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Martial Peak – Chapter 4826, Young City Lord

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Everyone thought that Meng Ru was just learning martial arts for fun, which was why she pestered her personal bodyguard to teach her. After she became exhausted and lost interest in it, she would give it up.


Therefore, after she persevered for a few days, the women in the inner court were shocked, including her maidservant Cui’er.


Every day, the Eldest Young Lady would get out of her bed before the sky turned bright. Unlike in the past when she would dress up patiently, she just had to tie up her hair and put on some tight-fitting clothes now before heading to the courtyard with a wooden sword. Yang Kai would always be waiting for her there.


She would be soaked in sweat every day, but she was still high-spirited. Even just by monotonously wielding her sword, she increasingly became better with the movements.


The two maidservants were asked to learn martial arts as well. The main reason was that the Eldest Young Lady was annoyed by Cui’er, who always tried to stop her from practising. If Cui’er could learn with her, perhaps she would keep her mouth shut.


However, not everyone had the Eldest Young Lady’s perseverance.


Cui’er gave it up barely two days later. Other than the fact that the moves were monotonous, her entire figure would ache every day. Although she was a maidservant, she grew up with the Eldest Young Lady and enjoyed the finer things in life. She had never gone through such hardship before.


With that said, after she gave it up, she rarely dissuaded the Eldest Young Lady from learning martial arts again. Perhaps she no longer had the nerve to do so.


On the other hand, even though Qian Qian appeared timid, she had impressive willpower.


Moreover, Yang Kai discovered that she was just as talented as the Eldest Young Lady when it came to learning martial arts.


Time went by quickly as he taught martial arts with an ulterior motive while the two women learned attentively.


Two months had passed. Yang Kai and the Eldest Young Lady had become much closer to each other through their contact every day. He could clearly notice that whenever the Eldest Young Lady looked at him, her gaze was filled with a sense of longing. Only when a woman was in love with a man would she gaze at him in such a way.


Back then, after he risked his life to save her, she started treating him favourably. The contact and guidance over the past few months had just pulled them closer to one another.


Yang Kai had a feeling that he was close to breaking Senior Sister Qu’s Heart Barrier, but he had no idea how much more he had to do before he could succeed. He could only play it by ear now; after all, he didn’t have similar experiences that he could refer to. This Samsara World had its own rules.


One day, after Yang Kai was done teaching the Eldest Young Lady, Cui’er came over with a wet towel and helped wipe her face. All of a sudden, the Eldest Young Lady said, “Guard Yang, I’m leaving the city tomorrow. Please come with me.”


Yang Kai became startled for a moment before nodding, “Yes.”


He had no idea why the Eldest Young Lady was leaving the city. Since she returned to the Meng Manor some time ago, she had never left her residence. She would only take a stroll in the garden at most.


She must have a matter to attend to for leaving the city. However, as a private guard, he wasn’t in a position to ask her anything.


“Is there anything I need to prepare?” Yang Kai asked.


“No, you just have to follow me.” The Eldest Young Lady forced a smile, “I’m a little tired now, so I’ll get some rest. Please rest early as well, Guard Yang.”


Yang Kai nodded his head and stepped back into the darkness.


The next day, the Eldest Young Lady was dressed in some simple clothes. A carriage was ready outside the Meng Manor. Besides that, there were a group of personal bodyguards with sabres who would escort her.


Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong were on either side of the carriage.


Beside Yang Kai was Qian Qian while Cui’er was leading the way at the front.


With his left hand on his hilt, Yang Kai looked around to prevent any ill-intentioned people from coming near. Although the crisis caused by the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak had been resolved previously, he had no idea whether the Meng Manor had dealt with those from Hidden Treasure Peak in any way recently.


He had to be ready for a fight at any moment.


There was one time when he turned his head, he realised that Qian Qian was looking at him.


He nodded at her and put on a smile. In an instant, Qian Qian started blushing and hung her head low. She lost her balance and almost stumbled over. 


A dextrous Yang Kai quickly took her arm, “Watch out!”


A flustered Qian Qian retracted her arm and said in a small voice, “T-Thanks.”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her. He was pleased with this maidservant who was timid but hardworking. She was unlike the annoying Cui’er, who loved to boss others around just because she was the Eldest Young Lady’s trusted maidservant.


“What happened?” The Eldest Young Lady lifted the curtain and revealed her alluring face. She must have heard the noise just now.


“Nothing,” Yang Kai shook his head.


The Eldest Young Lady shot him a doubtful look and gazed at the blushing Qian Qian before snorting, “Don’t bully Qian Qian. If you do, I won’t let you off.”


“I would never dare to!” Yang Kai secretly smiled in a helpless manner, thinking that the Eldest Young Lady was the one he wanted to bully; however, he couldn’t say such a thing for the time being as he was just a personal bodyguard.


The Eldest Young Lady pretended to be fierce and showed him her fist before letting the curtain down.


A moment later, she was heard saying in a melancholic voice, “It’s the anniversary of my Mother’s death. I visit the Gratitude Shrine to pray for her every year.”


It was only then that Yang Kai found out why the Eldest Young Lady was leaving the city. Gratitude Shrine was more than a dozen kilometres away from the city where a lot of believers would pray to the Heavens.


