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Martial Peak – Chapter 4831, Cornered

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Upon hearing that, Yang Kai recalled that there was a sword-holding young man who hid behind Feng Cheng Si at that time. The young man and Feng Cheng Si had similar-looking builds. Although their temperaments were different, the young man just had to put on a disguise and remain silent. The people who were not familiar with Feng Cheng Si wouldn’t find out.


Moreover, even though Feng Cheng Si was the Young City Lord, it wasn’t until recently that he returned to the city. Not a lot of people in White Jade City could recognise him, let alone be familiar with him.


No one could have expected that on his own wedding day, the bridegroom would tell his servant to dress up as him and head to the bride’s house in his place. On the other hand, he was helping another man to flee with the bride.


“Why are you doing this, Senior Brother Feng?” Yang Kai asked in puzzlement. The last time they met in Gratitude Shrine, they were pretty hostile to each other; therefore, when Yang Kai speculated that the events in the past three days had something to do with Feng Cheng Si, he couldn’t really believe it.


Feng Cheng Si didn’t directly answer his question; instead, he asked, “Do you know how long I’ve stayed in this world, Junior Brother?”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied, “Martial Aunt Yu told me that you came in not long after Senior Sister Qu did. It’s supposed to have been seven or eight years now.”


Feng Cheng Si nodded, “That’s right. It’s been about eight years. During this period of time, I never stopped looking for Junior Sister Qu, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally found her. At that time, you were soaked in blood as you stood in front of her to protect her. Although she was discomfited, she wasn’t harmed one bit. The Samsara World is an interesting place. Since Martial Aunt Yu sent you here, she must have told you about its wonders.”


“What do you mean exactly?”


Feng Cheng Si looked smilingly at him and pointed at his own chest, “Sincerity is of utmost importance in this place. The more sincere a person is, the more likely his wish will be granted. When I came across Junior Sister Qu for the first time several months ago, I lamented that life was unfair to me. I came here several years before you did, but you were the first one to approach her and protect her. The Heavenly Way can truly be cruel. However, after giving it a thought, I realised that this was one of the wonders of the Samsara World.”


“Please enlighten me, Senior Brother,” Yang Kai said humbly.


Feng Cheng Si explained, “You came here for Junior Sister Qu. Although she has lost her memory during the reincarnation, the Heart Barrier she has set up has something to do with you; therefore, even though you’re late to the game, you could still immediately appear beside her and have a chance to win her heart. On the other hand, I’m different. I came here to execute my Honoured Master’s orders, so I haven’t managed to achieve my goal despite the fact that I’ve been here for a few years. I would have stood a chance if you had never appeared, but nevertheless, since you’re here, I can only be a foil. I suppose that was the reason I suddenly had the urge to return to White Jade City a few months back.”


Yang Kai fell into his thoughts.


Feng Cheng Si went on to say, “Sincerity will affect the events that take place in this Samsara World. Junior Sister Qu is lucky enough to have someone like you who is willing to protect her even if your life is at stake. I believe that even if you two come across the same kind of danger in the real 3,000 Worlds, you will still make the same decision and will never betray her. Therefore, in this life, it’s pointless for me to keep staying here. To do so will go against my true heart.”


Yang Kai saluted him, “Many thanks for helping us, Senior Brother.”


Feng Cheng Si waved his hand, “There’s no need to thank me. I’ve just realised what it is I should do; however, you have to work harder. Although I have no idea what kind of Heart Barrier Junior Sister Qu has set up for herself, I suppose it won’t be easy to pass the tests. If you can’t help her shatter the Heart Barrier, she’ll be lost in the Samsara Pavilion forever. If that happens, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven won’t let you off.”


“I’ll do my best to bring her out of this place safely.”


“That’s for the best,” Feng Cheng Si nodded. 


“I have another thing to ask you, though.”


“Go ahead.”


Yang Kai took a glance at the carriage, “It seems that I still haven’t managed to help Senior Sister Qu shatter the Heart Barrier. What can I do to help restore her memory?”


Feng Cheng Si replied with a smile, “It’s different for everyone. In fact, you have already done more than enough, but Junior Sister Qu still hasn’t retrieved her memory. It seems that her expectations of you are quite high, so you’ll have to work harder. I’ll lend you a hand as well.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai frowned. Certainly, he would work hard, but the other man didn’t specify how much more he had to do; instead, he felt that Feng Cheng Si’s smile was somewhat ominous, especially when the latter said that he would lend Yang Kai a hand.


Yang Kai had a feeling that something terrible was about to happen.


“Also, it’s the City Lord’s Mansion that has partnered up with Hidden Treasure Peak,” Feng Cheng Si said, “It’s also the City Lord’s Mansion’s arrangement that you were attacked when escorting goods.”


“I already had such a speculation,” Yang Kai dipped his head.


Feng Cheng Si appeared surprised, “It seems that you’ve seen through everything.”


Yang Kai replied impassively, “A few months ago, those from Hidden Treasure Peak easily barged into the Meng Manor while the soldiers from the City Lord’s Mansion were unusually slow to react. That in and of itself was ridiculous. If White Jade City had always been this unsafe, the City Lord’s Mansion would have lost its authority long ago.”


Feng Cheng Si nodded, “Indeed. The Meng Family is extremely wealthy, so the City Lord’s Mansion would like to have a share of that. That’s why they worked with Hidden Treasure Peak to kidnap the Eldest Young Lady so that they could have a talk with Meng De Ye. At that time, I happened to return to White Jade City. When I heard about the matter, the first thought that came into my head was that she might be the one I had been looking for. Hence, I took the initiative to lead the soldiers to chase after the bandits; however, it was too late at that time. One night had passed since the Second Manager of Hidden Treasure Peak took the Eldest Young Lady away, so even if I ran after them, I wouldn’t have stood a chance to save her.”


