Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4873, Six Wood Divine Monarch, Liu Mu


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Luan Bai Feng’s face changed abruptly as she turned to look behind her. A distant stream of light was rapidly approaching, far surpassing the capabilities of a Third, Fourth, or Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivator. She actually felt the pressure of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master coming from that direction.


It wasn’t one of her fellow comrades, it was naturally a Master from one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises!


It had been two or three months since Luo Ting He and the others had left. Two or three months may not be enough time to reach the Star Boundary and inform the foreign envoys of the major Cave Heavens and Paradises about the Black Ink Clan; however, it was definitely enough time for Luo Ting He to get support from the nearest Paradise!


The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was approaching them extremely fast. He, who was just a point of light a moment before, was close enough that his figure was now visible. A loud and clear voice resounded throughout the void as he closed in on Luan Bai Feng, “Golden Antelope Paradise’s Liu Mu has come! Which brats are causing trouble here!?”


As soon as those words sounded, Luan Bai Feng dove back into the Bewildering Array, which was just behind her, and disappeared.


This Bewildering Array was set up by Luan Bai Feng before in order to avoid Yang Kai’s attack. Although she ended up coming out of it, the Bewildering Array was still present, undamaged.


The Eighth-Order Master from Golden Antelope Paradise, who called himself Liu Mu, rushed in headlong, making both Luan Bai Feng, who knew she was facing a very strong enemy, and Yang Kai, who was filled with anticipation, stunned.


But before the two could react, the Bewildering Array suddenly swelled up as a violent energy fluctuation erupted from within. In less than a breath, the Spirit Array shattered and Six Wood Divine Monarch reappeared.


He turned his head to look at the place where the Spirit Array tried to trap him, and snickered while reaching out to flick the non-existent dust off of his clothes, “Heh heh, you dare try to show off your meagre skills before an expert?”


Luan Bai Feng finally regained her senses. Her body swayed while she tried to escape; however, Liu Mu, who had noticed her already, was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. How could he let her escape right under his nose?


With a single grasp of his hand, a powerful force surged out, directly confining Luan Bai Feng’s body in place.


Pitch-black Black Ink Strength gushed out from Luan Bai Feng’s tender body, and at the same time, extremely unstable power fluctuations tumbled out from her body.


Yang Kai hurriedly shouted, “Senior, watch out, she’s trying to self-destruct!”


An Open Heaven Realm Master could self-destruct quite easily, without practicing or using any sort of Secret Techniques. All they needed to do was shatter their own Small Universe and their World Force would explode out.


Liu Mu obviously noticed this as well. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Luan Bai Feng and flicked her forehead with his finger.


His flick, which seemed to contain no force whatsoever, caused Luan Bai Feng’s head to fiercely jerk backwards. The World Force in her Small Universe was instantly disrupted, leaving no chance for her to kill herself.


A golden rope artifact suddenly flew out from Liu Mu’s hand, wrapping itself around Luan Bai Feng, as though it was a snake and she was a dumpling.


Only then did Liu Mu smile proudly, “There is no chance for you to kill yourself in front of this Monarch!”


Liu Mu observed Luan Bai Feng, especially paying close attention to the Black Ink Strength that was emanating from her body, before nodding lightly, “She really is a Black Ink Disciple!”


He turned his head to look at Yang Kai. The 20,000 metres long Grand Dragon made him slightly lost in thought. Although Liu Mu was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Cultivator, this was the first time that he had seen a Grand Dragon close-up. He then asked warmly, “You are that Yang Kai, right?”


Yang Kai reverted back to his Human Form before cupping his fist, “Yang Kai greets Senior Liu Mu.”


Liu Mu had already announced his identity when he arrived, probably because he wanted Yang Kai to realize that reinforcements had arrived. Yang Kai naturally knew about Golden Antelope Paradise. In fact, although he had not been to this Paradise and did not have any friends from it, Golden Antelope Paradise was actually the first Paradise he had heard of.


After the war between the Star Boundary and Demon Realm was settled, Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi broke free from the shackles of the Universe World and ventured out into the Outer Universe.


Zhang Ruo Xi gave him a lot of information about the Outer Universe back then, including information about Golden Antelope Paradise which was quite famous and popular amongst cultivators.


There was a Sealed World in Golden Antelope Paradise which was filled with Metal Element materials, and this Sealed World was open to the general public. If one paid a certain amount of Open Heaven Pills as a fee, they could enter to search for materials.


If one was lucky, they could find the Metal Element materials they needed, or even make a tidy profit.


Zhang Ruo Xi had said at the time that, if Yang Kai wanted to find a Metal Element material in the future, he could try the Sealed World in Golden Antelope Paradise. Yang Kai, in fact, did want to do so before he advanced to the Open Heaven Realm. He lacked a high Order Metal Element material at that time, but the Blood Monster Cave Heaven fulfilled his needs, so he longer had any reason to visit Golden Antelope Paradise.


Golden Antelope Paradise was the closest to the Black Territory, so Luo Ting He’s first stop was Golden Antelope Paradise, which was why support from this Paradise arrived the fastest.


“Young and talented indeed. Your reputation is well deserved!” Liu Mu praised before quickly coming to the point, “Enough of the small talk, what’s the situation?”


Luo Ting He had gone to Golden Antelope Paradise to pass on information and ask for support, but she didn’t know any details. Moreover, before she left, Black Territory remained calm, and the Black Ink Disciples were all acting in the shadows, but it was apparent that today, Black Territory had suddenly changed.


