Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4832, I’m Glad That You’re Okay


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On the edge of the cliff, Yang Kai stood in front of the carriage while facing the knights that had surrounded him.


There was nowhere else he could go. It could be said to be a death trap.


Meng De Ye’s eyes were fuming as he glared at Yang Kai. On the wedding day, his daughter was snatched by a private guard, which was humiliating for both the Meng Manor and himself. If this matter couldn’t be settled in a perfect manner, he would never be able to face anyone again in White Jade City.


He secretly swore that he had to rip this private guard into 10,000 pieces in order to vent out his fury.


“How dare you, you bastard!” Meng De Ye said through clenched teeth while glowering at Yang Kai, “Is this how you repay the Meng Manor for nurturing you? You’re such an ungrateful brat! Give Ru’er back to me and this Old Master will spare your life!”


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Please forgive me, Patriarch. I have no choice but to do this. Eldest Young Lady and I are in love with each other. Please let us go!”


Like a cat whose tail had been stamped on, Meng De Ye was enraged, “Shut up! Who do you think you are? A noble lady like Ru’er would never fall in love with someone like you. Stop slandering her!” He then turned to Feng Cheng Si, “Young City Lord, please don’t believe his nonsense. He must have forcefully taken Ru’er away; otherwise, she would never have left the Meng Manor.”


With a smile on his face, Feng Cheng Si didn’t respond to him.


The next moment, with the help of Qian Qian, Meng Ru got out of the carriage with a sorrowful expression.


Meng De Ye was elated upon seeing that and quickly asked, “Are you hurt, Ru’er?”


Like a child who had made a mistake, Meng Ru wouldn’t dare to look her Father in the eyes as she shook her head.


After letting out a breath, Meng De Ye comforted her by saying, “Don’t be afraid, Ru’er. I’ll save you now and let this thug know the consequences of bullying you. Also, the Young City Lord is here. He’ll never let you feel aggrieved in any way.”


“Father…” Meng Ru called out.


Meng De Ye quickly replied, “I’m here.”


Meng Ru hung her head low, “Father, please let Big Brother Yang and me go.”


As if struck by lightning, Meng De Ye instantly sported a livid expression as he stared at his daughter with a pair of piercing eyes, “What did you say?”


He could reprimand Yang Kai for spouting nonsense just now and dismiss it out of hand, but it was a different case when Meng Ru said it. The Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor had basically just admitted that she was in love with her bodyguard right in front of everyone.


The revelation sent a shockwave across all the knights. Upon receiving the order, they started pursuing Yang Kai, thinking that the Eldest Young Lady was kidnapped by her personal bodyguard. However, it didn’t seem to be the case now. Instead, the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor had willingly left with him.


Rather than a kidnap, it was two lovebirds who had eloped together!


These were two very different scenarios. The Eldest Young Lady of Meng Family had not only humiliated the Meng Manor, but also the City Lord’s Mansion.


Many of them cautiously glanced at Feng Cheng Si, only to realise that the Young City Lord remained calm and collected with a faint smile still on his face, as though the fact that the bride had fled with another man didn’t concern him one bit.


“Father, you’ve doted on me over the years, and you’ve never forced me to marry anyone. I’ve also repeatedly told you that I’ve been waiting for the man who is destined to be with me.” Meng Ru initially hung her head low. Despite her frail figure though, she seemed to have summoned enough courage as she looked up at him and declared, “Now, the wait is over. Big Brother Yang is the man I’ve been waiting for!”


Meng De Ye trembled with fury, which was about to erupt like a volcano.


Meng Ru had indeed repeatedly told him that she was waiting for someone, but he never took it seriously and thought that she was just being perfunctory with him. Certainly, he wouldn’t believe it when she brought it up again.


“You’re sick, Ru’er,” Meng De Ye said in a grim voice, “Come home with me. I’ll get a doctor to treat you.”


Meng Ru shook her head, “I’m not sick.”


Meng De Ye took a glance at Yang Kai and said impassively, “If you’re not sick, you should be concerned about his safety. If you come home with me, I’ll spare his life, but if you’re obstinate, he will die today!”


Meng Ru instantly turned pale. Although she knew that Yang Kai was powerful, there was no way he could deal with so many people.


She also was flustered at the fact that Meng De Ye threatened her with Yang Kai’s life.


When she turned her head and met Yang Kai’s eyes though, she saw the man flashing a smile at her.


In an instant, she cast away her hesitation and turned to look at her Father with determination, “Father, please let us go.”


Meng De Ye appeared to be heartbroken as he didn’t have the final say in this situation. Only a small number of people around here were from the Meng Manor. Most of them were soldiers from the City Lord’s Mansion, and they only listened to Feng Cheng Si.


Although he had the intention to forgive his Daughter, he was unable to do that. The Young City Lord was right beside him, and as the Patriarch of the Meng Family, he had to behave appropriately in this situation.


With difficulty, he shook his head and said, “You’re being fooled by him because you’re young and naive. The Young City Lord is a magnanimous person, so I’m sure he’ll forgive you. Come home with me and serve the Young City Lord with all your heart in the future.”


The last bit of hope in Meng Ru’s eyes went out as she fell on her knees and pressed her head against the ground three times in front of her Father.


Meng De Ye was flabbergasted, “What are you doing?”


