Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4830, Will You Come With Me?


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There was no doubt that the most noble great force in White Jade City was the City Lord’s Mansion, which ruled over several hundred thousand citizens. No one in the city would dare to be disrespectful to them.


On the other hand, the Meng Family was one of the most prestigious families in White Jade City and was extremely wealthy.


Therefore, when word got out that both parties would soon be connected through marriage, it sent a shockwave across the entire city. It was rumoured that the Meng Manor’s Eldest Young Lady was a stunning beauty that was rarely seen in the world while the Young City Lord was handsome and talented. They were undoubtedly a perfect match.


On the wedding day, the entire White Jade City was bustling with noise as countless buildings were decorated with red ornaments on the outside to celebrate the occasion.


All the citizens seemed to have been infected by the jolly atmosphere of this wedding as the entire city was engulfed in a festive atmosphere.


The team that would fetch the bride departed from the City Lord’s Mansion and headed to the Meng Manor with sounds of music playing along the way. The bridegroom, who was clad in red clothes, was riding a well-built horse, which was also decorated with red ornaments, as befits the occasion.


In the meantime, Yang Kai, who had put on a disguise, showed the invitation card at the entrance and easily got into the Meng Manor. While pretending to be taking a stroll around the grounds, he surreptitiously got closer to the inner court.


He had been a private guard in the inner court for several months, so he was fully aware of the situation inside, including the places where the personal bodyguards would hide.


Over the past few days, he had repeatedly attempted to sneak into the Meng Manor; however, due to the stricter security, he was unable to achieve his goal.


It was an important day for the Meng Manor, and they were short of staff everywhere, so although the security in the inner court remained strict, it was still within Yang Kai’s ability to grasp. Hence, it was a great chance for him.


After avoiding some of the personal bodyguards who were hiding in the dark, he flipped over a wall the height of a person and entered the inner court. He was as agile as a cat while ensuring that he made no noise. Without stopping, he made a turn and hid behind a rockery garden.


A moment later, he stepped. A private guard had been knocked out within the rockery.


Like a gecko, Yang Kai climbed up the wall and reached the roof. When he jumped down more than ten breaths later, another private guard from the inner court was knocked out on the roof.


More and more private guards were knocked out. In just a cup of tea’s time, Yang Kai had incapacitated all the private guards around the Eldest Young Lady’s residence.


After that, he headed straight to the building where the Eldest Young Lady resided.


In front of the building stood two stern-looking personal bodyguards. With their hands on the hilts of their weapons, they looked around vigilantly.


With the smell of alcohol wafting from his body, Yang Kai staggered forward and covered his mouth, as though he would throw up at any moment. This alerted the two of them.


It was apparent to them that this person was a guest at the wedding, but it puzzled them as to how he even reached the inner court. Even if he had lost his way, the personal bodyguards outside should have stopped him.


How did anyone even arrive at this place?


The two personal bodyguards exchanged glances, after which one of them raised his hand and snapped, “Stop right there! You’re not supposed to be here!”


With his hand covering his mouth, Yang Kai waved at them with his other hand. At the same time, he stumbled over and crashed into them.


The personal bodyguard who spoke earlier frowned and stepped forward in an attempt to stop this mannerless guest.


As soon as they came into contact though, the personal bodyguard froze on the spot while Yang Kai was heard throwing up.


The other personal bodyguard soon realised that something was off. Just when he was ready to go over, the drunk guest appeared right in front of him the next moment like a phantom.


His clear eyes suggested that he was not intoxicated at all.


Flabbergasted, the personal bodyguard unsheathed his sabre, but it was too late. Yang Kai hit the other person’s neck with the side of his palm. The personal bodyguard turned limp and collapsed to the ground. At the same time, the other personal bodyguard behind him fell to the ground as well.


Yang Kai let out a breath and adjusted his clothes. Then, he stepped into the building and walked up the stairs.


Although he had been a private guard in the inner court for several months, it was actually the first time he stepped into this building. He just knew that the Eldest Young Lady usually lived on the second floor.


The room door on the second floor was closed, but someone could be heard speaking in a small voice inside. It was Cui’er.


“You look stunning today, Eldest Young Lady. Don’t you agree, Qian Qian?”


The next instant, Qian Qian was heard replying in a gentle tone, “Eldest Young Lady has always been good-looking.”


Cui’er said with a smile, “But she looks especially beautiful today. It’s said that a woman looks her best on her wedding day.” As she spoke, she suddenly felt a lump in her throat, “Please stop smiling like a fool, Eldest Young Lady. You make me feel worried. What’s good about Guard Yang? He’s just a private guard in the Meng Manor. He’s not comparable to the Young City Lord at all when it comes to his status. Only the Young City Lord can give you the happiness you deserve.”


“Haha!” Meng Ru was heard laughing, “Am I smiling like a fool?”


“Yes…” Cui’er replied, “Moreover, the Patriarch said that Guard Yang had worked with the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak. He killed many of the armed escorts and took away the Meng Manor’s goods. Now, those from the City Lord’s Mansion are hunting him down. He must have had an ulterior motive for coming to the Meng Manor all along.”


Meng Ru refuted, “The man I love is not such a despicable person. He didn’t do any of that… Furthermore, he’ll come back to look for me.”


