Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4839, Prove It to Me


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The deadline Yang Kai had given was one month. If he couldn’t see the person he was looking for within that time, he would personally visit eight of White Lotus Sect’s secret hideouts.


This kind of threat was intolerable to those from White Lotus Sect.


There were countless disciples in White Lotus Sect, so there were definitely a lot more than eight secret hideouts; however, no one knew exactly which eight hideouts Yang Kai was talking about.


In that case, it wouldn’t be possible for them to move the people there to another place.


In order to keep the hideouts safe, the only way was to kill Yang Kai once and for all.


On the last day of the deadline, Yang Kai was cultivating with his legs crossed in the middle of the night. After a few months of hard work, he finally managed to force out the remaining poison. The last bit of poison was sprayed out from his mouth along with some black blood. At that instant, he felt energised and refreshed, as though the shackles around his body had been lifted.


Those from Grand Qi Temple thought that even though he had survived the fatal poison, his strength must have decreased significantly. That was the reason the six Vice Temple Masters joined forces to make him step down as the Temple Master.


They might be doing it out of greed or for the greater good of everyone; however, after realising his true heart, Yang Kai was no longer interested in the position of Temple Master.


Even if no one had forced him to resign, he would still have stepped down from the position.


There were more important things he had to do. His experiences in the Samsara Worlds were nothing more than illusions.


All of a sudden, the sounds of something breaking through the air were heard, which were extremely ear-catching in this serene night. Following that, arrows penetrated the door and windows from all directions and engulfed him like a storm.


Yang Kai, who was seated on the bed, picked up his spear and spun it. Following some clangs, all the arrows were deflected.


However, the rain of arrows didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.


Yang Kai roared and leaped into the air before smashing through the roof.


There were already some people waiting for him on the roof. As soon as he appeared, they assumed a Formation and tried to kill him together.


All of them were fairly powerful. In a one-on-one fight, none of them could last even three of Yang Kai’s moves, but after they joined forces, they could make up for each other’s weaknesses and greatly increase their collective strength.


After more than ten breaths of intense battle, Yang Kai grunted and fell backwards. He crashed through the roof and landed on the ground.


Just then, two hands suddenly emerged from the ground and grabbed his ankles. The person then exerted more force with his hands in an attempt to drag Yang Kai into the ground.


Without sparing a glance, Yang Kai stabbed his spear a metre deep into the ground. When he pulled out his weapon, the ground was already dyed crimson.


The attackers came at him from the rooftop, but Yang Kai wielded his spear and dealt with them.


Right then, shrieks could be heard coming from outside the house.


Xiao He had made her move!


In the darkness, she was like a phantom. Wherever she drifted, enemies would shriek and lose their lives.


A moment later, she arrived at Yang Kai’s side.


The people that had been using a Formation were initially an equal match for Yang Kai. However, with Xiao He joining the battle, they instantly found it hard to persevere.


Yang Kai and Xiao He had worked together for many years, so they could easily coordinate with each other. The powerful cultivators that White Lotus Sect had spent years nurturing were all killed in fewer than twenty breaths.


There was some blood on Xiao He’s face. She dabbed it with her finger and licked it with her tongue. Her expression became excited and hideous while her murderous intent radiated like a bright light in the darkness.


It was as though she would kill any living creature that was in front of her.


Yang Kai directly landed a smack on her head.


Xiao He’s figure was forced to lower, but her murderous intent had subsided significantly. She had restored some sensibility as she sported an aggrieved expression and pressed her lips together.


“Look for her!” Yang Kai demanded.


Xiao He sniffled, then pointed in a particular direction, “That way!”


They moved at the same time and charged forward in that direction.


Inside a house that was still intact stood several figures in silence as they had hidden their auras. Even a top cultivator like Yang Kai hadn’t noticed it before.


Nevertheless, Xiao He could accurately find them.


The wall shattered, but before those people could react, Yang Kai and Xiao He had already appeared right in front of them.


As their eyes met, Yang Kai flashed a bright smile at the woman at the front.


However, the woman sported an extremely gloomy expression while the faces of her personal bodyguards were tight.


Xiao He swept a glance over them while appearing eager. She looked inquisitively at Yang Kai to seek his permission to kill them.


While Yang Kai pretended that he hadn’t seen it, Xiao He appeared disappointed.


The atmosphere was somewhat awkward. Both parties were only ten metres apart. While those from White Lotus Sect were hostile, Yang Kai and Xiao He remained calm and collected, as though they didn’t have any regard for the other party.


At that, those from White Lotus Sect became even more apprehensive.


All of a sudden, the woman at the front put on a smile. Everything else in the world paled compared to her smile at this moment.


“I heard you were looking for me, old man.”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched.


In one of their lives, the woman called him little one and told him not to be afraid.


This life, she called him old man. It seemed that what went around came around.


“Yes, I was looking for you,” Yang Kai nodded.


