Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4884, We’ll Only Know After Giving it a Try


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The eight giant pillars in the Small Universe of Liu Mu were the manifested form of a Secret Technique that had the effect of sealing and immobilizing. Furthermore, this Secret Technique was something Liu Mu had cast himself.


Before the situation reached a point where it couldn’t be cleaned up, he had sealed his strength first.


Yang Kai vaguely understood the events that led to this situation.


For some reason, Liu Mu had taken the initiative to seek out the Black Ink Clansman and let them corrupt him. However, he was unable to hold his sanity on the way back, so he had no choice but to manifest his Small Universe so that others could find him.


“Can he be saved?” The Eighth-Order Ancestor turned to look at Yang Kai and asked.


“I’ll do my best!” Yang Kai replied in a low voice. Having said so, he disappeared, instantly teleporting into the Small Universe.


Others didn’t dare to enter rashly, but Yang Kai had the World Spring, one of the Four Universe Pillars, so he had nothing to fear.


Sensing that someone had arrived, Liu Mu, who had been sitting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened them, his gaze meeting Yang Kai’s. Yang Kai found that black colour had already filled his eyes, but there was still a trace of clarity.


After taking just a glance, Liu Mu quickly lowered his head and started focusing on safeguarding his sanity.


Yang Kai didn’t dare to be negligent, and he couldn’t afford to be stingy at this point. So, he quickly took out an Eighth-Order Yellow Crystal and Blue Crystal from his Small Universe and held them in place, activating the invisible marks Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had left on the back of his hands.


The next moment, his left hand turned hot while his right hand turned cold.


Immediately after, the pattern on the back of his hand appeared and transformed into a bottomless pit, madly devouring the energy of the Yellow Crystal and Blue Crystal.


The Yellow Crystal and Blue Crystal disappeared in just a few breaths of time and were replaced by a brilliant yellow and blue glow in Yang Kai’s grip.


Under the tense gazes of all the Eighth-Order Ancestors, Yang Kai brought his palms together.


“Open!” Yang Kai shouted as he pushed his palms apart from each other.


Suddenly, a pure and flawless white light, without the slightest hint of impurity, rose up like the morning sun, instantly illuminating the world.


The white light became brighter and soon turned as bright as the sun itself. Many Eighth-Order Masters had to squint their eyes to see it clearly.


The Black Ink Essence surged like a tide and retreated from the surroundings as if it had encountered its nemesis. Wherever the white light passed, the black ink-like energy was quickly purified and reduced to nothingness.


The struggling look on Liu Mu’s face gradually turned calmer as he let out a long sigh, like a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.


By the time the white light dissipated, Liu Mu’s Small Universe World had become clean again. The ink-like power that had filled it was nowhere to be seen.


Many of the spectating Ancestors looked moved.


Although Liu Mu had told them about Yang Kai’s method before, hearing about it was one thing and seeing it with their own eyes was another.


The pure white light created from the power of Yin and Yang was indeed the nemesis of the Black Ink Strength.


The eight giant pillars which were nailed into the Small Universe shattered as Liu Mu stood up.


Yang Kai asked with concern, “Does Senior feel anything wrong?”


Liu Mu replied with a grin, “No, I feel completely fine!” He then patted Yang Kai’s shoulder affectionately, “This King owes you one!”


“Senior is too serious,” Yang Kai humbly stated. Be that as it may, his heart was aching. The Eighth-Order Yellow Crystal and Blue Crystals he used up just now were worth at least a few billion Open Heaven Realm Pills.


However, obtaining a favour from an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in exchange wasn’t necessarily a loss either.


Liu Mu turned to the others in high spirits and asked, “What do you think?”


Immediately, the Eight-Order Ancestors started conversing via their Divine Senses. From time to time, some Eighth-Order Ancestors would lightly nod.


After a while, one of them looked toward Liu Mu and stated, “We’ll go with your proposal.”


Liu Mu burst out into loud laughter, “You should have agreed long ago. You old farts have lived too long, I’m afraid you’ve forgotten the hot-blooded passion of your youth!”


“However, we still need to consider this matter carefully!” Someone else added.


Liu Mu immediately became unhappy, “Another long-term plan? Who knows when you will come to a decision? Are you planning to wait until the Black Ink Clansman escapes on his own?”


“If you have any plan about how to proceed, feel free to voice it. If it is possible, we naturally won’t have any objections!” The man snapped back.


Liu Mu immediately scratched his head. Although he had taken a risk and had successfully persuaded everyone to fight a decisive battle with the Black Ink Clansman, he still had no idea how to go about doing that. He couldn’t just ask everyone to fight with the Black Ink Clansman head-on, as even he didn’t think that was a feasible method.


Right now, the biggest hurdle impeding them was the effects of this Black Territory’s Super Array. If they could not eliminate this issue, it would be difficult for them to last long in a fight no matter how many Eighth-Order Ancestors there were.


A battle with the Black Ink Clansman was definitely not something that could be decided in a moment of hastiness. If it was that simple, the ancient Great Experts wouldn’t have spent so much effort to imprison him here.


In this vast universe, the only one the Super Array could not affect was Yang Kai. Nonetheless, how could he be a match for the Black Ink Clansman with his strength alone?


While Liu Mu was silent, Yang Kai suddenly added, “Perhaps I can try!”


Liu Mu turned around and asked, “And what exactly are you going to try?”


Yang Kai explained, “I once stood guard at the centre of this cage for an extended period of time and found that there were many Grand Arrays there, preventing anyone from entering. It’s very hard to enter the core of the Black Prison, and that should be the place where the Black Ink Clansman is imprisoned. If I can enter the centre of that cage, perhaps I can cause some damage to him.”