He then added, “However, no one could have expected that there was an outer court’s private guard from the Meng Manor who risked his life to protect the Eldest Young Lady and persevered until the soldiers from White Jade City came to the rescue. In that case, the plan between the City Lord’s Mansion and Hidden Treasure Peak was foiled. Left with no choice, I had to personally propose marriage to the Eldest Young Lady. If we could get married, the City Lord’s Mansion would be able to get their hands on the Meng Family’s wealth given their power.”


He went on to say, “Meng De Ye is fully aware of that, but he can’t resist. Moreover, I’m a young man with a promising future, so I’m more than good enough to be his Son-in-Law, and the Eldest Young Lady is mature enough to get married. Hence, he decided to just agree to it.”


Yang Kai nodded as everything was just like what he had speculated.


The connection between the Meng Manor and Hidden Treasure Peak was the City Lord’s Mansion, which was why Feng Cheng Si was aware of what was going on behind the scenes.


After agreeing to the proposal, Meng De Ye told Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong to escort some goods to another city while the Meng Manor provided some information to those from City Lord’s Mansion, who would then contact Hidden Treasure Peak in order to have the two of them killed.


Nevertheless, no one could have expected that Yang Kai wasn’t a native in this world; instead, he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was incarnated into this place, so he had some skills and strength that were simply unimaginable to others here.


“Many thanks for enlightening me, Senior Brother,” Yang Kai cupped his fist. It wasn’t until this moment that he figured out the things that had been puzzling him.


“Alright, we should stop talking. You’re supposed to flee now. The Meng Manor must be in chaos, and they’ll soon be after you,” Feng Cheng Si waved his hand.


Yang Kai thanked him again and leaped onto the carriage before driving the horses forward.


Certainly, Meng Ru and Qian Qian, who were inside the carriage, must have heard their conversation just now, but Meng Ru didn’t ask anything. As a maidservant, Qian Qian naturally wouldn’t be nosy.


In the meantime, not only the Meng Manor, but the entire White Jade City was in chaos.


The bride had gone missing on the wedding day. The young man, who replaced Feng Cheng Si to head to the Meng Manor, was drenched in cold sweat as he didn’t know what to do.


Meng De Ye’s expression was as gloomy as the weather right before a storm. The people around him could hardly breathe.


Just now, they poured a basin of cold water on Cui’er to awaken her. Upon learning that it was Yang Kai who took Meng Ru away, Meng De Ye flew into a rage. He ordered the personal bodyguards of the Meng Manor to chase after them. They must capture him regardless of whether he was dead or alive.


There was no doubt that the Meng Manor was embarrassed as such an incident happened on the wedding day of their Eldest Young Lady.


It was equally humiliating for the City Lord’s Mansion. They worked together and soon found some traces, and one hour later, a large group of people set out from White Jade City, following the traces to hunt them down.


The speed at which the carriage moved forward was slow, so both Yang Kai and Meng Ru knew that they would be caught sooner or later.


What surprised Yang Kai was that there were people in front of them that attempted to stop them.


As though they had already expected that Yang Kai would come to this place, they were well prepared as several dozen riders charged forward. Yang Kai instantly recognised that they were the soldiers from the City Lord’s Mansion.


As he recalled Feng Cheng Si’s devious smile, he had the urge to curse.


Only Feng Cheng Si was able to do this.


Yang Kai had no idea what was on the other man’s mind. Earlier, Feng Cheng Si had a frank talk with him and said that he would back down from the competition; however, he had brought some people to intercept Yang Kai at this moment.


What was he trying to achieve?


It was unlikely that those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven were so hypocritical; moreover, Feng Cheng Si appeared sincere when he said those words. Yang Kai believed that he wasn’t lying.


There were several dozen people over there, so if Yang Kai were on his own, he could have chosen to fight with them or flee; however, with Meng Ru and Qian Qian behind him, he didn’t have a choice.


After killing the knights that tried to block his path, he turned the horses around and headed in a different direction.


These people must have heard that Yang Kai was strong, so they wouldn’t dare to go near him again after losing some of their companions. They only chased after him while keeping a safe distance.


Nonetheless, barely an hour later, another group of knights, about several dozen of them, came right at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s expression darkened. Feng Cheng Si’s arrangements were impeccable, as though he had expected all of the moves that Yang Kai would make.


These groups of people came at Yang Kai from both sides. He could only choose to avoid them as he drove the carriage in a different direction.


When darkness descended, the carriage stopped.


They could no longer keep moving forward as there was a cliff in front of them. As the clouds weltered, stones could be heard rolling down the steep slope.


The horses were exhausted from all the running, so as soon as they stopped, they knelt down and kept snorting.


Two groups of knights that were more than 100 strong came together and surrounded them. They didn’t make any moves though, as though they were waiting for something.


Soon, Yang Kai found out what they were waiting for.


Torchlights could be seen flickering from the bottom of the mountain as another group of people came over.


The person leading the way was handsome and heroic. He was none other than Feng Cheng Si. The Meng Family Patriarch Meng De Ye had also tagged along.


The knights separated to the sides and revealed a passageway. The two of them passed through the knights and looked at the cornered Yang Kai. One of them sported a smile and winked at Yang Kai while the other’s expression was extremely gloomy.



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