Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4857, A Sense of Unease


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As Qu Hua Shang led Tao Ling Wan to leave, Yang Kai could faintly hear Tao Ling Wan speaking in a hushed and terrified tone, “Junior Sister Qu, does Husband… really eat Humans?”


“Yes!” To make things worse, Qu Hua Shang took the other woman’s hand and spoke in a grim tone, “He’ll eat your hands first as the flesh is delicate. Then, he’ll go on to eat your arms and stomach…”


Upon hearing that, Tao Ling Wan instantly turned pale.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but let out a sigh as he was worried that Tao Ling Wan wouldn’t be able to bear Qu Hua Shang’s cheekiness.


The ship continued to move forward. It would take them several months before they could reach the Star Boundary.


If Yang Kai were on his own, he could have used Space Principles to speed up the journey; however, he was unable to do that as he had three ladies with him. He wouldn’t be able to endure taking three people with him using Space Principles for an extended period of time.


In any case, he didn’t mind spending a few months heading home.


While they were on the road, Yang Kai would refine Open Heaven Pills when he was free. Even if he never cultivated, his heritage would still continue to grow due to the living beings and Small Stone Race in his Small Universe. Nevertheless, the cultivation process of an Open Heaven Realm Master was dull and required time and accumulation.


The saying ‘many little drops make an ocean’ would best describe the process.


A few days later, when Yang Kai was refining Open Heaven Pills, he furrowed his brows all of a sudden.


The sense of uneasiness swept over him again, which alerted him.


He already had this kind of feeling a few days ago, but he couldn’t discover anything wrong after examining himself, so he thought that it was just his imagination. However, it didn’t seem to be the case now.


With the same feeling striking him for the second time, it couldn’t be an illusion.


He examined himself again, but didn’t discover any problems. As he scanned the surroundings using his Divine Sense, he also couldn’t detect the presence of any threats.


This puzzled him as he had no idea where the sense of uneasiness came from.


After pondering on it for a moment, Yang Kai left his room and arrived at another. Then, he knocked on the door.


The door was soon opened. Upon entering the room, Yang Kai saw that Luo Ting He was seated with her legs crossed. It seemed that she was cultivating just now when she was interrupted.


“What’s wrong? Why are you here instead of keeping your future Wives company?” Luo Ting He looked curiously at him.


Yang Kai nodded and told her about his worries.


Upon hearing that, Luo Ting He frowned, “When was the last time you were struck by that feeling?”


Yang Kai replied, “Three days ago.”


“I’ll have a look.” Luo Ting He extended her hand and placed her fingers on his wrist. The next moment, a gentle force streamed into his body and thoroughly inspected everything.


However, Luo Ting He was unable to discover anything as well. After retracting her hand, she said, “There’s nothing wrong with your body. Has anything happened to your Small Universe?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “That’s what puzzles me. I’ve examined my Small Universe as well, and there’s no problem with it.”


With the World Spring around, his Small Universe was basically impenetrable. Unless he passed away, there would never be any problems with his Small Universe. Moreover, he really never found anything upon examining his Small Universe.


Luo Ting He frowned and fell into her thoughts for a moment before saying, “If it’s not your own problem, something might have happened to the people closest to you. Two people could have their hearts connected when they’re close enough. When one person falls into danger, the other person will sense it regardless of where they are.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed.


If what Luo Ting He had said was true, could Su Yan have fallen into danger?


Although he had several partners, Su Yan was the only one whose heart was connected to his; after all, they had become closely knitted after they cultivated the same Secret Art when they were very young.


Shan Qing Luo and the others were not comparable to her in this regard.


However, Su Yan was supposed to be in the Ancestral Land where only the other Divine Spirits could pose a threat to her, especially the Kun Clan members.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that this was highly unlikely. The Kun Clan members were resentful of the Dragon Clan, but they were actually on good terms with the Phoenix Clan. Furthermore, Su Yan possessed the Source of a fallen Phoenix Empress. Those from Four Phoenix Pavilion would die to protect her.


Even if the Kun Clan members wanted to harm Su Yan, Hong Hu and the others would never allow it to happen.


The Phoenix Clan was extremely powerful in the Ancestral Land, so the Kun Clan members couldn’t easily pose a threat to them.


[Should I head to the Ancestral Land?] Yang Kai was hesitant. He felt that his road to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm was becoming a bumpy one. He had already intended to achieve a breakthrough to the Seventh Order many years ago, but he had kept putting it off due to various reasons.


Certainly, he could make a detour to the Shattered Heaven and head to the Ancestral Land, but that would take a lot of time.


Furthermore, he believed that with the protection of Four Phoenix Pavilion, Su Yan and the others wouldn’t be in danger.


However, why had he repeatedly felt a sense of uneasiness if it wasn’t because of Su Yan?


Luo Ting He was unable to give him a definitive answer. After Yang Kai returned to his room, he tried to focus on cultivating but to no avail. Instead of dissipating, the sense of uneasiness became worse.


Something must have gone wrong.


He fell into his thoughts as the faces of the people from Void Land and High Heaven Palace went through his mind, but he eliminated them one by one.


All of a sudden, he thought of a possibility thanks to Luo Ting He’s reminder.


She said that the reason he felt a sense of uneasiness was that something had happened to the people closest to him.


The first person that came into Yang Kai’s mind was Su Yan; however, he soon realised that Su Yan wasn’t the only one who was close to him.


