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Martial Peak – Chapter 4842, Left Protector

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Yang Kai passed Qu Hua Shang to the Saintess, who quickly brought her back to the White Lotus Matriarch and put her down in front of the latter.


The White Lotus Matriarch looked down at Qu Hua Shang and extended her left hand. As she activated her power, she sucked Qu Hua Shang towards her and struck the woman’s acupoints with her right hand.


After a cough, Qu Hua Shang slowly awakened.


She still appeared to be in pain. As the force in her body charged around, she felt cold or hot from time to time, as though she would lose her life by exploding at any moment.


Faced with the White Lotus Matriarch’s impassive gaze, she fell on one knee and said through chattering teeth, “I’ve brought you a gift, Matriarch!”


The White Lotus Matriarch nodded gently, “You’ve done well. You never disappoint me.”


Qu Hua Shang hung her head low, “It is what I should do.”


“Step aside for now,” The White Lotus Matriarch waved her hand.


Upon hearing that, Qu Hua Shang got to her feet and stood behind the White Lotus Matriarch. Then, she fished out a Spirit Pill from somewhere and stuffed it into her mouth.


As soon as she swallowed the pill, she was in a much better state.


Upon seeing that, a dumbfounded Xiao He exclaimed, “Hey, she lied to us! We’ve been tricked!”


It was apparent that Qu Hua Shang had the antidote to the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pill with her all along, but despite the fact that she might explode at any moment, she insisted on not using it. Instead, she slowly lured Yang Kai to this place.


This was undoubtedly a risky bet. If she failed, she would lose everything. Nevertheless, the outcome showed that she had won her gamble.


She successfully lured Yang Kai to this place where he was surrounded by countless powerful cultivators from White Lotus Sect. The White Lotus Matriarch was also present.


Basically, she was making use of Yang Kai’s love for her. Perhaps she wanted to prove something, but the outcome was somewhat unbearable to the average person.


She secretly examined Yang Kai’s expression, but there was no hint of fury on his face. He still remained calm and collected.


On the other hand, Luo Ting He, who was beside Yang Kai, was infuriated, “That woman is so ungrateful! You’ve been treating her so well, but she still decided to harm you. Don’t you feel upset about it?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “I’m fine.”


The White Lotus Matriarch guffawed, “Who could have expected that the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple would fall into a trap because of love? I’ve just watched a good show. Fortunately, my disciples are all very loyal to me. You’ve made a wrong move by trying to make her side with you.”


All of a sudden, her voice turned grim, “Yang Kai, you’ve killed countless White Lotus Sect disciples over the years. Now that you’ve fallen into such a state, do you have any last words to say?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Are you confident you can kill me?”


The White Lotus Matriarch sneered, “I’m fully aware of how powerful you are; however, the disciples of White Lotus Sect are not weaklings either. I have the confidence to kill you.”


Yang Kai looked around, “Well, let’s see the price you’re prepared to pay for that.”


He then turned to Xiao He, “Do we kill half of them?”


An excited Xiao He unsheathed her sword, “That’s not enough. We have to kill 60% of them at the very least.”


“Why don’t we aim for 70% of them?”


“Sounds good!”


Yang Kai gazed at the White Lotus Matriarch and said with a smile, “Are you prepared to sacrifice 70% of the people here? I suppose they’re all the strongest Masters and brightest rising stars in White Lotus Sect. If so many die, White Lotus Sect will be all but crippled. By then, it’ll take you many years to recover.”


Instantly, the White Lotus Matriarch’s face turned livid. Although Yang Kai and Xiao He were arrogant, she didn’t think they were exaggerating.


For top cultivators like Yang Kai and Luo Ting He, it was very likely that they would be able to kill sixty to seventy percent of the people here if they were willing to throw their lives away.


Perhaps even the Matriarch herself would be badly injured. When that happened, Grand Qi Temple would be at a huge, possibly even decisive advantage.


However, the chance before her eyes was difficult to come by, so it would be unrealistic for her to give it up. At that instant, she was caught in a dilemma.


Yang Kai didn’t intend to make things difficult for her though, so he pressed Luo Ting He’s sword down and said loudly, “I have a suggestion. I’m not sure if you’re interested in listening to it.”


The White Lotus Matriarch scoffed, “Stop beating around the bush.”


Yang Kai stuck out two fingers, “Please give me two Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pills.”


Upon hearing that, everyone was stunned.


Qu Hua Shang, who was standing behind the White Lotus Matriarch, widened her eyes and stared at Yang Kai in disbelief. She even suspected that she had heard it wrong.


The White Lotus Matriarch was equally shocked as she spurted out, “What do you want two Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pills for?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Rather than risking the lives of so many people just to kill us, don’t you want two more powerful cultivators to work under you?”


“You…” The White Lotus Matriarch was dumbfounded. Although she already had a speculation before, she still found it hard to believe even after he spoke the words.


After all, the person standing in front of her was Yang Kai, the former Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple.


She even suspected that there was something wrong with the information she had gathered. Was Yang Kai stepping down as the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple just a pretence? Presently, was this place already surrounded by many cultivators from Grand Qi Temple and as soon as Yang Kai gave the order, they would storm inside?


