Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4843, Even the Next Life Won’t be Enough


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There was already a Left and Right Protector in White Lotus Sect, and they were both fairly strong; however, following the White Lotus Matriarch’s order, Yang Kai became the new Left Protector, and his predecessor didn’t even dare to object.


First of all, he revered the White Lotus Matriarch. Secondly, he was fully aware that he was indeed no match for Yang Kai. He would only be embarrassed if he fought for the position.


At the banquet, this previous Left Protector proposed a toast to Yang Kai many times.


After the welcoming party, Yang Kai and Xiao He perfectly mingled with those from White Lotus Sect. Since then, no one regarded them as outsiders anymore.


It was peaceful in the days that followed. There was no doubt that the White Lotus Matriarch regarded Yang Kai highly as she would frequently visit him to discuss the current situation in the world and analyse the difference in power between White Lotus Sect and Grand Qi Temple. It seemed that she had started treating him like a confidant.


However, she had never demanded Yang Kai to do anything. Instead, she essentially treated him as an equal.


A few months passed just like that.


One day, the White Lotus Matriarch was having a discussion with Qu Hua Shang about the assassination attempt on the current Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple when she abruptly stopped and turned her head.


Yang Kai and Xiao He were standing beside Qu Hua Shang like two personal bodyguards. Nevertheless, they couldn’t help but start trembling at this moment as a sense of coldness rose within their bodies.


Xiao He shuddered and asked in puzzlement, “Why do I feel cold all of a sudden?”


The White Lotus Matriarch said with a smile, “The effects of the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pills have started taking effect. It’s cold now, but you’ll feel hot in a moment. It will alternate between the two, and the feeling will intensify after every round until you can’t stand it anymore and explode.”


She spoke in such a nonchalant manner that it was as though she was talking about something insignificant.


“Hm? Three months have passed already?” Xiao He was surprised. She had fun playing with the other disciples of White Lotus Sect every day, so she had lost track of time. She extended her hand towards the White Lotus Matriarch, “Give me the antidote, then.”


The White Lotus Matriarch shook her head, “There’s no rush. It’s the first time you’ve been struck by the pill’s effects, so you should take some time to feel it; after all, you might not always immediately get the antidote every time the effects appear. You might have to persevere for quite some time. After getting used to it now, you won’t feel so terrible in the future.”


“You have a point,” Upon hearing her suggestion, Xiao He closed her eyes and focused on the sensation she was experiencing.


Yang Kai was in the same state as Xiao He. The sense of coldness in his body broke out without warning, seemingly using his own strength to disturb the flow within his meridians in an uncontrollable manner. The next instant, the coldness turned into a scorching stream of heat that burned every part of his physique like magma.


An excruciating pain overwhelmed him. Despite his impassive expression, he was already soaked in sweat.


He then turned to look at Xiao He in surprise.


Xiao He had a unique physique that allowed her to be immune to all sorts of poisons. Yang Kai didn’t know why she had this kind of physique, but it had always been like this since they got to know each other.


When they were in a secret hideout of White Lotus Sect half a year ago, it was thanks to her physique that she was still fine after eating so much poisoned food.


It could be said that ordinary poisons wouldn’t have any effects on her.


Nevertheless, even with such a physique, she was still unable to resist the medicinal efficacies of the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pill.


Therefore, it was apparent that the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pill wasn’t purely a poison.


The White Lotus Matriarch and Qu Hua Shang were still talking about the details of the assassination as they deduced what would possibly happen and how they should proceed so that the assassination attempt would be successful.


Qu Hua Shang attentively listened to her as she ignored the pain that the two people behind her were going through.


About four hours later. the White Lotus Matriarch nodded, “That’s all. If you fail again this time, you don’t have to return.”


Qu Hua Shang replied, “Don’t worry, Sect Master. I will definitely succeed.”


The White Lotus Matriarch nodded her head again, then suddenly ordered, “Kill them!”


There were only four people in the room. Other than the White Lotus Matriarch and Qu Hua Shang, only Yang Kai and Xiao He, who were struck with medicinal efficacies of the pill, were left.


They had been tortured by rounds of alternating coldness and heat for the past four hours. The powers within their bodies were in chaos, and all their energy was used to resist the medicinal efficacies of the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pills.


Even an ordinary mortal would be able to easily kill the two of them, not to mention powerful cultivators like Qu Hua Shang and the White Lotus Matriarch.


Upon receiving the order, Qu Hua Shang didn’t hesitate to reply in agreement and appeared in front of Yang Kai. As she extended her hand, a sharp dagger suddenly appeared in her hand, then she directly stabbed it towards Yang Kai’s heart.


The dagger penetrated his chest barely a finger’s length before Qu Hua Shang’s wrist was grabbed. She was unable to continue pushing the dagger in further.


A puzzled Qu Hua Shang turned to look at the White Lotus Matriarch, who said with a smile, “It’s enough. Take them with you when you carry out your mission.”


Qu Hua Shang cupped her fist, “Yes.”


The next moment, the White Lotus Matriarch left behind two antidotes on the table and shuffled out of the place.


Qu Hua Shang picked up the antidotes and stuffed them into Yang Kai and Xiao He’s mouths, allowing them to quickly feel much better.


Upon opening his eyes, Yang Kai gazed at Qu Hua Shang and said with a light smile, “You’ve stabbed me another time. I suppose even the next life won’t be enough to pay off this debt.”