After getting to her feet, Meng Ru turned to Yang Kai and put on a bright smile, “Since we’re not able to get married in this life, we will die together at the very least. Big Brother Yang, I’m really pleased to have finally found you.”


Yang Kai let out a breath and took a step forward before unsheathing his sabre and sword. Standing in front of Meng Ru with his sturdy figure, he clanged his weapons together, “Before I die, no one can harm you!”


“Both of you have gone mad!” Meng De Ye’s eyes turned bloodshot.


Feng Cheng Si, who had kept a smile on his face, seemed to have gone crazy all of a sudden as he roared, “Kill all of them and let them know the consequences of offending this Young City Lord!”


Meng De Ye was astonished and shouted, “Please wait, Young City Lord!” Just when he wanted to stop them, he was kicked off the horse by Feng Cheng Si and fell to the ground in pain.


The knights criss-crossed one another and came at Yang Kai from all directions, ensuring that he would not be able to flee.


As glints flashed through Yang Kai’s weapons, grunts and shrieks were continuously heard. Limbs were sent flying away while blood dyed the ground crimson.


As more corpses piled up, Yang Kai didn’t take a single step while his back remained straight, just like how he protected the Eldest Young Lady in front of the cave back then.


He wielded his weapons and killed his opponents like he was cutting through straw. Just a moment later, many corpses lay strewn across the ground.


Usually, this kind of carnage was enough to make anyone feel frightened. Despite the large number of people on their side, they might not have the courage to keep going forward; after all, no one could be certain whether they would be the next to get killed.


However, Feng Cheng Si was on top of everything here. Although the people from the City Lord’s Mansion were terrified, they wouldn’t dare to back down. Only by killing Yang Kai would they be able to live to see tomorrow.


There would only be one outcome to this intense battle; either Yang Kai was killed, or all of them would perish.


Feng Cheng Si had brought a lot of people with him this time, some two or three hundred in total, which was more than twice as many as the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak that Yang Kai had to face back then.


Yang Kai’s energy was not infinite, so despite being powerful, there was no way he could persevere forever in this situation.


Stirring Clouds Saber and Covering Rain Sword were extremely useful in this battle. Even though Meng De Ye tried to kill Yang Kai by telling him to escort some goods to Great Abundance City and then ambushing him, he had indeed regarded him highly before that. 


Stirring Clouds Saber and Covering Rain Sword were two of the best weapons in this World. The opponents’ weapons would be cut through or snap as soon as they came into contact with Yang Kai’s, which saved him a lot of energy.


Meng De Ye was still begging Feng Cheng Si to spare his Daughter’s life, but the infuriated Young City Lord simply ordered someone to tie him up and toss him aside.


The personal bodyguards from the Meng Manor wouldn’t dare to protest despite being furious. They also had to deal with Yang Kai following Feng Cheng Si’s order.


As time passed, a blood river formed at the edge of the cliff, and Yang Kai was already drenched in blood.


He was covered in the opponents’ blood as well as his own.


Despite being strong, he was unable to perfectly protect Meng Ru when faced with so many opponents. Feng Cheng Si did not only order to kill him but also Meng Ru. Seeing that Yang Kai was too formidable, those from the City Lord’s Mansion attempted to harm Meng Ru instead to distract Yang Kai, thus allowing them to achieve their goal.


Even incredible weapons like Stirring Clouds Saber and Covering Rain Sword were unable to last forever in such an intense battle. The blades of both weapons were bent and chipped, rendering them less useful.


Yang Kai was already on his last legs as he staggered. Despite that, he was determined to stand strong.


Just then, he saw a sword coming at him from the left, but he was unable to dodge it. If he did that, Meng Ru would definitely be harmed.


He could only tense up his body as he got ready to be stabbed. At the same time, he had to ensure that his vital parts wouldn’t be hit.


When a grunt was heard next though, everyone was shocked.


Yang Kai didn’t feel any impact or pain. Someone seemed to have blocked the sword for him.


As he turned his head, his pupils contracted.


It was a petite figure that had blocked the sword, which had pierced through her chest. It was a fatal injury. Qian Qian, who was usually timid and bashful, spread her arms and stood in front of Yang Kai at this moment. Summoning all her courage in the last moments of her life, she bravely looked Yang Kai in the eyes.


Then, she put on a bright smile while blood streamed out of her mouth, “Big Brother Yang, I’m glad that you’re okay.”


The smile was like an invisible hand that clenched Yang Kai’s heart, making it impossible for him to breathe.


His encounters with Qian Qian over the past months flashed through his eyes as he always remembered her to be a bashful and obedient woman.


Both of them joined the Meng Manor at around the same time, and although she was a newcomer too, she instantly gained the Eldest Young Lady’s favour and became her trusted maidservant.


When she learned martial arts, she showed an aptitude that was just as great as Meng Ru’s.


Whenever their eyes met, she would become flustered like a frightened rabbit. Yang Kai suddenly recalled seeing the same kind of expression on another woman’s face.


She was a woman he was not familiar with, but it was destined that he would be tangled up with her forever.


As two figures overlapped in his mind, he suddenly called out, “Junior Sister Tao?”


Qian Qian was already on her last breath, but upon hearing Yang Kai’s words, she seemed to have been infused with a new stream of energy as her eyes brightened instantly. All the sorrow and doubts in her heart were cast away as she called out, “Senior Brother Yang!”




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