Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4861, Ore Star 16


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The short Open Heaven Realm Master that led the way didn’t talk much as he focused on driving the ship. Faced with Yuan Tong Guang’s attempt to befriend him, he only responded in a perfunctory manner.


Yang Kai looked around while standing on the deck.


He had been to Black Territory twice. Even though he wouldn’t say that he was familiar with this place, he wouldn’t find it strange at the very least.


Soon, he found that there were a lot of shattered Spirit Provinces in the void on his right side. Those countless shattered Spirit Provinces were barren and strewn about disorderly.


Noticing his gaze, Yuan Tong Guang came over and asked, “Brother Yang, are you curious about what happened to those shattered Spirit Provinces?”


Yang Kai had an answer in his heart, but he could only play dumb and ask, “You know what happened, Brother Yuan?”


There was a meaningful grin on Yuan Tong Guang’s face as he replied, “I heard about it when I visited this place previously. It’s said that the Void Land’s Lord and Star Boundary’s Great Emperor, Yang Kai, is immensely powerful. When he visited Black Territory in the past, he used a Divine Ability to move the Ore Stars from the Inner Region to the periphery so that it would be easier for Warden Luan’s subordinates to extract resources from them. The shattered Spirit Provinces you see now are the debris that were left behind after the Ore Stars were fully extracted.”


Upon hearing that, Luo Ting He gazed at Yang Kai in shock.


Although she hadn’t seen any Ore Stars so far, she reckoned that they were just Universe Worlds with abundant materials. It would require an incredible Divine Ability to move a whole Universe World from one place to another.


She was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it was actually a simple matter for her to destroy a Universe World; however, she didn’t think she would be able to move a Universe World intact.


Yuan Tong Guang’s Junior Brothers were curious about it as well. One of them asked, “The Ore Stars were moved to this place? For real? Isn’t Senior Yang Kai a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master? Could he really do that?”


Yuan Tong Guang shook his head, “I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but it’s very likely to be what happened. Moreover, as you can see from the scale of the debris, Senior Yang Kai didn’t just move one Ore Star. It’s said that it took him some time to move hundreds of Ore Stars from the Inner Region to this place.”


“Hundreds of Ore Stars!?” All of them were dumbfounded as they found it inconceivable. Judging from the scale of the debris, they could see how large the Ore Stars originally were. Could anyone really pull off such a feat?


[Is Yang Kai even Human?]


Another Junior Brother said, “I suppose that happened a long time ago. There are no more materials left on these Ore Stars. It must have taken a lot of time to fully extract all the materials there.”


Yuan Tong Guang nodded, “Yes, it’s said that the incident took place 300 years ago.”


As he spoke, he took a glance at the short Open Heaven Realm Master, as though he was trying to get confirmation from him. Unfortunately, the short Open Heaven Realm Master didn’t intend to respond to them. It wasn’t certain whether he had no regard for Yuan Tong Guang and the others at all, or was just untalkative in general.


Yang Kai became increasingly doubtful as they moved forward.


Luan Bai Feng already had quite a number of subordinates to begin with, and she had previously captured almost 100 people from Heavenly Sword Union. 300 years had passed, so they should have fully mined out the 30 or so Ore Stars that Yang Kai had moved to this place, which was why the void was full of debris now.


However, what made him feel doubtful was that he couldn’t feel the strange strength that Black Territory was supposedly filled with.


He had personally experienced it on his previous visits. The further he went into Black Territory, the more conspicuous the strange strength would be. Engulfed in the strange strength, he could feel the heritage of his Small Universe leaving his body.


Therefore, even though Luan Bai Feng had occupied Black Territory, which was abundant with materials, for many years, she didn’t have a way to mine most of them.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai couldn’t detect the presence of the strange strength this time.


This made him feel perplexed, and the many surprising changes in Black Territory overwhelmed him with a sense of unease.


Half a day later, they reached a place that was definitely beyond the periphery of Black Territory.


In the past, no one could easily reach this place. Before anyone could arrive, the heritage of their Small Universe would be completely wiped out under the influence of the strange strength.


However, even Third-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like Yuan Tong Guang and his group, who were from White Fang Province, could easily reach this place now.


The ship then landed on a large Ore Star.


After sending them to this place, the short Open Heaven Realm Master said, “This is Ore Star 16. All of you should do your best to extract the materials here. If there’s anything valuable, you can return on your own to turn it in.”


“Many thanks, Sir.” As Yuan Tong Guang spoke, he stepped forward and stuffed a Space Ring into the other man’s hands.


The short Open Heaven Realm Master took it and nodded before he turned the ship around and returned.


They finally arrived at their destination after quite some time, so Yuan Tong Guang and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters from White Fang Province appeared excited as they looked around.


One of them asked, “What should we do now, Senior Brother?”


Only Yuan Tong Guang had some experience here, and he was the most powerful among them, so it was expected that he was the leader in this group.


Yuan Tong Guang replied with a smile, “There’s nothing to take note of. You just have to mine as you please. The materials here are hidden in Black Stones. Before we shatter the Black Stones, we don’t know whether there are any materials in them or the Orders of the materials; hence, our mission is to find those Black Stones. Even if we destroy the entire Ore Star, those from the Black Prison won’t care about it.”


Upon hearing his explanation, all of them nodded.


