Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4845, A Single Spark


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Qu Hua Shang was confined following her actions.


It was a taboo to assault a fellow disciple within White Lotus Sect, not to mention that a Saintess was killed for no reason in public. Everyone knew that if the murderer wasn’t Qu Hua Shang, she would’ve lost her life then and there.


The White Lotus Matriarch wouldn’t allow anyone to challenge her authority and the Saintesses were valuable assets of White Lotus Sect. Only the Sect Master had the right to determine their life or death.


There was no doubt that Qu Hua Shang had crossed the line.


Certainly, the other Saintesses were gleeful that such an incident had happened. Everyone believed that regardless of how much Qu Hua Shang was treasured in the past, the Sect Master would no longer regard her as important following the incident.


On the other hand, Qu Hua Shang was confined in an underground prison. The prison was where those from Grand Qi Temple imprisoned their enemies in the past. It was cold and damp, so it wasn’t suitable for Humans to live long-term.


The White Lotus Matriarch had also ordered that no one was allowed to visit her, and only a small amount of water and food would be provided to her every day. In that case, regardless of how powerful Qu Hua Shang was, her health would deteriorate as time went by.


The prison was guarded by some powerful cultivators, so there was nothing Yang Kai could do. Certainly, he could barge into the prison, and he believed that no one could stop him; however, by doing so, he would only bring bigger trouble to Qu Hua Shang.


He had to wait for a chance, and one came sooner than expected.


After those from Grand Qi Temple were destroyed, those from White Lotus Sect took over their Headquarters. Following the war, countless people from the seven major Sects were either killed or injured. Those who were still alive had returned to their own Sects to recuperate.


As expected, the White Lotus Matriarch wouldn’t miss this opportunity to destroy the rest of the survivors as it was her biggest dream to rule over the righteous path and the wicked path. Now, the chance was right in front of her eyes. As long as she could devastate the seven major Sects, she would pull off a feat that the other Sect Masters of White Lotus Sect had never been able to achieve before.


Since many of the powerful cultivators from the major Sects were either killed or wounded, it was the best time for White Lotus Sect to launch a decisive attack and destroy them once and for all.


However, those from White Lotus Sect were used to acting in the shadows, so it wasn’t their forte to deal with those Sects directly. The reason they could occupy the Headquarters of Grand Qi Temple previously was that they had some distinct advantages.


Moreover, they had also suffered a lot of losses after the war.


Now, the White Lotus Matriarch had fallen into an embarrassing situation as she didn’t have anyone who could help her to deal with the seven major Sects.


It wasn’t that her subordinates were weak. She had many underlings who were good at one-on-one fights or assassinations; however, they were not skillful enough when it came to leading an army and marshalling soldiers.


Such an opportunity was hard to come by, and if they missed it, they might not get another one.


It was at that moment that Yang Kai and Xiao He suddenly barged into the Main Conference Hall.


The White Lotus Matriarch sported a displeased expression and looked at him, “What’s wrong, Left Protector?”


Because of Qu Hua Shang, the White Lotus Matriarch had been giving Yang Kai the cold shoulder recently. Rumour had it that the reason Qu Hua Shang was so reckless was that she had Yang Kai on her side. That was why she was so haughty.


Regardless of whether the rumours were true, the White Lotus Matriarch had to show everyone that she was acting impartial in this matter.


Yang Kai cut to the chase by saying, “Give me 500 people and I’ll destroy Lion Hall within one month.”


The other Hall Masters broke into a commotion upon hearing that.


They were having a discussion on launching an attack on Lion Hall just now. Of the seven major Sects, Lion Hall was currently the weakest. That was the reason they had to target them first. This war was very important, so those from White Lotus Sect had to ensure they wouldn’t fail in their attempt.


If they won the battle, their morale would be boosted. If they lost the battle, the advantages they had accumulated would be gone for good.


The discussion hadn’t gone smoothly. According to their estimation, in order to destroy Lion Hall, they had to send 1,500 people to gain the upper hand, and they must be prepared to suffer an immense loss.


Certainly, they felt that Yang Kai had overestimated himself even though he was the former Temple Master of Grand Qi Temple.


The White Lotus Matriarch gazed at him with narrowed eyes, “What if you can’t destroy them?”


Yang Kai replied flatly, “You have complete control over my life or death. If I can’t achieve my goal, I’m willing to die as a punishment.”


The White Lotus Matriarch’s lips curled up, “So, you are aware that I also have control over your life or death. Since your life belongs to me, it’s not up to you to make decisions about it; otherwise, you won’t be risking anything.”


Yang Kai frowned, “What condition do you have, then?”


The White Lotus Matriarch was apparently well prepared. In fact, she had already come up with such a plan after Qu Hua Shang was imprisoned following Tian Jie’s death, so she said, “If you fail, Qu Hua Shang will lose her life!”


Yang Kai was willing to take the Freezing Blood Burning Soul Pill and join White Lotus Sect for Qu Hua Shang. The White Lotus Matriarch believed that by threatening to kill Qu Hua Shang, Yang Kai would do his best to achieve his goal.


That was the reason she had only confined Qu Hua Shang instead of punishing her according to the Sect’s rules.


She needed a competent General who could lead the army for her, and Yang Kai was the most qualified. However, she didn’t want to take the initiative and asked him to do it lest she appear desperate.


Now, everything was within her control.


“Good.” Yang Kai directly agreed to it, “However, I’d also like you to agree to a condition I have.”


The White Lotus Matriarch was fully aware of his intentions. Upon hearing that, she said with a smile, “Don’t worry. If you can really destroy Lion Hall in one month, I’ll forgive Qu Hua Shang for what she has done.”


