Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4822, Unparalleled Gallantry


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Those from Hidden Treasure Peak had launched a night attack on the Meng Manor. The Second Manager, Luo An Guo, personally made a move and kidnapped the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Family amidst the chaos. A new private guard from the Meng Manor chased after him and intercepted him in a place that was over 100 kilometres from the city. He fought against the enemies on his own and killed many of them. Eventually, he successfully saved the Eldest Young Lady.


Everyone in White Jade City was shocked when the news spread.


Rumour had it that the power of the new private guard from the Meng Manor was inscrutable. Faced with over 100 bandits, he never backed down as he beheaded them with a saber and a sword like he was cutting fruits or vegetables.


It was also rumoured that he was ten metres tall with three heads and six arms! The hearts of the bandits were dug out and eaten by him!


By relying on his ferocity, he persevered until the Young City Lord of White Jade City arrived with the knights to end the calamity. They eventually destroyed the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak and returned victorious.


While everyone who heard this news was shocked by the power of this private guard from the Meng Manor, they also admired him for his loyalty.


Hidden Treasure Peak was a nest of bandits; had someone like the Eldest Young Lady from the Meng Manor been captured by them, everyone could imagine what would have happened to her.


It was thanks to this loyal private guard that the Eldest Young Lady’s modesty was saved. They also found out this private guard was hired at the arena that the Meng Family had set up some time ago. Many families secretly felt envious and thought that the Meng Manor had found a treasure.


Nowadays, it was hard to find a loyal guard like him.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was still unconscious in the Meng Manor. He had exhausted himself from battling against the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak. If not for his determination to save the Eldest Young Lady, he would have collapsed much earlier.


Had the soldiers from City Lord’s Mansion come any later, he would not have been able to persevere.


After Yin Zhi Yong and the others treated his wounds, the Young City Lord, Feng Cheng Si, escorted the Eldest Young Lady back to the Meng Manor. Yang Kai, who had made the biggest contribution in this matter, was given special care.


Before he even regained consciousness, the Patriarch of the Meng Manor had already rewarded him with a lot of money and his own private residence. There was also high-quality healing medicine that the maidservants would use to apply on his wounds every day.


It was unprecedented that an outer court’s private guard be given such rewards.


The steward of the Meng Manor personally visited Yang Kai and told Yin Zhi Yong to inform him as soon as Yang Kai awakened.


Certainly, Yin Zhi Yong directly agreed to it.


Many private guards also came to visit Yang Kai. Although it had only been a short time since Yang Kai joined the Meng Manor, and they were not close to each other, he had risked his life to save the reputation of these private guards; after all, the Eldest Young Lady was kidnapped on their watch. Had Yang Kai not promptly decided to chase after the bandits, these private guards would have been punished by the Meng Manor by now. Some of them might even have lost their lives.


When everyone who visited Yang Kai saw his injuries, they fell silent.


That was because he was horrendously wounded. There was no part of his body that was intact. His entire figure was covered in bandages, which had been dyed crimson by his blood.


No one knew how he was still alive given his injuries.


The crooked saber and the chipped sword were brought back by Yin Zhi Yong following the Eldest Young Lady’s order. They were the best proof that Yang Kai had used these weapons to kill those bandits.


Every day, the Eldest Young Lady would send a maidservant named Qian Qian to visit Yang Kai. She would then go back and report to her on Yang Kai’s condition.


If possible, the Eldest Young Lady was more than willing to personally visit him; however, she was an unmarried woman as well as the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor. It would be inappropriate for her to visit Yang Kai given her status.


Even though Yang Kai had made a significant contribution, the Patriarch of the Meng Manor had never visited him. He only told his most trusted steward to come here once.


After all, their statuses were too different, and it was the private guards’ duty to risk their lives to protect the Meng Family members.


Seven days later, Yang Kai finally regained consciousness.


When he opened his eyes, he realised he was in excruciating pain. His entire figure was aching and his throat felt like it was burning. This was the first time he had been so horribly injured since he began cultivating.


Although he was in a Samsara World, everything felt so real.


He darted his gaze around and saw Yin Zhi Yong sitting at the table. He was holding a maid servant’s hand as he seemed to be reading her palm.


The maidservant hung her head low with a flushing face. She wanted to retract her hand, but it seemed she didn’t have the strength to do so, and she wouldn’t dare to call for help. She was on the brink of breaking into tears.


Yin Zhi Yong pretended to not see it as he spouted nonsense by saying that her life wouldn’t be smooth sailing, but she would eventually meet a person who would extricate her from her suffering.


Unable to take it anymore, Yang Kai knocked on the bedside.


Hearing the noise, the maidservant became shocked and quickly retracted her hand. Yin Zhi Yong turned to look at Yang Kai and became elated, “You’re finally awake, Little Brother Yang!”


He walked up to Yang Kai and asked caringly, “How are you? Do you feel any discomfort?”


“Water…” Yang Kai said as he felt his throat burning.


“Oh, water! Water!” Yin Zhi Yong quickly beckoned to the maidservant, who picked up a jug of water and took a seat beside the bed before helping Yang Kai drink it.


After Yang Kai finished the water, he finally felt much better.


Yin Zhi Yong said smilingly, “Did you know how worried I was? I was worried that you would never wake up!”


Yang Kai didn’t think the older man looked worried at all.


