Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4833, Live or Die Together


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“Senior Brother Yang!” Qian Qian called out with a satisfied smile, “Thank you!”


Yang Kai had no idea why she thanked him, nor did he know whether she would really pass away like this. With that said, it was just a Samsara World that she had reincarnated into, so the real her wouldn’t be affected when she was killed here.


However, he had never expected that Tao Ling Wan had also come to this Samsara World, and she had been by his side without him knowing the whole time. At the critical moment, she had even blocked a fatal sword strike with her body for him.


Both Feng Cheng Si and Yu Xiang Die had said that sincerity was of utmost importance in the Samsara World. The more sincere a person was, the more likely his or her wish would be granted.


Furthermore, everything that happened here reflected one’s true heart.


Tao Ling Wan was willing to die in Yang Kai’s stead in this Samsara World; in other words, she would make the same decision in the outside world if she was faced with the same situation.


Yang Kai felt an excruciating pain in his heart. He wielded his Stirring Clouds Saber and cut off the attacker’s arm. Then, he wrapped his arm around Qian Qian’s waist and stepped backwards.


When he looked down, he realised that Qian Qian had closed her eyes. Despite the trace of blood on the corner of her mouth, she sported a contented smile.


Feng Cheng Si, who appeared to have gone mad shouting orders to his subordinates, suddenly became startled and muttered, “Junior Sister Tao?”


Nevertheless, he soon realised what had happened and sported a bitter smile, “Honoured Master made a move in the end, but not only did he fail to catch the chicken, he even lost his rice in the process!”


He couldn’t imagine how his Honoured Master would react upon learning what happened in this place, but he was certain that the latter wouldn’t be pleased.


Qian Qian’s death didn’t give Yang Kai a chance to breathe. Although the people from the City Lord’s Mansion were surprised at the maidservant’s bravery and determination, it ultimately didn’t change anything.


Before Yang Kai could even lay Qian Qian’s corpse down, he was faced with another round of attacks.


Despite his anger, he had nowhere to vent it out. He staggered and dealt with the enemies with difficulty as blood spurted out of his wounds.


Meng Ru picked up a sword and wielded it at the enemies with gritted teeth, determined to fight alongside Yang Kai.


She had never fought with anyone before, let alone killed a person; however, after learning martial arts from Yang Kai for a few months, she had built a solid foundation, so she was in a far better state than when she was saved by Yang Kai previously. At that time, she found it hard to even pick up a sword.


Nevertheless, at this moment, she was somewhat intimidating when wielding her blade. Furthermore, she was the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Manor as well as the Young City Lord’s future wife, so no one dared to really kill her. 


Qian Qian’s death seemed to have shocked Feng Cheng Si, so while riding his horse, he simply looked up at the sky and sighed.


It was getting late, so it was time everything ended. Despite the fact that he hadn’t managed to achieve his goal after staying in this world for a few years, he never lost hope as he was determined to complete the task given to him by his Honoured Master. However, the moment he realised his true heart, he discovered that all he really felt was fatigued. Everything he had done in this Samsara World seemed to be nothing more than a farce.


The Young City Lord leaped into the air and flew over everyone like a bird. With a dazzling light flashing through his weapon, he came right at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai saw the attack and knew it would be fatal. Although he wanted to ward it off, he was powerless to do that.


Just like what happened to Qian Qian, the sword penetrated his chest. However, Feng Cheng Si apparently didn’t intend to kill him. The sword didn’t pierce into his heart, thus allowing him to survive.


Yang Kai was already on his last legs with countless wounds on his figure. After getting struck by the attack, he fell backwards and collapsed into Meng Ru’s arms.


Despite the fact that blood was streaming out of his mouth, he looked gratefully towards Feng Cheng Si. All of a sudden, he realised how he was supposed to break Qu Hua Shang’s Heart Barrier.


He had also figured out the reason Feng Cheng Si had done all of this.


Feng Cheng Si didn’t say anything as he gently nodded.


“Big Brother Yang!” Meng Ru said in a choking voice. She covered the wound on his chest with her fair hand, but she was unable to stop the blood from spurting out. Soon, her hand was dyed red.


Yang Kai took her hand, “It’s useless. I’m sorry for not being able to protect you.”


Meng Ru’s face was already soaked in tears as she repeatedly shook her head, “It’s me who has dragged you into this.” She knew that given Yang Kai’s strength, he would have been able to flee if he were on his own despite being surrounded by so many people.


However, with her around, he could not run away.


The soldiers gathered around him, but did not immediately make a move. They were horrified by the power Yang Kai had showcased earlier, but at the same time, they mourned for a dying hero.


All of a sudden, Meng Ru stopped crying and put on a smile. As she stroked the man’s face, she said gently, “I’m sorry for what happened in this life. Let me protect you in the next!”


Upon finishing her words, she carried Yang Kai up and turned around before leaping off the cliff without hesitation.


Under the moonlight, they looked like two lovebirds that sought eternal freedom.


When the tied-up Meng De Ye saw this, he instantly passed out.


Feng Cheng Si let out a breath while feeling exhausted. Everything had finally ended.


As Yang Kai heard the wind howl, he started losing consciousness.


He could feel his figure plunging rapidly as this life was finally coming to an end. All he could do was wait for Qu Hua Shang to break her own Heart Barrier.


