Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4880, Method to Expel the Black Ink Strength


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Whether it was the Yellow Crystals or the Blue Crystals, both of them were the condensation of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer’s strength. Although they had transformed into Yin and Yang Element materials that could be refined and absorbed after being broken down in battle with each other, their essence hadn’t changed much.


Before leaving, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had shot some kind of energy from their fingers, leaving a kind of key on the back of Yang Kai’s left and right hand to draw out that energy.


With Yellow in his left hand, and Blue in his right, Yin and Yang, Yang Kai pressed his palms together before the two energies started merging, blooming into a dazzling white light!


Yang Kai had never seen such a pure white light before. It was totally without any impurity, giving the impression that it could cleanse everything in this world.


The Third-Order Black Ink Disciple had been glaring at Yang Kai with a look of anger and hatred after he had been picked up. He kept roaring at the top of his lungs meaninglessly like a vicious beast that wanted to swallow Yang Kai alive. However, when the flash of white light burst forth, the ferocity and anger in his eyes were instantly replaced by confusion.


The next moment, his confusion turned into panic as he began to violently struggle.


Be that as it may, he was unable to move no matter how he tried as his strength was restricted by a Secret Technique.


Yang Kai became more confident at the sight of this and believed he had found the right method.


He had never thought that the Yellow and Blue Crystals he had obtained in the Chaotic Dead Territory would become the key to expelling the Black Ink Strength.


Yang Kai raised his hand, grabbing the small sun radiating with white light and thrust it onto the Black Ink Disciple’s head.


The white light poured down on the Black Ink Disciple like moonlight, bathing him in it. To Yang Kai’s surprise, a change occurred instantaneously.


The Black Ink Disciple seemed to be in unimaginable agony as his eyes bulged and his face contorted in pain. Immediately after, wisps of black aura began to emerge from his body, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Not only that, a sound similar to the melting of snow came from the Black Ink Disciple’s body.


Yang Kai carefully felt the black aura escaping from the Black Ink Disciple’s body. It resembled Black Ink Strength, but seemed to be lacking in stability, probably because it was being purified by the white light. Thus, it couldn’t continue to exist like pure Black Ink Strength, disappearing as soon as it was expelled.


Black wisps gushed out from the Black Ink Disciple’s body at first, but as time passed, fewer and fewer appeared while the Black Ink Disciple’s originally pained expression grew calmer.


In just a few breaths of time, no more black wisps escaped from the Black Ink Disciple as his eyes finally regained clarity.


Yet, the small sun-like white light in Yang Kai’s hand had not been completely consumed, only about half of it had been used up.


In other words, the remaining white light should be enough to disperse the Black Ink Strength from another Black Ink Disciple’s body. Yang Kai didn’t intend to waste this; after all, this was the energy derived from the Yellow and Blue Crystals. He thus held it in his hand and examined the Black Ink Disciple.


“Many thanks for Sect Master Yang’s life-saving grace!” The Black Ink Disciple suddenly thanked, his expression perfectly normal and extremely sincere.


Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, “I’ll remove your restriction, don’t make any sudden movements.”


“Understood!” The Black Ink Disciple replied.


Only then did Yang Kai remove the restriction sealing his power.


As expected, the Black Ink Disciple did not act rashly. So Yang Kai simply demanded, “Open up your Small Universe, I must examine it.”


Only by examining the other party’s Small Universe would Yang Kai be able to determine if there was any trace of Black Ink Strength left in this Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Normally, such a request would be considered extremely rude and no one would easily agree to it, but this Third-Order cultivator clearly understood how that eerie black mist that was controlling him would manifest. So, after a moment of hesitation, he quickly opened his Small Universe to prove his innocence.


The foundation of a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was not strong, so their Small Universe was still immaterial and illusory, not having a physical form. Yang Kai carefully examined it, and only after confirming that there was no more Black Ink Strength left in his Small Universe did he finally relax.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan might not seem very reliable, but they were still trustworthy. Although they didn’t personally expel the Black Ink Strength, they had shown Yang Kai the way forward.


Furthermore, Yang Kai looked at the white ball of light in his hand and faintly felt that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s actions were not simply because they found it troublesome, but because they intended to give him a method to expel the Black Ink Strength himself.


If he were to encounter Black Ink Disciples again in the future, he wouldn’t need to travel trillions upon trillions of kilometres to the Chaotic Dead Territory to ask for their help. He could take care of them himself.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai looked up at the person in front of him and asked, “Does anything feel off to you?”


The Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master silently checked his body for a moment before shaking his head in response, “There’s nothing wrong, it feels like I’ve been reborn.”


“Do you remember what happened?”


The Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master bitterly smiled, “I do. I remember everything clearly. When I was possessed by that evil power, my thoughts weren’t affected much. They remained the same, but my true self seemed to have been sealed, replaced by another me that I didn’t even recognize.”


“This is the true malevolence of the Black Ink Strength. Those who are corroded by it will only revere the Black Ink Clan!”


The Third-Order Open Heaven Realm nodded with lingering fear. Recalling the thoughts he used to have, he truly understood Yang Kai’s meaning.


“This humble one will forever remember this debt,” The Third-Order Open Heaven Realm sincerely expressed his gratitude.


Yang Kai stated, waving off, “It was a minor matter, you don’t need to concern yourself with it. However, you can’t leave for the time being. This is not an ordinary place, so you need to remain here and wait until everything is settled.”