“Are you out of your mind, Eldest Young Lady?” Cui’er was furious, “You’re getting married today, and you’ll be the Young City Lord’s Madame. He is supposed to be the only man you love.”


Meng Ru said in a calm voice, “The man I love must be a hero who will go against the entire world for me.”


“He’s being hunted down. He’ll never come back to White Jade City! Will you please wake up to reality, Eldest Young Lady?”


Just then, a creak was heard. The ladies inside the room turned their heads and saw Yang Kai, who had restored his original appearance.


The next moment, the colour drained from Cui’er’s face while Qian Qian was astonished. Only Meng Ru seemed to have expected it as she rose from the chair with a joyful smile.


She was clad in red clothes with a phoenix coronet on her head. Her beauty was out of this world.


As their eyes met, Yang Kai put on a smile. Meng Ru could see nothing else as her vision was filled by this man.


Yang Kai asked, “Will you come with me?”


Without hesitation, Meng Ru lifted her dress and dashed towards him with a joying expression.


It wasn’t until this moment that Cui’er came to her senses and exclaimed, “Eldest Young Lady!”


All of a sudden, she felt someone striking her neck, after which she collapsed to the ground.


Equally shocked, Yang Kai and Meng Ru gazed at Qian Qian, who had made a move just now.


Even Qian Qian was astounded. Although she had learned martial arts from Yang Kai for several months, she had never attacked anyone before. It was all her subconscious reaction just now, so it surprised her that she had actually knocked the other maidservant out.


With a pale face, she stammered, “I-I didn’t mean to hurt her.”


Yang Kai took a glance at her and examined the unconscious Cui’er before comforting her, “It’s fine. She’s just passed out.”


Qian Qian nodded and felt slightly at ease.


“We have to leave White Jade City as soon as possible,” Yang Kai took Meng Ru’s hand and said in a small voice.


With a contented smile, Meng Ru bowed her head, “En.”


Over the past few months, they had never expressed their love for each other or done anything that crossed the line. They only exchanged glances at most; however, at this moment, they seemed to have known each other for several lifetimes. It was as though they were able to read each other’s thoughts with just one gaze or movement.


There was no gap or obstacle between them. They seemed to be fully aware of each other’s habits like a couple who had been married for years.


After summoning her courage, Qian Qian said, “I’ll follow you, Eldest Young Lady!”


Meng Ru looked inquisitively at Yang Kai, who remained silent for a moment and nodded.


The three of them then snuck out.


The private guards around the building were still unconscious, so it was easier to leave this place than when he came in. After passing through some doors, they arrived at the back street behind the Meng Manor.


Yang Kai had already gotten a carriage ready.


After telling Meng Ru and Qian Qian to get inside, he drove the horses forward.


He had successfully brought Meng Ru out of the Meng Manor, and his next step was to leave White Jade City, which would be a little difficult. Because of the wanted list, everybody who wanted to pass through the city gates of White Jade City had to be scrutinised.


It would have been easier if he were on his own. He could just put on some disguise and walk out; however, this wouldn’t work as he now had Meng Ru and Qian Qian with him. Moreover, Meng Ru was still clad in a wedding dress, which was naturally quite conspicuous.


Everything would be fine if he could pass through the gates. If he couldn’t, he had no choice but to fight his way out. Of course, Yang Kai was certain that the soldiers at the gates wouldn’t be able to stop him.


To his surprise, when he drove the carriage and emerged from the alley, several similar-looking carriages appeared from the sides and moved forward at the same time.


It was apparent that they were leaving the city as well. Yang Kai frowned as he had a feeling that something was amiss, but at this moment, he could only follow them. The team from the City Lord’s Mansion was supposed to arrive at the Meng Manor soon, so the fact that Meng Ru had gone missing would quickly be exposed. They had to leave White Jade City before that happened.


Soon, the carriages arrived at the city gates. Just when the soldiers were ready to examine them, a coachman at the front fished out a token and waved it. Seeing that, one of the soldiers shouted, “Let them pass!”


The carriages drove past the gates without any obstacles. Yang Kai followed them and easily left.


After leaving the city, Yang Kai furrowed his brows while following the carriages. He had a feeling that it was the mysterious mastermind’s doing.


In a place that was more than a dozen kilometres away from the city, the carriages suddenly dispersed. There stood a figure in silence as though he was waiting for something.


Yang Kai’s carriage stopped in front of that person as he turned his head, “Wait a moment.”


Meng Ru grunted in response.


It was then that Yang Kai leapt off the carriage and walked up to that person before cupping his fist, “Senior Brother Feng!”


Feng Cheng Si looked smilingly at him, “You don’t look surprised at all.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I had a speculation, though I was not certain about it. Many doubts are resolved now that I see you here.”


Given his disguising technique, he was still discovered after entering White Jade City, and he was subsequently followed. The only person he could think of capable of such things was Feng Cheng Si.


The events that followed also proved that his speculation was right.


Feng Cheng Si was the Young City Lord of White Jade City, so it wasn’t surprising that he could easily get an invitation card from the Meng Manor.


After Yang Kai left the Meng Manor with Meng Ru, several carriages appeared all of a sudden to help cover him up; otherwise, his plan wouldn’t have worked out smoothly.


“Since you’re here, who is the one going over to the Meng Manor?” Yang Kai appeared puzzled.


Feng Cheng Si replied with a smile, “You’ve met him before. The brat beside me previously.”




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