Qu Hua Shang replied dispassionately, “In that case, I’m not going to pay up at all. It’s not like I planned to from the beginning.”


She then turned around and reached for the door. When brushing past Yang Kai, she halted and said in a small voice, “Sect Master is a suspicious person. It was just a test, so you don’t have to mind it.”


Certainly, Yang Kai knew it was just a test. First of all, the White Lotus Matriarch wanted to find out if Qu Hua Shang was loyal enough to her.


If she had appeared hesitant upon hearing the order, she would’ve been removed from the position of Saintess. The White Lotus Matriarch only wanted subordinates who would unconditionally obey her orders, not those who had their own opinions.


Secondly, she wanted to ascertain whether Yang Kai and Luo Ting He had really been struck with the poison of the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pills.


Although the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pills were powerful, both Yang Kai and Luo Ting He were some of the most formidable cultivators in the world; hence, the White Lotus Matriarch wasn’t certain if she could control them using the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pills.


If they only pretended to be struck with the medicinal efficacies, she wouldn’t be able to find out the truth.


When Qu Hua Shang made a move, Yang Kai was completely powerless to resist, which suggested that he was really affected.


Just a simple order could allow the White Lotus Matriarch to cast away a number of her doubts. It could be said that she was a very cunning person.


After Yang Kai stepped down as the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple, the sixth Temple Master was Yu Xing Zhou, who was from Shooting Star Palace. He was already one of the six Vice Temple Masters when Yang Kai was still the Temple Master, and he was slightly more powerful than the other Vice Temple Masters. Moreover, he had built up enough reputation, so it was reasonable that he became the next Temple Master.


Usually, it would be extremely difficult to assassinate the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple. When Yang Kai was still the Temple Master, he had encountered countless assassination attempts, but those from White Lotus Sect would always fail in the end.


Nevertheless, there was a great chance to succeed today.


It was the 80th birthday of the Palace Master of Shooting Star Palace. As his Legacy Disciple, Yu Xing Zhou was expected to return to celebrate the occasion. It was also the biggest news in the world recently as countless cultivators headed to Shooting Star Palace. Those from White Lotus Sect, who had been dormant for half a year, became active again.


After the White Lotus Matriarch was badly injured in East Star City back then, she went into hiding to recuperate. It wasn’t until recently that she fully recovered.


When those from White Lotus Sect finally made a move, it sent a shock wave across the world.


Temple Master Yu Xing Zhou was assassinated on the way back to Shooting Star Palace. All sixteen Masters from Grand Qi Temple who had accompanied him were also killed.


Many cultivators, who were heading to Shooting Star Palace, also lost their lives. It was apparent that those from White Lotus Sect were trying to create a disturbance.


The 80th birthday of the Palace Master of Shooting Star Palace was supposed to be a joyous event, but it turned into a calamity instead. Upon learning the news, the aged Palace Master fell ill.


Additionally, when it was revealed that Yu Xing Zhou was killed by Yang Kai’s Supreme Limitless Spear Art, all the people on the righteous side were shocked.


It had to be noted that the Supreme Limitless Spear Art was unique to Yang Kai, and no one else had mastered it.


Some experienced cultivators, who didn’t believe the news, headed to the scene and looked into the matter, but they all expressed with grief that Yu Xing Zhou was indeed killed by Yang Kai’s spear technique.


In other words, the sixth Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple was killed by the fifth Temple Master.


In fact, there was already a rumour spreading around that after Yang Kai stepped down as the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple, he brought his trusted aide Luo Ting He to betray the righteous path and side with White Lotus Sect. Now, he was the Left Protector of White Lotus Sect.


However, no one believed the news as everyone knew the efforts Yang Kai had made against the White Lotus Sect when he was still the Temple Master. Those from Divine Method Hall were especially resentful of people who spread such rumours and would always defend Yang Kai’s reputation in public.


Nevertheless, those from Divine Method Hall wouldn’t dare to say anything this time.


Yang Kai’s Supreme Limitless Spear Art was very special. He had tried looking for disciples with excellent aptitudes from Divine Method Hall in an attempt to pass down his spear technique; however, after two or three years, those bright disciples were unable to grasp the abstrusity of this Art. They could learn the basics, but none could master it.


Hence, Yang Kai was the only one who could use the Supreme Limitless Spear Art in this world.


Since there was solid evidence now, even those from Divine Method Hall were unable to stand up for Yang Kai.


After the Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple was assassinated, the world descended into chaos. In the meantime, those from White Lotus Sect made a comeback and caused everyone to fall into a state of terror.


The Palace Master of Shooting Star Palace passed away several days after he fell ill. He didn’t even last until his 80th birthday.


After Yu Xing Zhou was killed and the Palace Master passed away, those from Shooting Star Palace blamed it all on Yang Kai. Even Divine Method Hall was marginalised within Grand Qi Temple.


This kind of marginalisation was exacerbated after Yang Kai’s whereabouts were exposed.


After killing Yu Xing Zhou alongside Qu Hua Shang, Yang Kai and Xiao He headed to the next battlefield. As they fought against the Masters from Grand Qi Temple, it was only natural that Yang Kai’s identity was exposed.


In fact, he didn’t even try to hide his identity.


This Samsara World was built on Qu Hua Shang’s imagination and was thus not real. It was just an illusory world he had reincarnated into, so there was no need to worry about things like morality or innocents. He just had to shatter Qu Hua Shang’s Heart Barrier in order to achieve his goal.




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