Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4874, Liberation


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Golden Antelope Paradise’s many Masters came just in time. If they had come a few days later, Yang Kai would not have been able to stop the Black Ink Disciples who were rushing back.


This lineup consisting of hundreds of Sixth and Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters was nothing short of luxurious, and it allowed Yang Kai to let out a sigh of relief.


It was only now, after the situation was somewhat in control, that Yang Kai felt exhaustion catching up with him.


In fact, the fight this time with the Black Ink Disciples wasn’t too intense, and was by no means the most dangerous fight he had ever gotten into, but it was definitely the one in which he had the most difficulty exerting his full strength.


Due to the nearly 2,000 Black Ink Disciples he had suppressed and sealed, Yang Kai’s Small Universe was almost at its limit, which greatly affected the circulation of his World Force, not to mention the need to divert focus and strength to keep the Black Ink Disciples in his Small Universe under control. Due to all these restrictions, Yang Kai could not exert much of his strength.


What’s more was that Yang Kai didn’t want to, nor dared to kill the Black Ink Disciples willfully near the heart of the Black Prison, no matter how uncomfortable his helplessness made him feel.


The arrival of Golden Antelope Paradise’s Masters was a timely rain of fortune, pulling him out of his vortex of hardships.


Yang Kai used the time he gained to recuperate. Although Six Wood Divine Monarch, Liu Mu, guaranteed that he would not let any of the Black Ink Disciples pass through, it was never a mistake to be cautious.


As time trickled by slowly, Yang Kai probed his Small Universe while recuperating.


A vast area inside his Small Universe was filled with Black Ink Disciples that had been suppressed and then sealed. All of them were like statues, motionless. Xu Yi stood in the air with a rather pale face, with an expression of bewilderment.


His Honoured Master had ordered him to stand guard here, but he did not expect the situation to develop in this way.


At first, Xu Yi thought all he needed to guard was an unusually small old man and a powerful Monster Beast, but then, one by one, people who were obviously placed under a restriction suddenly appeared in front of him.


1 became 100, 100 became 1,000, and eventually, the numbers reached nearly 2,000.


Xu Yi could not tell how high these people’s cultivation was, but he knew that each and every one of them was an existence that the Masters on the Void Continent could not even dream to compete with. Emperor Realm Masters would be as weak as ants in front of them.


Fortunately, although these people seemed to be powerful, they were obviously unable to move. While Xu Yi was extremely shocked, he also felt immensely proud of his Honoured Master’s strength.


What kind of battlefield was the Honoured Master currently on, for him to have to capture so many Masters at once?


Right when he was at a loss of what to do, a figure suddenly appeared beside him. Xu Yi shifted his gaze towards the figure, and shook violently before hurriedly saluting, “Honoured Master!”


Yang Kai glanced at the Black Ink Disciples below him to make sure there was nothing unusual about them before nodding lightly.


Yang Kai manifested himself within his Small Universe World using his Divine Sense. The residents of the Void Continent couldn’t detect the difference between it and a real body.


“Honoured Master, are they all… enemies?” Xu Yi could not hold back his doubts and asked.


“Sort of,” Yang Kai replied.


“Then why capture them, instead of just killing them?” Xu Yi asked again.


“Because they are not willingly opposing me, and instead are just under the compulsion of a mysterious force, I didn’t kill them.” Yang Kai frowned and added, “Sometimes, killing is not the only way to solve a problem.”


Xu Yi nodded, “Disciple understands.”


Yang Kai was quite satisfied with all three of his disciples, but each of them had their own strengths and weaknesses.


Zhao Ye Bai was simple and honest, but lacked aptitude, Zhao Ya had extraordinary aptitude, but her killing intent was too wild. In comparison to the Eldest Disciple and the Second Disciple, Xu Yi, the Third Disciple, had the most malleable character.


“How is your cultivation going nowadays?” Yang Kai asked in reply.


