Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4875, Try My Best


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This question struck a chord within many Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestors, who hadn’t thought about it before.


Six Wood Divine Monarch pondered about it for a while before suggesting, “Perhaps the ancient Great Experts thought it would be better to leave it imprisoned?”


Yang Kai shook his head and mentioned an additional matter, “Seniors must have heard about what happened to this Junior in the Divine Spirits’ Ancestral Land.”


Yang Kai had once recounted the events that had happened to him in the Ancestral Land in front of all the foreign envoys of the major Cave Heavens and Paradises, including Yu Xiang Die.


Yang Kai believed that these foreign envoys would definitely have reported this to their respective Sects; after all, this was a matter that involved the Black Ink Clan, the Divine Spirits, and even the Giant Spirit Gods!


Just as he expected, all the Eight-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestors nodded lightly.


Yang Kai continued, “This Junior has a Dragon Vein, so I had the privilege of inheriting the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace in the Ancestral Land. With the power of the Crystal Palace, Junior was able to witness a Great War in ancient times. In that war, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was like an invincible warrior that had descended from the Heavens, and even the Divine Spirits were not his opponents. In the end, even the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress of the time had to use the Sacred Treasures of each of the various Divine Spirit clans, sacrifice half of the Ancestral Land, and even give their very lives just to shackle the Giant Spirit God, effectively suppressing and sealing it in place.”


“I think the Divine Spirits would have preferred to kill the Black Ink Giant Spirit God if the circumstances had allowed them to do so, rather than incur such an immense price to simply seal him, but they couldn’t.”


“And in fact, the actions of the Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress as well as that of the Divine Spirits was correct. Even after countless aeons, the seal had remained and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was killed. Even the Black Ink Strength in his body has been thoroughly eroded by the Ancestral Strength, eliminating any potential problems.”


“What’s your point?” An Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestor asked.


Yang Kai replied, “Junior’s point is that the situation in Black Territory should be similar to what happened in Ancestral Land. Perhaps the ancient Great Experts who imprisoned the Black Ink Clansman here were not able to kill him, but that is inconceivable as well, considering that the ancient Great Experts were powerful enough to set up this Super Array as a cage. If they were capable of that, they should have been able to easily kill a lone Black Ink Clansman.”


“The reason they did this, I think, should coincide with that of the Divine Spirits’. They were trying their best to prevent future troubles!”


A ruddy-looking Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestor exclaimed, “You mean, if they had killed the Black Ink Clansman trapped here, it would lead to some unpredictable consequences, something like the Black Ink Strength left behind after their death?”


Yang Kai nodded, “This Junior is merely speculating, but the Black Ink Strength is sinister and dangerous. Even the Black Ink Strength left behind after the death of a lowly Black Ink Disciple is highly corrosive, not to mention the Black Ink Strength that would be left behind after the death of someone from the real Black Ink Clan, which may be what the ancient Great Experts were afraid of.”


The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestors glanced at each other and nodded lightly.


“So, you’d prefer to suppress and seal it again?” Liu Mu looked at Yang Kai somewhat angrily. He was one of the main advocates of the killing faction, and the fact that Yang Kai disagreed with him made him a little bit unhappy.


Yang Kai shook his head and said, “Junior’s words were merely frivolous remarks, and it is up to the Seniors to decide about the Black Ink Clan’s matter.”


Luo Ting He spoke out, “Let’s wait until everyone has arrived and then discuss this matter together so we can reach a resolution. No matter how much we quarrel here right now, it won’t help.”


Although she was just a newly promoted Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, all the Ancestors present knew that she had the potential to break through to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the future, so they did not dare to take her lightly.


The matter of how to deal with the Black Ink Clan was thus put on hold until all the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestors of the Cave Heavens and Paradises had arrived; however, the matter of what to do with the over 2,000 Black Ink Disciples in Black Territory that were still alive was an urgent matter that needed to be dealt with immediately.


Luan Bai Feng had rapidly corrupted some 5,000 or so Black Ink Disciples, out of which Yang Kai had suppressed and sealed nearly 2,000 inside his Small Universe, nearly 1,000 had died, and about 2,000 were captured by Golden Antelope Paradise’s Masters and imprisoned in an abandoned Spirit Province.


This was also another matter that caused a headache for the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestors, so right now, they were all looking towards Yang Kai, since Liu Mu asked “Yang Boy, you had said before that you believed there was someone who could save them, yes? Who could possess such ability?”


Black Ink Strength was extremely persistent, and it was simply not possible to dispel. Liu Mu had personally tried his hand before, and even with his strength, he couldn’t do anything about the remnant Black Ink Strength floating in the void in the slightest.


He obviously pondered about it, but he didn’t know who Yang Kai was talking about.


Although the people from the Cave Heavens and Paradises acted a little domineeringly, they were not willing to kill innocent people easily, not to mention that there were nearly 2,000 Black Ink Disciples imprisoned in the abandoned Spirit Province.


Yang Kai hesitated for a moment, but decided to tell the truth, “The Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer!”


The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestors collectively drew a sharp breath. No matter how hard they were to think, they would never have guessed that the ones Yang Kai was talking about were actually those two.


Six Wood Divine Monarch blinked and said tentatively, “I heard that you followed a Giant Spirit God into the Chaotic Dead Territory before?”


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded. This matter was not a secret, so these top brass of the Cave Heavens and Paradises should have gotten the news about it.


“Those two are avatars of destruction. They’re basically ill-omens.” An Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestor’s face was grave, “But if there’s anyone in the world who can dispel the Black Ink Strength, it’s probably them.”


