Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4849, Incredible Contribution


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It was rumoured that the disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven were all lascivious people; however, they didn’t know that these seemingly unscrupulous people were the most loyal partners out there.


A lot of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s disciples entered the Samsara Pavilion to receive training and set up Heart Barriers for themselves, but they became lost inside forever.


Since time immemorial, countless Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s disciples had been trapped inside the Samsara Pavilion as they were no longer able to tell reality and illusion apart. They had lost their way in the rounds of reincarnation.


Luo Ting He was one of them. There had never been any news about her since she entered the Samsara Pavilion 2,000 years ago. It wasn’t until this day that she reappeared.


“Senior Sister cultivated the Heartfelt Dao, and she had a partner who was also deeply in love with her. Although the challenge was difficult for them, they were supposedly able to surmount it. Unfortunately…”


“What happened?” Qu Hua Shang asked with anxiety. Although she knew that something must have happened that caused Luo Ting He to be trapped inside the Samsara Pavilion for 2,000 years, she still couldn’t help but feel nervous at this moment.


Yu Xiang Die shook her head and let out a sigh, “Senior Sister is a willful person. When she decides to do something, no one can stop her. That day, Brother Xu had an argument with her, saying that no one could pass the test of nine reincarnations in the Samsara Pavilion. Senior Sister argued that she could do it, so she entered the Samsara Pavilion without telling anyone about it. Brother Xu and I were unable to stop her and, at that time, Senior Brother Sun was trying to break through to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.”


Although she didn’t explain who Senior Brother Sun was, Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang knew that he was supposed to be Luo Ting He’s partner. She had faith in the love between them, and she believed that Senior Brother Sun would be able to bring her out of the Samsara Pavilion, so she didn’t have a discussion with him before that.


“An accident happened when Senior Brother Sun was trying to ascend to the Eighth Order, and he passed away.” Yu Xiang Die appeared melancholic as she recalled the incident from 2,000 years ago, “The higher the Order in the Open Heaven Realm, the harder it is to achieve a breakthrough. Although Senior Brother Sun was well prepared, he still failed in his attempt in the end.”


“Was that why Martial Aunt Luo was trapped inside the Samsara Pavilion?” Qu Hua Shang asked.


Yu Xiang Die nodded, “Since Senior Brother Sun had passed away, no one could shatter Senior Sister Luo’s Heart Barrier anymore. That was why no one was able to bring her out of that place.”


Qu Hua Shang suddenly recalled something as she said, “So, the person that Honoured Master had mentioned was Martial Aunt Luo.”


Yu Xiang Die shot her a curious glance, “What did Brother Xu say?”


Qu Hua Shang replied, “There was once when Honoured Master was quite drunk. He said he had wronged a Senior Sister long ago, but he didn’t delve into it, so I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Now, it seems that the person he had mentioned was Martial Aunt Luo.”


If he hadn’t argued with Luo Ting He, she wouldn’t have dashed into the Samsara Pavilion on a whim and become trapped inside it for such a long time.


Yu Xiang Die snorted, “Hmph, he’s guilty of wronging more than just one Senior Sister!”


Qu Hua Shang knew a thing or two about what was going on between her Honoured Master and Yu Xiang Die, but she wouldn’t dare to say anything now, so she just stuck out her tongue at Yang Kai.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai realised a problem, “Martial Uncle Sun passed away after Martial Aunt Luo entered the Samsara Pavilion. It wasn’t until 2,000 years had passed that she got out of the Samsara Pavilion. Does it mean that she isn’t aware of what happened?”


“I suppose she’s aware of it.” Yu Xiang Die put on a bitter smile, “Back then, Brother Xu and I entered the Samsara Pavilion to look for her. There was once when we finally found her and told her about the news. At that time, her memory had been restored, but she soon reincarnated into the next life. Brother Xu and I couldn’t find her again after that.”


Yang Kai nodded in response.


A puzzled Qu Hua Shang asked, “In that case, how did Martial Aunt Luo manage to leave the Samsara Pavilion together with me?”


Yu Xiang Die replied, “That’s where I have to thank you. Both of you have been through nine reincarnations, right?”


Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang nodded their heads together.


“At that time, Brother Xu argued with Senior Sister that no one could ever pass the test of nine reincarnations. Senior Sister said that she and Senior Brother Sun could do that, so she entered the Samsara Pavilion without telling anyone. Brother Xu and I thought that the Heart Barrier she had set up must have something to do with Senior Brother Sun and her, and that they must experience nine reincarnations together for her to leave. However, now it seems that it was just one of the ways to break the Heart Barrier. Another way to do it was to witness another couple passing the test of nine reincarnations. The two of you completed just that, so Senior Sister Luo’s Heart Barrier was also shattered. That was why she could leave the Samsara Pavilion.”


Upon hearing her explanation, Yang Kai said, “It was no wonder that Martial Aunt Luo had started appearing by our side after the sixth life. It seems that our reincarnations had something to do with her Heart Barrier.”


That was the only reasonable explanation.


Yang Kai had always wondered why Xiao He had started appearing by Qu Hua Shang and his side with different identities since the sixth life. He initially thought that she was a powerful cultivator from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven whose consciousness happened to be tangled up with their reincarnations. Now, it seemed that it had something to do with the Heart Barrier she had built as she had to witness another couple completing the test of nine reincarnations. Hence, she started taking part in their journey in the sixth life.