The idea soon became rooted in the White Lotus Matriarch’s mind and started growing. She was instantly alerted as she looked around, thinking that many people had hidden behind the bushes. It was as though they would jump out at any moment to kill her.


“What are you playing at!?” The White Lotus Matriarch questioned sternly.


Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s no point in explaining anything. You just have to pass me two Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pills and wait.”


The White Lotus Matriarch stared at Yang Kai as though it was the first time they had met. There was a conflicted expression on her face.


After all, she was no ordinary woman. Yang Kai’s suggestion was tempting to her. Rather than risking the lives of many in order to kill Yang Kai and Luo Ting He, the power of White Lotus Sect would be enhanced greatly if they could take control of these two people.


Other than being one of the most powerful cultivators in the world, Yang Kai was also the former Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple. As soon as the news was spread, it would deal a heavy blow to Grand Qi Temple.


Therefore, she soon made a decision and fished out a jade bottle, which was filled with red pills. She poured out two pills and flicked them at the two of them.


Yang Kai and Xiao He respectively took a pill.


The White Lotus Matriarch’s eyes started brightening as she stared fixedly at Yang Kai. If the man really swallowed the pill, it would prove that he was a trustworthy person, or he could at least be controlled. If he dared to pull a trick, she would immediately give the order to kill him regardless of what price she had to pay.


To her surprise, Yang Kai didn’t even hesitate to take the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pill in his hand.


After examining the pill for a moment, Xiao He tossed it into her mouth and started chewing it. After gulping it down, she spat and complained, “It tastes terrible. What the Hell is it?”


Gazing at Yang Kai with an excited expression, the White Lotus Matriarch demanded, “Open your mouth and let me see.”


Yang Kai opened his mouth as he was told. There was nothing in it.


The White Lotus Matriarch’s eyes were as bright as stars. She couldn’t help but start laughing as the tears of joy slid down her face.


The tensed-up White Lotus Sect’s disciples could finally be at ease. They exchanged glances and smiled.


After Yang Kai consumed the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pill, he would be under their control. Regardless of how powerful he was, he wouldn’t be able to escape now. In other words, the former Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple was now also a member of White Lotus Sect.


Life was truly unpredictable.


This kind of top cultivator was terrifying as an enemy, but now that he was one of them, he gave them a great sense of security.


They could already imagine that when he appeared in the battle against Grand Qi Temple, his presence would send shockwaves across the latter.


“Kneel down!” The White Lotus Matriarch suddenly stopped laughing and stared coldly at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “It seems you’re mistaken about something. Although I’ve willingly taken the pill, I won’t be led by the nose by anyone. From now on, I’ll only listen to one person.”


The White Lotus Matriarch’s eyes turned piercing as she took a glance at Qu Hua Shang. Then, she said to Yang Kai, “Only I am able to refine your antidote. She can’t.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “I believe you won’t let the poison kill me.”


After giving it a thought, the White Lotus Matriarch nodded, “Of course I won’t. Someone like you is of great help to us. From now on, you shall be the Left Protector of White Lotus Sect and I will allow you to listen to Qu Hua Shang only.”


It was expected that a top cultivator was haughty. If the White Lotus Matriarch insisted on making things difficult for Yang Kai, it would only bring about the opposite of the desired outcome; therefore, she decided to make a concession by granting Yang Kai’s wish. Although she had given him the title of Left Protector, that was nothing more than another chain to bind him.


Regardless, when word got out that Yang Kai was now the Left Protector of White Lotus Sect, the reputation of Grand Qi Temple would be tarnished.


Yang Kai nodded his head, “Many thanks for the promotion, Sect Master.”


The White Lotus Matriarch then said to Qu Hua Shang, “You must treat him well from now on.”


“Yes,” Qu Hua Shang replied with a serious expression.


Appearing to be elated, the White Lotus Matriarch declared, “Since we have a new Left Protector, we should celebrate. Come, prepare a banquet now to welcome the new Left Protector!”


The disciples of White Lotus Sect immediately set to work.


There were a lot of animals in the forest that could be hunted. It must have been quite a long time since those from White Lotus Sect occupied this hideout. Following the Sect Master’s order, a banquet full of wine and dishes was presented. The disciples, regardless of their statuses, gathered together. The atmosphere was initially awkward, but the place was soon bustling with noises after they drank and celebrated.


Yang Kai just sat beside Qu Hua Shang while there would be people who came over to propose a toast to him from time to time.


Although Yang Kai had killed a lot of White Lotus Sect’s disciples when he was the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple, things were different now. Presently, he was one of them, so they naturally had to strike up a relationship with him. Perhaps he would save their lives on the battlefield one day.


Yang Kai could actually handle his wine quite well, though he would usually steer clear of it. He wouldn’t turn anyone down when they proposed a toast to him, which was why the disciples of White Lotus Sect started growing fond of him.


It was the first time they discovered that this man that they regarded as a terrifying monster in the past was actually so amiable.


Xiao He was the most ecstatic of all. When no one proposed a toast to her, she would go around with a jar of wine and do so instead. Her straightforward attitude stunned the disciples of White Lotus Sect.



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