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Martial Peak – Chapter 4827, Propose Marriage


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“It was all thanks to the personal bodyguard from the Meng Manor. This Feng didn’t really do anything, so I don’t deserve your gratitude.” Feng Cheng Si put on a faint smile.


Meng Ru shook her head, “Young City Lord, if you hadn’t come to the rescue in time, the consequences would have been dreadful.” Seeing that he was still standing, she quickly invited him to have a seat.


Feng Cheng Si thanked her and elegantly took a seat.


They went on to have a chat in a joyful manner.


One hour later, Meng Ru appeared fatigued, so Cui’er promptly said, “Eldest Young Lady, it’s getting late now, so we should head home; otherwise, the Patriarch will be worried about you.”


Following a nod, Meng Ru rose from the seat and bid Feng Cheng Si farewell. The latter didn’t make her stay as he watched them leave.


It wasn’t until Meng Ru and her personal bodyguards were out of sight that Feng Cheng Si put on a smile and called out, “Junior Brother Yang!”


The sword-holding young man beside him appeared doubtful as he had no idea why the Young Master suddenly shouted at the air. Just when he wanted to ask him about it, a figure emerged from the shadow all of a sudden like a phantom. He wasn’t even aware of his presence this whole time.


Flabbergasted, the sword-holding young man dexterously hid behind Feng Cheng Si and stuck out his head before yelling, “Who are you!?”


Ignoring him, Yang Kai stared at Feng Cheng Si and cupped his fist, “Senior Brother Feng!”


As their eyes met, there seemed to be sparks flying in the air.


The sword-holding young man appeared puzzled. Judging from the way the Young Master and this strange man called each other, they seemed to be Fellow Brothers; however, at this moment, they appeared to be in a conflict for some reason.


What made the sword-holding young man feel even more perplexed was that this man surnamed Yang was apparently a personal bodyguard from the Meng Manor, so how was it possible that he and the Young City Lord were Fellow Brothers?


“I’ve heard a lot about you, Junior Brother Yang. We’ve finally met each other. You’re indeed a handsome man,” Feng Cheng Si flashed a smile at him.


“Many thanks for the compliment, Senior Brother,” Yang Kai replied dispassionately.


Sensing his impassiveness, Feng Cheng Si said with a frown, “It wasn’t my idea to come into this world; however, since I’ve received the order from my Honoured Master, I have to do my best. Please forgive me if I’ve offended you in any way.”


Yang Kai nodded, “We’ll do our best in our own ways, then. However, I still have to persuade you to quit as early as possible so that you’ll be spared the embarrassment.”


Feng Cheng Si asked with a smile, “Do you have so much confidence in yourself, Junior Brother?”


Yang Kai lifted his head and replied arrogantly, “Don’t you get it? I’m very close to her now.”


He found it somewhat laughable that he was competing against another man to win over a woman’s heart.


Feng Cheng Si said, “I’m fully aware of the advantages you have, but you’d better not underestimate me. I have my own advantages as well.”


“I’ll be looking forward to it, then,” Yang Kai turned around and disappeared into the darkness.


A moment later, the sword-holding young man, who was hiding behind Feng Cheng Si, looked around curiously, “Young Master… is that ghost gone?”


An annoyed Feng Cheng Si knocked on his head, “What nonsense are you spouting? We’re heading back now!”


“Yes!” The sword-holding young man responded as he kept looking back at the stone pavilion, as though a sabre-and-sword-wielding ghost would reappear at any moment.


Yang Kai would soon find out what Feng Cheng Si’s planned to do. That guy showcased his advantage with just one move and forced Yang Kai onto the defensive.


The day after they returned from Gratitude Shrine, the Eldest Young Lady and Qian Qian were learning martial arts from Yang Kai when Cui’er rushed over with an excited expression and shouted, “Eldest Young Lady! Eldest Young Lady! Something major has happened!”


Meng Ru, who was wielding the wooden sword, was shocked as she stopped what she was doing and looked at her; however, upon seeing Cui’er’s expression, she glared at her, “Why are you shouting? I was frightened.”


Cui’er stood in front of the Eldest Young Lady and stuck out her tongue before saying in a hushed voice, “Eldest Young Lady, something major has really happened.”


“What’s the matter?” Meng Ru asked with a frown.


While trying to be mysterious, Cui’er glanced at her and replied, “It’s something great.”


A helpless Meng Ru rapidly extended her hand and pinched the other woman’s waist, “How dare you keep me on tenterhooks? Are you going to tell me or not?”


Cui’er giggled and begged for mercy, after which Meng Ru let her off.


Qian Qian picked up a towel and passed it to Meng Ru, who wiped her face with it and listened attentively.


It was then that Cui’er said, “Those from City Lord’s Mansion have sent us several gift carts. It’s said that the Young City Lord is proposing marriage.”


Meng Ru froze for a moment before taking a glance at Yang Kai with anxiety and asking nervously, “Propose marriage? What are you talking about?”


Cui’er replied with a smile, “What else could it be? It’s the marriage between you and the Young City Lord. You saw him yesterday. He’s handsome and good at martial arts. Moreover, he’s wealthy and mild-tempered. Everything about him is good. He’s a perfect match for you…”


An anxious Meng Ru asked, “Did my Father agree to it?”


Cui’er shook her head, “I have no idea, but the Patriarch looks pleased. He’s having a chat with the Young City Lord in the Reception Hall right now.”