To be precise, there were nine people who couldn’t really be considered to be close to him, but did have their lives tied to his.


He quickly fished out the Loyalty List from his Small Universe and opened it. The name ‘Chen Tian Fei’, which was written in blood, was on the first page.


The real name of Fatty Chen Tian was Chen Tian Fei. However, due to his rotund figure, those who were not familiar with him thought that his name was really Fatty.


In fact, he was the one who offered the Loyalty List to Yang Kai. As the first person who left his name on the Loyalty List, his name ‘Chen Tian Fei’ was naturally on the first page.


‘Hei He’, whose real name was Du Wen Hong, was on the second page. Back then, when Yang Kai led Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan to look for the Star Boundary, they were hunted down by Hei He. Left with no choice, Yang Kai let Lu Xue consume a Mid-Rank World Fruit, which allowed her to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm so she would have the capital to go against him. Eventually, they subdued Hei He with difficulty and made him leave his name on the Loyalty List.


Yun Xing Hua was on the third page. He was the Leader of Blood Swan Continent where Guo Zi Yan’s Daughter once lived. Since Yang Kai needed a new subordinate at that time, he decided to make him leave his name on the Loyalty List.


Of all the nine people on the Loyalty List, Chen Tian Fei and Yun Xing Hua were the weakest as they were only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Because of that, Chen Tian Fei was once worried that Yang Kai would abandon him. It wasn’t until Yang Kai told him to take care of the Small Stone Race members in the Small Stone World that he set his mind at ease.


Mao Zhe was on the fourth page, Geng Qing was on the fifth page, and Zhou Ya was on the sixth page.


All three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain from Shadowless Cave Heaven were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Mao Zhe was the most powerful among them as he was just one step away from the Seventh Order. Although Geng Qing and Zhou Ya were slightly weaker, they had remained in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm for a long time and were strong in their own right.


There were initially four Mountain Lords in Profound Yang Mountain; however, the Second Mountain Lord, Yun Fei Bai, had offended the Proprietress, which was why Yang Kai decided to kill him. Because of that, Mao Zhe and the others were resentful of Yang Kai. When Mao Zhe left his name on the Loyalty List, Yang Kai could see that the other man was still eager to get his revenge.


Nevertheless, after so many years, these three had probably stopped thinking about avenging Yun Fei Bai’s death.


Yang Kai had killed more than one Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master already, so even if Mao Zhe managed to ascend to the Seventh-Order, he still wouldn’t be a match for Yang Kai.


He would certainly humiliate himself if he still wanted to get his revenge despite knowing that he couldn’t defeat Yang Kai.


Hui Gu was on the seventh page. Just like Mao Zhe and the others, he was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Hui Gu had made a huge contribution when they were dealing with Zuo Quan Hui and the others on Prison Star.


There was nothing unusual with the first seven pages, which suggested that these seven people were still alive and kicking.


However, Yang Kai’s pupils contracted when he turned to the eighth page.


That was because the name ‘Xin Peng’ had disappeared without him knowing.


When he turned to the last page, he saw that the name ‘Luan Bai Feng’ had also vanished, just like he had expected.


The Loyalty List had an eerie effect. The person who possessed the Loyalty List had full control over the life or death of the people who had left their names on it. If the owner of the Loyalty List passed away, the people whose names were on the list would lose their lives as well.


The fact that two names had disappeared from the Loyalty List suggested that something had happened to them.


In other words, Xin Peng and Luan Bai Feng might have already lost their lives.


Xin Peng was only in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm; however, Yang Kai wanted to deal with Luan Bai Feng back then, and Xin Peng was her trusted aide. Therefore, he made use of Xin Peng and successfully lured her out of the Black Prison.


After that, the materials extracted from Black Prison would be sent to Void Land and High Heaven Palace. Most of the time, it was Xin Peng who dealt with these affairs.


The environment in the Black Prison was unique and dangerous, while Luan Bai Feng was one of the most powerful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters out there. Additionally, she was also an expert in Dao of Spirit Arrays. The average Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t be a match for her inside the Black Prison.


After they defeated Zuo Quan Hui in the past, Luan Bai Feng returned to the Black Prison and started working on extracting more materials. Without Yang Kai’s permission, she wouldn’t easily leave the Black Prison.


Yang Kai had never expected that the two of them had passed away. What had happened in the Black Prison?


There were a tremendous amount of materials in the Black Prison, so it was a critical place that Yang Kai regarded highly. In the past, Void Land and High Heaven Palace mainly got their Yin Yang Element materials from the Black Prison. Even though Yang Kai had an inexhaustible amount of Yin Yang Element materials now, there was still a lack of higher-order Five-Element materials.


After he ascended to the Seventh Order, his cultivation progress would speed up if he had complete sets of Seventh-Order materials to refine; after all, it took a painfully long time to ascend to the Eighth Order from the Seventh Order. Furthermore, there might be Eighth-Order materials in Black Prison.


Hence, he couldn’t afford to lose the Black Prison.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had finally figured out the reason he had repeatedly felt a sense of unease. That was because Xin Peng and Luan Bai Feng were killed one after the other. It was thanks to the Loyalty List that he could faintly detect it despite being far away from them.


Without any delay, he quickly summoned Qu Hua Shang and Tao Ling Wan. They then looked for Luo Ting He.


Upon hearing his explanation, Luo Ting He scowled, “So, the reason you felt a sense of uneasiness was that those two passed away?”




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