Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4879, Take Care Of It Yourself


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Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, on the other hand, turned a deaf ear to this and focused on their discussion.


Big Brother Huang added, “Excluding those yucky ones, there are a total of 33 people.”


30 Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm escorts, along with Liu Mu, Da Yi, and Yang Kai, were exactly 33.


Big Sister Lan stated with a grin, “Half each.”


Big Brother Huang corrected her, worried, “There’s one more.”


Big Sister Lan explained, waving off, “Forget about Little Brother Yang, he doesn’t look very smart, he’s probably not much better than those from the Small Stone Race. Let’s leave those annoying flies to him, it will save us some trouble.”


“You’re right.” Big Brother Huang nodded seriously.


The veins on Yang Kai’s forehead bulged. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t defeat these two, he really wanted to ask what do stupid people look like? Do they have some kind of horns on their heads?


Originally, Liu Mu and Da Yi were depressed, but now that they heard these two speak, they couldn’t help but snicker.


On the other side, after Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan finished discussing, the two looked over. Liu Mu and Da Yi quickly restrained their smiles and wore solemn expressions on their faces.


Big Brother Huang stated, “Little Brother Yang, we just discussed, it’s not like we can’t help you; after all, you’re also our Little Brother. Since you’ve come to beg us, we can’t just sit back and watch.”


Big Sister Lan quickly followed up, “But we also have conditions.”


Yang Kai knew their conditions but still pretended to be ignorant and asked curiously, “How can I help?”


Big Brother Huang replied, “It’s like this, since you left us last time, our forces have been expanding rapidly, and now each of us has an army of tens of millions. It has become harder to control them. We urgently need some generals and officers who can obey our orders! I think the people you brought this time are quite suitable, so why not let them serve under us? In that case, we’ll have time to help you!”


Before Yang Kai could respond, Liu Mu asked anxiously, “Big Brother, Big Sister, can you change your conditions?”


He finally understood that what these two invincible existences did on the Spirit Province was simply to kill time. In any case, he was still an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, yet instead of eliminating great evils and protecting the innocent, he would have to play around with these two children. If word got out, he would completely lose face.


This was something he absolutely could not agree to.


Although Da Yi didn’t say anything, his meaning was clear.


Big Brother Huang decisively refused, “This is the only condition. If you don’t like it, you can leave.”


Yang Kai quickly looked towards them. The next moment, his eyes became filled with sorrow and his tone turned heavy and solemn, “Seniors, please consider the bigger picture!”


The two of them immediately glared at him, wanting nothing more than to sew his mouth shut.


Big Brother Huang’s face slightly sank, “It seems you don’t like the idea of working under us!”


Big Sister Lan also looked a bit angry, “If you don’t want to, then leave. No one is forcing you to stay.”


Yang Kai tried his best to persuade them, “Seniors, there are thousands of lives on that ship. This time there are thousands, but the next time there may be even more. The vast universe will never forget your sacrifice!”


Liu Mu and Da Yi now couldn’t wait to chop Yang Kai into a million pieces. This brat was obviously just enjoying the show like it had nothing to do with him; after all, it did not cost him anything to throw them into the pit.


Be that as it may, their current situation left them with no other choice but to agree to their terms. Just as Yang Kai had stated, this time there were thousands of lives, but what about next time? No one could guarantee that their Sect’s disciples would not be corrupted by the Black Ink Strength at some point. They did not want to experience the tragedy of Lang Ya Paradise.


If they could get the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer’s help and capture Black Ink Disciples in the future, they would not have to kill them all.


Liu Mu clenched his teeth and agreed, “Good, since Big Brother and Big Sister think so highly of me, if this Little Brother still refuses, I would be someone who does not know how to appreciate kindness. This Little Brother is willing to obey your orders in the future!”


Da Yi sighed in his heart, knowing he couldn’t refuse either. So, he smiled and nodded, “Little Brother is of the same mind.”


The sullen Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan immediately smiled and stated, “Great, awesome, quickly call your people over.”


Six Wood Divine Monarch’s Divine Sense surged before 30 Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm flew down from the ship the next moment.


Although they had seen most of the proceedings from up there, they didn’t know what was going on in detail. They could only vaguely guess that the two little kids were the legendary Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer.


Liu Mu pointed at Big Brother Huang and ordered everyone, “Come and greet Big Brother!”


The 30 Seventh-Order Masters were all dumbfounded and couldn’t understand why their Ancestor was saying something like that.


However, they didn’t dare to ask too much. Since their Ancestor had given such instructions, he must have his reasons. All of them cupped their fists and shouted ‘Big Brother’.


Liu Mu then pointed at Big Sister Lan, “This is Big Sister!”


Everyone bowed once more.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan smiled even more happily. They even became humbler because of this. Big Brother Huang offered, “You’re younger, you choose first.”


Big Sister Lan smiled and offered in return, “You’re younger, you go first.”


Yang Kai knew that he could not allow this to go on; otherwise, the peaceful atmosphere would immediately be destroyed. Thus, he quickly intervened, asking, “If Big Brother and Big Sister don’t mind, how about I help you?”