Fortunately, Qu Hua Shang didn’t let him wait for a long time. While he was in a daze, he heard the woman calling out to him, “Junior Brother?”


Yang Kai coughed out some blood and put on a helpless smile, “You’ve finally regained your memory, Senior Sister!”


All of a sudden, Qu Hua Shang hugged him tighter as she appeared to be reeling from the shock. In a shaking voice, she said, “I knew that you’d be alright!”


Before she started cultivating in seclusion, she heard that Yang Kai had followed a Giant Spirit God to enter the Chaotic Dead Territory. Everyone from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven was certain he was dead, but she firmly believed that he was still alive; therefore, she entered the Samsara Pavilion and set up a Heart Barrier as she waited for him to come for her.


This was the only way she could resist the pressure from the Sect’s Seniors, who wanted her to marry another man.


“Senior Sister, we have no time to spare. Please tell me how many more lives I’ll have to keep looking for you,” Yang Kai asked in a hurry while wiping the blood from his lips.


However, Qu Hua Shang remained calm and collected as she winked at him, “Take a guess.”


Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter, “You do realise we’re dying, right?”


Qu Hua Shang snorted, “It won’t be easy, so you’ll have to work hard, okay? However, I can tell you that the first life is the easiest but also the hardest. What I mean is that you could easily win Meng Ru’s heart, which was why everything went smoothly for you.”


Yang Kai asked humbly, “Where’s the difficult part, then?”


Qu Hua Shang put on a smile, “The hardest part was that we’d have to live or die together. I told myself that only when you managed to achieve that in the first life would my Heart Barrier be shattered and my memory restored.”


Yang Kai nodded.


It was because of this Heart Barrier she had set up that her memory wasn’t restored even though he had won Meng Ru’s heart some time ago.


The moment they jumped off the cliff together, they managed to share life and death, thus breaking the Heart Barrier.


“However, the more times we are reincarnated, the tighter our memories will be sealed. It’s the same case for both of us. If you are reincarnated too many times, you might even lose yourself in this Samsara World and never find your true self again. So, Junior Brother, you must always stay true to your heart,” Qu Hua Shang said with a solemn expression.


“I’ll remember.” Yang Kai nodded. When he suddenly felt a pinch on his waist, he put on an aggrieved expression and asked, “What are you doing, Senior Sister?”


Qu Hua Shang had actually pinched his waist and twisted it.


She had crossed the line by treating a dying person in such a way.


“Hmph! What’s going on with you and Junior Sister Tao?” Qu Hua Shang appeared to be jealous.


Yang Kai parted his lips, but he had no idea how to explain it to her.


Qu Hua Shang asked, “Junior Sister Tao must be Tao Ling Wan, right?”


Yang Kai nodded, “En.” He didn’t know why Tao Ling Wan had also come here and even entered the same Samsara World as Qu Hua Shang.


Suddenly, Qu Hua Shang let out a long sigh, “Although I have no idea what happened between you two, she would’ve been doomed if you hadn’t recognised her.”


“Why is that?” Yang Kai frowned.


“I’m sure you know a thing or two about the wonders of the Samsara Pavilion. A disciple who enters this place will set up a Heart Barrier for herself. If the Heart Barrier isn’t broken, she will be lost in this place forever. My Heart Barrier was that I wanted you to find me and make me fall in love with you. You were aware of that, so you had a target regardless of what you did. Despite the difficulties, you knew the kind of goal you had to achieve.”


Yang Kai nodded. 


“The Heart Barrier she had set up was definitely different.” Qu Hua Shang, “I guess the Heart Barrier might be that you had to recognise her without knowing who she really was.”


It wasn’t hard for Qu Hua Shang to come up with this speculation; after all, Tao Ling Wan only recovered her memory after Yang Kai called her ‘Junior Sister Tao’ earlier.


“What would have happened if I hadn’t recognised her?” Yang Kai asked.


“All her memories were sealed within Qian Qian. If you hadn’t managed to help her restore her memory when Qian Qian passed away, she would never have had a chance to awaken. It was the same for me.”


Yang Kai was instantly soaked in cold sweat as he felt somewhat horrified.


He couldn’t figure out why Tao Ling Wan would do such a thing as he had no idea that she had also entered the Samsara Pavilion. The only reason he could recognise her was that Tao Ling Wan and Qian Qian were so similar when it came to their temperaments.


At that time, he was focused on breaking Qu Hua Shang’s Heart Barrier, so he didn’t pay much attention to Qian Qian. It wasn’t until Qian Qian was killed in his stead that he recalled everything about her.


“What is she trying to do?”


“Perhaps she’s trying to prove something,” Qu Hua Shang shook her head, “Women can be foolish and unreasonable sometimes, but she succeeded, didn’t she?”


Tao Ling Wan was willing to die in Yang Kai’s stead, and although they were in a Samsara World, she had still risked her life just by coming here.


Regardless of what Yang Kai thought of her, he now knew that this woman was willing to sacrifice her life for him.


“Will we see her again?” Yang Kai asked.


“I’m not sure.” Qu Hua Shang shook her head, “Maybe we’ll see her, but I doubt it. Her Heart Barrier is different from mine. You have recognised her, and she has expressed her sincerity. It’s pointless to go through the same thing again.”




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