Yuan Tong Guang went on to say, “Black Stones are very special and require World Force to dissolve. We can divide up the work. One group can mine Black Stones while the other breaks them down, taking turns to relieve ourselves.”


As he spoke, he turned to look at Yang Kai, “What do you think, Brother Yang?”


There was a solemn expression on Yang Kai’s face as he looked into the depths of the void, as though he was able to see a very faraway place. Upon being called out though, he replied, “You make the arrangements, Brother Yuan.”


Since an agreement had been reached, Yuan Tong Guang bowed his head. Just when he was about to speak, a tremendous figure suddenly descended from the sky and landed on a spot that wasn’t far away from them. The hefty figure crashed into the solid ground and caused a cloud of dust to rise.


Yuan Tong Guang and the others were flabbergasted as they looked intently in that direction and shouted, “Who goes there!?”


When the dust settled, a gigantic figure was revealed before their eyes. The figure had a big belly, and its skin was full of warts. There was a green aura, which was apparently poisonous, that swirled around its body.


This was an enormous Blue-Eyed Toad that was as tall as a three-storey building. Moreover, its aura suggested that its strength was at the peak of the Fifth Order, possibly even reaching the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Instantly, Yuan Tong Guang and the others turned pale.


They had never expected to come across a poisonous Star Beast on an Ore Star in the Black Territory’s Inner Region.


As the Blue-Eyed Toad’s chin contracted, a gurgling sound was heard coming from its throat. Just then, a displeased voice was heard saying, “Those brats from Black Territory have received this Uncle Yu’s benefits, but they’ve still sent some people to come over and snatch materials from me. They’re such a bunch of ungrateful people! Anyway, since you’ve come to this place, all of you will work for me now. You have to give me 30% of the materials you’ve extracted; otherwise, I won’t let you off!”


Tao Ling Wan widened her eyes in disbelief as she said to Qu Hua Shang, “Junior Sister Qu, this… I-It can speak!”


Qu Hua Shang replied with a smile, “It is not the one that can speak.”


A surprised voice was heard saying, “There are three ladies here? They’re quite beautiful. This Uncle Yu is in luck!”


Following that, a head stuck out from the top of the Blue-Eyed Toad as he swept a glance over Qu Hua Shang and the others in a lascivious manner.


It was then Tao Ling Wan saw clearly that there was a person riding on the Blue-Eyed Toad. The person was too petite compared to the gigantic Blue-Eyed Toad, so she didn’t discover him just now.


Luo Ting He sneered, “Who is this oaf that dares to call himself Uncle?”


Yuan Tong Guang turned pale as he sent a signal to Luo Ting He to motion for her to stop spouting nonsense, for he finally recalled who the Blue-Eyed Toad and its owner were.


He had heard that there was an old man surnamed Yu who had occupied an Ore Star in this place. Those who were sent there had to pay him 30% of the extracted materials and those who resisted would end up in a horrible state.


It didn’t really bother him when he heard about it at first. It wasn’t until he came across the duo that he felt horrified.


This couldn’t be helped, as this old man surnamed Yu was at the peak of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and the Blue-Eyed Toad was even more powerful than he was. With the two of them joining forces, they could go against a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


This kind of cultivation was unrivalled among the cultivators who had come here to mine ores, so there was basically no one who could fight against them.


Moreover, those from Black Territory wouldn’t care about such a minor matter. They just wanted the people who had arrived at Black Territory to follow their rules, and these people’s safety didn’t concern them.


Yuan Tong Guang secretly cursed at his so-called friend who had assigned Ore Star 16 to him back in the reception palace. The person had received some benefits from him, but he still sent him to this place, which was no different from sending him to a trap.


Fully aware that they were unable to escape unscathed, Yuan Tong Guang hurriedly cupped his fist, “White Fang Province’s Yuan Tong Guang greets Old Yu. Don’t worry. We will follow your rules when extracting the materials here, and we wouldn’t dare to keep anything to ourselves.”


With his hands placed on his hips, Old You was standing on the Blue-Eyed Toad’s head as he grinned, “You’re pretty tactful, brat. However, this woman doesn’t seem to understand the rules here. In that case, I’ll teach her a lesson so that she’ll learn not to speak nonsense and invite trouble!”


Upon finishing his words, he stomped his foot on the toad.


There seemed to be a ray of light that flashed across everyone’s eyes. Before Yuan Tong Guang and the others could figure out what was going on, they heard a loud slap. The next moment, a gale gusted through them as the sands and stones were blown into the air.


Yuan Tong Guang and the others were dumbstruck and hurriedly surged their strength to protect themselves.


Just then though, the man surnamed Yu was heard exclaiming in disbelief.


When the dust settled, Yuan Tong Guang and the others opened their eyes and were shocked by the sight before them.


The Blue-Eyed Toad had already extended its tongue in an attempt to attack Luo Ting He, but at this moment, the woman was gripping the tongue with just two fingers. Regardless of how hard the Blue-Eyed Toad struggled, it was unable to retract its tongue.


Yuan Tong Guang was astounded. 


It had to be noted that this Blue-Eyed Toad was a Star Beast that was on par with a peak Fifth-Order or even a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even its casual attack had to be taken seriously; however, Luo Ting He was able to easily catch its mighty tongue with just two fingers.


What kind of cultivation did she possess? How powerful must she be?




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