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Martial Peak – Chapter 4854, Betrothal Gift


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Yu Xiang Die followed up, “Sect Master is curious about what you’ve said. He wants to find out how you’re going to create more Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters for us.”


Munching sounds were heard coming from Luo Ting He’s mouth. It seemed that she was crunching the fruit pits as well. She looked as if she had been starving for a long time and only when she was done did she speak, “Yang Kai, it’s not like we’re strangers, so stop beating around the bush and speak frankly.”


“Fine” Yang Kai nodded.


Luo Ting He went on to say, “I’ll tell you about the stance of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven first. I’m sure Zuo Boy has told you that no Core Disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven has ever gotten married and left the Sect, and we don’t intend to make an exception. So, it’ll be extremely difficult for you to marry Qu’er. No one in the Sect will support you, and I don’t agree with it either. If this precedent is set, it will be terrible news for Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. If bright disciples can easily get married and leave the Sect, we will surely suffer huge losses in the future.”


“I understand,” Yang Kai was fully aware of this. The Core Disciples of the Cave Heaven and Paradises had never gotten married and left the Sects lest there was a loss of talented people. The disciples they had spent so much time and effort to nurture would belong to other Sects after getting married and leaving their original Sects. Even if they were still concerned about their Master Sects, it was no longer the same.


Luo Ting He said, “As a Supreme Elder of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, I don’t agree with you marrying Qu’er and bringing her out of the Sect. However, as your friend, I want to see you getting your wish granted; otherwise, the success of your nine reincarnations will be wasted. Therefore, you have to tell me what your plan is so that I can have a reason to persuade those old farts.”


Yu Xiang Die said, “Senior Sister Luo is now an Ancestor in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so she does have some influence.”


Usually, even if a newly advanced Ancestor had some influence in their Sect, it wouldn’t be huge; after all, their foundation wasn’t solid, so the other Ancestors would have a bigger say. However, Luo Ting He was different, for she was an Ancestor who had a chance to ascend to the Ninth Order one day. This advantage alone would allow her words to be taken seriously by others.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai nodded, “Since both of you have said so, I’ll stop hiding anything.”


He had already intended to talk to Luo Ting He about this. The reason he hid it from Zuo Qiu Ming some time ago was that he wanted to arouse the curiosity of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s leaders.


Besides Xu Ling Gong, Yang Kai was most familiar with Yu Xiang Die. Now, there was also Luo Ting He.


Sect Master Zuo Qiu Ming and Elder Chen Xiu were unable to get a clear reply from Yang Kai, so they had to rely on Luo Ting He to probe the young man.


In fact, Yang Kai had been waiting for Luo Ting He or Yu Xiang Die to show up for the past few days.


With the two of them as go-betweens, Yang Kai could finally reveal his plan.


“Martial Aunt Luo, have you heard of the World Tree in the Star Boundary?” Yang Kai asked.


Luo Ting He didn’t understand what their discussion today had to do with the World Tree, but she still nodded, “I’ve heard about it from Junior Sister Yu. You’ve done a great job as it’s a huge contribution for the entire 3,000 Worlds. In fact, I had heard rumours regarding the World Tree before, but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. I’m ready to go over and have a look.”


“Martial Aunt, you’ve just ascended to the Eighth Order. If you can cultivate around the World Tree, it will help with stabilising your foundation. After the matter here is settled, I’ll head to the Star Boundary with you.” Yang Kai ended this topic, then continued, “The nourishment from the World Tree allows the cultivators living in the Star Boundary to gain immense benefits. Over the years, a lot of young people with excellent aptitudes have emerged in the Star Boundary. The power of the World Tree also allows cultivators to have a brighter future than what they originally could have achieved.”


He went on to say, “In the past, those who could directly ascend to the Sixth-Order would be Core Disciples in the Cave Heaven and Paradises, but there wouldn’t be a lot of them. It was even rarer for anyone to directly ascend to the Seventh Order. However, with the nourishment from the World Tree, the future of the Martial Dao in the entire 3,000 Worlds will only get better. In the future, when the first batch of cultivators who have gained the benefits mature, there will be many who will directly ascend to the Sixth Order. When the second batch of beneficiaries come of age, perhaps there will be a lot of people who can directly ascend to the Seventh Order.”


Yu Xiang Die nodded, “Since you’d been busy dealing with your affairs in the past years, you might not be aware of it yet. The power of the World Tree’s nourishment has already manifested. Some of the disciples from the Cave Heaven and Paradises who were sent to the Star Boundary have shown signs that they will be able to directly ascend to the Sixth Order.”


All of the Cave Heaven and Paradises had set up Dao Temples in the Star Boundary. Inside those Dao Temples, there were also disciples who were taken on in the Star Boundary, but most of the disciples were sent to this place from the Cave Heaven and Paradises. Most of these disciples were children, but there were also some established cultivators. Having said that, these established cultivators were far from the Open Heaven Realm as they were generally below the Dao Source Realm.


That was because the lower the cultivation and the younger a person was, the greater the benefits they would get from the World Tree’s nourishment. If they had condensed their Dao Seal and ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, it would be useless to head to the Star Boundary in terms of increasing their aptitude.


It had been several hundred years since the World Tree in the Star Boundary became known to the public. There was ample time for the first batch of disciples to grow up.


None of them had ascended to the Open Heaven Realm yet; however, many people had condensed their Dao Seals, so it was just a matter of time before they broke through.