Xu Yi answered, “Not bad. Disciple has been suppressing his realm recently.”


This was all in accordance with Yang Kai’s instructions. One must not have too high of a cultivation in order to reap the benefits of the Star Boundary World Tree, and Zhao Ya had also worked hard to suppress her cultivation for a long time back then. Now, it was Xu Yi’s turn to do so.


Yang Kai had originally planned to return to the Star Boundary after the Yin-Yang Cave Heaven incident, and place Xu Yi in High Heaven Pavilion to cultivate with his other two Disciples, but he had not been able to do so, so far, due to the delay.


“Continue to suppress your cultivation. After I’m finished with my current task, I will take you to meet your Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister.”


Xu Yi was a little apprehensive, but also felt a little excited, “Yes!”


Xu Yi was very curious about his Eldest Senior Brother and his Second Senior Sister, both of whom he had never met before. He was an orphan and had no family, so his Honoured Master was basically his only relative right now. However, he had also suddenly gained an Eldest Senior Brother and a Second Senior Sister, a possibility which he greatly cherished in his heart.


“Continue to monitor the situation here, and notify me if there are any problems,” After Yang Kai commanded so, his figure dissipated.


Outside, in the centre of the Black Prison, there were no signs of any Black Ink Disciples approaching, which made Yang Kai guess that they had all been taken down by Golden Antelope Paradise.


However, Yang Kai did not dare to leave easily, for right now, he was the last line of defence here. Once he left, if a Black Ink Disciple managed to reach here, they would be able to provide the imprisoned Black Ink Clansman with nourishment to help him awaken and escape.


Liu Mu occasionally stopped by to tell Yang Kai about the current situation in Black Territory.


The Black Ink Disciple were indeed taken down one by one, but during this process, many Black Ink Disciple noticed that the situation was not right and simply killed themselves directly. Right now, there were a lot of Black Ink Strength floating about in Black Territory’s void, which were the only things that remained after the death of the Black Ink Disciples.


This Black Ink Strength was extremely dangerous to any Open Heaven Realm Master. After all, once they got contaminated, the consequences would be unpredictable.


So, Liu Mu had the residues marked down, before using Spirit Arrays to suppress and seal the Black Ink Strength.


The numerous Open Heaven Realm Masters mining the Ore Stars were all recalled and placed in batches on a Spirit Province.


None of them would be set free until it was determined whether they had been corrupted by the Black Ink Strength and transformed into Black Ink Disciples, or not.


Although this move caused many complaints, they could only endure it even if they were dissatisfied since it was Golden Antelope Paradise that was acting.


Even right now, the miners did not know what had happened in Black Territory, nor did Golden Antelope Paradise dare to leak any information about the Black Ink Clan or the Black Ink Strength to the general public.


To not leak information such as this to the public was a principle the Cave Heavens and Paradises had adhered to since long ago.


Gradually, more Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises rushed to Black Territory, each group consisting of at least 100 Masters led by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestor.


The Cave Heavens and Paradises had been tracking down the Black Ink Clansman for hundreds of years now, but had found no traces of him. Thus, when they got this news, that the Black Ink Clan was actually hiding in Black Territory, the major Cave Heavens and Paradises were extremely shocked.


Until now, they had been searching for the enemy in the Shattered Heaven, without any results whatsoever.


Now that the Black Ink Clansman’s hiding place had been identified, the Cave Heavens and Paradises naturally wanted to get rid of him immediately, to prevent something like the tragedy of Lang Ya Paradise from happening again.


In less than three months, about 10 Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, 100 Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and as many as 1,000 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had gathered in Black Territory!


This was only the combined power of around seven or eight Cave Heavens and Paradises, not even mentioning that these few Cave Heavens and Paradises were also only the ones who rushed over immediately after being alerted by Luo Ting He.


There were still many more Cave Heavens and Paradises yet to arrive.


