Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4886, You’re Really Ugly


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The information he had obtained before was a little misleading. To the true Black Ink Clan, Black Ink Insects weren’t anything special.


Perhaps the Black Ink Clan had to pay a certain price in order to send out these Black Ink Insects from this place. That could be the only reasonable explanation.


As Yang Kai was thinking about the Black Ink Insects, a voice suddenly rang in his ear, “Look who it is?”


What caught Yang Kai by surprise was that this voice actually belonged to a woman, and it was extremely clear and pleasant to the ear. Hearing this voice, the first thing that appeared in his mind was a beautiful young woman with a graceful figure; however, Yang Kai would never believe that the owner of this voice was just a beautiful young girl.


The Black Ink Clansman had been imprisoned in the deepest depths of this prison for countless aeons. In this place, besides him, there was only the Black Ink Clan, so it was obvious who the owner of this voice was.


Yang Kai didn’t rashly answer. He knew nothing about the abilities of the Black Ink Clan, so if he opened his mouth, he would only end up in a passive position.


Yang Kai observed his surroundings with a cold gaze, but he couldn’t spot anything. About 100 meters away from the area of the pure white light, the endless darkness was stirring, as if it would rush over at any moment and bury the light.


“Boy, you dare appear before me? Aren’t you afraid I’ll eat you?” The voice of this person from the Black Ink Clan continued to ring in his ear. Yang Kai had never heard such a pleasant voice before. He felt as if an invisible hand was gently caressing his heart, giving him an indescribable sense of comfort, making him even more vigilant.


Back in Lang Ya Paradise, Yang Kai had used a sacrificial offering in Yuan Du’s Small Universe, allowing both to sense each other’s existence.


For Yang Kai, he would never forget the majestic Will that had suddenly descended upon him, and naturally, neither would its owner forget Yang Kai.


He was the person behind the sabotage of her plan.


“What’s wrong, are you too scared to even make a sound?” The woman giggled lightly, her voice crisp and clear.


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this and tried to follow the source of the sound to find her location, but it seemed to echo from all around in an unpredictable manner, sometimes far, sometimes close, making it impossible to determine where it originated from.


While searching, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly looked towards a certain place in the darkness. He felt that there was something different there.


The pure white light in his hand suddenly expanded and shot in that direction.


The darkness quickly receded wherever the light passed, allowing Yang Kai to see everything.


Under the illumination of the pure white light, Yang Kai spotted a chain that was as thick as a washbasin hanging in the void, one end of it was connected to a certain place while the other was connected to the centre of the prison.


This chain gave him a familiar feeling; it reminded him of the Black Ink Giant Spirit God sealed in the Ancestral Land.


Inside the Sealing Black Ink Land, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was shackled by a bunch of Secret Technique Chains, which were formed from the Ancestral Strength of the Ancestral Land.


Over the years, even a being as powerful as the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was drained of its strength and life force and was reduced to a corpse; he was no longer a threat to anyone.


The chain in front of Yang Kai now was obviously similar.


The pure white light moved along the chain and soon reached its end. The end of the chain was inserted into the Void, making it very hard to discern its starting point.


Yang Kai then began checking the other side.


“Between you and me, it’s best to maintain a bit of mystery,” the Master’s voice rang in his ear once more. The voice was so warm and gentle that it gave the impression that she had known Yang Kai for a long time.


The moment she was finished speaking, the pitch-black ink-like darkness surged toward the white light from all directions. Crackling sounds immediately rang out as the white light dimmed and then was quickly extinguished like a candle flame.


The world was drowned in endless darkness once more. Inside it, it felt as if a dawn could never be seen here.


Inside his Small Universe, the energy of the Yellow and Blue Crystals was rapidly absorbed by Yang Kai.


Immediately after, an even more dazzling white light bloomed from Yang Kai’s hand, quickly transforming into a small sun.


Yang Kai raised his hand as the small sun flew out from his hand, illuminating the entire cage in the blink of an eye.


The black energy, which was like a living creature, surged towards the small sun. Within three breaths, the energy which was extracted from a large amount of Yellow and Blue Crystals was extinguished.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai was able to clearly see everything inside the cage during this brief flash of light.


An incomparably huge spider-like creature, over 1,000 metres tall, was quietly lying in the centre of the cage. It had the body of a spider but the head of a beautiful girl. When their eyes met, fury and coldness filled the beautiful face’s eyes, as if she felt ashamed of her ugly appearance having been seen by others.


As for her massive body, it was pierced through by a bunch of Secret Technique Chains. These chains seemed to have an incredibly strong restrictive force, firmly locking her in place and preventing her from moving.


Surely, these chains were the physical form of the power of Black Territory’s Super Array. It was these chains that had imprisoned this Black Ink Master for countless years.


The world fell into darkness once more as the light faded away.


Yang Kai suddenly sneered. “You’re really ugly!”