The firmness of their Dao Seals and the Orders of the resources they had refined would determine how far they could go when ascending to the Open Heaven Realm.


In the past, all the Cave Heaven and Paradises treated their Core Disciples like treasures. Nevertheless, in the future, there would be more people who could directly ascend to the Sixth Order and that number would only continue to grow.


It was because of this benefit that those from Thousand Cranes Paradise were willing to reconcile with Yang Kai; otherwise, they wouldn’t have easily let Yang Kai off for killing Zuo Quan Hui.


Certainly, the fact that Zuo Quan Hui had ‘betrayed’ Thousand Cranes Paradise first had allowed them to have room to save the situation; otherwise, even if they were willing to reconcile with Yang Kai, they would still have had to kill him for the sake of their reputation.


If that had happened, Void Land and the Star Boundary wouldn’t have been able to bear the consequences.


The first batch of cultivators had already obtained immense benefits, so the children who were born and grew up in the Star Boundary would be the second batch of beneficiaries.


Some of them might be able to directly ascend to the Seventh Order because they were younger, which allowed them to get even more benefits from the World Tree’s nourishment.


Things would only get better for the third batch, the fourth batch, and so on.


All of the Cave Heaven and Paradises were looking forward to that bright future.


The fact that Star Boundary was an Open Heaven Realm Cradle had spread across all corners of the 3,000 Worlds. Those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises also regarded the World Tree in the Star Boundary as the most valuable treasure in the universe. As such, a lot of High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were stationed in the Star Boundary all year round to monitor and protect it.


“One day, there will be a lot of Sixth-Order and Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Those disciples need a lot of materials when trying to break through, and it will require even more when they begin to cultivate.” Yang Kai gazed at Luo Ting He, “I know that given Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s heritage that has been accumulated over countless years, you must have a lot of materials in reserve that are ready to be used at any moment; however, your Sect’s reserves can probably satisfy the needs of the disciples who are trying to break through right now, but can it support the exponential growth of the people who will directly ascend to the Sixth-Order and Seventh-Order in the near future? Even if you have enough reserves for the time being, how long can they last?”


Luo Ting He shook her head, “I’ve just left the Samsara Pavilion, so I’m not sure about it.”


Yu Xiang Die on the other hand frowned, “I know little about it as well. Those valuable materials are controlled by a Supreme Elder; however, I’ve heard the Sect Master mention that the reserve of strategic materials leaves much to be desired. He especially wants us to look for more Yin and Yang Element materials that are in the Sixth-Order and above. Obviously, he has expected what will soon happen in the Star Boundary.”


When the Sect Master mentioned valuable materials, there was no doubt that he was talking about Yin and Yang Element materials, especially ones in the Sixth Order and Seventh Order which were the rarest of all.


When an Open Heaven Realm Master cultivated, they could use materials of lower Orders or Open Heaven Pills; however, those precious materials were required when trying to make the initial breakthrough to the Open Heaven Realm.


In the past, Yang Kai had spent a lot of time and effort in order to look for a Seventh-Order Yin Element material, but he never achieved his goal in the end, which went to show that these precious materials were extremely rare and couldn’t even be bought with money.


“I’m sure that the other Cave Heavens and Paradises can also see things that the Sect Master is able to see. I dare say that all the Cave Heaven and Paradises are now scrambling to collect Sixth and Seventh-Order Yin and Yang Element materials.”


Yu Xiang Die put on a bitter smile, “They don’t just scramble to get Sixth-Order and Seventh-Order Yin and Yang Element materials. Because of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, they are collecting all Yin and Yang Element materials regardless of the Orders. Other than Yin and Yang Element materials, it’s the same case for materials of the Five Elements that are of higher Orders. These days, the prices of Yin and Yang Element materials have risen by ten or twenty percent.”


The Good Fortune Divine Furnace was an incredible treasure as it could potentially turn a lot of Low-Order materials into High-Order ones.


In the past, Second-Order and Third-Order Yin and Yang Element materials were practically useless; however, if they were dumped into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, they could be turned into Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials, which would be useful.


“Now, you can’t even find Yin and Yang Element materials that are above the Fourth-Order on the market.”


Yang Kai nodded, “It seems that all the Cave Heavens and Paradises are getting prepared. Nevertheless, regardless of how they try to collect those materials, there will still be a lack when they need to use them.”


“What are you trying to say?” Luo Ting He still hadn’t figured out Yang Kai’s intention after such a long time.


They were talking about marriage, so why did he mention cultivation materials all of a sudden?


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai said, “I’m willing to offer 1,000 Sixth-Order and 100 Seventh-Order sets of Yin and Yang Element materials as a betrothal gift. So, I hope that those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven will allow me to marry Senior Sister Qu at an appropriate time.”


Everyone was shocked upon hearing that.


The astounded ladies gazed at Yang Kai and thought that they had misheard him.


Although Luo Ting He had been trapped inside the Samsara Pavilion for 2,000 years, and she knew little about the current affairs in the 3,000 Worlds, she was aware that the figures that Yang Kai had just brought up were astonishing.


She couldn’t help but turn to look at Yu Xiang Die and ask, “Xiao Die, there must be something wrong with my ears after I was trapped for such a long time. What did Yang Boy just say?”


Yu Xiang Die appeared to be dumbfounded, but upon hearing her Senior Sister’s words, she subconsciously replied, “He said he would offer 1,000 Sixth-Order and 100 Seventh-Order sets of Yin and Yang Element materials as his betrothal gift.”




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