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Martial Peak – Chapter 4856, You Can Eat Us Together


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The matter was decided just like that. Yang Kai had to offer 2,000 Sixth-Order and 200 Seventh-Order sets of Yin Yang Element materials as betrothal gifts, and he would be allowed to marry two disciples from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven at an appropriate time.


Chen Xiu was grateful to Qu Hua Shang for her magnanimity.


He was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all. As an Inner Elder of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, he was aware of some insider information; moreover, he was the one who persuaded the Ancestors to make marrying Tao Ling Wan one of the conditions.


Certainly, he was doing all this for his Disciple’s future; after all, Tao Ling Wan’s Small Universe had been marked by Yang Kai’s aura. Without him, she would never be able to make it to the Seventh Order, and she would be at risk of losing her life at any moment.


Qu Hua Shang’s magnanimity had saved Tao Ling Wan from that fate and allowed the two of them to stand on an equal footing.


The fact that two Sixth-Order disciples would get married and leave the Sect sometime in the future couldn’t be hidden. When the news was spread, everyone in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven was shocked.


However, upon learning the price that Yang Kai had offered as his betrothal gift, they were even more astounded.


2,000 Sixth-Order and 200 Seventh-Order sets of Yin Yang Element materials. Such an amount was unimaginably immense.


Those materials were more than enough to be the betrothal gifts for Yang Kai to marry two disciples.


Outside Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, goodbyes were being said.


Yang Kai had to return to the Star Boundary. Back then, after he left the Star Boundary, he headed to Lang Ya Paradise to make a scene; after that, he followed Giant Spirit God Ah Er to enter the Chaotic Dead Territory where he would be trapped for decades. Then, he went on to stay in the Samsara Pavilion in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven for more than 130 years.


It was time he headed back to the Star Boundary.


Since the matter in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had been resolved, he was now prepared to cultivate in seclusion to achieve a breakthrough to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Certainly, Qu Hua Shang and Tao Ling Wan would tag along. Tao Ling Wan was at risk of suffering from cultivation dissonance at any moment, so she had to follow Yang Kai.


Because of the World Tree, Luo Ting He was ready to visit the Star Boundary to take a look at one of the rarest treasures in the universe. Moreover, she had just ascended to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so if she could cultivate beside the World Tree, she might reap some unexpected benefits.


Thus, the four of them left together.


Chen Xiu and Yu Xiang Die saw them off. Feng Cheng Si, who was Chen Xiu’s Disciple, had also come over.


“Martial Niece Qu, Martial Nephew Yang, I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done. Please forgive me and accept my apology.” Upon finishing his words, Chen Xiu saluted Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang with a sincere attitude.


As a Senior in the Sect, it was very sincere of him to offer an apology to two Juniors.


Yang Kai was initially resentful, but after giving it a thought, he realised that no serious harm had been caused, so he lifted his hand and said, “It’s all in the past, Martial Uncle Chen.”


Chen Xiu took a glance at Tao Ling Wan and sighed, “Perhaps I’ve overly doted on Wan’er by always keeping her by my side. She’s an innocent girl who has never seen the outside world. Please take care of her from now on, Martial Nephew, Martial Niece. If she makes a mistake, you can punish her appropriately.”


Qu Hua Shang wrapped her arm around Tao Ling Wan’s and replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, Martial Uncle Chen. Senior Sister Tao is an obedient girl. I’m sure Junior Brother will be fond of her. Why would he ever punish her? Am I right, Junior Brother?”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll not let Junior Sister suffer any grievances.”


Chen Xiu then said to Tao Ling Wan, “Wan’er, you have to listen to your future Husband from now on and must never do anything to bring shame to him or yourself. You have to stay by your Husband’s side. If I find out that you’ve done anything to betray him or the Master Sect, I’ll not forgive you.”


Tao Ling Wan’s eyes were red and drenched in tears. With her head hung low, she replied, “Yes, Honoured Master. I’ll never forget your teachings.”


She had always lived in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven since she was a child. Although she was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she had never left the Master Sect before, nor had she not been by her Honoured Master’s side for any extended period of time.


After she left the Sect this time, it wasn’t certain when she would be able to return, which was why she was melancholic. The 3,000 Worlds was expansive, so they might not even meet each other again in the future.


“Go now,” Chen Xiu jerked his head to the side.


Feng Cheng Si cupped his fist, “Please take good care of yourself, Senior Sister!”


Tao Ling Wan was no longer able to hold back her tears. She slowly fell on her knees and kowtowed in front of Chen Xiu three times, “Honoured Master, I’ll never forget the fact that you were the one who raised me.”


“Go now,” Chen Xiu waved his hand and repeated.


A worried Tao Ling Wan said to Feng Cheng Si, “Junior Brother, you must take good care of Honoured Master.”


Feng Cheng Si nodded, “Don’t worry about it, Senior Sister.”


“Let’s go now. Stop dilly-dallying!” Luo Ting He shouted at them from the deck as she was eager to set off on her journey. She was deathly curious about the World Tree.


Yang Kai took a glance at the ship, then cupped his fist at Chen Xiu and Yu Xiang Die, “You don’t have to see us off, Martial Uncle, Martial Aunt. Farewell!”


“Be careful out there!” Yu Xiang Die replied with a smile.


After leading the two ladies to enter the ship, Yang Kai activated his power and drove the vessel towards the void. They soon disappeared from everyone’s sight.


 Chen Xiu and Yu Xiang Die watched the ship leave.


A moment later, Yu Xiang Die turned her head and said, “Why are you still crying when you’re a grown man? Others will laugh at you.”


A flushing Chen Xiu remained silent.