Anyone who heard this Black Ink Master’s voice would probably think that the owner was a beautiful young girl, but only after seeing her for themselves would they know that it was just a disguise.


“A puny little ant dares act so presumptuously in front of this Royal Lord?!” The Black Ink Master suddenly became enraged, her originally pleasant voice was now filled with a hysterical rage as her majestic Will filled the entire cage. The next moment, a fearsome pressure came bearing down on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai promptly responded to the overbearing pressure with an even stronger and more dazzling white sun!


Yang Kai had failed to find the location of the Black Ink Master until now, but since he now knew her position, he felt that there was no need to act politely.


The Burning Light and Serene Glimmer had given him a weapon to deal with the Black Ink Clan, so he naturally had to make good use of it. If he could kill the Black Ink Master right here and now, the Black Territory’s crisis would be resolved.


The dazzling little sun broke through the Black Ink Master’s defences and smashed onto her massive body.


A bloodcurdling scream immediately rang out; the Black Ink Master seemed to be in unimaginable pain and had suffered some gruesome injuries. She let out a piercing scream as her massive body struggled to break free, but she was unable to do so.


“What kind of power is this!?” The Black Ink Master roared in anger.


She had already been vigilant when Yang Kai first displayed the pure white light as she felt that it was not something to be trifled with. Now that she tasted the might of the white light first hand though, she understood just how terrifying it was. It was simply the Black Ink Clan’s nemesis.


Even a Royal Lord like her found it difficult to resist. She had never encountered something like this before in her long life.


When Yang Kai displayed another small sun, panic and anger became apparent on the Black Ink Master’s beautiful face under its illumination. Her enormous body started struggling more violently. She struggled so hard that even the Secret Technique Chains began to rattle.


“You will pay for this, I swear! You will pay an unimaginable price for this!” The Black Ink Master screamed.


The small sun-like light slammed into her massive body once more, creating a huge hole in it. Immediately after, massive and endless amounts of Black Ink Strength flowed out like blood, adding a sense of heaviness to the darkness of this cage.


Yang Kai ignored it and continued to bombard the Black Ink Master with his attacks. Each of his attacks was backed by a massive amount of wealth.


The wanton use of the Yellow and Blue Crystals caused much heartache to Yang Kai, but he couldn’t afford to care about such things right now. Although the Yellow and Blue Crystals were precious, it was more important to kill this Black Ink Master.


Worst case, he could just go to the Chaotic Dead Territory and ask for more from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.


The more intensely he attacked, the more fiercely the Black Ink Master struggled.


After launching countless attacks for a full quarter of an hour, the Black Ink Master’s body was riddled with hole-like wounds; every time the light flashed, Yang Kai could clearly spot an extra hole in her massive body. 


Furthermore, the aura of the Black Ink Master was growing weaker with every attack.


This greatly shocked him.


[Perhaps I can really kill her right here and now while she’s being restrained.]


At a certain moment though, an abnormal sound rang out, accompanied by the sound of something breaking.


Yang Kai was beside himself with shock for a moment before a violent force blasted towards him.


Just as this blast was about to reach him, a total of five dazzling lights suddenly appeared around him, one after another.


They were the defensive techniques placed on him by Liu Mu and the others at the expense of their Blood Essence before he entered this place.


These five defensive Secret Techniques could withstand the full power of five Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm attacks, which ordinarily would be more than enough to ensure Yang Kai’s safety.


But not this time.


From their first encounter until now, the Black Ink Master had been the one being attacked one-sidedly. She was unable to fight back under the Super Array’s suppression, so Yang Kai had not experienced what she was capable of.


At this moment, he finally understood.


The five defensive layers around him were instantly shattered by this violent impact.


The next moment, Yang Kai felt as if an entire universe had smashed into his body and his figure involuntarily flew out. The fearsome attack had struck him right in his chest and abdomen, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of golden blood.


With the help of the small sun he had just sent out, Yang Kai clearly saw what struck him; it was a long claw-like foot!


Having broken one of the chains, the Black Ink Master regained some of her freedom and immediately retaliated.


The Super Array enveloping Black Territory had already suffered some damage over time, and coupled with the suicidal attacks of many of the Black Ink Disciples, it had given the Black Ink Master some nourishment to restore her strength. Furthermore, Yang Kai’s indiscriminate attacks have also stirred her up greatly. The Black Ink Master was obviously not willing to sit back and wait for her death; so, after a desperate struggle, she had actually managed to break free from one of the chains.


This was a terrible situation!


“Hahahaha… hahahahaha!” The Black Ink Master’s crazed laughter reverberated as her weakened aura rapidly recovered, “No one can trap me, no one can harm me. I am the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord! How dare you ants act so presumptuously in front of me!?”




A violent quake rang out as the giant body of the Black Ink Master struggled to break free from the other chains.


Although the Super Array was powerful and had imprisoned the Black Ink Master for countless years, her foundation had not been destroyed. Now that a flaw had appeared, the situation would only become worse with time.




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