The experiences in the previous lives were still alright, but when Yang Kai recalled that he had been bossing Luo Ting He around when she was his personal bodyguard in the ninth life, he couldn’t help but feel guilty.


He thus asked in a small voice, “Martial Aunt Yu, is Martial Aunt Luo a small-minded person?”


Yu Xiang Die shot him a glance, “What’s wrong? Did you do anything wrong to her in the Samsara Pavilion?”


Yang Kai quickly denied it, “No, no, no. How could that be possible?”


Yu Xiang Die smiled gently, “I don’t know if Senior Sister is a small-minded person, but Brother Xu was always bullied by her when he was a boy. Both of us were raised by Senior Sister, so while she’s like an Elder Sister, she is also like a Mother to us. If Brother Xu finds out that she has gotten out of the Samsara Pavilion, I’m sure he’ll be relieved.”


Yang Kai said nonchalantly, “When Martial Uncle Xu returns to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, he’ll naturally find out about this good news.”


Yu Xiang Die and Qu Hua Shang fell silent.


“A lot of people are coming.” Yang Kai suddenly looked into the distance. Although they were 1,000 kilometres apart, Yang Kai could still feel the surging World Force coming from Luo Ting He. As they spoke, the elders from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven who had rarely stepped out of their homes began showing up. It was apparent that they became aware of the ascension attempt.


Chen Xiu rushed over to this place with his two Disciples as they watched the ascension from a place that was several dozen kilometres away from Yang Kai. Beside him were Tao Ling Wan and Feng Cheng Si, who gently nodded at Yang Kai.


In response, Yang Kai nodded back at them.


There were also a lot of Sixth-Order and Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters that Yang Kai had never seen before.


In just over an hour, hundreds of Open Heaven Realm Masters had arrived in groups or as individuals as they found suitable locations to observe Luo Ting He’s ascension.


It was rare to see a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master ascending to the Eighth-Order even in the Cave Heavens and Paradises, so whenever that happened, it would attract countless Open Heaven Realm Masters to come over.


To those who intended to make it to the Eighth-Order, such observation was greatly beneficial to them. Even those who didn’t have the chance to ascend to the Eighth-Order, they could still watch it as they might get something out of it.


Although Yang Kai couldn’t detect the presence of any Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, he could faintly feel that some people were paying attention to this place in the dark. There was no doubt that they were the Ancestors of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


“Senior Sister is a genius who is one of the most talented people in the Cave Heavens and Paradises. When she ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, she did so directly to the Seventh Order.” There was a proud expression on Yu Xiang Die’s face when she mentioned Luo Ting He.


Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang were astounded, “She directly broke through to the Seventh Order?”


Yu Xiang Die nodded.


The two of them exchanged glances and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.


Most of the Open Heaven Realm Masters in the world had no hope of making it to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm in their lifetime. Their starting point determined how far they could go in the Open Heaven Realm.


Those who started out below the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm would never see the High-Rank.


Even those who directly ascended to the Fifth Order would be at risk of losing their lives when trying to break through.


However, Luo Ting He had directly made it to the Seventh Order. In other words, her starting point in the Open Heaven Realm was already much higher than 99% of all Open Heaven Realm Masters.


This kind of disparity was truly dispiriting.


Yang Kai knew that there were people who could directly ascend to the Seventh Order as he too had such a dream in the past. Only by directly ascending to the Seventh Order would one stand a chance to reach the highest Ninth Order.


That was the peak of the Open Heaven Realm.


Nevertheless, life was not a bed of flowers. Although he had a solid foundation and heritage, Yang Kai was forced and made his decision to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm outside of Shadowless Cave Heaven in the end.


After he consumed a Mid-Rank World Fruit, his starting point in the Open Heaven Realm became the Sixth-Order, which was equivalent to the Core Disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


At that time, he didn’t understand why those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises repeatedly stopped him from ascending to the Seventh Order and even risked tarnishing their reputations to oppress him, so he was furious about it. Although he found out that it had something to do with the Black Ink Clan at a later time, he still couldn’t get over it completely.


After all, his pursuit of the peak of the Martial Dao had been cut off.


This was something that was unforgivable.


In the 3,000 Worlds, apparently, only the disciples born in the Cave Heavens and Paradises who were proven to be loyal and righteous had the right to directly ascend to the Seventh-Order.


Even taking all 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises into consideration, only one such disciple would emerge every 1,000 years or so.


Luo Ting He was one such disciple.


It was the greatest honour to be able to directly ascend to the Seventh Order, and it was also a symbol of power.


Only a person like her had the right to take a peek at the greatest power of the Ninth Order.


Yang Kai had never expected that Luo Ting He was a cultivator who had directly broken through to the Seventh Order. It was also his first time meeting such a person.


He could imagine that those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven must have been heartbroken when Luo Ting He was trapped in the Samsara Pavilion back then. They must have put in a lot of effort to save her, but it was apparent that their attempts had failed.


By going through nine reincarnations, Qu Hua Shang and Yang Kai accidentally brought Luo Ting He out of the Samsara Pavilion. In other words, both of them had made an incredible contribution to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


That was because they didn’t just save a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, but a potential Master who could rise to the greatest heights in the future.


There was no doubt that of the two of them, Yang Kai had made a bigger contribution. That was because he was the one who had been working hard to shatter Qu Hua Shang’s Heart Barrier throughout the nine reincarnations. It was not an exaggeration to say that he had saved both Luo Ting He and Qu Hua Shang.




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