There was an innocent expression on the face of the White Lotus Sect’s Saintess, Qu Hua Shang. She tilted her head and placed her finger on her lips, “What’s the matter?”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her. There was no murderous intent in his eyes, which were only filled with tenderness.


A shocked Qu Hua Shang asked, “Have you fallen in love with me, old man?”


An unabashed Yang Kai directly admitted it, “It was love at first sight.”


Upon hearing that, Qu Hua Shang and her personal bodyguards were stunned.


Only Xiao He’s eyes brightened as though she had just heard something interesting. With an excited expression, she darted her gaze between Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang while for some reason feeling anxious.


Qu Hua Shang was lost for words. She wasn’t serious when she said that just now, so it surprised her that the other party directly admitted it. Moreover, his expression and tone seemed to suggest that he was completely sincere.


Although she was young, she was good at reading people’s faces; therefore, she could judge whether a person was lying through his gaze and tone.


She wanted to look for the traces of Yang Kai lying, but her attempt was futile.


All of a sudden, she started laughing and bent her back as though she had just heard the funniest joke in the world.


Yang Kai only looked silently at her with a pair of loving eyes.


A moment later, Qu Hua Shang stopped laughing and wiped the tears off the corners of her eyes. She gazed at the man and said, “It was love at first sight? Did you forget I wounded you at that time?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Your attack almost killed me, so you have to make up for it for the rest of this life.”


Xiao He’s face started flushing as she became more agitated. She pressed her hands against her chest with an enchanted expression, as though she had just heard the most loving words in the world.


The smile on Qu Hua Shang’s face froze as she pursed her lips, “You’re pretty good at spewing nonsense, old man.”


Yang Kai took a step forward and looked her in the eyes, “I speak only the truth.”


Qu Hua Shang suddenly became flustered and frowned, “You’re the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple while I’m a Saintess of White Lotus Sect. We’re basically blood enemies. Just tell me straight if there’s anything you want to say and stop teasing a little girl like me.”


“Do you think I’m teasing you?” Yang Kai took another step forward.


Qu Hua Shang instinctively took a step backwards while her personal bodyguards felt threatened; after all, one of the strongest Masters in this world was standing right in front of them. Given the short distance between them, they wouldn’t have time to react if the other party abruptly made a move.


“Are you not?”


“Of course not. Everything I’ve said is from the bottom of my heart.”


Qu Hua Shang stared fixedly at him for a moment before turning to Xiao He and asking, “Big Sister, has he always been so crazy?”


Upon hearing that, Xiao He shook her head, “This has never happened before. I always thought that he wasn’t interested in women. Well, since he’s finally in love with one, you should just get together with him. What’s there to hesitate about? Although there’s a huge gap between your age and he’s old enough to be your Father… age has nothing to do with love. I’m telling you, even though he’s old, he’s still a virgin!”


A speechless Qu Hua Shang gazed at Xiao He. Since she was aware of Yang Kai’s identity, she certainly knew who Xiao He was as well. This woman was from Emerald Smoke Sect, but she wasn’t interested in the position of Vice Temple Master. Instead, she decided to become Yang Kai’s personal bodyguard. She was the nightmare of many powerful cultivators from White Lotus Sect, and she had killed many of them as well.


Almost everyone in the world believed that she was Yang Kai’s woman.


However, that didn’t seem to be the case now.


Although they were close to each other, they were apparently not lovers.


Both the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple and this woman were insane.


“Those from White Lotus Sect have placed a lot of moles in Grand Qi Temple. As a Saintess, you should know that I stepped down as Temple Master two months ago. I’m no longer a member of Grand Qi Temple, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”


Qu Hua Shang snorted, “Who knows if this is a plot of those from Grand Qi Temple?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “There’s no point in explaining. Time will prove everything.”


After a moment of silence, Qu Hua Shang suddenly winked at him, “Why don’t you prove it to me now?”


“How do you want me to do that?” Yang Kai asked.


“It’s simple.” As soon as Qu Hua Shang finished speaking, she pulled out a sword from her personal bodyguard’s waist and directly dashed towards Yang Kai before pressing her weapon against the man’s chest. The sharp tip penetrated his skin as blood started streaming out of his wound.


Qu Hua Shang was astounded.


She was surprised at the fact that the man didn’t try to resist or dodge the attack.


The Temple Master of every generation was one of the top cultivators in the world in their time. Although her movements were quick just now, Yang Kai should have been agile enough to react.


The reason she could harm him two months ago was that she caught him unsuspecting.


However, she succeeded in hurting him this time because he didn’t intend to dodge the attack, which was different.


They were so close to each other that she could feel the man’s breath brushing across her face. As their eyes met, Qu Hua Shang only saw a clear gaze that was void of any deception. Despite the fact that a sword had been jabbed into his body, he remained calm and collected. The smile on his face was so bright that it was almost piercing.


An infuriated Qu Hua Shang pushed the sword forward a bit further.




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