Upon hearing that, Meng Ru quickly tossed the towel away and sprinted off.


A shocked Cui’er asked, “Where are you going, Eldest Young Lady?”


Meng Ru ignored her. Nevertheless, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and stood there for a moment before turning around. With a conflicted expression, she gazed at Yang Kai, “Guard Yang, I’m a little tired now, so let’s call it a day.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Since you’re tired, you should get some rest, Eldest Young Lady.”


Following that, Meng Ru shuffled into her room and closed the door.


All of a sudden, Cui’er glared at Yang Kai, her eyes full of hostility.


One hour later, the Meng Family Patriarch Meng De Ye arrived at the inner court and entered Meng Ru’s room. It wasn’t certain what the conversation was about, but when he left the room, he shook his head and sighed in a helpless manner.


Cui’er followed him, but she was soon captured by the Patriarch’s personal bodyguard and brought to Meng De Ye.


She could be completely at ease in front of the Eldest Young Lady; after all, they grew up together, so they were as close as Sisters. However, in front of the Patriarch, she would never dare to cross the line.


That was because there were initially three other girls who grew up with the Eldest Young Lady, but eventually, she was the only one left.


The Eldest Young Lady was innocent and kind-hearted, so she thought that the three maidservants had found decent Husbands. Nevertheless, Cui’er knew that they had already lost their lives.


While working for the Eldest Young Lady, one might be killed for making even a small mistake.


Kneeling in front of the Patriarch, Cui’er was trembling, “Patriarch, there’s something I need to tell you.”


With his hands behind his back, Meng De Ye said impassively, “Speak.”


After hesitating for a moment, Cui’er replied in a shaking voice, “I’m not sure if I’m mistaken, but the Eldest Young Lady… She seems to have developed some feelings for Guard Yang.”


Then, she quickly added, “I don’t know if it’s just a misunderstanding. I’m not certain about anything.”


The Patriarch didn’t respond in any way; however, Cui’er knew that it was how the Patriarch reacted when he was furious, so she became increasingly anxious.


A moment later, the Patriarch asked, “When did you discover it?”


A terrified Cui’er replied, “After the Eldest Young Lady was rescued.”


Meng De Ye questioned, “It has been months since she was rescued. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”


Cui’er pressed her head against the ground, “I wouldn’t dare to!”


“You wouldn’t dare to?” Meng De Ye sneered, “Cut her into pieces to fertilize the plants!”


Cui’er felt her entire figure turning limp. It wasn’t until two personal bodyguards took her arms and dragged her out of the place that she started begging for mercy, “Please have mercy on me, Patriarch! Please spare my life! I’m the only long-time maidservant by the Eldest Young Lady’s side now. If I’m killed, she’ll be sad!”


Her words just barely saved her. After receiving an instruction, the two personal bodyguards dropped her.


Meng De Ye’s voice could be heard saying from a distance, “Watch over the Eldest Young Lady and inform me immediately whenever something happens. If anything goes wrong again, I will personally kill you!”


Cui’er hurriedly agreed. When she looked up, there was no one in front of her.


After that day, the Eldest Young Lady was back to her usual self. Yang Kai didn’t ask how the Young City Lord’s proposal was dealt with, but Yin Zhi Yong had found out quite a bit of information.


In fact, the Young City Lord had personally come over to propose marriage, and Meng De Ye was apparently pleased with him; after all, Feng Cheng Si was of noble background and was a perfect match for the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Family.


Meng Ru was not getting any younger, and it was impossible for her to stay in the Meng Manor forever. If there was a suitable man for her, Meng De Ye wouldn’t reject him.


Nevertheless, Meng De Ye didn’t seem to have given a positive reply regarding the proposal.


This made Yin Zhi Yong realise that the Patriarch truly treasured the Eldest Young Lady. Even in families that were wealthier than the Meng Family, the parents held the right to make an arrangement for their children’s marriages, not to mention in ordinary families. Rarely would any woman decide for herself what man she wanted to marry.


However, in the Meng Family, the Eldest Young Lady had the final say in this matter, and even the Patriarch, who was known to be iron-fisted, didn’t try to force her.


With that said, Yang Kai clearly noticed that there were now more people who were hidden around the Eldest Young Lady’s residence. Other than paying close attention to the Eldest Young Lady, they were also watching over him.


Recently, Cui’er had been acting weirdly as well. In the past, he could sense that she detested him, but it seemed to have turned into resentment now.


She could barely contain the hatred in her eyes.


Yang Kai had a feeling that something was amiss.


One day, Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong were told to see the Patriarch.


Inside the Grand Hall, Meng De Ye gazed at them and said, “I have some goods that have to be sent to Great Abundance City tomorrow. These goods are extremely important, so I want you two to escort them.”


Upon hearing that, Yin Zhi Yong was startled, “What about the Eldest Young Lady?”


He and Yang Kai were the Eldest Young Lady’s personal bodyguards, so supposedly, they would have to send goods to another city. Hence, he was puzzled by Meng De Ye’s order.


Meng De Ye replied, “I’ve made arrangements for her, so you don’t have to worry about her.” He paused for a moment, “She’ll marry someone sooner or later. You two are loyal to the Meng Manor. After she gets married, I’ll need you two to work in other areas. So, try getting used to it now.”


An excited Yin Zhi Yong cupped his fist, “Many thanks for trusting us, Patriarch.”


Meng De Ye waved his hand, after which they respectfully left the hall.




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