, they had no more arrows left.


The Head Manager sported a gloomy expression as well. He reprimanded the people who were laughing and pointed at Yang Kai before giving the order, “You guys over there, go kill him.”


The smiles of those who were ordered to kill Yang Kai froze as they sported bitter expressions; however, they could not disobey the Head Manager, so they had no choice but to drive their horses forward.


At the very least, they knew that they had to work together. They separated and surrounded Yang Kai from different directions. 


As they exchanged glances, one of them suddenly charged towards Yang Kai and hacked at him with a sword while the others seized the chance and dashed forward.


Yang Kai lowered his figure to dodge the attack and unsheathed his sword as a glint flashed across his weapon.


The second person extended his sword while the third person, who had excellent riding skills, leaned far off his horse and swept his sword at Yang Kai’s legs while brushing past him.


The others showcased their skills and launched fatal attacks on Yang Kai.


With Yang Kai as the centre, several horses criss-crossed each other.


However, many fell off their horses and collapsed to the ground, apparently dead. Only two of them survived, and when they turned their heads, their faces instantly paled.


Yang Kai remained on the same spot. His top had been cut open as the flesh around his wounds rolled up. His figure was already covered in blood.


Nevertheless, he didn’t seem to care about it one bit.


Blood dripped from his sword and made some pattering sounds on the blood puddle, which was piercing to the ears.


The Head Manager had never been more embarrassed in his life as he growled, “Wastes! You can’t even kill a single person?! All of you, go get him! You don’t have to follow me back to the mountain if you can’t kill him!”


The death of their companions left the others fuming with fury. Although Yang Kai appeared powerful, he was all alone after all. There was no way they were unable to kill him when there were more than 100 of them.


They drew their weapons at the same time and drove the horses forward. They appeared as intimidating as a storm.


Yang Kai tried his best to stabilise his breathing and pulled off his tattered top from his body. He then fastened it around his sword-holding hand so he wouldn’t drop it.


As soon as he was done with that, 100 or so horses came charging towards him from all directions and engulfed him.


Following a guttural roar, Yang Kai slashed his sword as blood was seen spurting out from his enemies. Shrieks were continuously heard.


There was an upside as well as a downside when he told the Eldest Young Lady to hide inside the cave. The upside was that he didn’t have to worry about her safety. As long as he stood steadfastly in front of her, he could ensure that she wouldn’t be harmed.


The downside was that he was unable to move around freely. Once he revealed the woman behind him, those from Hidden Treasure Peak might be able to capture her. Once that happened, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to save her despite being stronger than these bandits.


It was the same case for those from Hidden Treasure Peak.


While they were pleased to see that the Eldest Young Lady was confined to a spot by Yang Kai, they were unable to freely deal with him in such a small place.


Yang Kai only had to face seven or eight of them at the same time while the others could only circle around in the periphery. There was nothing they could do.


As more people were killed, the spot in front of the cave began running red with blood. The smell of blood was nauseating; however, the Eldest Young Lady, who was hiding in the hole, realised in shock that she wasn’t afraid of such a situation.


She couldn’t figure out what was going on as it was the first time she saw dead people. Any other Young Lady would have passed out in this situation, but she remained clear-headed while she was still able to monitor the young private guard’s condition.


All of a sudden, a corpse collapsed in front of her. It was a bandit who tried to capture Meng Ru while Yang Kai wasn’t paying attention. As soon as he reached this place though, Yang Kai directly killed him with his sword.


It was apparent that the bandit was horrified before his death. Presently, the corpse was right in front of the Eldest Young Lady.


She shot a glance at the corpse before snatching the sword from his hand. While clenching the hilt with both hands, she pressed the tip against her chest.




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