Luo Ting He also returned. Worried about Yang Kai’s safety, she rushed back to Black Territory after hurriedly alerting several nearby Cave Heavens and Paradises.


Yang Kai was thus finally liberated from his duties.


After Yang Kai met with the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and fully explained the situation in Black Territory to them, many of these Ancestors also realized the seriousness of the problem.


This Black Prison was obviously a cage fashioned by an ancient Great Expert, but it had remained unknown until today. The major Cave Heavens and Paradises’ ancient books would definitely have some records related to this matter if this was their handiwork; therefore, the Black Ink Clansman was definitely imprisoned here before the birth of the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


The Super Array had slightly decreased in power over the aeons, but this did not hinder its ability to imprison the Black Ink Clansman.


With the Super Array in place, even Eight-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had no way to reach the centre of the Black Prison, and Luan Bai Feng could only let the subordinate ore slaves mine the Ore Stars on the outer periphery.


This action was essentially harmless.


Even if they continued to do this for another 10,000 years, the Super Array would not have weakened in any noticeable manner.


However, everything changed when Yang Kai set his sight on the materials produced in Black Territory and refined the Void Yin Yang Mirrors, moving some 30-plus Ore Stars from the Black Territory’s Inner Region out at once.


The destruction of these Ore Stars caused the flawless Super Array to loosen a bit, allowing the Black Ink Clansman to take advantage of the situation.


Luan Bai Feng, who oversaw this whole process, was converted into a Black Ink Disciple and soon spread the word, attracting more people to come to mine materials while stealthily converting them into Black Ink Disciples.


Steadily, more Ore Stars were mined and destroyed, further weakening the power of the Super Array.


If it wasn’t for Yang Kai’s sudden arrival, it would really have just been a matter of time before the Black Ink Clansman was able to escape.


The good news was that the situation was not yet beyond saving.


The Super Array was still powerful enough, and the Black Ink Clansman was still imprisoned and would not be able to escape for some time, but the question of how to deal with this matter caused a headache for many of the Eighth-Order Ancestors.


No one really knew how strong the Black Ink Clansman here was, but just by looking at the methods the ancient Great Experts had to resort to, one could infer the terror of this Black Ink Clansman at his peak.


The Black Ink Clansman was probably not something they could compete against. Both the old man surnamed Yu and Luan Bai Feng had said that before Black Ink, all were ants.


They had demonstrated unwavering confidence in their Master.


The opinions of the close to 10 Ancestors were thus divided. Some wanted to improve the Super Array, repair the damaged areas, and let it continue to suppress and seal the Black Ink Clansman.


Others felt that it would be better to cut weeds and pull-out roots, arguing that leaving the Black Ink Clansman here would be the same as raising a tiger that would cause a calamity one day.


Each side had its own reasoning, and they argued noisily for a while. These Ancestors, who were all so high and mighty in the eyes of their disciples, were now acting like hawkers in a food market, with no manners to speak of whatsoever as they shouted their own opinions left and right.


Among them, Six Wood Divine Monarch was the loudest, roaring, ‘This Old Master will go over and kill that Black Ink Clansman right now, no one will be able to stop me!’ and so on….


After a long time of bickering with no conclusion, Liu Mu suddenly turned his head towards Yang Kai and asked, “Yang Boy, what do you think?”


Many of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters immediately looked over at him.


Because Yang Kai was deeply involved in the Black Territory matter, the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters also called him over to the meeting this time. Yang Kai thought that he only needed to answer some questions from the Ancestors and resolve some of their doubts, so he never expected Liu Mu would throw such a tough issue to him.


Yang Kai did not want to comment on this matter, but since things had come to this point, he had no choice but to express his views, “Junior has been thinking about an issue. The ancient Great Experts had the means to arrange a Super Array spanning an entire Great Territory to suppress and seal this Black Ink Clansman, so their methods should be unparalleled. So, why did they only imprison the Black Ink Clansman and not simply kill him?”




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