Shrines were rarely seen in the 3,000 Worlds. There were no shrines in the Universe Worlds where Yang Kai had stayed before. With that said, he was aware of such places.


It had something to do with a kind of faith.


Furthermore, over the past couple of months, Yin Zhi Yong had given Yang Kai some information about the Meng Manor.


Although Meng Ru was the Eldest Young Lady, she wasn’t a legitimate child. Her Mother wasn’t Meng De Ye’s Wife; instead, the two apparently got to know each other when they were still very young.


Even though Meng De Ye had many Wives, he loved this woman, who had started following him since childhood and would never leave him, the most.


Unfortunately, she didn’t enjoy a long life. She passed away when the Eldest Young Lady was still a young child.


Perhaps Meng De Ye felt guilty as well as a sense of longing, so he doted on Meng Ru the most out of all his children. Despite the fact that she was pretty mature now, he had never forced her to marry anyone.


In this Samsara World, women who were still not married by the age of twenty-six or twenty-seven would be treated like jinxes.


However, the Eldest Young Lady was still doing perfectly well in the Meng Manor, which was a wealthy family to begin with. Despite the fact that she was a noble lady, Meng De Ye still allowed her to learn martial arts.


Gratitude Shrine was more than a dozen kilometres away from White Jade City where there were a lot of believers. While going up the mountain, they saw a lot of people walking along the path. Seeing the formation of the Meng Manor, these people would move to the sides.


The ordinary people would never dare to offend those from the Meng Manor.


One hour later, they arrived at the peak. Yang Kai looked up and saw a magnificent shrine.


In front of them stood an old monk with a scar on his head who was clad in a simple robe. Apparently, he had been informed in advance that the Eldest Young Lady from the Meng Manor was coming over.


Meng Ru and the old monk obviously knew one another; after all, she would visit Gratitude Shrine once every year. After getting out of the carriage, she saluted the old monk and followed him to enter the shrine.


The personal bodyguards followed her closely. After exchanging glances with Yin Zhi Yong, Yang Kai hid among the crowd.


While one of them was conspicuous, the other was hidden. Moreover, with the protection of other personal bodyguards from the Meng Manor, there were no worries about Meng Ru’s safety.


After following the old monk to an altar where ceremonial lamps were placed, Meng Ru poured some oil into it for her Mother and headed to another Grand Hall where she would light some incense sticks, pray, and perform divination with sticks.


Suddenly thinking of something, Meng Ru cheered up instantly and put on a smile.


After walking around for a bit, she was a little tired, so she found a stone pavilion and had a seat. Cui’er quickly fished out the cakes and tea she had prepared earlier while the personal bodyguards dispersed and guarded the stone pavilion.


Inside the stone pavilion, Meng Ru was having a joyous chat with the maidservant while looking around. She was a little disappointed when she didn’t see the person she had been longing for; however, when she thought of the fact he would protect her at any moment, she became at ease.


Right then, a young man clad in white clothes was sauntering towards them. He was followed by a servant who had a sword in his hand.


He was a tall and handsome young man who sported a harmless smile. There was no doubt that he was a gentle and good-looking nobleman.


When Cui’er caught a glimpse of the young man, she could not move her eyes away from him again.


“Stop right there! The Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor is resting here,” The responsible personal bodyguards tried to stop them from coming closer.


Despite the fact that the young man was a noble, he wasn’t infuriated at their rudeness. He just cupped his fist and said with a smile, “Please tell the Eldest Young Lady that Feng Cheng Si of the Feng Family would like to see her.”


The personal bodyguards were shocked as they finally recognised this young man and they quickly put away their arrogance.


Despite his gentle voice, Meng Ru could hear him as she wasn’t far from him to begin with. When she heard the name Feng Cheng Si, she turned her head and appeared surprised. Then, she beckoned to Cui’er and spoke to her in a small voice.


Cui’er nodded and walked up to Feng Cheng Si before saluting him in an elegant manner, “Young City Lord, our Young Lady would like to see you.”


Feng Cheng Si smiled and nodded his head, “Many thanks.”


Cui’er stole a glance at him and hung her head low with a blushing face.


After leading him to the stone pavilion, she stood behind Meng Ru.


Meng Ru examined Feng Cheng Si and put on a smile, “It’s really you, Young City Lord. Why are you here?” It wasn’t the first time they met each other. Previously, when she was in danger, it was Yang Kai who stood in front of her and became exhausted from fending off all the enemies while in the end, Feng Cheng Si came to the rescue with the soldiers from White Jade City.


Nevertheless, Meng Ru was concerned about Yang Kai on the way home, so she wasn’t in the mood to talk to Feng Cheng Si.


Feng Cheng Si replied with a smile, “The weather is lovely today, so I decided to leave home for a walk. I didn’t expect to see you here, Little Sister Ru. What a coincidence.”


Meng Ru reckoned that he was older than she was, and he had done her a favour previously, so she only felt awkward but not disgusted by the fact that he called her ‘Little Sister Ru’.


With a smile, she said, “I should have personally thanked you for helping to save me previously, but I haven’t had a chance to do so. Please don’t take offence, Young City Lord.”



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