No one knew how strong the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer really were, but none of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestors sitting here dared to enter the depths of the Chaotic Dead Territory for they knew their lives would be at serious risk even if they just walked around its periphery.


“Not probably, but definitely.” Yang Kai said solemnly, “Seniors must have obviously heard about the incident where this Junior had taken the Black Ink Strength left behind after the death of Lang Ya Paradise’s Shi Zheng into his own Small Universe to suppress it. This Junior even used it to trick Lang Ya Paradise’s Black Ink Disciples into thinking I was one of them.”


Liu Mu nodded and said, “I have heard of it. Kid, your luck is indeed astounding. You even managed to obtain such a precious treasure like the World Spring.”


Liu Mu had a look of envy. If only he had one of the Four Universe Pillars, he would not have to be afraid of the Black Ink Strength anymore.


Yang Kai smiled at him and continued, “In the Chaotic Dead Territory, Seniors Burning Light and Serene Glimmer discovered the Black Ink Strength in this Junior’s Small Universe and took action to dispel it.”


The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestors all raised their brows at those words.


The Ancestor who spoke earlier asked, “Are you sure you can convince those two to help again?”


“I’ll try my best!” Yang Kai couldn’t guarantee anything, but the lives of thousands of Open Heaven Realm Masters were at stake, so he had to at least make an attempt.


“Good!” The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Ancestor nodded, “Then this matter will be left in your hands. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask.”


Yang Kai did not stand on ceremony, “This Junior needs a ship that can carry around four to 5,000 people.”


“Anything else?”


Yang Kai shook his head and said, “Nothing else.”


Liu Mu took over, “A simple matter. I will immediately have someone transport a great ship over.” Golden Antelope Paradise was the closest to their current location, and any ship that could carry 5,000 people would be an extremely large-scale artifact that had to be mobilized from within the Sect.


As such, the issue regarding the Black Ink Disciples was settled for now.


Yang Kai, Luo Ting He and Liu Mu went to the abandoned Spirit Province where the Black Ink Disciples were imprisoned. All of the Black Ink Disciples had traces of being confined with various Secret Techniques locking their bodies. The Secret Techniques used had transformed into shackles that suppressed and sealed all the strength in the Black Ink Disciples’ bodies, making them unable to even kill themselves.


Yang Kai noticed Luan Bai Feng’s angry glare which was directed at him, but ignored it.


The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, who was guarding this place, hurriedly stepped forward to salute when he saw the two Ancestors arrive. There was not only one High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master guarding this place of course, but several dozen of them, surrounding the entire abandoned Spirit Province.


Liu Mu waved his hand, indicating that this man should return to his duties, before looking towards Yang Kai.


“Are you both ready?” Yang Kai asked.


Both Liu Mu and Luo Ting He nodded their heads together.


“Then, let’s begin.” As his words ended, the illusory phantom of Yang Kai’s Small Universe expanded abruptly behind him, and the entire universe manifested with a loud bang.


The Small Universe expanded to include both Liu Mu and Luo Ting He, and the trio appeared in the very place where the many Black Ink Disciples were imprisoned.


Liu Mu was immediately stunned, “So many?”


Yang Kai had previously said that he had also suppressed and sealed some Black Ink Disciples in his Small Universe, and wanted both him and Luo Ting He to help transfer them out, but Liu Mu had originally thought that there would be a few dozen or hundreds of them at most. But at a glance, he could make out that there were thousands of Black Ink Disciples here.


Only then did he understand why Yang Kai wanted a great ship that could carry around some 5,000 people.


Luo Ting He was also amazed, “You still had the energy to fight with others after sealing so many Black Ink Disciples inside your Small Universe?”


Ignoring the fact that Yang Kai was just a trivial Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, even for her or Liu Mu, who were in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, it would be difficult to move about freely after sealing 2,000 Open Heaven Realm Cultivators inside their Small Universes, let alone fight. 


Yang Kai, on the other hand, was lively and vigorous, seemingly like he was unaffected.


Yang Kai explained casually, “Junior is carrying a World Spring, due to which his Small Universe is extremely stable. Perhaps it has something to do with that.”


Liu Mu nodded his head in realization, “That’s true. The World Spring is really amazing.”


Yang Kai beckoned to Xu Yi, who had been guarding the Black Ink Disciples here, and pointed at him before saying, “This is my Third Disciple, Xu Yi. Xu Yi, greet these two Seniors.”


Xu Yi hurriedly saluted.


Liu Mu glanced at Xu Yi with some interest, but didn’t spare him much time. What kind of geniuses hasn’t an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him seen? Xu Yi didn’t deserve his attention.


On the contrary, it was Luo Ting He who showed some interest, “Since this is your Third Disciple, does that mean you also have a First Disciple and a Second Disciple?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Those two are in the Star Boundary. Senior will naturally see them when she arrives there.”


Xu Yi’s heart was shaken. What kind of existences were these two, that even his Honoured Master had to address them as ‘Senior’? His expression became more and more respectful.


Luo Ting He nodded. She was definitely going to go to the Star Boundary. She had not had time to consolidate her cultivation since she advanced to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm with all the events going on around her. Now that there were people from the major Cave Heavens and Paradises present in Black Territory though, it would make little difference even if she were to be absent, so she planned to leave for the Star Boundary in a few days.


“Both of you, please!” Yang Kai cupped his fist.


It was not a problem for Yang Kai to suppress these 2,000 Black Ink Disciples in his Small Universe, but if he wanted to transfer them out, he’d have to seal their powers first.


It would be too slow for Yang Kai to handle this kind of task on his own, which was why he asked Liu Mu and Luo Ting He to help.


Liu Mu and Luo Ting He nodded their heads and got to work.




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