Yang Kai nodded, “It’s a deal, then.”


“I’ll give you 800 people, and I want to see success within a month,” the White Lotus Matriarch ordered.


The next day, 300 people departed from the Headquarters of White Lotus Sect and headed straight towards Lion Hall. More and more people joined them along the way, and by the time they arrived at the gates of Lion Hall, there were exactly 800 of them.


Yang Kai already had some experience in mobilising soldiers during the war between the Star Boundary and Demon Realm. Forget 800 people, he had even commanded 800,000 people in battle before.


Attacking Lion Hall might be a difficult task to others, but it was just a matter of time in his eyes.


Those from Lion Hall were alerted long before the soldiers of White Lotus Sect arrived. Not only was the entrance closed, but they had also set up some traps and a Grand Array to deal with the enemies.


These 800 disciples from White Lotus Sect didn’t immediately launch an attack though.


Yang Kai and Xiao He spent the next ten days leading the powerful cultivators from White Lotus Sect to launch continuous probing attacks both day and night.


Sometimes, several raids would take place at the same time. Lion Hall was like a dilapidated house during a storm, so they were unable to fend off the disciples of White Lotus Sect, who relentlessly attacked them from all directions.


Ten days later, those from White Lotus Sect had lost more than 300 people while half of the Lion Hall’s leaders were killed. Countless other cultivators from Lion Hall were also killed or injured, and morale was low.


It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai gave the order to deal directly with the opponents.


The remaining 500 White Lotus Sect’s disciples were high-spirited as they stormed into Lion Hall. Following a bloody carnage, they occupied Lion Hall.


When Yang Kai returned to the Headquarters of White Lotus Sect, about one month had passed since he offered to destroy Lion Hall.


The White Lotus Matriarch was elated as she held a celebratory feast for Yang Kai. At the banquet, Qu Hua Shang, who had been confined for one month, reappeared and she was seated beside the White Lotus Matriarch. They looked as close as a Mother and Daughter.


Destroying Lion Hall served as a good start as those from White Lotus Sect aimed to conquer the world. In the next three years, they launched even more attacks on the remaining six major Sects. There were victories and losses on both sides, but generally speaking, White Lotus Sect gained the upper hand.


After Lion Hall was destroyed, Divine Method Hall, Swaying Willow Sect, Shooting Star Palace, Hidden Sword Villa, and Emerald Smoke Sect were also wiped out. White Lotus Sect practically had no rivals in the world anymore.


It had come to a point where those who showed the slightest disapproval of White Lotus Sect would be killed without mercy. The smaller Sects either had to go into hiding in the mountains or submit to White Lotus Sect.


Of the seven major Sects, only the struggling Grand Battle Sect remained.


A hero would always emerge in chaotic times. An extraordinary person from Grand Battle Sect soon attracted everyone’s attention. He was the Legacy Disciple of the current Sect Master of Grand Battle Sect. His name was Lin Tai Dou, which had something to do with the Sect’s name. He was brought back to the Sect when he was a young child and was a righteous man who hated all things evil in the world. Besides that, he also had exceptional aptitude and intelligence.


It had only been 20 years since he joined the Sect, but he was already more powerful than all the previous Sect Masters of Grand Battle Sect. He was only 25 years old now.


Those from White Lotus Sect were high-spirited as they charged towards Grand Battle Sect. They initially thought that it would be an easy victory, but it turned out that they were faced with an unimaginable challenge.


Under Lin Tai Dou’s leadership, the battle against White Lotus Sect went on for about half a year. A lot of disciples from White Lotus Sect were killed, but they hadn’t managed to achieve their goal. An infuriated White Lotus Matriarch directly ordered Qu Hua Shang to occupy Grand Battle Sect within three months. Failure to do so would lead to the loss of her life.


The White Lotus Matriarch was not joking. Grand Battle Sect was the last obstacle for White Lotus Sect before they could declare hegemony over the world. By destroying Grand Battle Sect, she would pull off a feat that the previous Sect Masters had never been able to achieve. She would be able to be the ruler of the world. Certainly, she wouldn’t allow such an obstacle to get in her way.


All of them knew that the White Lotus Matriarch valued Yang Kai’s capabilities; however, when he joined White Lotus Sect back then, he said that he would only obey Qu Hua Shang’s orders.


The White Lotus Matriarch was unable to directly give orders to Yang Kai, so she could only make use of Qu Hua Shang.


Upon receiving the order, Yang Kai once again showcased his talent and capabilities in leading an army.


It took them two months before they finally seized Grand Battle Sect. The White Lotus Matriarch personally made a move to kill the Sect Master of Grand Battle Sect, which would mean that they had finally gained total victory.


However, after the war, they realised that many of the important figures from Grand Battle Sect had already fled, including the young and famous Lin Tai Dou.


Although the White Lotus Matriarch had given the order to find their whereabouts, she wasn’t really bothered; after all, the seven major Sects had been destroyed. From now on, White Lotus Sect was the only supreme entity that could lead the righteous and wicked paths on this continent.


Nevertheless, a single spark could start a huge blaze.


The White Lotus Matriarch had never expected that Lin Tai Dou would bring huge trouble to her one day.


Over the next six months, everyone on the continent went through a period of terror under the rule of White Lotus Sect. The disciples of White Lotus Sect became increasingly ruthless, which caused everyone to be resentful of them.


On the other hand, Lin Tai Dou gathered the remaining members of the seven major Sects together and attracted other disgruntled people to join him before he started a 20-year war against White Lotus Sect.


When the seven major Sects were destroyed, not everyone was killed. Some of them were lucky enough to have survived. Since they had a blood feud with White Lotus Sect, they naturally wanted to obtain their revenge.




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