Yang Kai hurriedly explained, “As Senior can see, behind me is the heart of the Black Prison, which is where the Black Ink Clansman is imprisoned. The Black Ink Disciples know that their identities have been exposed, so they wanted to break through Junior’s blockade and provide the Black Ink Clansman with the power to restore himself by sacrificing themselves.”


Liu Mu raised his brow at Yang Kai’s words, “And so? You just knocked them out and didn’t dare to kill them?”


“Yes, but there are still quite a lot of Black Ink Disciples who are rushing over.” Yang Kai replied honestly, “There should be more than 1,000 Black Ink Disciples heading this way!”


Liu Mu nodded, “I ran into them on the way and killed many of them.” As he spoke, he looked around and frowned, “This place is truly odd, the power of the Small Universe in this Monarch’s body is constantly being drained, I’m afraid I cannot remain here for long. So, what do you need me to do?”


The strange force spawned by the Super Array that enveloped Black Territory was meant to prevent people from being able to reach the imprisoned Black Ink Clansman. Yang Kai relied on the World Spring to remain safe, while the Black Ink Disciples relied on the Black Ink Strength for protection.


Even though Liu Mu was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he couldn’t resist the influence of the Super Array; however, he could last a little longer than most.


“I would like to request Senior take these Black Ink Disciples away from here.” Yang Kai gestured behind him.


Liu Mu nodded, “That is fine.”


“Senior, could you also ask your subordinates to show mercy and not take their lives?” Yang Kai cupped his fist and pleaded.


Liu Mu frowned, “Why?”


He originally planned to take these Black Ink Disciples far enough before killing them; after all, Black Ink Disciples were not easy to deal with. If they self-destructed, the Black Ink Strength in their bodies would escape, and all it would lead to was a pile of trouble. It was better to just kill them.


What’s more was that, there was no chance to restore a cultivator that was eroded by the Black Ink Strength. Lang Ya Paradise lost several Open Heaven Realm Masters, and even one of their Vice-Sect Masters last time.


“They weren’t converted to Black Ink Disciples by choice, and are victims too. If possible, this Junior would like to save their lives!”


Liu Mu’s eyes lit up at his words, “Do you have a way to dispel the Black Ink Strength and restore their sanity?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Currently, I can’t do anything about it, but I believe there are those who can.”


Liu Mu didn’t ask any more questions and just nodded lightly, “In that case, let’s leave them alive for the time being. It would really not have been easy to take care of this many Black Ink Disciples, fortunately, this Monarch has brought a lot of people over.”


The large streams of light that trailed behind Liu Mu were all Masters from Golden Antelope Paradise. This time, the cultivators dispatched were all in the Sixth or Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Those under the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm were not even allowed to come here, and yet the total number of people exceeded 300.


This was an extremely large and terrifying lineup.


Liu Mu was faster than the rest, so he was the first to arrive, and while the two were speaking, many Masters from Golden Antelope Paradise were finally arriving.


Every one of them was frowning though, pushing their power to resist the effects of the Super Array, but there was nothing they were able to do to stop the steady drain of their Small Universe.


“Ancestor!” The crowd cupped their hands.


Liu Mu ordered, “Brats, do you see those unconscious Black Ink Disciples? Take all of them away after sealing their bodies and Small Universes.”


A Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Cultivator hesitated and asked, “Not kill them?”


They also encountered quite a few Black Ink Disciples on their way here, but they just killed them all, so they could not help but feel that their Ancestor’s order sounded a little strange.


“Fighting and killing all day long, how highly improper for you to think like that!” Liu Mu reprimanded relentlessly, “If I tell you to take them away, take them away, why spout so much nonsense? Hurry up and move without making a fuss, you can complain later! It is not suitable for us to stay in this place for long!”


The Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, who was reprimanded, was also very old, but he didn’t dare to have the slightest trace of grievance in front of Liu Mu. This Ancestor of theirs was known for his temper, so it was best to not refute his orders.


The Masters of Golden Antelope Paradise quickly gathered the unconscious Black Ink Disciples in one place before exerting their powers to seal their strength. 


Liu Mu said in a somewhat worried manner, “Yang Boy, what about you?”


Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and replied, “I still need to stand guard here, in case any Black Ink Disciple comes seeking death again.”


Liu Mu frowned, “It’s going to be hard on you, so be careful. If anything goes wrong, leave this place immediately.”


Behind Yang Kai was the place where the Black Ink Clansman was imprisoned. No one knew what condition this being was in right now, or whether they would manage to break out or not, so staying here was undoubtedly very dangerous.


“This Junior understands.” Yang Kai nodded seriously, “Also, can Senior seal the exit of Black Territory, so that no Black Ink Disciples can escape?”


Liu Mu replied, “In regards to that, you can rest assured. When this Monarch came in, he ordered some people to stay at the Territory Gate and seal it off. Right now, no outsiders are allowed to enter this place, and no one will be able to leave.”


“There are also still many Black Ink Disciples that were moved elsewhere by me, and they should be rushing this way at this very moment…”


Not waiting for him to finish his words, Liu Mu added, “You can rest assured about that too. My Golden Antelope Paradise will make sure none of them can pass through.”


“There are still people mining materials on many of the Ore Stars in Black Territory right now. This Junior requests Senior to bring all those who are unaware about the current situation to one place and not let the Black Ink Disciples have the opportunity to convert more people to their side.”


“Good, leave everything to this Monarch!” Liu Mu nodded his head in agreement.




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