Yin Zhi Yong went on to say, “Since you’re awake, you’ll be fine. Just stay here and recuperate. I’m sure you’ll enjoy plenty of good luck after surviving this disaster.”


“How is… the Eldest Young Lady?” Yang Kai asked in a hoarse voice.


In fact, he was already muddle-headed at the last moments of protecting the Eldest Young Lady. He faintly remembered that there seemed to be reinforcements approaching, and those from Hidden Treasure Peak were forced to flee. Supposedly, the Eldest Young Lady was safe.


Yin Zhi Yong replied, “The Eldest Young Lady is well, just a bit frightened. She now sends someone to visit you every day. Since you’re awake, I believe she’ll set her mind at ease as well.”


He then said to the maidservant, “It’s time to help Little Brother Yang reapply his medicine.”


The maidservant nodded in agreement and put down the jug before getting busy with a red face.


Yin Zhi Yong then went on to talk to Yang Kai about the incident on that day and expressed his admiration for him.


If he were in the same situation, he would have surrendered and begged for mercy. It wasn’t that he was disloyal to the Meng Manor; however, loyalty no longer mattered in the face of certain death.


It was during a life-and-death moment that a person’s temperament was put to the test.


While the maidservant was busy, Yin Zhi Yong left the place to inform the steward of the Meng Manor.


One hour later, the old man with a goatee, who appeared on the selection stage previously, stepped into the room and gave Yang Kai some words of praise. He said that the Patriarch was pleased with his loyalty and had rewarded him with many good things, including his current residence and a lot of money.


All the new private guards would go through a probation period of a few years; however, since Yang Kai had risked his life to save the Eldest Young Lady, the probation ended earlier, and he was now an official private guard of the Meng Manor.


The steward didn’t stay for a long. After finishing his words, he left the place in a hurry. Before that, he told Yang Kai to recuperate with peace of mind, saying that the Meng Manor wouldn’t mistreat people who had made contributions.


Yin Zhi Yong was also rewarded.


In fact, he didn’t spend much effort in the fight against the bandits; however, without him, Yang Kai wouldn’t have successfully saved the Eldest Young Lady.


At that time, Yang Kai was chasing after Luo An Guo on foot. It was Yin Zhi Yong who sent him a horse and then ran back to White Jade City to inform the soldiers about what was going on. In the end, they arrived in time and forced the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak to retreat.


While Yang Kai had made the most significant contribution in saving the Eldest Young Lady, Yin Zhi Yong was the second greatest contributor. Therefore, he had also obtained a lot of rewards. The money that was given to him was enough to let him buy a lot of delicious food and wine for the next three years.


With that said, he had no idea why he followed Yang Kai on a whim at that time as it was no different from deserting his duties; however, it was thanks to this rash move that he made a contribution.


From his perspective, Yang Kai was his lucky Star. It had only been half a month since Yang Kai joined the Meng Manor, but Yin Zhi Yong managed to get the attention and honour he had never enjoyed even after ten years of service.


These days, the Captain of the private guards and some younger stewards had been amiable to him, which made him feel elated.


Therefore, he was more than willing to take care of Yang Kai every day.


The speed Yang Kai recuperated made Yin Zhi Yong doubt whether the younger man was really Human.


He regained consciousness barely seven days after he passed out, and was able to get out of the bed and start walking three days after that. Another three days later, he was clearly on the mend.


It only took him twenty days to almost fully recover.


While Yin Zhi Yong was dumbfounded, he persuaded Yang Kai to lie on the bed for a few days more.


That was because he was responsible for taking care of Yang Kai. As long as Yang Kai was still lying on the bed, he could get some rest for a few days more lest he was exposed to the sun or rain.


Fortunately, the steward didn’t immediately assign any tasks to them; so, for the time being, they had nothing else to do.


Every day, Yin Zhi Yong would pester the maidservant while Yang Kai refused to stay idle. He would practise martial arts in the courtyard and let his clothes soak in sweat.


The Martial Dao in this Samsara World was very low, but he could still slowly get stronger. Strength would be necessary in this world, so he reckoned that he had to quickly get stronger.


Yin Zhi Yong had tried exchanging moves with him once, but he would never want to do that again, for it was utterly humiliating. There was an overwhelming difference between their powers and it only took Yang Kai one move to defeat the him.


While cultivating, Yang Kai pondered on how to approach the Eldest Young Lady.


It was confirmed that Qu Hua Shang had reincarnated into this world as the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor, Meng Ru. Before she reincarnated, she had set up a Heart Barrier. Only by breaking this Heart Barrier would her memory be restored.


In order to break the Heart Barrier, he had to win her heart.


Certainly, Yang Kai didn’t care about the difference between their statuses as he was a private guard while she was the Eldest Young Lady; however, he didn’t know how to win a woman’s heart.


Although he had a lot of Wives, he had rarely wooed a woman before. There was not much he could do when it came to pursuing a woman romantically.


The most important thing for him now was to approach the Eldest Young Lady so that they would familiarise themselves with each other. If he couldn’t even get close to her, how was he going to break the Heart Barrier?


Fortunately, the fact that he had saved her life must have left a good impression. The proof was that she would send her trusted maidservant, Qian Qian, to visit him every day.


While Yang Kai was lost in his thoughts, a chance presented itself.




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