Yu Xiang Die said to Feng Cheng Si, “Take care of your Master.”


“Yes,” Feng Cheng Si replied.


Unable to take it anymore, Chen Xiu refuted, “Don’t listen to your Martial Aunt’s drivel. I’m fine.”


In a dispassionate manner, Yu Xiang Die said, “Now that Wan’er has left the Sect and headed to another place, I wonder whether she will be oppressed. Yang Kai is an upright man, so I believe he won’t mistreat her; however, he has several partners. A woman driven by jealousy is capable of anything. I’m worried that Wan’er won’t be a match for them. She will be in a pitiful state if no one can stand up for her.”


Chen Xiu stopped in his tracks as his eyes reddened again. He almost couldn’t contain the urge to race after Tao Ling Wan.


On the other hand, Yu Xiang Die laughed spiritedly and took off. Chen Xiu glowered at her figure, but there was nothing he could do.


Everything looked novel to Tao Ling Wan, who had never left the Master Sect before. While she still hadn’t recovered from the sadness for having to leave her home, she was also engulfed in a sense of anxiety.


Fortunately, Qu Hua Shang was there to keep her company. A few days later, she finally settled her nerves.


Since Yang Kai was the one driving the ship, the ladies didn’t have to worry about anything.


Luo Ting He never showed up as she had to cultivate in her room to consolidate her Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation.


Qu Hua Shang thus led Tao Ling Wan to see Yang Kai. The former was completely at ease while the latter hung her head bashfully, seemingly not daring to look Yang Kai in the eyes.


It was as though another person had stood in front of Yang Kai and gotten struck by that fatal attack in his stead in the first life instead of this woman before his eyes.


Yang Kai looked curiously at them.


“Husband,” there was a tinge of slyness behind Qu Hua Shang’s eyes as she saluted the man. Her voice was as pleasant as the morning breeze.


A speechless Yang Kai pressed his palm against his forehead.


Before he could say anything, a slightly trembling Tao Ling Wan also saluted him. Upon summoning all her courage, she called out in a small voice, “H-Husband.”


Yang Kai shot Qu Hua Shang a glare, as though he was questioning what she had done.


Given Tao Ling Wan’s temperament, she wouldn’t have taken the initiative to call him Husband without significant prodding. Qu Hua Shang must have encouraged her to do so before this. Tao Ling Wan was a naive girl, so she could be fooled easily.


Pretending to not see his expression, Qu Hua Shang spoke in a sweet voice, “Husband, do you want to eat me first, or would you prefer Senior Sister Tao?”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai almost couldn’t stop himself from coughing up blood.


On the other hand, Tao Ling Wan widened her eyes and gazed at Yang Kai in horror. Disbelief was written all over her face, as though she had just heard something inconceivable.


A mischievous Qu Hua Shang went on to say in a charming tone, “You can also eat us together.”


“Stop messing around!” Yang Kai chided her with a straight face.


In an instant, Qu Hua Shang pouted in protest.


Ignoring her, Yang Kai turned to look at Tao Ling Wan, but he didn’t know what to say.


A lot of accidents happened during his visit to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, but there was no doubt that Tao Ling Wan was the biggest surprise. Although Qu Hua Shang had made a decision for him to also offer the same betrothal gift to bring her away, he wasn’t ready to face this bashful and timid woman just yet.


They were not familiar with each other as they didn’t come into contact frequently in the past; moreover, she wasn’t as approachable as Qu Hua Shang.


“Wan’er… Can I call you that?” Yang Kai said after giving it a thought. Just like what Qu Hua Shang had said, Tao Ling Wan was her Senior Sister while she called Yang Kai ‘Junior Brother’. It would be a mess if Yang Kai called Tao Ling Wan ‘Junior Sister’.


Tao Ling Wan nodded almost imperceptibly.


“We haven’t known each other for long, and we’re not familiar with one another, but that’s fine. We’ll have ample time to grow closer. As for this engagement, you can give it a serious thought. If you regret it one day…”


“I’ll never regret it!” Tao Ling Wan suddenly summoned her courage and interrupted Yang Kai, staring him straight in the eye with unexpected fortitude.


Upon coming to her senses though, she quickly hung her head low again and whispered, “I-I’ll not regret it.”


Yang Kai nodded, “It’s me who has said something wrong. You can learn more about me through Senior Sister Qu or your own observation. We’re still young after all, so there’s no need to rush things. If you miss your Master and Junior Brother one day, just tell me about it and I’ll ask someone to send you back to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Since it’s your Master Sect, you two can go back to visit as you please.”


He then added, “Also, if you realise that you’re about to suffer from cultivation dissonance, you have to tell me quickly. You must not try to deal with it on your own.”


As Yang Kai continued to say caring words to her, Tao Ling Wan nodded repeatedly and became less nervous.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai stopped speaking and frowned.


The perceptive Qu Hua Shang noticed that there was something wrong with him, so she asked anxiously, “What happened?”


Yang Kai tried to sense it for a moment before shaking his head, “I have no idea. I just feel a sense of unease all of a sudden.”


“A sense of unease?” Qu Hua Shang arched her brow. To a powerful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yang Kai, it wasn’t a good sign to feel a sense of uneasiness. That might signal that something bad was about to happen.


“Perhaps I was just imagining it,” Yang Kai pondered.


“You must not be negligent!” Qu Hua Shang said seriously, “Examine yourself carefully. I’ll also help.”


Yang Kai nodded.


A moment later though, they still hadn’t discovered anything wrong, as though the sense of unease just now was just an illusion.


It was not impossible. Although a powerful cultivator had a sensitive perception, it wouldn’t be correct every time.




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