Liu Mu couldn’t help worrying, “Can you do it?”


After all, Yang Kai’s cultivation was only at the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Although the Black Ink Clansman had been imprisoned for countless years and their strength had definitely fallen, no one knew just how much strength they could still display.


Yang Kai might not be afraid of the Black Ink Strength with the World Spring protecting his Small Universe, but the Black Ink Clan’s methods were definitely not limited to Black Ink Strength!


“We won’t know until we give it a try,” Yang Kai replied in a low voice. “If the Black Ink Clansman isn’t eliminated, a hidden danger will always be looming over our heads. Others might not have the ability to do so, but since I’ve received the power of purification from Seniors Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, I can’t very well disappoint them.”


As soon as he said this, the expressions of many Eighth-Order Ancestors became gentle, and Liu Mu even gave him a thumbs-up.


Yang Kai hadn’t given it much thought before coming here, but at this moment, he had made up his mind. He cupped his fist toward the Eighth-Order Masters and requested, “Junior has a direct responsibility for the matter of the Black Ink Clansman here, so Junior implores all Seniors present to let me give it a try. If it really doesn’t work out, then we can think of another way!”


Although it was unintentional, they would not be in such a predicament if Yang Kai hadn’t set his sights on the Black Territory’s materials; he would not have destroyed the Super Array here and the power of the Super Array would not have suffered.


Perhaps the Black Ink Clansman would have made a move tens of thousands of years from now, or perhaps even longer, but it would have definitely been a long time from now.


Yang Kai’s actions in the Black Prison had precipitated the Black Ink Clansman’s resurrection.


“What do you want to do? What kind of help do you need?” An Eighth-Order Ancestor asked.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “If this Junior wants to enter the heart of this cage, I must bypass many Spirit Arrays around it, so this Junior needs several Grandmasters proficient in the Dao of Spirit Arrays to help me find a way inside.”


The Grand Arrays that surrounded the centre of the cage might have been perfect in the beginning, but with the passage of time and the destruction of many ore stars, a gap should have appeared in their arrangement somewhere.


The best evidence was that the Black Ink Clan was able to send out Black Ink Insect. Since they could send out Black Ink Insect, Yang Kai would have a chance to rush in. As long as he could find the weak point of this Array, he would be able to enter and exit.


“No problem.” The Eighth-Order Ancestor nodded his agreement. The Cave Heavens and Paradises were filled with talented people, so there was no shortage of Array Grandmasters, “However, it may take some time to identify weaknesses in the Super Array, and it’s hardly possible to just rely on one’s strength in that kind of place.”


Yang Kai cupped his fist and stated, “This Junior can spread his Small Universe and use it as a shield to protect all the Grandmasters.”


With his Small Universe’s protection, these Array Grandmasters wouldn’t have to worry about being affected by the power of the Super Array. At that time, they could study the Spirit Array in peace.


“Good!” The Eighth-Order Ancestor nodded in approval.


After everything was settled, the rest was out of Yang Kai’s hands. The Eighth-Order Ancestor needed to find some Grandmasters who were proficient in Dao of Spirit Arrays from the Cave Heavens and Paradise, which would take at least a few days.


After returning to his camp, Yang Kai did not conceal this matter from the others, which naturally made the Masters of High Heaven Palace greatly concerned; after all, he was going to enter that cage and face the Black Ink Clansman head-on. It could be considered a very dangerous trip, and when the Proprietress learned about this, she became even more indignant and began openly cursing. She felt that the Ancestors of the Cave Heavens and Paradises were really too incompetent to actually entrust such an important task to a mere Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Junior.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai stopping her, she would have gone looking for those Eighth-Order Ancestors to give them a piece of her mind.


However, since this matter had already been decided, nothing could be done to stop it.


A few days later, Masters of the Dao of Spirit Arrays from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had finished their preparations and were just waiting for Yang Kai to set out for the central region of Black Territory.


A total of ten Grandmasters who were proficient in Dao of Spirit Arrays were joining Yang Kai on this trip. Each of them had attainments at least comparable to Grandmaster Wu Liang who had arranged the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array in Void Land. Moreover, all of them were Sixth and Seventh-Order Masters.


Luan Bai Feng also tagged along. Her mastery of the Dao of Spirit Arrays wasn’t low, not to mention the fact that she had reached such mastery over it on her own in Black Territory. This gave her a deep understanding of Black Territory’s Spirit Arrays. With her around, it was likely that she could achieve twice the results with half the effort.


In addition to Yang Kai and the other Masters who were proficient in the Dao of Spirit Arrays, five Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had also joined the team. They were going to assist in dealing with any unexpected situations if they arose.


Liu Mu was the first one to volunteer for this.


The dozen-plus people flew towards the depths of Black Territory.


The further they went, the stronger the influence of the Super Array became, and the faster their Small Universes’ foundation leaked out.


The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could still endure, but the Sixth and Seventh-Order Masters were already having a hard time. What’s more, they had to rely on them to study the Spirit Arrays there and find flaws.


So halfway through, the five Eighth-Order Ancestors took the initiative to open up their Small Universes and take in these Grandmasters.


Half a day later, the group finally arrived at the central region.


Yang Kai stopped and immediately opened his Small Universe, spreading it out to isolate himself and the others from the outside world.


The five Eighth-Order Masters suddenly felt their bodies become lighter, and their Small Universes’ foundation, which had been constantly leaking, finally returned to normal. All of them secretly sighed at the wonders of the World Spring.


They then released the Spirit Array Grandmasters, who began to study how to crack the Super Array here.




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