“Yes.” The man nodded before asking, “Does Sect Master Yang need any assistance?”


Yang Kai turned his head, looking at the thousands of people on the ship as a sense of responsibility suddenly weighed on his heart, “If you want to help, bring them here one by one.”


The man readily agreed and rushed off, quickly bringing back a Black Ink Disciple.


Just like he did earlier, this Black Ink Disciple glared at the two with hatred, even though his strength had been tightly sealed.


Yang Kai sent the remaining white light into the Black Ink Disciple’s body as the earlier scene repeated. The Black Ink Strength was dispersed as the angry Black Ink Disciple’s expression gradually became calm.


One by one, the Black Ink Disciples regained their rationality. Yang Kai had to carefully examine the condition of every Black Ink Disciple Small Universe that he dispelled the Black Ink Strength from, to make sure he didn’t miss anything.


As the days passed by, more and more Black Ink Disciples were purified. Furthermore, Yang Kai discovered the specifics of the usage of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals over this period.


They were definitely not just cultivation materials, but also the greatest treasures to resist the Black Ink Strength.


In addition, Yang Kai discovered he needed to consume more Yellow and Blue crystals the higher the Order of the Black Ink Disciple. Basically, the Order of the Yellow and Blue Crystal corresponded to the disciple’s Order.


When he cleansed Luan Bai Feng, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Yang Kai had to use Sixth-Order Yellow and Blue Crystals.


Yang Kai couldn’t understand how this worked, so he could only guess that the higher the Order of the Black Ink Disciple, the more Black Ink Strength he would need to expel, so the amount of energy he would need to consume would increase proportionally.


Luan Bai Feng and Xin Peng had both been purified at this point, and although the two of them understood that their previous betrayal was not of their own will and instead a result of the influence of the Black Ink Strength, they still felt ashamed.


The two of them expressed their intention to leave their names on the Loyalty List once more.


The last two pages of the Loyalty List were still blank, so although the two of them had been saved, their names had not returned.


No one was willing to tie their lives to another person’s will, especially someone like Yang Kai who often took risks.


No one knew when they would be dragged down with him.


Luan Bai Feng and Xin Peng only did this because they were worried that Yang Kai would hold some kind of grudge against them.


Of course, Yang Kai did not agree to this request.


Back then, he had no choice but to subdue Luan Bai Feng by force. At that time, whether it was Void Land or High Heaven Palace, both were quite weak and unstable. If he wanted the materials from Black Territory, he could only make Luan Bai Feng submit.


Now, whether it was Void Land or High Heaven Palace though, both were famous and had established a strong foundation. It could be said that in all of the 3,000 Worlds, only a few forces could compare to the foundation of High Heaven Palace and Void Land besides the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


Under Yang Kai’s leadership, there was no shortage of cultivation resources, no real restrictions on their actions, and bright futures to look ahead to. Many people wanted to join this kind of force even if they had to sell themselves into slavery to do so. Even without the restrictions of the Loyalty List, Luan Bai Feng wouldn’t have any thoughts about leaving.


Yang Kai had already passed the point where he needed to control his subordinates with the Loyalty List as the current him already had a good reputation and status in the vast universe.


The expulsion of the Black Ink Strength continued as each Black Ink Disciple was restored by Yang Kai.


No one else could help in this situation. The ability granted by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan was exclusive to Yang Kai. At most, others could cart Black Ink Disciples over to Yang Kai.


Several dozen days later, a dazzling light enveloped a burly Black Ink Disciple. This Black Ink Disciple was a little different from ordinary Black Ink Disciples, and Yang Kai naturally recognized him.


It was none other than Fan Xiu Qi, who had broken through his Open Heaven Realm Order limit to reach the Sixth Order.


When this man broke through to the Open Heaven Realm, he did so to the Third Order, making the Fifth Order his limit. After being corroded by the Black Ink Strength though, he was able to break through those shackles. Yang Kai and Luan Bai Feng personally witnessed him break through to the Sixth Order.


But at that time, Yang Kai noticed the hidden dangers of this breakthrough.


Originally, Fan Xiu Qi was short and lean, but after his breakthrough, his body swelled up immensely, giving him a tall, bulky physique with some large welts and cysts that gave him a somewhat mishappen appearance.


As for the other man named Shu Yuan Si, he wasn’t so lucky. When he broke through, his strength became unstable and he was unable to reign it in. So, Luan Bai Feng personally killed him.


Yang Kai faintly felt that dispelling the Black Ink Strength from Fan Xiu Qi would not end well for him.


Very soon, his hunch was confirmed.


Under the white light, the Black Ink Strength was turned into nothingness and disappeared as it was constantly expelled from Fan Xiu Qi’s body. During this process, the expressions of the other Black Ink Disciple gradually became gentler, but it was different when it came to Fan Xiu Qi. The expression on his face became more pained, his face turning so red it gave the impression he would almost start bleeding from his pores at any moment.


Behind him, his Small Universe was also constantly flickering and his aura fluctuated wildly.


A solemn expression appeared on the onlooking Luan Bai Feng.


At some moment, a frown suddenly appeared on Yang Kai’s face. Space Principles surged as he promptly grabbed Fan Xiu Qi and instantly disappeared.




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