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan looked at each other before nodding, “Good!”


Yang Kai immediately began distributing the manpower. In fact, it didn’t take any effort to assign teams. Two Eighth-Order and 30 Seventh-Order Masters were evenly distributed with a casual wave of his hand.


Big Brother Huang’s face was filled with eagerness, “Great, now we have Generals who can understand our commands. The next time we fight, it will definitely be more exciting!”


Big Sister Lan smiled and spoke in a provocative manner, “Then you must work hard, don’t cry when you lose.”


“You just wait and watch!” Big Brother Huang coldly snorted before he called out to his 16 High-Rank Masters, “You all come with me!”


Big Sister Lan pointed at the other 16, “You come with me!”


Yang Kai quickly interrupted them, “Please wait a moment, what about the people on the ship? I hope the two of you can first expel the Black Ink Strength from their bodies.”


“I’ll leave that to you.” Big Brother Huang impatiently passed the matter to Yang Kai before stretching out his hand and pointing towards him.


Yang Kai suddenly felt a scalding pain on the back of his left hand, as if it was being burned by flames, giving him a fright.


Before he could react, Big Sister Lan extended her hand toward him again and in the next moment, he felt a frigid sensation on the back of his right hand.


One cold, one hot, it was extremely strange.


Yang Kai looked down and saw nothing on the back of his hands, but he could feel that there was something there.


Yang Kai found this scene quite familiar and recalled the last time he had left, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had pointed at him and left behind an extremely mysterious power in his body, greatly enhancing his Dragon Vein and increasing his Dragon Form to 20,000 metres.


Moreover, he still had not completely refined that power and it had thus been lying dormant inside his body. Yang Kai couldn’t imagine how magnificent his Dragon Form would become after he completely refined that power.


Seeing that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had already mounted their respective Small Stone Race guards, Yang Kai quickly asked, “What should I do?”


“Everything in this world has its own counter. Although the Black Ink Strength is strange, it is not invincible. Use the benefits you obtained here and your brain to purify it!” Having said as much, Big Brother Huang turned around and started heading towards one end of the Spirit Province.


Liu Mu walked over to Yang Kai and warned him with a gloomy expression on his face, “If any of this leaks out, you’re dead!”


Having no other choice but to accompany two kids and play their games was already the limit of what Liu Mu could endure. If the word got out, he would be too ashamed to show his face in public.


Yang Kai quickly nodded his acknowledgement, “Seniors, rest assured, no one else will find out about this.”


“That’s for the best!” Having said so, Liu Mu led the 15 Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and chased after Big Brother Huang.


On the other hand, Da Yi led the other 15 Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters away with Big Sister Lan.


In the blink of an eye, only Yang Kai was left, along with the remains of the Small Stone Race.


Yang Kai looked at his hands as he sunk into his thoughts.


Big Brother Huang spoke some cryptic words, leaving him all confused, but the meaning had been quite clear. He was now able to expel the Black Ink Strength.


[What should I do?]


[Big Brother Huang wouldn’t lie about something like this. There must be some kind of profound mystery behind the finger pointed by Big Sister Lan and him.]


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before arriving on the flying ship and casually grabbing a Black Ink Disciple.


This Black Ink Disciple’s cultivation wasn’t high, only in the Third Order. Yang Kai didn’t know him, but his strength was sealed and he was unable to move at all, even his Small Universe was completely suppressed. Be that as it may, his eyes were filled with hatred as he stared at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai mobilized his Small Universe’s strength to his two hands, but after trying for a long time, he found that it had no effect, let alone expel the Black Ink Strength.


He could not even feel the heat and chill he had felt before.


Recalling what Big Brother Huang had said before he left, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.


[Big Brother Huang mentioned the benefits I had obtained from this place…]


The greatest benefit he had reaped from the last time he was here was the endless amounts of Yellow and Blue Crystals, derived from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s own strength. These were the purest Yin and Yang Element materials.


Yang Kai casually took out a palm-sized piece of Yellow Crystal from his Small Universe. The quality of this piece of Yellow Crystal wasn’t high, only Fourth-Order, so it was perfect for testing


With a flash of thought, Yang Kai immediately felt a burning sensation on the back of his left hand. When he looked down, he spotted a faint circular pattern where the burning came from.


Holding the Yellow Crystal in his hand, the Yang Element Power contained within it was clearly pulled by an inexplicable force, quickly flowing into the circular pattern on the back of his hand.


The pattern soon became visible and dazzling.


A moment later, the palm-sized yellow crystal disappeared into thin air; all its energy was pulled into Yang Kai’s left hand.


The circular pattern on the back of his hand lit up like a small sun.


Yang Kai suddenly understood.


He quickly took out a Blue Crystal from his Small universe and tried again.


As expected, with just a thought, a pattern appeared on the back of his right hand, but this one was a deep blue in colour. As the Blue Crystal’s energy poured into it, the glow became more profound.




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